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Recommendations (278)

Apr 30, 2018

Ravi Josyula recommends Erika Ameri

Senior Director, Wells Fargo

Erika is a fantastic realtor! My wife and I have lived all over the Bay Area the last 20 years and we moved to Palo Alto last year. Erika brings loads of experience and connections to the table and we couldn't be happier with our purchase! She was on top of the whole process all through and was extremely patient with us.

I would recommend Erika to any of my friends looking in the Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Los Altos neighborhoods.
Apr 17, 2018

Atefeh recommends Erika Ameri

She is very professional and always available to help and answer your questions and concerns. Her knowledge about the area is a big positive specially if you are a first time home buyer. Finding a place you can call home is not easy in bay area, so you definitely want to do it with someone who cares and puts efforts into it; Erika is the one.
Apr 2, 2018

Mir Jalali recommends Erika Ameri

It was the greatest pleasure to get to know Erika and work with her in our search for a home. She is one of the finest real estate agents in Silicon Valley, with in depth knowledge of all residential and commercial neighborhoods. Her professional work and invaluable network is what you need to purchase in the most competitive markets. She is honest with her clients, and is committed to the highest ethical standards.
Mar 3, 2018

Archana Verma recommends Susan Sims

We were referred to Susan by a colleague of my spouse. We had a daunting task of finding a home in the Bay Area while living in a different state. Susan made the task infinitely easy for us with extreme thoroughness, complete clarity and exhaustive communication with us. It is quite unprecedented for us to have been able to make a purchase decision at such a fast pace. We believe that Susan's expertise and very generous availability for quick communication turn around with us at every step , was one of the biggest factors in expediting our search and closing a deal. Susan's prompt and generous help after the closing of the purchase was even more incredibly helpful to us to tie the loose ends post-purchase from a distance. We whole heartedly recommend Susan to anyone who is hoping to work with someone who offers the best of both worlds - thorough professionalism and generous accessibility. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any more questions we can help answer.
Feb 14, 2018

Xavier & Liliana Ribadeneira recommends Denise Welsh

Our experience with Denise was amazing, painless, and rewarding.  She knows the market, is well connected  and always looked after our interests.  More importantly Denise is a very good listener and patient. She educated us to make sound decisions.  We started a friendship and have a realtor for a lifetime!
Jan 10, 2018

Von G. Packard recommends Denise Welsh

Retired Attorney and Real Estate Agent

As a retired attorney familiar with wills and estates, as well as an active real estate agent, I would strongly recommend Denise to anyone who is looking to list their home or who needs help to find and purchase a home. Denise is the recent President of the Silicon Valley Association of Realtors. She has successfully worked as a real estate agent for decades and forged a deep understanding of real estate contracts, transactions and negotiations. I have personally consulted with her on multiple occasions. Her professionalism has literally earned her the high respect of thousands of local agents.

For her clients selling a home, this all translates into more offers from other agents and a better sales price. For her clients looking to purchase a home, it means that other agents with listings are very pleased to work with her and favorably receive her clients' offers. I have seen these successes repeatedly confirmed over the years I have known Denise and seen her dedicated service for her clients.

In my opinion, Denise Welsh is one of the very best real estate agents for listing or purchasing a home. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Von G. Packard
Retired Attorney and Real Estate Agent
Jan 10, 2018

Helen McMahon recommends Denise Welsh

We were very impressed with Denise's thoroughness in all aspects of selling my dad's home in Los Altos. Given that both my brother and I live out of the area, Denise had to step in to organize everything from interior painting, replacing ceiling fixtures and repairing a window that fell out. We had an issue with the placement of a back fence that required coordination with attorneys and the neighbors, Denise stayed on top of the whole situation in a timely manner. She was continually mindful of the expenses that were incurred in making the home appealing to prospective buyers. The actual open house and bidding process went smoothly and was handled in a very professional manner. I am happy to discuss our experience working with Denise.
Jan 7, 2018

Anonymous recommends Cliff Noll

A friend recommended Cliff Noll as an outstanding realtor for Alain Pinel. Clearly, he was right--"outstanding' is the only word to describe what Cliff Noll does in showing & selling one's home. For one, he sold our home after the first weekend it went on the market. He was able to do this because o his meticulous presentation of our home on the internet, in the local papers, & through his wide network of other realtors. He carefully selected the photographs that would present our home detailing its most distinguishing features.

But Cliff's calm demeanor also inspires confidence & faith in potential buyers. For instance, he made a point of learning about the "history" of the home we had lived in for fifty years. He asked about the remodeling changes & why we had changed this or that. He was therefore able to let buyers know details about our home that a less prepared realtor could not. He also took pride in presentiing our home & providing information to buyers about the area, the schools, & the general environment.

Our buyer had been looking for homes in Los Altos Hills for a number of years. He told us that Cliff's presentation & his knowledge of & pride in our home sold him as much as had the house & land. He further commented that other realtors clearly had not done the work as Cliff had; further, he sensed that Cliff's honesty & integrity emanated throughout their discussions. Other realtors seemed to be "pushy" & hurried as if they didn't want to take much time with a single client & had to rush toward the next in line.

Cliff's knowledge of the area in Los Altos, Menlo Park, Sunnyvale, San Jose, and other Bay Area towns is also a plus. He has lived here for years & knows a great deal about its schools, & the changing environment. His network of realtors from other companies share with him information regarding potential buyers,

Finally, after our home sold during its weekend debut, Cliff persisted in alerting me to other homes on the market that would work for me & my daughter. With his assistance I found one in the Los Altos Creekside Oaks complex that has worked out beautifully. Since I was still reeling from the very sudden death of my husband, I needed all the help he provided for me, saving me time & money as well.

I doubt that anypne can find a more professional, knowledgeable, & caring realtor as Cliff Noll. I recommend him highly & without qualification.
Dec 22, 2017

The Price Family recommends Lynn North

Lynn North managed the sale of our family home in the Creston area and we couldn’t have been more pleased. She’s is a leader in the field and an area expert, so she was the definitely the right person for the job. But that’s not the reason we’re recommending her services.

She actually has an incredible gift of helping people through major transitions. Selling our family home was a big transition for us and pretty emotional. Lynn really guided us through all those difficult decisions and made everything so much easier.

Also, her remodel recommendations were spot on…our home was beautiful. Her team did a wonderful job in such a short time. And Lynn was there every step of the way.

Lastly, she really helped us understand the offers and made the closing smooth. We were not only happy with the results, but the whole process…from consultation to closing.

We absolutely loved working with Lynn.
Dec 19, 2017

Craig Barrett recommends Lynn North

Lynn was great to work with. She is a true professional and knows how to get results. We listed our house with her and she instantly cleaned it up, marketed it and far exceeded our expectations with the sale. She was recommended to us as the best in the industry and after her performance we can only second that recommendation. You can't go wrong with using this dynamo!
Dec 17, 2017

John Pursey recommends Dorothy Liu

Software Engineer

Dorothy caught our attention right from the start. We were viewing an open house she was hosting, and while it was very close to what we wanted we decided to pass. The next day, although she was not our realtor (yet), she found a house in the same court that was not yet for sale but was getting remodeled, convinced the contractor to let her look around, contacted the seller, and contacted us with all the details!

We had a busy schedule, but Dorothy was able to accomodate us at nearly any time. She is an excellent researcher and always provided a wealth of additional comps and information about every house we expressed interest in. When we were finally ready to make an offer on a house, she was able to help us through a very competitive bid to win the contract and close on the house.

This is the 5th house I've bought and have worked with many realtors for both buying and selling. Dorothy is by far the best I've worked with. She is knowledgable, efficient, detail oriented, thorough, and kind. She listens and adapts to what you need and makes sure you get it.

Dec 11, 2017

lelena azarmsa recommends Erika Ameri


I can't even begin to explain how wonderful our experience was with Erika as the agent selling our home!


Erika knows all the ins and outs of this business, she is very respected in the industry and it is obvious why.

If you are a buyer or a seller, you cannot be in better hands...
Dec 7, 2017

Creighton and Caitlin Petty recommends Carolyn Botts

Carolyn was wonderful. She really cared about us and not just about getting a sale. We found a house we liked but had to submit the offer the very next day, so she cleared her schedule to make it happen and then went above and beyond to make sure we were the ones that got the house, even with several other offers. She treated us as though we were her only clients, was always responsive, and always took time to answer our many, many, MANY questions. On the day we moved in, she brought pizza for us and everyone who helped us move. She always had recommendations ready for contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc. We can’t recommend Carolyn enough and have already raved about her to all our friends.
Dec 6, 2017

Milo Azarmsa recommends Erika Ameri

Finance Executive

Erika is the best, most professional, meticulous skillful agent ever. Her attention to detail to protect her client is exemplary. And she is attentive beyond call of duty. We were absentee owners and had to rely on her for renovation and other set-up detail. She did an amazing job managing the process like it’s her own asset. And finally her process delivered great results and we sold at a great price with no hassle. Highly and greatly recommended. And above all a delightful professional lady to work with.
Nov 28, 2017

Kerry M recommends Cliff Noll


This is the second property that Cliff has helped me sell, and I am extremely happy with the results. Cliff makes the whole process so easy... so fast... and so efficient. I didn't have to worry about anything. Cliff and his team took care of all of the details from beginning to end. Cliff helped me price the house correctly, clean the house, repair the house, stage the house, photograph the house, list the house, he created and designed newspaper ads and brochures for the house, and he took care of every other detail involved with selling a house. All of his people are very efficient and professional. Both houses sold after just one open house, and I was extremely happy with the results.

The bottom line is that Cliff has the market savy and the experience to help you with all of your real estate needs. What you can't tell from a review like this is how nice of a guy Cliff is, how easy it is to work with Cliff, and what a man of integrity he is.
Nov 8, 2017

Liz Kung recommends Dorothy Liu

SW Engr Sr Staff

There are many good agents out there but Dorothy is head and shoulders above all of them. I signed with her after the initial interview even though I had others lined up. Her enthusiasm and can-do attitude was what caught my attention and I just can’t say no to her. I am so glad I went with my gut.
I was dealing with a lot of personal and work related issues and stress when I signed with Dorothy so it was a god send when Dorothy was able to spare me pretty much everything except to sign things. Besides taking care of all the real-estate related paperwork such as ordering documents and overseeing inspections, Dorothy basically took on the entire remodeling effort on my behalf by setting up meetings with contractors, picking out materials, bargaining down the price and defining and overseeing the work. She even went as far as personally purchasing and installing door knobs and hinges to make the place look that much more elegant and stylish. A nice touch that brought many positive comments from potential buyers. During that whole process, Dorothy gave me daily updates of how and where things are. She even created a spreadsheet showing me date and time of past and future events.
Besides smooth sailing on the document front, her involvement with my remodeling efforts resulted in making my unit looked like a model home. Most home buyers who stopped by the open house all commented on how good the place looked as compared to other units that sold recently in the same complex. I have no doubt that contributed to the high offers I received.
Dorothy did not disappear after the sale, she offered to collect all documents related to the sale, including reports such as inspections, remodeling contracts and receipts, and put them all on a thumb drive for my record. Although that makes perfect sense to do but I have not heard from family and friends that any of their agents do that. Just another thing that Dorothy stands out on her service.
I can’t say enough about Dorothy’s energy, hard work, resourcefulness, responsiveness, dependability, and dedication. She makes an otherwise stressful situation a pleasure and rewarding experience. It was a total pleasure working with such an extraordinary professional.
Oct 23, 2017

Jennie Goldenson recommends Susan Sims


I have bought and sold many homes before, and Susan is by far the best realtor that I have ever met. She listened to our goals, needs and budget, and then designed a plan for updating our home and getting it market-ready. She knows the market like no one else. We had some pretty tricky circumstances (divorce, etc) and Susan just made it all so easy. She allowed us the flexibility to be as involved as we wanted to be, and was in constant communication about the process (which is something we had requested). She is the most honest, hard-working, and experienced realtor in the Bay Area. I'm pretty sure she doesn't sleep. In the end, Susan sold our home for top dollar. My ex-husband and I both give Susan our highest recommendation.
Oct 17, 2017

Lei Zhao recommends Dorothy Liu

First time buyer

Having read many stories about how hard it can be to buy a place in bay area, I prepared for a tough battle. However, I was lucky enough to meet Dorothy. She guided me hand by hand throughout my buying process. She is professional, knowledgeable, proactive, responsive and warm hearted. With her help, I won on the very first offer I ever put. As a first time buyer, this was way beyond my expectation.

A week after we started searching, I came across a place I really liked. At the early stage, Dorothy provided me a lot of data of near by sold places, helped me make sense of the listing price and evaluated the feasibility to bid on the place based on my conditions. She even reached out to the sellers / owners of those places to get more information. As we moved forward, she worked late hours to help me prepare all the documents, and again, shared a lot of valuable marketing trending data with me to help me make the right decision. At the time of offer, she even presented to the seller agent in person. In parallel, she proactively reached out to my bank officer to collect all the useful information to make my offer stronger.

After the offer was accepted, she prepared a buyer's timeline. This is super helpful for a first time buyer to understand the whole process and get prepared for all steps. The closing was very smooth because of her detailed arrangement.

Dorothy is very compassionate. She always thinks from my stand point. She's really concerned about what I'm concerned about. This makes me feel that she's not just an agent but someone who is part of my family. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.
Oct 12, 2017

Koelli and Rohit recommends Lynn North

Lynn is a seasoned professional who puts the needs and wants of her clients first! Lynn helped us sell our Sunnyvale home this summer and it was an absolute seamless experience. This was our first time selling and Lynn orchestrated the process perfectly starting from preparing it for the market to closing with multiple offers. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell their home in the bay area!
Oct 12, 2017

Koelli and Rohit Mungee recommends Susan Sims

Susan is an absolute pleasure to work with and a true professional with valuable experience and a warm personality. Susan's in depth knowledge of the bay area market and Los Altos in particular helped us find our dream house. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy in the area!
Oct 12, 2017

Lina and Trevor recommends Carolyn Botts

Carolyn was exceptionally astute, thoroughly professional, and openly approachable through a dynamic and anxiety-provoking process that was tailored to our wants and needs from start to finish. We were impressed by her attention to detail, patience and insightful perspectives as she navigated us through the home buying process.

We were more than lucky to have Carolyn as our realtor. We interviewed several realtors and decided to work with her because of her reputation, knowledge and ability to provide personalized attention. We were not disappointed. She was able to work around our unpredictable work schedules and able to accommodate last-minute scheduling, viewing and appointment requests with a smile. She moves quickly and efficiently while staying completely organized and helped us purchase our dream home. We enthusiastically recommend her to our friends and family!
Oct 10, 2017

Angela Barbariol recommends Cliff Noll

Bluehawk Consulting Account Management

Cliff Noll is simply the best! He is extremely organized, patient and maximizes his efficiencies in every way. We had a very tight time frame to get our family home ready for the market. His knowledge, supporting contacts (such as stagers, etc.) and expertise in the real estate market was amazing and we could not have done it without him. I highly recommend Cliff for your real estate needs. You want to feel like you don't have to worry throughout this process and that he has it handled. Cliff is that person you can rely on. He will do a GREAT job for you/family!
Oct 7, 2017

Nicholas G. Klimenko recommends Cliff Noll


Cliff did an excellent job on a difficult and complicated case. Cliff

was very attentive,maintained constant communication, and was

very attentive to our concerns. I would highly recommend Cliff.

Sincerely, Nick Klimenko
Aug 30, 2017

Y. Xu recommends Dorothy Liu

Mountain View Buyer

We deeply appreciate Dorothy for many things.

First is to help us set up right market expectation. We were experiencing frustration in house hunting for a while, partially due to the gap between our pricing model and the (crazy) bay area market. She encouraged us and mentally prepared us during our first meeting. She is very knowledgeable about the south bay area, and is very good at finding right comparative properties and performing market analysis. We felt much more comfortable after discussing with her. It turned out that we finally got our dream house, I can’t image this being accomplished without her!

We were so much impressed by her superior communication skills. She proactively connected with the listing agent and our loan agent to make sure everything was secured. And kept us involved throughout the bidding process. She always makes her available to us from early morning to evening, all our questions were taken care of in a timely manner.

Many clients of Dorothy highlighted her willingness and effort to go the extra miles, which I would definitely agree with. Her service does not end with the completion of deal. She is continuously providing us great suggestion on remodeling, landscaping, and giving referrals. All these are extremely helpful.
Aug 27, 2017

William Gavin recommends Denise Welsh


Its the little things that make a real estate transaction proceed smoothly and Denise is an expert at identifying and dealing with those things to the benefit of a successful transaction.

Our Team