Michael Patron

Escrow Officer Chicago Title Daly City
Michael began his escrow career in 2003. Prior to his venture with escrow, he was in the Information Technology field. Despite having degrees in Human Resource Management and Network Systems Administration, I.T. seemed like a logical choice, but he truly feels that Escrow is his calling. In his own words, “In this industry, I love that my job challenges me each day in different ways. I enjoy interacting with people and take great pride of providing exceptional service.”

Married for 18 years with five children, four girls and a boy, Michael considers himself a family man who enjoys annual vacations with the family, when not juggling the kids’ daily activities.

Michael also takes pride in being fluent in Tagalog and understands conversational Spanish. Excited to be back in Daly City where he first established his escrow career, Michael is ready to assist your clients’ needs and ensures that the transactions flow smoothly from start to finish.

We look forward to serving your clients on future transactions through our Daly City location at 333 Gellert Blvd., Ste. 138, Daly City, CA 94015.


Jul 20, 2018
Michael is consistently doing an excellent job. Very efficient and professional.
Jul 18, 2018
“Michael Patron used to work for my escrow team back in 2003. He is a very fast learner considering he has no knowledge regarding escrow when he first started venture in the title business. In just a span six months, he was promoted to a junior escrow officer and continued to bloom. Wishing him the best for the rest of his escrow career!”
Jul 18, 2018
Michael provided excellent and timely service in getting me helpful information for one of my clients.
Jul 13, 2018
Senior Lending Officer
Michael is professional, efficiency and have great customer services. Hope to work with you again soon.
Jul 12, 2018
Head of Operations
We love working with Michael and the whole Chicago Title Team in Daly City. They are very accommodating and they always make sure that we have a smooth closing!
Jul 12, 2018
Loan Officer Assistant/Processor
We've worked on many loans with Chicago Title and we've always had a really nice time dealing with Michael and his colleagues. They are helpful, fast and efficient, which helps us close more loans.
Jul 11, 2018
Michael was helping me with my home purchase process. He was very professional, competent and efficient at his job. He was very responsive to my inquiries. It was a pleasure working with him. I would definitely recommend Michael as the Escrow Officer for anyone buying a home.
Jul 11, 2018
Recently I asked Michael to help me with my Deed Transfer between parents and child. Although I am a realtor, I am not expert in those Title area. I asked an escrow offer I used to work with before for many years. But that escrow officer didn't respond my email. I called and left message on her voice mail. No response. I gave up on her and decided not to do business with her in future.

Then I remember Michael as I received his email when he joined Chicago Title. I emailed Michael and asked for help to complete my DTT forms.. Surprisingly He responded me immediately with details i how to complete my transfer tax forms. I was so glad with is great response. I am impressed with his expertise and his attention towards me. I even haven't opened an escrow with him yet. He took time out of his busy work to response me. What a wonderful guy he is!! His knowledge, prompt attention and profession manners me trust to work with him in future. Thank you so much, Michael!!
Jun 26, 2018
Strategic Home Loan Specialist
Michael Patron is extremely diligent with great customer service, and a pleasure to work with! He unfailingly helped to close a simultaneous Escrow on the sale of my clients home in the nick of time for us to fund on their new home as planned. He could have easily lifted his foot off the gas pedal to mirror the lack of urgency expressed by the Lender on that transaction, but he chose to work in tandem with my teams urgency to meet the sellers needs on their new purchase loan. As an experienced Lender, I offered my assistance on that transaction and possible solutions to hit our close on time and he went above and beyond to ensure it all happened. I highly recommend him!!
Jun 22, 2018
Michael is consistently doing an excellent job. Always job well done. Very efficient and professional. I enjoy working with him .
Jun 20, 2018
Michael did an excellent job in handling the closing of our property..we’re very happy that we closed escrow in a short period of time...
Jun 18, 2018
Real Estate Broker
Michael Patron provided outstanding solutions driven service which spanned 3 counties. Michael I would gladly recommend you to the real estate community!!
Jun 18, 2018
We can’t thank Michael enough for his promptness in getting our home closed. We had a razer thin timeframe and he nailed it! A pleasure to work with... !
Jun 16, 2018
Real Estate Sales Assiciate
Mihael Patron is diligent, approachable, knowledgeable, efficient, and very thorough. He is readily available to answer any questions or clarify any issue(s). I will always reach out to Michael Patron to be my Escrow Officer at all times. I highly recommend him to handle your escrow transactions! Keep up the good job Michael!
Jun 15, 2018
Professional and got the job done!
Jun 12, 2018
Great communication, extremely capable and effective. Very pleasant to work with. Highly recommended.
Jun 12, 2018
Michael is diligent and knowledgeable. I believe he's one of the best escrow officers in the Peninsula.
Jun 7, 2018
Michael responded to my questions promptly, professionally, and courteously. Thank you!
May 29, 2018
Business owner
Thanks to Michael our experience was both simple and smooth, we felt nothing but a streamline consistent process from start to finish.
May 29, 2018
Managing Broker
My transaction with Michael was so smooth,he took care of every issue and task related to the escrow. He made it simple and easy for me and my clients, we will use him every time possible in future escrows.
May 25, 2018
I highly recommend Michael Patron and everyone in this Chicago Title office to do your real estate transactions with. Michael was very quick in responding to all my requests and he was also very attentive to all the details of the transaction and to my client's requests. Thank you Michael! Very nice job!!
May 23, 2018
Very prompt response
May 23, 2018
General Manager/Broker
Great experience with Michael the transaction went very smooth,looking forward to closing the other files that was opened by the office with Michael .
He is an asset that to your clients many
May 21, 2018
Michael was super fast and on top of his game through the whole escrow process. He had everything ready for us to sign and updated with us everything very quickly.
May 14, 2018
Transaction Coordinator
Michael was super responsive and efficient throughout the entire transaction. He was wonderful to work with and is highly recommended!

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