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Chicago Title Company of Oregon provides title insurance, escrow/closing services and related real estate services to homeowners and real estate professionals. For assistance with your real estate transaction or for more information contact your local sales representative or title agent. Contact information can be found on the “Office Locations” page.

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Recommendations (90)

Mar 12, 2018

Don Johnson recommends Kris Aase

Real Estate Broker

Kris did a great job staying on top of the transaction and getting closed on time.
Mar 11, 2018

Susan Wagner recommends Kris Aase


Kris was very educated and great with my clients. I appreciated her knowledge and
expertise at my clients signings and closing.
Mar 5, 2018

Juha Tuominen recommends Kris Aase

Branch Manager

Kris is an awesome Escrow Officer. I have worked with Kris for years and she does amazing job each and every time! I highly recommend Kris for your escrow and title needs.
Mar 2, 2018

Stephanie Peck recommends Libby Cox

Real Estate Broker

Libby is very responsive and takes great care of my transactions, my clients and my needs.
Mar 1, 2018

Paula Simpson recommends Kris Aase

Real Estate Principal Broker

Kris Aase stepped in and closed a transaction for my seller and buyers. Kris made everyone comfortable and met their time frames available for signings.

Thank you,
Feb 9, 2018

Joe Buffington recommends Libby Cox

Lead Agent

I was impressed with how thorough and genuine Libby was with my Buyer. My buyer was buying his first home and Libby took extra time to explain the process and was patient throughout. I would recommend Libby and her team at Chicago Title without hesitation. Thank you Libby!
Feb 9, 2018

Sue Pauley recommends Libby Cox


I was referred to Libby Cox by my friend and escrow officer Dorine Skordahl at Chicago Title in Vancouver WA. I told her I wanted someone just like her. She did it. Libby was ever so helpful and communicative and just delightful to work with. We felt well cared for and had a happy ending on selling my neighbor's rental in Sellwood. Thanks so much, Libby, for your professionalism. It was our pleasure.
Windernmere Stellar
Vancouver Metro
Feb 5, 2018

Pamela Laxson recommends Kris Aase


I would highly recommend Kris, she is professional and makes sure every detail of the transaction is completed on time. We all know how important good communication is and Kris makes sure that all parties are kept up to date at all times. I have complete confidence in Kris and her team and I am happy to rec
Jan 31, 2018

Peggy Marcum recommends Libby Cox

RE/MAX Equity Group Broker

Timely, hassle free great communication have made my interactions with Libby the kind of customer service I expect for myself, but even more importantly for my clients. Libby is personable (an important attribute for stressed clients) with a high level of patience and understanding. In other words, the best.
Dec 13, 2017

Stephanie Peck recommends Erin Noe

Real Estate Broker

Erin has been an excellent resource for me and my team. She is always full of fresh ideas to help me grow my business to the next level as well as supporting newer agents on my team to help them flourish as well. Chicago Title has closed several real estate transactions for me. They are always timely, informative and professional.
Oct 10, 2017

kim davvis recommends Libby Cox

owner/principal broker

A timely, professional, expert!
Oct 3, 2017

Diane Martin-Taff recommends Libby Cox


Communication is very important in a real estate transaction and Libby was great at that! At the end, when everything is happening so fast, she was very communicative which makes a smooth transaction. Thanks Libby!
Oct 3, 2017

Kate Dickman recommends Libby Cox

Mortgage Officer

Libby is one of the best escrow officers in the tri-counties! She is prompt to respond, gives clients the "Disneyland Experience" and is a true professional. You can trust her to get it done - it's always a pleasure to work with her.
Sep 30, 2017

Nate Allbritton recommends Libby Cox


I've worked with Libby several times now and can say without hesitation that she brings a full service experience, with great energy, a friendly demeanor, and unmatched persistence that is much needed in this field. I can't enough positive things about my experiences with her so far, I look forward to partnering with her more!
Sep 18, 2017

Ross Stadelman recommends Libby Cox

Mortgage Broker

I was very impressed in the way Libby Cox handled the transaction we had together, she was always very responsive and proactive! I highly recommend Libby and know that she will represent both the seller and buyer equally with the most amount of respect/professionalism!
Sep 7, 2017

Kim Disciascio recommends Libby Cox

Real Estate Broker

Libby did an amazing job. She was patient, friendly and outgoing - even at 8am!!
She gave easy to understand answers to my clients who are first time home buyers. You can tell she's a pro as she went through what seemed like an entire ream of paperwork in an efficient and tidy way, but she also took her time to make sure the clients weren't overwhelmed.

She's a true professional and excellent at her job. Thank you Libby!
Aug 30, 2017

Peggy Marcum recommends Libby Cox

Realtor, RE/MAX equity group

Libby, of course, does all that is expected of an Escrow Officer in an efficient and clear manner. What is even more appreciated is her friendly, down to earth and helpful manner. It's like working with a close friend. I feel like I can depend on her with full confidence and look forward to transactions with her.
Aug 19, 2017

Julie Mancuso recommends Libby Cox

Real Estate Broker

Libby was very professional, knows her job well, has great report, and we closed ahead of schedule. I felt my clients were in good hands as I was out of down on closing day. It's nice to know you can depend on someone like Libby. I hope to have future business dealings with her.

Julie Mancuso
May 19, 2017

Matt Crile recommends Stephanie Chumbley

Principal Broker

Stephanie is an exceptional talent and a delightful collaborative partner. She has a remarkable ability to break complex problems into simple steps, then prioritize those steps to formulate a game-plan. Her technical expertise is very high, but her explanations are plain-spoken, so that even a novice comes away with a clear understanding of the objectives to be achieved and the formula for achieving them. Above all, Stephanie carries it off with a smile and a sense of relaxed enjoyment for the work at hand - It is a pleasure to recommend her!
May 12, 2017

Jewel Robinson recommends Stephanie Chumbley

Principal Real Estate Broker, Oregon

Stephanie knows her stuff! Always willing to help. And she is among the rare breed of teachers who will patiently explain as many times as it takes for one to 'get it.'
Always positive and upbeat. Sees the glass half full. Love having her on my team. Jewel
May 12, 2017

Mindy Goody recommends Stephanie Chumbley


Stephanie is an amazing speaker and teacher. She knows what she's doing and very happy to help you. I always look forward to attending a class taught by Stephanie because I know she will make it well worth my time. Stephanie is a doll!
May 12, 2017

Pam Yancoskie recommends Stephanie Chumbley


Stephanie is a wealth of information. She seems to know everything about real estate and technology. She is a great asset to Chicago Title! Her hints have helped me save time and energy. Thank you, Stephanie.

PAm Yancoskie, Broker
May 8, 2017

Peggy Marcum recommends Stephanie Chumbley


Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to attend classes conducted by Stephanie that have introduced a wide variety of technological tools to help me build my Real Estate business. My perceptions: She does a remarkable amount of preparation so her presentations are clear and complete. Additionally she is at the forefront of new applications and programs. Technology is ever changing, and no one recognizes this more than Stephanie. She weaves new findings into classes that emphasize apps that are becoming mainstream. For "oldsters" like myself who have learned my computer skills by trial and error, Stephanie acknowledges my challenges with complete explanations and availability for one on one questions and training. She continues to open my mind and show me that one day I can be truly paperless and more efficient. I am eager to attend her presentations in order to absorb and hone my ever increasing skills and knowledge
May 8, 2017

Lou Tauber recommends Stephanie Chumbley

Managing Broker - Residential Realty Northwest

Stephanie provides exemplary service in providing agents new technology concepts to improve their business. Her presentations are very timely, informative, interactive and entertaining! Stephanie is available for questions and helping agents with technology issues - it's great to have her on our team!
May 8, 2017

Pam Blair recommends Stephanie Chumbley

Principal Broker

Stephanie has been an awesome resource to me. I started a video campaign this year and she helped me launch it and is always available to answer any questions that come up.

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