Jon Gedde

Sr. Mortgage Advisor Alderus Mortgage NMLS 296037
Jon earned his BBA in Management from The University of Wisconsin in 2005 and has been a mortgage professional ever since. Over the past decade, Jon has been an Originator, Team Leader, and Branch Manager, and held many positions in Nevada's premier mortgage organization, the Nevada Mortgage Lenders Association (NMLA). His drive and determination have made him a rising star in the mortgage industry. As the Chairman of the NMLA, his focus is on shaping the future of the mortgage industry; advocating for consumer interests, common sense, and a level playing field where honest professionals can represent their clients best interests. He is accredited as a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS). He provides more than just mortgage loans, but strategic mortgage planning for his clients.


May 15, 2017
Listing agent
Excellent communication and closed on time.
Jon was very professional and timely.
May 15, 2017
The overall experience was fantastic working with Jon and his team. Everyone was always available for follow up and answering all my questions throughout the process. Jon and his team were great at providing an easy experience for me.
Jon's operations team did a great job at being very responsive to all emails and phone calls. I actually started this home buying process with another lender, but that lender ended up dropping the ball and making it very difficult on me. When I connected with Jon he was able to pick up the pieces and make it work for me. Alderus did a great job for us.
May 8, 2017
Listing agent
The overall experience was quite good. I represented the seller so I just had contact with Jon, but he was very prompt at giving me status updates and keeping me in the loop throughout the process.
"I think it is important when customer service is strongly represented and Jon did that quite well with me." Jon's communication was very professional from start to end.
Apr 24, 2017
Listing agent
I had a great experience working with Jon and Alderus. I represented the seller on this transaction, and truly enjoyed the how Jon and his team at Alderus conducted their business.
I was overall impressed with how Jon did business, we will be getting together in the coming weeks to sit down and talk about how we can do more business together. I look forward to building upon this transaction. I wish the Alderus team continued success.

Apr 24, 2017
Jon did a great job at providing a very smooth and easy experience. Everything his team needed from myself was easy to understand and the support was felt along the way.
Jon's operations team did a great job at follow up and clearly explaining and answering all my questions. It was a pleasure working with Jon's team as a whole. Everyone showed their knowledge of the industry and made me feel comfortable from start to end.
Apr 21, 2017
Listing agent
Jon was very easy to work with and his whole team was fantastic at follow up and keeping me in the loop.
I primarily worked with Jon on this transaction, being that I was the listing agent. But, I felt Jon did a great job at communication and making sure his support was felt from start to end.
Yes I would recommend Jon!, I am already working with Jon again and passed along more business to do together...I look forward to working with Alderus in the future.
Apr 3, 2017
Listing agent
Jon and his team were very professional and so great at follow up through phone and email. Jon answered all mine and Elliot's questions, as well made the process very easy for all parties. My experience with Jon is what I look for in a Loan Officer and made it very enjoyable to work with him.
I had such a great experience working with Jon and Alderus I have already set up another for a client of mine. We are currently working together and I hope to build a strong professional relationship with Jon. When I found out Jon is from Minnesota as I am, it makes working together even better. I look forward to our next deal.
Apr 3, 2017
Listing agent
Jon and his team did a great at keeping me and the borrower in the loop from start to end. Continually updates were very professional and appreciated! Overall a very easy experience.
The process and updates were very smooth, and that is I asked for. Jon was available for questions and follow up and did so in a timely professional manner.

Feb 15, 2017
Listing agent
You guys did a great job everything went beautifully. I was very pleased and it went very smoothly. ~
Jan 4, 2017
Everything went great, thank you very much I really appreciate it. I have already referred people to Jon. ~
Jan 3, 2017
Buyer's agent
Jon's just always ahead of the game so there's never any little messes to clean up.
He has everything planned out before we start.
Dec 13, 2016
Tons of communication back and forth. Realistic expectations for myself, the seller, and most importantly the borrower.
Pleasant staff. ~
Nov 22, 2016
New homeowner
Jon kept an eye on things got me and got me locked at a low rate. He watched the cycles and kept me informed. He also recommended several inspectors as Michael the Realtor represented the seller too so I wanted to be cautious. Very aggressive in a good way and we closed on time.~
Nov 16, 2016
Jon explained a lot to us and gave us his personal cell so we could reach him with questions.things went easily. ~
Oct 19, 2016
I was referred to Jon by a Loan Officer whose company was not able to process my purchase for technical reasons not related to my eligibility. The original Loan Officer was highly recommended, so when he said he had trained Jon and expressed confidence in Jon's ability to see my loan application to fruition, I felt confident before Jon and I started working together.

Jon prepared me for the transaction process and readied me for the hand-off to his quite capable team members. Each team member took me through a phase of the application process and passed me on to the next member. Each member quickly and accurately handled my application so that the approval of my loan was without any stress or worry on my part.

Dealing with Jon and his team has been an easy experience.
Oct 11, 2016
Listing agent
Everything just went very smoothly.
Very professional good communication. I actually had a chance to talk with Jon.
I will definitely consider using Jon and Alderus in the future when I have a buyer.~
Oct 11, 2016
Buyer's agent's assistant
You have everything together and pretty right on.

Jon is very informative, relaxed, calm. cool and never loses his temper. ~
Sep 13, 2016
Jon and his crew made it really easy and were Johnnie on the spot with getting documents from me and getting things done quickly.

With Jon's knowledge he steered me in the right direction of the best loan for my refinance. Very helpful to me.
Sep 10, 2016
This is the 2nd loan we have done with Jon. He always goes above and beyond to get things done.
Jon and his team make getting a loan or refinancing very easy. They are always available for questions, and to offer guidance to get the deal done right.
I would recommend the Alderus team as they are very professional and they find the best rates available. "
Aug 29, 2016
Realtor for the buyer
I was always in the loop throughout the transaction. I never had to wonder how things were going. Quick response to emails, very professional.
I would recommend Jon and his team as I have worked with plenty of lenders here who I would NOT recommend!
Aug 29, 2016
Jon just took care of everything. There were some issues from the other side he helped resolve with great communication.
He explained in detail to the other agent about many things which were happening which assured him everything was okay and may have actually saved the deal.
Aug 26, 2016
Jon, Jonathan, Shaun and Jasey did a wonderful job ensuring my loan was processed on time. They were all very professional and knowledgeable in home loans which made the experience a pleasant one. Communication was key as I was in Texas processing a loan in Nevada. They communicated in a timely manner kept me updated on the loan progress throughout. I had a wonderful experience with the Alderus team and will definitely recommended them to my family and friends. Well done and thank you for your service!
Aug 8, 2016
Jon was always helpful in answering our sometimes repetitive questions in a friendly, timely and patient manner. A pleasyre to work with!
Aug 5, 2016
Jon's experience and guidance makes the loan process go smooth and feels effortless. I know my clients are in good hands and that things are being done as quickly as possible.
He makes my job easy and goes above and beyond to ever take care of things I would normally do.
Excellent communication and updates through out the process, never have to check on anything.
Aug 1, 2016
Hello, Jon!

I hope this email finds you well and happy. From your signature line I am thrilled to see you are being lauded with positions and accolades in your professional field's organizations--well deserved.

After a year away on active duty, im happy to be heading back to the lovely home you alone made happen for me.  I speak of you at least 2-3 times per year, EVERY year, since 2012, when you literally saved my dream home from slipping through my fingers.

After a several months long grueling (and somewhat demeaning due to the excessive written assurances and reference letters I was instructed to provide) process with a major national lender, they pulled out less than a month before I was supposed to close despite their ongoing assurances my military reserve income would not be an issue.

Talking to you for the first time I was immediately put at ease with your kindness, respect, and patience while listening to my ordeal.  Your calm demeanor and sincerity in admitting it was a unique financial situation and not one you fully understood but that you would investigate in order to explore options was filled with respect and empathy.  Your firm resolve and enthusiasm for solving the puzzle were also evident and the trust and respect I had for you was born (not easily earned, by the way).  

Even if the outcome had not been favorable, you would have retained that admiration, trust, and respect.  As fate were to have it, though, you put the mortgage together in less than a month and saved my real estate transaction that ended up closing in the month that saw the bottom of the recent real estate market.  As the piece de resistance, the value of my home has gone up over a third.  

I've meant to recount this tale to you for years, but sometimes (i hope) it means even more to hear it later in order to fully absorb the gravity of the lifelong impact youve had by being a consummate professional and good soul.  

Best regards,

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