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Oct 9, 2018

Shane recommends Ryan Walmsley


You Wont Find A Better Loan Officer!
My wife and I were doing some research about 7 months ago and stumbled onto Ryan's info (super lucky). We started by looking at VA options then decided to pull the trigger in July when circumstances changed. We attended an open house and when we arrived it was busy. We decided to move on the home so we gave Ryan a call that evening. He ended up staying up with us until about 10 pm that night to get the prequal squared away (I was blown away). During the process Ryan stayed in constant contact with us and our realtor. Our realtor kept telling us that finding loan officers like Ryan was rare as he was on the ball and made sure to communicate any time something came up. I can't thank Ryan enough for his hard work and dedication during this process. We are now sitting in our beautiful home writing this review and it wouldn't have been possible without the professionalism, dedication, and overall integrity of Ryan Walmsley and his amazing staff. Thanks again.
Oct 9, 2018

tahlanicki recommends Ryan Walmsley

We used Ryan as our loan officer on our house that closed yesterday, (I'm writing this while sitting on the floor between boxes, avoiding unpacking), and we had the unusual situation of three simultaneous closes all happening the same day. It was crazy stressful and I was so worried about every detail except our loan (the other's loans, yeah, ours, not at all). Ryan was in constant communication and kept us updated every step of the way. Any issue that was even a possibility he warned us of, and although everything went smoothly, had something come up, we would have been ready to handle it because Ryan let us know what we potentially need to solve it. The company he works for has an app that you submit almost everything through, I think we faxed maybe two things that needed signatures. Everything else was esign. We literally just bought our house using my phone. I remember my last house being an insane amount of hunting down paper work, faxing things, and dropping things off and that was one of the most stressful parts. The paper work aspect was a piece of cake. Between that, and Ryan constantly letting us know where in the process we were, our stressful situation was so simple. We were in our house by 2 on the day we closed which is basically unheard of in a situation with so many variables and people closing in one day. We actually ended up signing docs three days before we were set to close and we're the first ones out of the group to have everything done. I would for sure recommend Ryan, unless you prefer being kept in the dark and being super stressed out. Thank you so much Ryan, we will never buy a house with out you!
Oct 7, 2018

Bruce Wallace recommends Ryan Walmsley

VP of Sales & Marketing

I began working with Ryan on my arrival in Phoenix for my relocation from the East Coast. Ryan guided me through the entire pre-qualification process through the closing of my new home. Anytime I had a question Ryan and his team answered immediately. Ryan is a true professional and I cannot give him a high enough rating! It was a pleasure working with him and I will recommend to anyone who has a need for his services!
Oct 5, 2018

M. Meek recommends Ryan Walmsley


Excellent service!

Ryan and his team at American Pacific mortgage are amazing! I promise you if you use their service you will not be disappointed! Buying a new home is a stressful thing but they make the experience seemless! Thank you American pacific Mortgage!
Oct 4, 2018

Chris recommends Ryan Walmsley


The whole process went well. Ryan was very attentive to all of our questions and took the time and applied his efforts to make this all come together. Outstanding service from start to finish! Thank You Ryan and your whole team for a pleasurable home buying experience!
Oct 4, 2018

Cheryl recommends Ryan Walmsley


Ryan Walmsley was FANTASTIC. l would recommend him any day. He communicated daily and responded quickly to any questions or concerns that l had. Five star service!!?
Aug 30, 2018

Kyle Owens recommends Ryan Walmsley

I started out with a different lender that ended up doing my prequalification wrong and when I ended up finding my dream home I was unable to qualify for the loan. My realtor then directed me to Ryan. Ryan worked with me in a short amount of time to close on this home in less than a month. I was a first time home buyer and he explained the process to me step by step. I cannot thank Ryan enough.
Aug 25, 2018

Travis Faught recommends Tyson Rondeau

Department of Defense

Tyson was there for my wife and I from the time we requested to be contacted through Zillow until the time we closed on our new home. Tyson was able to provide answers to all of our questions, which allowed for us to be more comfortable throughout the entire purchasing process. I would absolutely recommend contacting Tyson if you are looking for a professional and knowledgeable lender!
Aug 25, 2018

Laurie Nicolary recommends Tyson Rondeau

Tyson is a gem. His attention to detail and knowledge of the VA loan market was impressive. He made a difficult process seem so easy. You know the old expression: "You are in good hands. . .(in this case) with Tyson.
Aug 25, 2018

Nancy Njoroge recommends Tyson Rondeau

I was introduced to my lender by someone that he had worked with and was very impressed with his services. I decided to try and sure he was the perfect lender i would ask for. My Lender was on top of things from the application to closing documents . He explained all the stages of the loan process in detail. He emailed and called to follow up on every step of the loan process. He was available and detailed .He was in touch with the realtor and made sure that his client was well taken care of. I would highly recommended him to any friends or families that would be looking to buy a home. He is a great person.
Aug 25, 2018

Nicholas Agar recommends Tyson Rondeau

First Time Home Buyer | Great Experience

Tyson guided me through the entire process and helped me secure my first home! Could not be happier! Mr. Rondeau helped improve my credit score to secure a lower interest rate as well!
Aug 25, 2018

Gilbert Spaulding recommends Tyson Rondeau

Retired Veteran

My wife and I did not know Tyson before our home buying process, and we are out of state buyers. We new very little about this process. Tyson explained to us all the steps in order, how it would proceed . This all happened by telephone and secure internet connection, Tyson made this very trust worthy and a easy process. His staff is excellent also. Thanks Tyson
Aug 25, 2018

Charlie Stolz recommends Tyson Rondeau

Retired Veteran

My husband and I retired last year and was ready to enjoy retirement. We live in California and wanted to move to AZ. We were a little nervous of purchasing another home. Tyson made us feel comfortable and he was easy to work with. He was available 24/7 whether it was by phone, text messages or email. We knew we were in good hands with Tyson. We would highly recommend him.
Aug 25, 2018

Clinton Alcorn recommends Tyson Rondeau


Tyson and Lilly did a great job. Everything delivered as promised and communication was great throughout the process. Loan paperwork was available to sign early, which made everything easier during a holiday week.
Aug 25, 2018

Caitlin Bonaventure recommends Tyson Rondeau

Self-Employed | Business Owner

Tyson was so wonderful to work with. I reached out to him early in the process to get answers to some questions and he was so helpful it was obvious that I should work with him. My husband and I had some non-standard situations with our work and Tyson was able to work with us easily and take care of everything that came up quickly. He has also been and continues to be an invaluable resource for recommendations and referrals. We are new to Arizona and it has been so great to have names for businesses to use since we don't know any. I would definitely recommend Tyson and his whole team!
Aug 15, 2018

Channon V recommends Ryan Walmsley

Registered Nurse

Ryan and his wife, Ashley, have been great throughout this process. Ryan was very quick in getting us preapproved for our VA loan so we could start finding a home right away. I highly recommend Ryan!!!
Aug 2, 2018

Dean Anderson recommends Ryan Walmsley

Veterans Administration

Ryan was nothing less than excellent to work with. He and his staff made this process very easy. Most all of the requirements were done online with little effort. I have purchased several homes and this was by far the easiest of them all. I can't thank them enough for the expert way they handled things and closed right on time. Communication was great and I got an answer to any and every question. If you are in the market and need a lender, contact Ryan....
Jul 27, 2018

Greg Robinson recommends Tyson Rondeau

Business Owner

Simply put, Tyson and his team provided outstanding service. He was there for each step of the process and followed up with answers to all questions in a timely manner either by phone, text, or email. I felt like his team was my team working for me to ensure that I was protected. It's crucial to have people you can trust when making a real estate transaction because you're not just transacting business, you are making a life decision.
Jul 27, 2018

Ronnae Melton recommends Tyson Rondeau

Absolute All-Star Service! Tyson contacted me when I wanted to get pre-qualified for a home loan. As a first time buyer, Tyson was very patient with me and answered all of my questions (even if I asked the same ones). He assured me about the process and closing costs, and he and his team delivered on every promise made. Just awesome!
Jul 27, 2018

Colleen Brady recommends Tyson Rondeau

Tyson and his team were able to help me find and finance a home within 60 days! Turn around time was impeccable with every step. Not once was there any kind of delay, and the process was so smooth!! The experience was detailed, I never felt out of the loop or uninformed. I'd recommend Tyson in a heartbeat.
Jul 27, 2018

Wendy Brunner recommends Tyson Rondeau


I've just closed on a house using Tyson and highly recommend him and his company. Everything went like clockwork, smooth and easy, and it was all electronic -- no mounds of paper to hold onto. Tyson's electronic app and alerts kept me up to date throughout the process and Lily was super-responsive to my questions. They are focused on security and I felt they were protective of my data. All-in-all it was actually a pleasure to get a mortgage through them!
Jul 27, 2018

Valerie Weber recommends Tyson Rondeau

I was referred to Tyson and by one of the most capable real estate agents I ever had the pleasure of working with. She said that he would be the best lender to work with and I'm so glad I took her advice. Tyson seamlessly orchestrated my loan process from my initial application through signing the closing documents. He went above and beyond to make sure that I was protected in any and all situations and that I got the best value available. As a first-time home buyer I had many questions not only about the loan process but the negotiation process and terms on that house I was buying. Tyson was always there to lend friendly advice based on his many years of experience. He really listened to the information I gave him concerning what was important to me in a new loan, for myself it was a lower monthly payment. Tyson reviewed all of my options and explained them to me thoroughly so that I would be happy with the end result. Which I am! I had a set number in mind for my monthly payment and Tyson beat that by $5 a month. I was able to shop for homes and know how each decision I made effected my monthly payment using his mortgage calculator - which was spot-on. Towards the end of our process Tyson recognized an opportunity to use points to lower my mortgage percentage rate and called me to explain so that I was able capitalize on that opportunity. His attention to detail and level of customer service are impeccable. He worked with the title company closely to make sure that everything was done with my best interest in mind and that no errors were made. If you want somebody who's constantly and consistently working on your side, look no further. I have already recommended him to three others and wouldn't hesitate to use his services in the future. He is a pleasure to work with and so is his team. One of my favorite things about working with Tyson's group was that I was able to do everything electronically. I never had to go to his office to sign or drop off documents. The convenience of working with amazing because I have a very busy schedule. He also has an app that will update you throughout the loan process and he keeps you informed via emails on best practices during this process. You won't regret working with Tyson and his team.
Jul 26, 2018

dgal5 recommends Ryan Walmsley

Ryan made the entire process stress free. Very responsive and always timely. It was pleasure to work with Ryan and would be happy to do so again in the future.
Jul 26, 2018

Anonymous recommends Ryan Walmsley


Ryan (along with his staff members) was courteous, informative, and professional when helping my wife and I select and acquire a home mortgage.

Thank you Ryan, Great customer service is hard to find.
Jul 24, 2018

Dave Meszaros recommends Ryan Walmsley

VA Hospital

I reached out to Ryan in December hoping to buy a home in the spring. I explained to Ryan my situation and what I was looking for and needed. He took the time and listened and gathered all information needed to begin the process. Here we are in February and his wife Ashley helped me find the perfect home. I highly recommend Ryan to anyone out there looking for a loan officer that truly cares.

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