Julie Bergstrom

Sales Executive Chicago Title Citrus Heights
With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Julie has been a tremendous service to her clients and her community over the years. Julie is excited to share the knowledge she has obtained in her new role as Sales Executive in our Citrus Heights branch. Contact Julie today and she will show you how she can have a positive effect in your business!


Apr 17, 2018
I was first introduced to Julie at a Keller Williams team meeting where she and a colleague made a presentation on farming using the toolbox feature. After the presentation, Julie invited us to schedule time with her to set up farming using walking farm and other apps. She has been so helpful to me in my early stages of being an agent. I’ve met with Julie several times, and her assistance has been invaluable to me. Julie is both friendly and casual, setting a relaxed tone in our meetings, while at the same time exhibiting professionalism and savvy that assure me she is at the top of her game, and I can fully trust the extent of her knowledge and experience. Julie is awesome!
Apr 16, 2018
Real Estate Agent
Julie has been very responsive. She has shown me how to use the tools and shows the value to them. She is professional and patient. I really appreciate what she has been doing.
Apr 12, 2018
Real Estate Realtor
Julie is a true professional. Always giving 110% to anything that is put in front of her. She has a wealth of knowledge and is ready to provide assist and guidance when asked.
Apr 10, 2018
Realtor at Thompson-Brown Real Estate
Julie at a short time as our Title Rep has done an unbelievable job. She has fulfilled our marketing needs with timeliness and professionalism. She's a great asset for any Real Estate office.
Apr 10, 2018
Julie is my go to girl! She has so much experience in every avenue of this industry making her invaluable with finding solutions to whatever the issues may be. I have worked with Julie for nearly 20 years and have worked with her escrow team that long as well. I would trust her with my life! 100% ethical and honest. I will never stray from this group at Chicago Title and I would highly recommend other Realtors give Julie Bergstrom a try...there is no better team out here!
Apr 9, 2018
Loan Officer
I might be biased, but Julie has always given 100% at helping people achieve their goals. She is a great business partner because she helps Agents build their business's. I would highly recommend her!
Apr 6, 2018
When choosing a title company to take care of your client of the sale of there home. It is so important to choose a team that has a great reputation on great service. Chicago Title goes all the way. Julie Bergtrom does an amazing job keeping me updated on all the latest tools. At a moments notice she is always available to help or train. Thanks Julie!!!!!
Apr 6, 2018
Real Estate Broker
Julie is a pro. She knows when to jump in and help, and I need help often. But, she also knows when to just wave and allow me to keep working. I love her creativity and her willingness to think outside the box.

She is a great business partner. I feel lucky to have her in my corner.