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Throughout the years, Chicago Title Insurance Company has grown in stature with a solid reputation for integrity and standing the test of time. Much has changed in 160-plus years, but the fundamental principles upon which the Company was founded are steadfast. They are outstanding customer service, untarnished reputation for integrity and a rock solid, enduring identity that is synonymous with the necessary expertise to insure your most prized asset: your home.


Recommendations (113)

Apr 25, 2018

Kim Ott Associates Inc recommends Gina Rose

Gina Rose and her team are phenomenal!!! They are the best team I have ever worked with.
Apr 25, 2018

Vic Romero recommends Liz Young

I have had many escrows with the Judy Young Team and they are the best Team in the business. Nikki, Liz and of course Judy make me feel like I am always the most important person they have talked with that day. Anything I need to make the transaction go as smoothly as possible is done and complete ASAP. Angie Rohr is always there when I need additional help. Chicago Title Judy Young Team are the best in the business by far!
Apr 18, 2018

Jessica Su recommends Liz Young

Judy Young's Escrow team is excellent and professional! Top team to work with and highly recommend!
Mar 22, 2018

Michael Gadams recommends Judy Young

Judy and Liz were extremely professional, courteous and prompt. Very smooth transaction. I was certainly impressed and makes me rethink who I currently use for escrow.
Mar 16, 2018

Linda McCann recommends Angie Rohr


I have continuously used Chicago Title Company in Pleasanton for well over a decade. Angie Rohr Is a big factor in my loyalty to this company. Real Estate agents have to be able to secure accurate information quickly for their clients. Angie is both knowledgeable and responsive...I depend upon her as "part of my team"-- her customer service support is invaluable!
Feb 23, 2018

Bill Wells recommends Judy Young

I have used Judy and her team for over twenty years and have always been very happy with her performance. I would always recommend her to other agents. We usually open an escrow with our listings and are able to get the selling agent to use Chicago Title.
Jan 4, 2018

Diane Giampaoli recommends Angie Rohr

KW Realtor

My introductory meeting with Angie was extremely helpful. As a new realtor she was able to share many useful tools that I will be needing. She is a great listener and took the time to address the process to meet my individual needs.
I look forward to working with her in the near future!
Dec 5, 2017

Jenele Balaz recommends Gina Rose

Gina was outstanding. I represented the buyer in this transaction. As a listing agent I always use Chicago title Lisa Nite ( she is in my area) but I was very impressed with Gina as well
Nov 21, 2017

Jennifer Tollenaar recommends Gina Rose

Gina Rose and her team where great! They responded right away to all our questions and were very helpful to our clients. Thank you
Nov 4, 2017

Beverly Hardy recommends Judy Young

Fabulous ... knowledge, personal setvice and Caring!!
Aug 4, 2017

Angelique Williams recommends Gina Rose

The service at Chicago Title is second to none. All team members are eager to assist, expeditious with updates, and consistently concerned with serving our mutual client. I highly recommend Chicago Title.
Jul 27, 2017

Brian Cullen recommends Gina Rose

What is Reach 150?
Jul 20, 2017

Craig Einsohn recommends Gina Rose

Gina Rose was our escrow officer and she and her team did an amazing job in order to close on time. There was a lot of moving parts and in the last 24 hours before closing they had a lot of challenges with the buyer and they did an amazing job getting everything needed to get the job done. Thank you
Jul 5, 2017

Debra Coray recommends Judy Young

I don't recognize any of the Title Sales Reps names.
Jul 3, 2017

Marta Riedy recommends Judy Young

You have my permission to use the comments on Item 7.
Jun 10, 2017

Suma Sridhar recommends Judy Young

Nikki & Liz were excellent and very communicative and guided through the process. Enjoyed working with them
Jun 9, 2017

Vic Romero recommends Judy Young

It starts at your front desk and continues throughout the entire staff. Each time I close an escrow I love to stop by to say hello and thanks to Judy young, Nikki Perry, Liz Young, Sarah Eads, Angie Rohr and Jessica. if I missed anyone forgive me. I would like to recognize Nikki Perry for her work, smile and future addition to the Chicago staff. Thank You Chicago Title for helping me achieve a FIVE STAR REVIEWS from my clients.
May 23, 2017

George McKean recommends Judy Young

Judy Young & her staff are outstanding and on top of things from the beginning through the end & closing...
May 9, 2017

Robert Liu recommends Gina Rose

Rose Gina is great title officer & we are very happy with her & her team 's service !
May 9, 2017

Robert Liu recommends Gina Rose

Rose Gina is great title officer & we are very happy with her & her team 's service !
Apr 29, 2017

Kim Ott Associates recommends Gina Rose

Gina Rose & Team are the best Escrow Team I have ever worked with. They are always kind & professional. They make you feel as though you are their only client even though I know better. THEY ARE THE BEST!!!! Sally Andreeta is also always there to help anytime we need it!!!
Apr 22, 2017

Ron Rivers recommends Sarah Eads

Sarah Eads is always a step ahead of anything I need or my clients need. I also feel that everyone else in the office if Sarah was not in at the time are always helpful. Thank You Chicago Title
Apr 22, 2017

Varsha Upadhye recommends Judy Young

The escrows with Judy Young team are always smooth and stress free.
Apr 20, 2017

Steve Mohseni recommends Gina Rose

Gina Rose and her team were absolutely wonderful.
Apr 19, 2017

Bill Wells recommends Judy Young

Having used Judy Young for over 2 decades I can attest that she is the best!

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