Victoria Rodrigues

Branch Manager/Sr. Escrow Officer Chicago Title San Carlos
Victoria began her career in the Real Estate world at the age of 11 – working for her father at a local Real Estate office in Redwood City as receptionist and bookkeeper all thru high school. Then, moving on to the title/escrow world in the evenings after school & weekends pulling documents and working for the Title Department (when Title Departments were in house and local). Taking a few years off having wonderful children she reentered as an assistant to a Senior Escrow Officer. She enjoyed learning from her mentors all the aspects of the different types of escrow situations & transactions. Later Victoria moved up to Officer and now after being in the business 25 years is a Senior Escrow Officer & Branch Manager with Chicago Title. Victoria has been complimented as an expert in the multiple complexities of title and escrow. She always has a smiling can-do demeanor, attention to detail, excellent communication skills & has a strong commitment to professionalism. Victoria has been ranked as one of the top 10% Residential Escrow Officers from Fidelity National Title Group and has been awarded the Highest Standard of Conduct Award from Fidelity National Financial. Victoria is committed to giving excellent service with every aspect of your title & escrow needs & is awaiting your call.
May 16, 2019
Victoria did n excellent job !!! I would recommend her highly. I know Sam Anagnostou uses her too, because she is so professional n takes such great care of our clients !
May 14, 2019
Victoria is the best escrow/title officer I have worked with in all my 21 years of Real Estate. Communications is critical in our industry as in others and Victoria is exceptional as a communicator. I always feel that I am kept abreast of the status of escrows and never worry when it comes time for closing. Any problems that might have been identified are already resolved. If your people are scattered all over the planet, Victoria will track them down for signatures and a prompt closing. I can not say enough to demonstrate the professionalism & communication skills that Victoria possesses. On top of all this she is one of the nicest people you can hope to meet.
May 7, 2019
The challenge we face is, "How many different ways can we find to express just how much appreciation we have for Victoria Rodrigues." She is instrumental in our success. She has that servant's heart that is never satisfied with the concept that "good is good enough." To Victoria, "great" is merely a starting point upon which she challenges herself to seek new ways to deliver more value at every turn. Do yourself and your clients a favor and open your next escrow with Victoria.
May 2, 2019
Victoria and her staff were wonderful. They greet you with a smile, tea, cookies and support. When going to a signing it can sometimes be stress full, they make the experience absolutely easy and nice.
May 2, 2019
Victoria Rodrigues is an unbelievable escrow experience for anyone who has not yet had the pleasure. Our rating of her is off the charts positive. One experience with her and you'll be a convert. Not only are the nuts and bolts covered like the pro she is, but she is always looking around the next corner to forewarn of potential roadblocks, potholes ahead. And, talk about a pleasurable personality. She puts the sweet in sweetness. Clients walk away adoring her. Lenders are in awe. All roads lead to Victoria.
Apr 6, 2019
I've been a full time Realtor in the Bay Area for almost 20 years. Victoria Rodrigues and her team sets a standard of service far beyond what I've ever seen anywhere else. As an example, I know she and her team will treat the other agent and their clients with exceptional service whether or not they hired her. Often the agent that opens the escrow gets treated well, but the other agent doesn't get the same service. Not with Victoria and her team! And she always does it with a great attitude.
Feb 20, 2019
Victoria Rodrigues and her team are the best. I always choose Victoria first.
Jan 23, 2019
She always goes the extra mile in her caring service - without asking - I love working with her and her team
Jan 14, 2019
Victoria Rodrigues is a consummate professional , she is very responsive and knowledgeable, her files are perfect, my partner and I love working with her, even our clients go back to her when they refinance or if they need any escrow work. Victoria is the only escrow officer I know that reaches out to the other agent in the transaction and she keeps them informed, other agents commented how much she they enjoyed working with her.
Apr 11, 2018
Victoria Rodrigues is an incredible escrow agent! I could not have asked for someone better to work with! It was my first time buying a home and she made the process significantly easier. Victoria was warm, friendly, professional, helpful, responsive and efficient! I expected the closing to be grueling and long and instead it was short and even kind of fun. Thanks Victoria for being so amazing!!
Dec 21, 2017
I've been in real estate for almost fifteen years and Victoria is simply the best escrow officer there is!! She's always on top of everything and always willing to go above and beyond for me and my clients. I highly recommend Victoria and her entire team at Chicago Title!!
Mar 27, 2017
Victoria is the most professional, upbeat, pleasant, on top of things Escrow officer I have ever worked with. No matter who hires her, everyone will have a smooth transaction with minimal drama and extreme expediency...and they will never feel rushed. I've been a Realtor in the Bay Area for 16+ years and she is by far, the best i have ever worked with.
Aug 31, 2016
I want to commend Chicago Title, in San Carlos, CA, for hiring wonderful professionals like Victoria Rodrigues, who show they love their job, dedicated, and caring about their clients.

We were selling property and Victoria was on top of everything, keeping to a timeline, and spent time emailing me step by step what was needed in the application process. She always offered to help in anyway she could from offering courier service to filling out forms, and being a liaison to Mission Insurance for us

I have closed escrow several times but this time with Victoria, was the most painless, easy signing of papers of them all thanks to Victoria's efforts (less than an hour for signing),

She is extremely caring (I can not emphasize this enough), and efficient. Considering our situation, driving an hour away from San Jose, she stayed up late to finish the papers so we would could take care of everything in one trip and not have to come back and meet deadlines. Her pleasantness and helping make my husband comfortable, being in a wheelchair, and not having to take hours to sign the papers was so appreciated. He called her a "class act"

If you want a capable person to handle your escrow papers, I recommend Victoria Rodrigues. She took us from a stressful situation to a joyful situation. She is a "ray of sunshine" in the business world.
Aug 26, 2016
Victoria is a true professional with amazing attention to detail. She is always available should an issue or problem arise. I recommend her to anyone who wants the best Escrow Officer out there.
Aug 22, 2016
Sales Manager-Real Estate Broker-RE/MAX Star Properties
Victoria is always there for my clients and provides the best service for my team and I. I highly recommend her and her team and I am grateful to have Victoria managing my escrows.
Aug 9, 2016
Real Estate Salesperson

I have worked with Victoria for the past several years and have found she is a professional and experienced escrow officer. Her communication skills are excellent, she is readily available to answer questions, returns messages and telephone calls appropriately, determines what is required when working with the various lenders, title issues and anything else to properly coordinate sellers and buyers instructions throughout the escrow process in a timely manner. She is very flexible with her time and always willing to go the extra step in meeting with agents and clients in the preparation and the signing of all the necessary documents.
Aug 7, 2016
Broker/Owner Hometown Realty
Victoria Rodrigues ALWAYS does a Great Job. She always goes the extra mile with a smile to boot. I truly love working with her and my clients agree! She is a treasure.
Janet Pepe Davis
Aug 4, 2016
Realtors, Bedbury Realtors in association with Today Sotheby's International Realty
Are you new to the business of real estate and looking for the ultimate expert to guide you through the complexities of title and escrow? Are you a seasoned veteran realtor who just believes there must be a better way to conduct the business of title and escrow? Regardless of your tenure or experience there is only one source to exceed your escrow needs in San Mateo County and that source is Victoria Rodrigues, Chicago Title. If you’ve already had the pleasure of partnering with Victoria then you already know why BobKat considers her our go-to guru for all things escrow. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of Victoria’s professional, always smiling, can-do demeanor and her in-depth knowledge of the world of escrow, coupled with her 24/7 commitment to her profession then do yourself a favor and give her a call with your very next escrow. We promise you you’ll be very glad you did.
Aug 4, 2016
Area Manager
I have been in the lending industry since 1976, that is a very long career. I am honored to be able to call Victoria Rodrigues, for all my title and escrow needs. Working in the industry for a long time gives me a true appreciation for her knowlegde, attention to detail, customer care and problem solving abilities. When we work together, I have all the confidence, if it can be done, it will get done. She is a value to your team.

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