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At American Pacific Mortgage, our vision is to be the best retail mortgage lender in America. We pride ourselves on earning our client’s respect and trust by providing them with exceptional service, offering them some of the most competitive rates in the industry and by always acting in their best interest. We believe that our commitment to our customers and our community is the cornerstone of our success.


Recommendations (432)

Jun 20, 2019

Sean Miller & Mandy Davidson recommend Doug Siebenthal

VP of Sales Minuteman Press Escondido

Doug made a VERY painful process into a completely painless process. Our refi was so incredibly seamless it didn't feel like we were refinancing our home. Words cannot express how grateful we are to Doug for his professionalism, care and careful attention to detail he paid to us. We will be recommending Doug to EVERYONE!! If you have any mortgage needs definitely the man to demand. Thank you Doug for being so amazing and caring to do right by us=)
May 27, 2019

Sailor Duval recommends Carter Alexander Short

Carter and his team are amazing! We were first time home buyers. He explained every step of the way, provided easy to understand charts, helped us reduce our costs, and helped us stay within budget for the home we picked. He was prompt, answered all our questions and made the entire process a positive experience. We couldn't have done it without him on our team!
May 27, 2019

Matthew Babcock recommends Carter Alexander Short

Home Buyer

Working with Carter and his team was a pleasure. He was proactive through the entire process, providing me with information without ever having to ask. He is a professional everyone should want on their side.
May 10, 2019

Rob Ethington recommends Carter Alexander Short

We worked with Carter the first time around in buying our home Carter got us a great rate and was such a pleasure and very informative to work with. We have just refinanced our home at an even lower interest rate!!!! Carter and his team make it happen. Even better, he explains the process in detail and gets answers for all questions. Thank you Carter.
May 9, 2019

Kaitlin Barlow recommends Doug Siebenthal

Project Manager

Doug made the entire process as easy as possible for us! He communicated with us every step of the way, taking extra time to explain our options. He was able to close our loan in the shortened time-frame that the seller requested, and we felt confident that he was looking out for our best interest. We will highly recommend Doug to anyone we know who is looking to purchase a home.
Apr 25, 2019

Katrina Parris recommends Kelly Gardner


Kelly has done a couple of loans for clients now and she is fantastic. It is hard to find someone in lending that you can really count on to give you the truth as well as perform. She seems to always be available; I'm not even sure she sleeps ;)
Apr 21, 2019

Philip Cillis recommends Carter Alexander Short

Home buyer

Carter was amazing to work with. He kept me up to speed every step of the way with his prompt updates. He is very knowledgeable and answered every question right away. He was great to work with.
Mar 29, 2019

William Martin recommends Carter Alexander Short

Home Buyer and Veteran

Carter and his team are awesome! Every instruction and request were perfectly articulated so that I always knew exactly what was needed and when. Mine is a VA secured loan and the mountain of paperwork required by VA can be pretty intimidating. It can become difficult keeping track of what you've already sent and what is still outstanding, not when working with Carter. Every day I got an email from Grant, a valued member of the team, with a list of items still needed and additional requirements as they became known. It only took 20 days from contract to close, that is amazing for a VA loan. I don't think these guys sleep much during the week, I sent emails sometimes after 10:00 pm and got responses almost immediately. When they say they are there for you they mean it. I would and will recommend Carter to anyone I know who is looking to buy or refinance and if Grant moves up into his position someday, I will give him my recommendation too. Thanks Carter and crew for making this process bearable.
Mar 18, 2019

Cyndi Davis recommends Kelly Gardner


Never in my 15 year career have I been so impressed with a lender, as I am with Kelly. She went FAR out of her way to try to save a deal between my seller and her buyers.

She went so far as to work extensively with my seller to work around Fannie Mae guidelines, even though she was on the buyer side.

Ultimately, she wasn't able to save my particular situation, but she went to above and beyond for all concerned, was pleasant, knowledgeable and responsive to all throughout the process.

She has earned my business and I would not hesitate to recommend her.
Mar 14, 2019

Remy Gaither recommends Carter Alexander Short


I liked Carter from the first meeting. He came off knowledgeable and very transparent. He walked us through every step and I appreciated it. My anxiety never kicked up and I never questioned if he was in it for the money or if he genuinely cared. His office is also full of family pictures which (me being a mom) made me more comfortable. I’ll recommend him again and again
Mar 14, 2019

Brea Ogunyemi recommends Carter Alexander Short


Carter is absolutely amazing to work with! He’s knowledgeable, efficient, and he’s a true professional. My clients and I enjoy his frequent updates throughout transactions and are never in the dark about anything. I highly recommend Carter for your home loans and refis!
Mar 14, 2019

Priscilla Watson recommends Carter Alexander Short

It's hard to find the words to explain how awesome Carter Short is!! We are so appreciative of him and all that he has done in helping us become home owners. The experience went smoothly, he explain the process and explained each step as we went thru the process!

But it didn't end there, years later... We decided to refinance and yes, it was Carter Short who helped us. Nothing changed in the manner in how he conduct business; honest, efficient, professional, patient, knowledgeable and the nicest person you will meet.

We are truly bless to have Carter Short to turn to, when making the biggest decision in our lives!

Mar 14, 2019

Clarence & Priscilla Watson recommend Carter Alexander Short

It's hard to find the words to explain how awesome Carter Short is!! We are so appreciative of him and all that he has done in helping us become home owners. The experience went smoothly, he explain the process and explained each step as we went thru the process!

But it didn't end there, years later... We decided to refinance and yes, it was Carter Short who helped us. Nothing changed in the manner in how he conduct business; honest, efficient, professional, patient, knowledgeable and the nicest person you will meet.

We are truly bless to have Carter Short to turn to, when making the biggest decision in our lives!

Mar 13, 2019

Karen and Daniel Hoffman recommend Kelly Gardner

New Homeowner

Kelly was wonderful and our home loan process was quick and easy! Will totally use her again and recommend her! She was always available and explained in detail any questions I had
Mar 13, 2019

Mark Dobrinin recommends Kelly Gardner


Kelly and her team were amazing during the purchase of our new home. She was capable of explaining everything in simple terms, seemed to always be available for questions, and was even able to explain how to get our credit up to bring our interest down. Not only is she great at that but she was capable of getting us in our new home in 20 days start to finish. I will definitely recommend Kelly and her team of professionals to friends, family, and co-workers. Thank you Kelly for this smooth and easy process.
Mar 6, 2019

Jason Hailey recommends Kelly Gardner

Refi Client

Kelly was highly recommended to me, and throughout this process it was very easy to see why! The ups and downs of refinancing can be very high and very low, through all the adversity Kelly remained focused on keeping things up beat, by being very personable, positive and professional in addition to always looking out for my best interest! So informative during every phase from initial application all through the final signing phase! I’m so thankful for Kelly to have been at the forefront of my refinance! Thanks to Kelly and her team for getting the ball over the goal line because this is definitely a touchdown for me!!!! I will recommend her every chance I get!
Mar 6, 2019

Heather & Oliver Flores recommend Kelly Gardner


Kelly is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is so smart and on top of everything. She is a great communicator, and is so helpful with walking you through all of the details. She was so great my realtor who had never worked with her prior was also raving about her and letting us know he was only wanting to work with her in the future. Kelly is caring and helpful. We will work with her again and recommend that everyone else do the same!
Feb 15, 2019

Marc Dimacali recommends Carter Alexander Short

If you want someone who is really going who work with you to make you happy, then Carter’s the way to go! This was our third home purchase, but first time working with Carter and his team, and it was by far the most flexible and comfortable experience we’ve had. We first started by telling Carter what our target price and payments were, and he put together a couple of options for us, letting us know exactly what we would need to do to meet these goals. Along the way, he would give a detailed explanation of every detail in each loan scenario. And most importantly, if we weren’t comfortable with something, Carter would take our input and work to ensure he came up with a solution that we were happy with. He’s also the most personable loan officer we’ve ever dealt with, and would definitely recommend him to anyone.
Feb 11, 2019

Kevin Waugh recommends Carter Alexander Short

Carter was open and honest throughout the entire loan process. He was there for me if I had any questions via phone, email, or in person. He has been the most helpful loan officer that I have dealt with yet and plan on using him in the future and I would recommend Carter to anyone that needs a loan.
Feb 8, 2019

Clayton Nemeth recommends Carter Alexander Short

Home buyer

Me and my wife were 1st time homebuyers and Carter and his team made everything go smoothly. I highly recommend him and his team
Feb 5, 2019

Christine Wilson recommends Kelly Gardner


Kelly is absolutely by far the best lender I have ever worked with. She is extremely knowledgeable and she gets the job done quickly and efficiently. The entire process felt seamless. She knew exactly what we wanted and she helped us get into our dream home faster than we expected. I would consider Kelly to be an EXPERT in this field.
Jan 29, 2019

Adam Hyde recommends Carter Alexander Short

Home buyer

Carter was fantastic, especially since I had no clue what I was doing. He answered calls, emails, and texts within minutes, 24/7. Thank you, Carter.
Jan 29, 2019

Danielle cortez recommends Doug Siebenthal

1st time homebuyer

Doug was amazing throughout the entire process. As a first time homebuyer I was completely clueless but Doug made the whole process simple to understand and walked me through every step of the way. His knowledge and patience made my whole process simple. I couldn't have done it without him. I can't praise him enough. Thanks to him I have the perfect home for me!
Jan 28, 2019

Heather Kester recommends Carter Alexander Short


Carter is an honest lender who does what he says he will do! I appreciate his straight forward and direct communication. He was well prepared and kept his clients well informed. I would love to do more transactions with Carter and would highly recommend him if you want a smooth transaction!!
Jan 17, 2019

Simona Arnaudova and Ryan Walker recommend Carter Alexander Short

Where do we start with Carter’s review when we have so many good things to say about him?

He is professional, knowledgable, an expert in his field, a loan wizard, kind, honest and caring about his customers and their needs.

When we scheduled our first appointment with Carter to see what our options were I felt very hopeless that we would never be able to afford a house in San Diego due to costs (to make it more difficult I wanted a property walking distance to the water) pretty unrealistic for our price range.

We are first time home buyers with zero experience and knowledge on the loan/house buying process and I am VERY neurotic and ask one million questions until I ensure I understand every little detail of the process. Let me tell you Carter was soo patient, answered every single questions I had regardless if it was my first time asking it or my 100th time (which I definitely did). He never made me feel stupid, annoying, or like I was bothering him. He would text/e-mail/call at all hours of the day to make it convenient for me and put my mind at ease. He was always available and flexibe.

Carter also made suggestions on how we can pay off some debt in order to be able to afford a higher mortgage if we chose to buy a more expensive property and opened up our eyes to options we never thought exsisted when it came to our budget. He is a genius when it comes to numbers!

When we first met him we weren’t ready to make the jump and apply for the VA home loan we were just gathering information. Carter followed up with us for six months until we were finally ready. He was never pushy and never gave up on us.

Here we are now HOME OWNERS of a property 0.5miles to the ocean where we have peak a boo ocean views from our patio in California and we only paid $900 out of pocket in closing costs and we received 90% of our earnest deposit back! WHAT A DREAM COME TRUE! All because of Carter.

He monitored the market constantly to ensure he locks in the best rate for us, to get us credits in closing costs, and once again to ensure he delivers the perfect loan and situation to make us home owners in California without breaking the bank and respecting our budget and limits.

Our loan was the perfect Cinderella story! At one point we were worried we would end up with a 6% interest rate and no credits in closing costs and the loan wizard Carter Short worked his magic once again and got us a loan with an interest rate of 4.75% and $1500 credit in closing costs! This made our mortgage more affordable then expected and definitely helped my husband and I sleep easier at night.

We would use Carter as our loan officer over and over again and would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy a property. If you hire Carter Short you won’t make a mistake. He is honest, and kind and him and his team truly care about their clients and have the clients best interest in mind! Prior to Carter we had met with a different loan officer who recommended loan options that weren’t good for us and would have required us to refinance 6 months down the line because that would mean the loan officer gets paid for two loans versus one. When we told Carter this option he was highly disturbed that other loan officers attempt to perform loan churning and do not look out for their clients. Carter was so kind to be honest with us, look us in the eyes and explain how we were about to be scammed and ensure he provided us with an honest experience that fit our needs versus doing something wrong to get paid twice. If this doesn’t speak of his character and his care for his clients I don’t know what does. As first time home buyers he could have told us anything and we would have believed it, but he was honest and amazing!

Thanks Carter!

Our Team