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Throughout the years, Chicago Title Insurance Company has grown in stature with a solid reputation for integrity and standing the test of time. Much has changed in 160-plus years, but the fundamental principles upon which the Company was founded are steadfast. They are outstanding customer service, untarnished reputation for integrity and a rock solid, enduring identity that is synonymous with the necessary expertise to insure your most prized asset: your home.


Recommendations (78)

May 26, 2017

Ana Rodriguez recommends Christina Ly

The person who I am in contact directly is Joanne, Love her, she is my right hand and my angel. She does her work and beyond. Thanks Joanne.
May 19, 2017

Vicki Yu recommends Christina Ly

During the escrow, it had 2 major requests in last minute. The escrow officer still very patience and professional to handle it smoothly. She is very kind to go over step by step with me and to my clients.
May 19, 2017

Vicki Yu recommends Christina Ly

During the escrow, it had 2 major requests in last minute. The escrow officer still very patience and professional to handle it smoothly. She is very kind to go over step by step with me and to my clients.
May 12, 2017

Rosmy Alfaro recommends Christina Ly

Christina always goes the extra-mile and in these days of meeting deadlines is definitely not always easy to do that. Christina and her team are awesome!
May 12, 2017

Rosmy Alfaro recommends Christina Ly

Christina always goes the extra-mile and in these days of meeting deadlines is definitely not always easy to do that. Christina and her team are awesome!
Feb 28, 2017

Diane Schatz recommends Christina Ly

Christina Ly was the title officer. She was outstanding in every way as was her assistant Andy Leung.
Feb 15, 2017

Harry Cordiano recommends Christina Ly

Very fast and expedient
Feb 9, 2017

recommends Christina Ly

They did it professionally especially Christina Ly & Lien Lam. They worked fast and beyond my expectation.
Feb 4, 2017

Danilo Perez recommends Ling Lee

My escrow officer was Ling Lee, and she did a great job at processing escrow and was very responsive via Email or call when something was needed. I would definitely recommend her and I plan on using her again. Thanks Again, Danny Perez Prestigio Real Estate
Jan 21, 2017

Ralph Watkins recommends Christina Ly

Joanne Lam and Christina Ly did an excellent job on this escrow. The property was inheritted and had some issues with an outstanding deed of trust (non recorded reconveyance). The issue was resolved in a timely and professional manner. Excellent job!! Thank you both for your help!
Jan 5, 2017

Jennie Wong recommends Anna Tsuji

Anna Tsuji and Joanne Lam helped all of us through a challenging escrow, very time urgent and very well completed!
Dec 1, 2016

Abel Lin recommends Anna Tsuji

In addition to regular services from an escrow officer, Anna Tsuji showed an enthusiasm in providing clients solutions & helped to solve problems.
Nov 11, 2016

Vanessa Qiang recommends Anna Tsuji

Escrow is third party neutral. But I feel my escrow officer is my team member since she made my client so happy and easy. Agents don't always know everything. that is why I want to work with Anna Tsuji all the time. Thanks
Mar 25, 2015

Frank Mau recommends Joanne Lam

Joanne is always there and with quick turn around.
Feb 25, 2015

Bill Spain recommends Anna Tsuji


Anna is very skilled, promptly returns calls and e-mails, and knows a lot about liens, city issues and lender requirements. I enjoyed working with her.
Jan 29, 2015

jimmy recommends Joanne Lam

HMC with Wells

not 100% but 200% satisfaction with Joanne. the service level is awesome . ...Thankssss Joann
Dec 19, 2014

Estella recommends Joanne Lam

Repeat customer

Joanne Lam is just top notch, par excellence, number one in her service.
In the past I always let my loan broker pick whatever title company he preferred until a few years ago, an escrow officer at another title company royally offended me. Her work was messy and her attitude stunk. Hence after, we switched to Chicago Title & we were lucky to have had Joanne our escrow officer. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and efficient. And she doesn't mind going that extra mile in spite of her very full schedule. Joanne Lam is the best!
Dec 16, 2014

Brian Chua recommends Ling Lee


Ling Lee ..... Very attentive, professional, responsive on my escrow transaction. Never delay on any questions that I have concerned & terrific experience on this escrow services. Highly recommend and to achieve a smooth as well as par excellence common goal.
Dec 16, 2014

Christina Dong recommends Ling Lee


Ling lee is a fabulous escrow officer, quick response and have a great job during the transaction. I will use her as my escrow officer if my next town house for sell.
Nov 14, 2014

Helen Klee recommends Christina Ly


Christina has handled two investment property sales for my husband and myself. Both were very complicated because of the properties were owned by seven owners. Christina work patiently with all the owner's needs and making sure that vesting were correct because each owners were doing a 1031 exchange. Christina, not only had to work with 7 owners but the exchange company, IPX's representative. Then I also had two inherited properties with six owners. She also had to handle two inter-owner exchange sale--Upon selling one investment property, three owners used their proceeds from the first property to purchase the other three owner's shares. Although these were not as extensive as the other two sales, Christina handled these swiftly and efficiently. Thank you, Christina!
Nov 12, 2014

Clinton Killian recommends Ling Lee


Ling has always been the epitome of professionalism and helpful escrow officer. I have used a lien on numerous escrows and she is always been very professional prompt and efficient in resolving all issues. So the escrows could prop up properly close. I recommend willing to all my clients because of the outstanding service I have received over the years.
Nov 12, 2014

Clinton Killian recommends Anna Tsuji


And it was very helpful in handling a difficult escrow. She worked with the estate administrator to resolve all of the title issues. So that escrow could promptly close. She accommodated the elderly administrator so that the documents could be executed promptly. I appreciated her professional lives in and very helpful attitude
Nov 3, 2014

Victor Chin recommends Christina Ly

Seller of two 1031 Exchange properties

Christina, I want to thank you for going beyond expectations to accomplish the tasks to process the two properties that my brother and sisters sold and bought . Your attention to the needs of your clients was exemplary, knowing you had commitments of your own to attend to. When I asked if the Haddon process can be moved up so I could sign the docs before leaving on my trip, my sister Helen told me that that was not possible, was wishful thinking . I resigned to the fact that I may have to ask for an extension to my COE on my replacement property purchase. Your decision to put several activities in motion is commendable. Thank you so much for getting done what I needed. I really appreciate your dedication to your work and to your clients. Job well done.

Regards, Victor
Nov 3, 2014

Victor Chin recommends Anna Tsuji

Seller of two 1031 Exchange properties

Anna, I really have to tell: you made my day. I was really hoping that I could get the docs for Haddon signed before I left for Hawaii, a trip with my wife that was planned over a year ago. Well, I'm going w/o the worry hanging over my shoulders. Wit h you due diligence and concern for your clients, you managed to push the right buttons (made a bunch of phone calls) and made it happen. I also know for something as complicated and evolving so many buyer and sellers, it must have required others to help get that stack of docs ready for everyone.. Much tanks to you and also to Christina, which I will also extend my recommendation to her as well.

Thanks again!!
Regards, Vitor Chin
Nov 3, 2014

Arlene Shearn recommends Anna Tsuji


The listing agent chose Chicago Title and Anna for the transaction on Welford that we closed on Friday, Oct 31 2014. Of course I was a little disappointed, when the listing agent required us to use her, because you always like to work with known people. But I have to say that Anna not only met but exceeded any and all expectations. She was always quick to respond and go the extra mile to get information. We were trying to close by month's/week's end as with every other file at every title company. The lender kept saying that we would have docs soon, like every other file at every title company. Anna was patient and when we got them at like 4:50, 10 minutes prior to the end of day, and she didn't hesitate to stay until after hours to get them turned around and to the mobile notary. She was kind enough to also forward me a copy so I could review them prior to client signing them. Anna arranged a mobile notary, twice, because the lender was late, and turned them around quickly. She was kind to answer any and all dumb questions that I asked. She was the first one to think of something we could do to help make the transaction go as smooth as possible for all parties involved. Anna made me a Raving Fan not only of her's but Chicago Title. I look forward to working with her on many transactions in the future.

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