Daniel Ball

Mortgage Advisor Alderus Mortgage NMLS # 856140
Raised in Montana, Daniel still operates by 3 very simple values: Integrity, Hard Work, and Respect. After moving to Las Vegas in 2011, Daniel quickly adapted to the pace and demands of the city while utilizing his personal attributes to build sound relationships and grow his career. Daniel has always had a passion for helping others, having been involved in countless volunteer efforts and community organizations, and identified home financing as yet another way to provide an honest and much-needed service. He believes that although this is likely the largest transaction of his clients’ lives, it does not have to be the most stressful one. Doing things the right way, and his constant pursuit of growth (both professionally and personally) have made him a perfect fit for Alderus. With honesty and integrity at the forefront of his business mind, Daniel is the perfect professional for you to partner with for your next loan experience!


Sep 21, 2017
Home Owner
The whole process was easy and everyone was very helpful.
They know a lot and made it very easy, anytime an issue came up they developed a plan and made sure it was taken care of.
Everything went really smooth at escrow.
I recommend Daniel, and working with the team at Alderus was amazing. We are actually working with my brother to do a re-fi with you guys now.

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