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May 10, 2017

Frank Pastula Jr recommends Jordan Bastian


Jordan Bastian, SolarCity Salesperson
Pastula Project completion December 2016

Jordan Bastien, our SolarCity salesperson, additionally exemplified great customer service. From the start, he was told several times that we weren’t sure if solar was the way for us to go. He was totally respectful of our decision and never intimidated or pressured us. Finally, when we were ready to make the move to solar, Jordan helped us understand everything before a signature was ever put on paper.

For many companies in many businesses, a signature on a contract translates into “sale done.. I’m done!” Then any concerns and/or problems are now customer service issues and you rarely hear from, let alone see, your salesperson. Jordan proved that belief wrong. He had called during the project to check our installation was going as expected. Then, after our project was complete, he stopped by our house to see if we were happy with our decision and quality of work done. Impressive!

We did have a problem with the Nest thermostat that came with our installation package. It required a couple of customer service calls to get the settings configured. Jordan did not hesitate to personally handle getting a SolarCity representative to work us through the set up.

Thank you Jordan for your amazing customer service that translates into very positive “word of mouth” recommendations.
Apr 24, 2017

Lori Tran recommends Jordan Bastian

SolarCity Customer

A friend of mine introduced me to the idea of solar power. My family and I were very skeptical about getting solar panels on our home but decided to contact Jordan to learn more about it. He was very knowledgeable and patient with us. He answered any and all questions we had that put our minds at ease. We decided to move forward and Jordan was amazing throughout the whole process. He constantly kept in touch and followed up with all of the companies involved and let me know where we were at with the application process. The constant communication ensured the smoothest transition possible and I greatly appreciated it.

We have been a customer for about 9 months now and he still keeps in touch to make sure everything is still running smoothly. If I ever have any questions, he is always there to help. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to help with everything. He really is amazing. I would recommend him to everyone.
Apr 24, 2017

Peter K recommends Arizona


Gentry was great to work with on our solar project. Upfront about all plans, costs, and options. Scheduling and install by the entire team was great. Gentry's follow up during the process was excellent. We Recently went live with solar, and my family could not be happier with Gentry and using Solar City.
Apr 16, 2017

Steve Hargan recommends Arizona

I am retired. Fixed income. I now pay less than $140/mo. Total electric bill. Includes $21/mo. To the Power Company. A friend recommended Gentry. Great knowledge of products. I had had another Solar Salesman already. But went with Solar City. No regrets.
Mar 25, 2017

Louis Fitting recommends Jordan Bastian

SolarCity Customer

This is the second home where we have had solar installed and the first time with SolarCity. Jordan was very knowledgable of his product and very easy to work with through the whole process. I can honestly say that this was the better experience of the two installs and I would highly recommend SolarCity, especially if you get a chance to work with Jordan. Not to sound corny or anything, but working with Jordan was like working with a close friend of the family. THANKS JORDAN!!!
Feb 18, 2017

Jeff Pettingill recommends Jordan Bastian

Working with Jordan was great. Good communication and he always got back to me in a timely manner. He explained the process very well and everything has been going great since the solar was turned on. Thanks Jordan!
Feb 14, 2017

Karen Decker recommends Jordan Bastian

Jordan was fantastic. He was always checking up on our installation until it was finished. Always available to answer all of our questions. Came and checked out the job once it was finished and wanted to know if we were satisfied. Still comes around occasionally to see if we are still happy. Fantastic person to work with. I would recommend Jordan to everyone who is interested in getting Solar as we are extremely happy with our solar.
Feb 14, 2017

Melinda Schmied recommends Jordan Bastian

IT Security Admin

I am very happy with the decision to switch to solar and to go with Solar City. Jordan was professional, friendly and knowledgeable about the product. The installation was very quick and no problem occurred. Jordan was very helpful in answering our concerns, he was always just a text away for any questions I had. Jordan has done a fantastic job and I would recommend Jordan and SolarCity to anyone.
Thank you Jordan for all of your help!
Feb 13, 2017

Christina Gibson recommends Jordan Bastian

CEO of Family Life

Working with Jordan was wonderful. He was available to answer any questions, and able to work around my husbands late night, and kids nap time schedules.

We had 2 issues that arised during installation. The first was a worker lost balance and put his foot through the ceiling in my garage. We had an appointment set up by the end of the day for someone to come repair the damage.

The second was during installing the new power panel. A worker drilled through onemail of my water lines for the washing machine. They had a repair team out within the hour to correct it.

I've had no problems with service, the panels, or getting a hold of anyone on the solar city team anytime I have a question, or need help.

Great job Jordan, it was always a pleasure working with you.
Feb 11, 2017

Carlos Hernández recommends Jordan Bastian

He was a super nice guy he explains everything very we recommend him to my family. Thank Jordan 😀
Feb 10, 2017

Larry C. Major recommends Jordan Bastian


I first was introduced to solar by a friend on the golf course who just had recently had Solar City install the rooftop panels. He had worked with Jordan Bastian. I did some research and asked another golfing friend, Mike Scott, who is co-owner of Scott Roofing about solar companies and if he would recommend one. He said that Solar City was by far the best company and worked with the roofing companies and made sure it was done correctly. We had Jordan come over and he explained the entire solar energy concept, went over our bills from APS with us and answered any and all questions. He provided us with all necessary materials to send into our homeowners association to get approval. Jordan was very professional at that first business meeting and has continued to be so with dealings after that visit. The installation crew was right on time and they too were very professional, polite and accommodating and did a great job as far as I can tell. We have been very pleased with Solar City and Jordan Bastian. He is a very big asset to the company and we highly recommend him for anyone considering solar energy for their home. Larry Major
Feb 10, 2017

Justin Poll recommends Jordan Bastian


Our family has been very satisfied with SolarCity. The entire setup process was a breeze and there was always someone available to step us through the different stages; from design, installation to on-going use. Jordan is an exceptional representative for the company. He has always been very helpful and attentive to our questions and needs. He is honest and sets realistic expectations which is something I respect. I have always felt he truly cares about me and my family. I recommend Jordan and SolarCity to anyone considering solar panels for their home!
Feb 9, 2017

Frankiee recommends Jordan Bastian

Diesel Technitian

No way I was getting Solar , or Windows, a new roof or any other thing that comes to my door.
It's sincerity that wins you over.
Guess what ? 6 months later I now know that Jordan's faith in his company is well founded.
Thank you Jordan.
Feb 9, 2017

Angeline Bartlett recommends Jordan Bastian


I would recommend Jordan and SolarCity to anyone. I was even skeptical at first, but Jordan made it make sense to me and answered all my questions. He let me know when permits were back, when APS approved the install, called me to help get my installation scheduled, and came to help turn the panels on for me.
The install crew was very professional and kind. They showed me how to use the new nest thermostat they gave me.
The next day the nest wasn't working right, and I was able to get ahold of Jordan on a Saturday and we had a tech at our house an hour later. I'm very happy with my decision to go solar with Jordan and SolarCity.
Feb 9, 2017

Rustin L Odom recommends Jordan Bastian

Multimedia Producer

From day one, Jordan has done a fantastic job and I recommend him every chance I get. I had a lot of questions and even some suspicions of solar companies but he patiently answered each one and went the extra mile to explain exactly how the process and payments worked and I've had no surprises because of it.

Jordan has followed through with everything he said and more. So, yes, I would absolutely recommend him.
Feb 9, 2017

John Horn recommends Jordan Bastian

Business Solutions Rep

Jordan was fantastic. From the very first meeting he was extremely helpful. It was nice that he made you feel comfortable talking to him and related to you as a person not a number to hit a sales goal. He was on top of everything and any questions I had I could reach out to him for a fast response every time
Feb 9, 2017

Sal and Shayn Cutino recommends Jordan Bastian


We recently moved to Arizona in September 2016 and, upon receiving our first electric bill, we knew we needed to seek alternative options. Jordan was referred to us by our son-in-law and what a great referral he turned out to be.
Initially he came to our home and explained the entire process to us in layman's terms which gave us a better understanding of the process.
Throughout Jordan was accessible and was always there to answer any and all of our questions. His excellent customer service made our experience with Solar City outstanding.
I highly recommend using Solar City and the services of Jordan Bastian to anyone considering "going solar".
Thank you Jordan for all of your help!
Sal and Shayn Cutino
Feb 9, 2017

Oscar Garcia recommends Jordan Bastian

Civil Engineer

Jordan was great during the whole process. He thoroughly explained the benefits of solar panels beyond simply saving money. Once I made the informed decision to get solar panels, Jordan was just a text or phone call away for any questions I had. Jordan always worked around my schedule.

I was so impressed with him and Solar City that I chose to get another set of panels the following year.
Feb 9, 2017

Marty Mattingly recommends Jordan Bastian


We are very happy with our decision to switch to solar and to do it with Solar City. The process went smoothly. Starting up front with the education we got about solar and Solar City. Then how it would work and be beneficial for our family. The install was quick and easy, just as we were told. Now we are seeing savings of hundreds of dollars each month. Jordan was there for us each step of the way. His excellent customer service, professionalism, expertise has made this a great process for us. Jordan is the kind of person you hope to get from a company anytime you do business. My wife and I recommend Solar City, and we recommend meeting with Jordan Bastian.
Feb 9, 2017

Jean Ledbetter recommends Jordan Bastian

Jordan Bastian was great to explain about solar what to expect. If we
had any question we call Jordan and he would answer all questions
He has become like family. When it was close to the time that solar would
be turn on, Jordan e-mail and said he would come and turn it on. So glad
he did.
The team that put the solar on the roof was great we hardly knew they
were there.
Longest wait was on APS to install as new electrical panel, after that thing
went faster.
We only has solar for a couple months already has seen some savings.
In the coming months and years we will see greater savings.

Feb 9, 2017

Charles Kolinchak recommends Jordan Bastian


We have enjoyed our relationship with Jordan, he has continue to touch base with us at various times. We was knowledgeable about the product and was very helpful in answering our concerns. The installation was very quick and no problem occurred. The only minor problems was the time-delay for APS to hook-up it's meter. We are enjoying the benefit we have received thus far. I have talk about our experience with ours and hopefully they may contact Jordan.
Jan 28, 2017

Brenda Nygaard recommends Don Harris

Don is amazing. My husband was not really interested in Solar but I talked to a gentleman at Solar City then suggested to my husband that he at least listen. He agreed. Don came out and we were sold on Solar and especially on Solar City as they do all of the work, no 3rd parties to deal with. Don knows about Solar and answered all our questions. He was not pushy. We wanted as many panels as possible to save the most money. We are very happy Solar customers.
Jan 28, 2017

Brenda Nygaard recommends Don Harris

Don is amazing. My husband was not really interested in Solar but I talked to a gentleman at Solar City then suggested to my husband that he at least listen. He agreed. Don came out and we were sold on Solar and especially on Solar City as they do all of the work, no 3rd parties to deal with. Don knows about Solar and answered all our questions. He was not pushy. We wanted as many panels as possible to save the most money. We are very happy Solar customers.
Nov 16, 2016

Barbara Irwin recommends Arizona

REALTOR Real Estate Broker

Dan is by far the most honest person I have met in Solar. He will not just sell you a system to sell a system. He will educate you and give you all the information to make the best decision.
Sep 28, 2016

Kim & Stephen Balistreri recommends Arizona

We would highly recommend Dan as your Energy Consultant. Dan is a professional who knows his product well. He was able to explain the solar process to us in a way that was easy to understand. He also answered all of our questions thoroughly. In addition to being professional and knowledgeable, Dan is also very personable and a pleasure to do business with. He was there throughout the process, advising us of next steps and following up on questions we had. Even months later, if we need assistance with anything, Dan has been there to help. He responds quickly to messages and does everything he can to assist. We couldn't be happier with our Solar City consultant!


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