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Throughout the years, Chicago Title Insurance Company has grown in stature with a solid reputation for integrity and standing the test of time. Much has changed in 160-plus years, but the fundamental principles upon which the Company was founded are steadfast. They are outstanding customer service, untarnished reputation for integrity and a rock solid, enduring identity that is synonymous with the necessary expertise to insure your most prized asset: your home.


Recommendations (226)

Oct 9, 2018

Astrid Jarquin recommends Dione Majerus

Dione was an amazing escrow officer to work with, certainly made me feel my transaction her priority!! Always available. Thank you!
Oct 4, 2018

Dane Horton recommends Dione Majerus

Dione never fails to deliver quality service through email, phone calls, via office assistants. I've always been pleased when she is our escrow/title officer. I would recommend her to anyone asking, in fact, I am opening pre-escrows now to make sure I can have her on my team
Sep 27, 2018

Shirley Yang recommends Melinda Parra

Melinda was instrumental in assisting us to close a challenging escrow. She went above & beyond her typical duty to facilitate between all parties involved to ensure that we would close!! Melinda is a TRUE professional!!! Thank you so very much :)
Aug 4, 2018

Jeff Nesselroad recommends Dione Majerus

Karen always goes the extra mile to provide the best service of any title rep I've known in +30 yrs of
Jul 14, 2018

Craig Einsohn recommends Ruth Pike-Walker

Ruth Pike Walker was our escrow officer. She was very professional and was a joy to work with.
Jul 11, 2018

Jeff Nesselroad recommends Dione Majerus

Dione, JoAnn and Mary are the best escrow team ive ever encountered! Things really run smoothly with these guys. Have become so dependent on their excellence that i find myself thinking" "i hope that they are ok". What would I do if anything ever happened to them?"
Jul 10, 2018

Cindy Gee recommends Melinda Parra

SHARON LUPO AND HER TEAM ARE THE BEST TEAM AT CHICAGO TITLE.. Sharon is always on top of my Escrows.. I can call or email her at any time and she will be there to help! She always handles any problems that may arise. I highly recommend Sharon Lupo and her team!
Jul 2, 2018

Wallene Nelsen recommends Dione Majerus

Dione has always gone out of her way to make my escrows smoothly close. I would recommend her anytime to anyone.
Jun 16, 2018

Cynthia Montinola recommends Dione Majerus

Thank You Dione Majerus & team for your professionalism in completing this transaction .
May 23, 2018

Mohsen Rostami recommends Dione Majerus

Dione is great to work with. She is knowledgeable, professional and a kind person.
May 18, 2018

Paula Knapp recommends Ruth Pike-Walker

Ruth Walker and her staff give outstanding service.
Apr 27, 2018

Nancy Combs recommends Dione Majerus

Dione Majerus anticipates issues before they become problems. She is fantastic!
Apr 21, 2018

Bob Gibbs recommends Dione Majerus

When given the choice we always recommend Chicago Title and request Dione Majerus as our Escrow Officer. She's fantastic!
Mar 20, 2018

Jeff Nesselroad recommends Dione Majerus

Dione is one of the best escrow officers I've worked with in my 30 years in real estate sales. She takes the time to make sure my clients understand what is going on and has a nice up beat personality. Her knowledge of the escrow title business is unparalleled.
Mar 20, 2018

JoAnn Bender recommends Dione Majerus

Dione is the best! My clients love her and I love her
Mar 19, 2018

Ann Silvestri recommends Karen Pinkston

Real Estate Agent

I worked with Karen for a short time before relocating out of state. She was extremely professional and responsive, two qualities that are very important to me and my business.
Karen always has a smile on her face and a willingness to help in anyway she can. I would highly recommend her to everyone!
Mar 15, 2018

Kelly Klinger recommends Melinda Parra

Melinda Parra, very knowledgeable and efficient. She is very good at her job and makes the escrow process painless.
Mar 11, 2018

Nancy Combs recommends Dione Majerus

Dione Majerus and her team are phenomenal. We have been working with Dione and JoAnn Lopes for years, and they do not disappoint. They know what needs to be done , they do it, they stay on top of the transaction, and they follow through. If a change is made, they are right there with you. Excellent service, we are pleased to have our clients served by Dione and her team.
Jan 4, 2018

James Dye recommends Dione Majerus

Dione Majerus is the best escrow officer I have worked with in my 32 years as a full-time real estate broker. She does excellent work, is timely and cares about each and every escrow. I open ALL my listing escrows with her and when possible, ALL my purchase escrows as well.
Jan 4, 2018

Cindy Foreman recommends Dione Majerus

Dione and her team always do an excellent job and this transaction was no exception.
Nov 19, 2017

Paula Knapp recommends Ruth Pike-Walker

Ruth Ealjet and her team are awesome!
Nov 4, 2017

Pat Burgess recommends Dione Majerus

Dione is always accessible, professional, supportive and pleasant. She goes out of her way to make sure every transaction is handled with ease. During the singing, she explains everything to the client so they understand what they are signing. She is knowledgeable and truly one of the best escrow officers I have had the pleasure of working with.
Nov 2, 2017

Sonya Shastri recommends Tara Sembrat

Team Lead

Tara is one of the most capable sales executive i know in the title industry. Her great attitude, deep knowledge and ability to respond quickly sets Tara apart from her competitors! She is a true asset to have by your side and very resourceful. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to work with Tara!!
Nov 2, 2017

Jim Wright recommends Tara Sembrat


I've had the pleasure of working with Tara for several years. She is very responsive, professional and always looking for ways to improve her service and make my life easier. Her technical expertise is wonderful, and the ongoing training she provides on cutting edge materials is invaluable.
Oct 18, 2017

Jeff Nesselroad recommends Dione Majerus

Dione was an amazing Escrow Officer. I often marvel at her competence, poise and professionalism. This transaction was no exception. She undoubtedly has many files that she is juggling; but always seems relaxed, while at the same time being ready to provide accurate answers about my client's file as if it were the only one she was working.

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