Rhonda Taylor

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Apr 30, 2019
Owner/Self Employed
Rhonda is Outstanding. Not just as a Real Estate Agent but most importantly as a human being. She genuinely cares about helping people with their housing wants and needs but also helping and improving peoples lives. Rhonda is not only my Agent for Life but my friend for life.
Jul 3, 2019
I know I previously posted how I worked with Rhonda when she helped me move from Tn to Charlotte, finding me and my dogs the condo we currently reside in. But I wanted to give an update. I have an autoimmune disorder and as such my bones are fragile. In a freak accident I thought I rebroke my right leg and possibly dislocated my knee in the process. With no family here and having recently just moved here so not having made any friends yet, I was taken to the ER via ambulance all alone and scared fearing the worst. I had just moved here to Charlotte for a fresh start and to continue on rebuilding my life. So the prospect of losing my independence all over again was so unbelievably crushing. I was really scared and in so much pain. Well it turns out I'm ok it was just a bad sprain, nothing a leg brace and then a subsequent knee brace couldn't fix to give my body the time to heal on it's own. Well Rhonda had actually texted me that day before I heard the pop on my leg. She often texts me and asks how I'm doing. So when I got her text as I was in bed crying unable to straighten my leg or bare weight on it, I was understandably not in a great headspace. But Rhonda helped me to stay calm and not fear the worst. That is was all gonna be ok and assured me I wasn't alone. She said she would come visit me in the hospital and true to her would she came and visited me that night in the ER! I hadn't had food so she even stopped by Panera to give me my favorite grilled cheese and avocado sandwich so I could eat and not get sick with the meds I was getting at the hospital! She stayed with me that night as I cried about my predicament and lamented all I had been thru fearing starting all over again meant more surgeries, rehab, and therapy again, all when I was literally and figuratively moving to Charlotte to stand on my own to feet again! Rhonda was there for me when I was scared and alone and showed great kindness, compassion and empathy! And she had nothing to gain from it. Its just her natural desire to help people. She brought me home that night from the hospital and even dropped off my meds at the pharmacy that night and came by the next day to bring them to me! I write this honest and updated review to show others what kind of person she is! She is a wonderful realtor who genuinely cares about people and has a heart of gold! In Tn I worked at a real estate firm as an executive assistant and none of the realtors ever went above and beyond for a former client like Rhonda has! And that's not a knock on them. I know they had busy lives. But so does Rhonda. And yet she still made the time to be there for me so I wouldn't be alone and so scared. I sincerely hope this review helps others who are looking for a real estate agent! There are a million realtors I'm sure here in NC. But why not choose the one who looks at you and treats you like a human being and a life long friend? Why choose a realtor who just looks at you as dollars signs for a commission? Choose Rhonda Taylor because for her being a real estate agent is her calling. It's how she helps people and that's her #1 driving force. If you choose Rhonda, she will truly go above and beyond for you! And you will surely have a friend for life in the process of getting an excellent real estate agent!
May 9, 2019
If you want a realtor with a heart choose Rhonda Taylor. If you want a realtor that answers all your phones calls and every single text, choose Rhonda Taylor. You can see where I'm going with this. But this is my truth. Rhonda was a godsend to me! She came into my life during a very crazy uncertain time and made the process of moving (out of state, mind you) so seamless. I was working a 40 hr job at a law firm and working odds and ends jobs for months to make this move happen. I got lucky enough (I say that cause are personality totally meshed which really helped) to have Rhonda help me in finding a new home here in Charlotte. At first I thought a realtor isn't for me I'm renting. Then I thought I dont need a realtor i can do this myself (boy was i wrong)! I showed interest in a property (not the place I currently live) that paired people with a realtor who happened to be Rhonda. By the end of our first call I was glad I didnt get nervous and decline her services! She helped me breathe easier thru this ?whole ordeal! I cant explain what a relief it was having someone on my side! I was hundreds of miles away and hrs away too! So visiting places in Charlotte site unseen was scary but the reality I was facing since i was determined to relocate back to Charlotte. Rhonda went to homes for me and took pics and videos of places. She took notes of things that needed to be addressed! She cared; she listened; she was attentive; but what I really like and admire about Rhonda is she genuinely cared about helping me achieve my fresh start! Now I didnt go into detail of just how horrid the past 6 yrs were but I did bring it up a time or 2 just how much I needed a change, a new life, a fresh start. Rhonda fought for me and my new life like she was fighting to change her life for the better! She cares about her clients as if their needs are hers. She came in to my life on Sunday April 14th and by April 27th (well it was an adventure getting here so it was more like the wee hours on Sunday April 28th) that I was moving in to my new one level condo in Charlotte! Rhonda helped me find a beautiful home within my budget; that was dog friendly with a fenced in patio; has 2 dog parks nearby; all in an ideal location! She even negotiated the pet fee from $800 (I have 2 dogs) down to $500 for them both!!! Believe you me that $300 saved has been an absolute blessing!! Bewteen the uhual; movers; utilities (new and old ones; and the obvious expenses that come with a new place, that $300 has been food for my dogs and myself to live off as I look for a job! I know my post is long but I sincerely hope you all read it. Cause it's real and honest and it's from the heart. Its exactly like Rhonda Taylor. And in my humble opinion, there's not a more caring qualified realtor around! So whatever your needs are, I hope you'll choose Rhonda Taylor. I promise you, you won't regret her coming into your life! I know I haven't!