Rochelle Bracken-Meucci

Senior Certified Escrow Officer Chicago Title Portland
Rochelle Bracken-Meucci is a Senior Certified Escrow officer working in the Portland area. Having 28 years of escrow experience she has extensive knowledge of all types of transactions; resales, short sales, REO, HUD, new construction, refinances, estates, you name it, she’s likely closed it. She is known to be highly communicative and proactive and provides an unsurpassed level of customer service. In addition she and her team are known in the community as the “Socially Responsible Team You Can Count On!!”


Jun 16, 2017
Meadows Agent
Rochelle did a great job. Will want to work with her again.
May 22, 2017
Real Estate Broker at Keller Williams
Rochelle is an All-Star! Her professional experience is a testimony to the work and service that she and her company provide. We worked on a sale together where I was the Buyers Agent. She was always so quick to respond by email or phone. I can firmly say that she has an amazing heart for the people she works with. She is very knowledgeable and really helped in facilitating Title and Escrow. I highly recommend working with her.
May 11, 2017
Realtor (seller's agent)
Rochelle is a fantastic escrow officer. She provided excellent communication through out the transaction. She was also very timely with documentation, handed all of the scheduling for signing, and took the time to answer all of my questions pertaining to the transaction. I couldn't be happy with the level of service I received from Chicago Title, and that is thanks to Rochelle. I whole-heartedly recommend her for all your escrow and title needs.
May 10, 2017
Loan Processor/Client
Every transaction with Rochelle is an absolute pleasure...including my own! She has a wonderful way of sharing her knowledge, and coaching, enabling you to feel informed and on track. No matter which side of the transaction I have been on, she has given such great customer service. I'm a huge fan!

Thank you Rochelle!
and Ben :)
May 10, 2017
Loan Officer
Rochelle is knowledgeable, professional and kind. She truly cares about her clients. It was a pleasure to work with her!
May 10, 2017
Mortgage Loan Officer
Rochelle is my favorite Escrow Officer to work with on all transactions. She is timely, responsive, professional, and friendly. Rochelle always goes above and beyond for my borrowers, the realtor, and myself, keeping all parties apprised of the progress of the file. This level of service is priceless in this industry, and I always appreciate her level of expertise.
Apr 11, 2017
Rochelle was very efficient and helpful, and proactively alerted me to pitfalls I could expect in the immediate aftermath of closing escrow.
Mar 27, 2017
Rochelle was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. She kept the entire transaction organized and right on schedule!!
Mar 22, 2017
Home Buyer
Rochelle is a wonderful, professional, knowledgeable individual who I am fortunate to have in my team of guidance officers in my home purchasing endeavor. I recommend her for those who appreciate efficiency, listening, and prompt communication.
Thank you, Rochelle!
Mar 21, 2017
Real Estate Broker
Rochelle knows title insurance backwards & forwards. She is completely competent and comfortable in executing smooth transactions & signings. She is a real pleasure to work with each & every time. You will be happy you chose her as your escrow officer. Keep up the fabulous work Rochelle!!
Mar 21, 2017
Real Estate Broker
Rochelle knows title insurance backwards & forwards. She is completely competent and comfortable in executing smooth transactions & signings. She is a real pleasure to work with each & every time. You will be happy you chose her as your escrow officer. Keep up the fabulous work Rochelle!!
Mar 1, 2017
Loan Processor
Rochelle and her team are always a pleasure to work with.
Mar 1, 2017
Loan Officer
Rochelle was outstanding. Very responsive, professional, and provided an impressive SLA.
Feb 6, 2017
Principal Broker
Rochelle is amazing. She is efficient , timely and professional. I am always confident she will take care of the transaction and get the job done, going over and above .
I truly enjoy working with her to get the job done.
Feb 3, 2017
Rochelle & her team are amazing! Timely communication, and they really made the difference in a transaction that had a few complications.

I would use Rochelle again in a heartbeat! Thank you!
Feb 1, 2017
principal real estate broker, licensed in oregon
great communication which is what my business is all about!
Jan 30, 2017
Real Estate Broker
Rochelle is solid Escrow officer who is the person you want on your Real Estate Transaction team. All phases of the process are covered proactively with her team of experts. Whether I am gathering farm info, stuck in sticky transaction, or planning for the next marketing push, Rochelle and Chicago Title are an indispensable part of my success.
Thanks for all your help!
Jan 24, 2017
Real Estate Broker
Rochelle and Ben helped two elderly ladies through this transaction wonderfully. After many years in this business, I would highly recommend the Bracken-Meucci -Grommel team. They were always on top of any challenges (and we had a few) and with their combined knowledge and compassion, helped everyone through.
I have asked them to help me with my next transaction. You can't get any better than that!
Jan 23, 2017
Principal Real Estate Broker
Rochelle is a fabulous escrow officer, great attention to detail, a strong communicator and very thorough. I highly recommend her!
Sep 7, 2016
Rochelle is such a great resource, having a wealth of knowledge and experience. I truly appreciate Rochelle how quick and responsive she is during the transaction. Always upbeat, with a can-do attitude, Rochelle is my number one call for an escrow expert!
Sep 6, 2016
I very much enjoy working with Rochelle. She is extremely proactive in the way she works, and always keeps me in the loop during our transactions. She is an amazing source of knowledge, and she always takes the time to answer my questions regarding anything having to do with title. She is fantastic!
Sep 2, 2016
Rochelle has been my go to gal for over a decade. I can trust that she will get it done and my clients love her. I love working with her and recommend her to anyone who has title and escrow needs. Ro YOU Rocks! I appreciate your hard work very much!
Mar 5, 2015
Broker at Urban Nest Realty
Rochelle is energetic, sharp, personable, and extremely knowledgeable about the escrow industry. She is available and tech savvy. I can count on her to help me at any time!
Mar 5, 2015
Real Estate Broker with the Matin Real Estate Group at Keller Williams Realty
I have known and worked with Rochelle for years. She is not only extremely knowledgable but very helpful and resourceful. Rochelle helps my clients feel at easy with her friendly demeanor yet gives them confidence throughout their real estate transaction with her constant communication and level of customer service. I would highly recommend Rochelle.
Mar 4, 2015
Thanks Rochelle for being so there for me with the transactions we've done together. You are so knowledgeable and fun to work with. I've appreciated you tons over the years. After 14 years in the business, I am picky about what escrow officer I use. You are the best!

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