Jerad Larkin

Sales Executive Chicago Title Cherry Creek
Jerad Larkin is a sales executive with Chicago Title who has both the experience and knowledge to help his clients grow their business. In addition to Jerad’s previous background as a licensed real estate agent, he has also worked as a real estate tax consultant, where he appraised properties and helped lower the real estate tax burden for his clients. Moreover, Jerad holds a Masters in Real Estate and Construction Management from the University of Denver and prides himself on keeping up to date on the ever-changing real estate industry.

Jerad’s creative approach to helping clients through the use of technology (he has a background in web design and can produce videos on a professional level) and his outside-the-box marketing ideas are what sets him apart. He is knowledgeable, experienced, and creative.

If Jerad isn’t busy helping his clients reach their ultimate potential, you can find this Eagle Scout outdoors. He is an avid hiker, skier and enjoys mountain biking. Jerad also enjoys spending his downtime with his family and friends.

Take the time to contact Jerad to find out how his knowledge, experience and creativity can help catapult your business to even greater heights.


Jul 25, 2017
Lead Analyst
In the 4 years I worked with Jerad I don't think there was a day that he didn't have a smile on his face. He was very dependable, organized and thoughtful. He was always on top of deadlines and ahead of schedule.
Jul 24, 2017
Jerad's optimism and enthusiasm truly make him an enjoyable person to work with. He is determined to not only get the job done, but to also help others in any way he can. He is a knowledgeable yet humble real estate professional who is passionate about his work and the people he works with.
Jul 24, 2017
Sr. Tax Analyst
I had the pleasure of working with Jerad for 4 years. It was a great experience. Jerad's work ethic is incredible. I never had to worry about deadlines. He's extremely professional, organized and accurate.

Would welcome the opportunity to work with him again someday.

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