Anne Scruggs

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Mar 12, 2019
In the Raleigh area you have so many choices when it comes to selling your house. Now beyond the hundreds of realtors (many who are only part-time). You now have the house selling services who claim to be able to sell your house “at a fair price” and not have to go through any of the “hassles”. I can assure you having sold to services through a relocation services it is not close to what you think it is worth, and things still come up. I can only say I can recommend Anne Scruggs as a top agent in this business.
Having bought and sold a number of times in the past I was truly impressed with Anne as a realtor. When I began to search for a realtor I asked 3 reputable realtors to provide me with a specific list of information, similar to a Request for Proposal. Ann was the ONLY realtor who came prepared with exactly what I had requested and with the documentation to support what she was presenting.
Anne has a style which is calming and reassuring as well as pragmatic. If she thinks you need to change something in the house she will explain her thought process and typically provide pluses and minus with doing so.
Anne has been in the business for a long time and this is not a part-time job for her. She knows her stuff when it comes to the market in the Raleigh area. And while she is very bright and competent she is also open to seeking out the opinion of others for new ideas or suggestions when it would help her clients.
Anne is a true professional well versed in all the steps in the selling process, however, I believe her strong suit comes to light in the negotiation stage and final steps of the closing process.
Anne can tell you when to be patient and not jump too quickly allowing time for offers to mature. Anne also has the knowledge to look at a seller’s request for repairs and identity what should be done and what you can say no to, along with a host of Vendors/people that she can call on to do it for you at a fair price.
Her calm demeanor helps you to stay calm in the stress of moving out and ready for the final closing.
After reading this I think it is clear that I believe Anne is an amazing realtor and one you’re sure to be delighted with.
Mar 9, 2019
Home Inspector
Anne Scruggs is extremely knowledgeable about real estate, and she is also very knowledgeable about the different components that make up a house, especially when home inspections are concerned. I would highly recommend her if you are looking at real estate.
Mar 9, 2019
Anne has acted as our agent twice, first when we sold our home on Jarvis Street and secondly when we sold our condominium at Glenwood Gardens. Both times she did an excellent job for us, and each time we received a very good price for our homes. She is competent, thorough, ethical and most professional in all aspects of the transactions and at the same time pleasant and charming, making a stressful process much easier to manage. Definitely would recommend.