Dawn Hunter

Account Manager/Assistant Vice President Chicago Title - Saratoga
I feel so very grateful for the incredible company I work for.....for now over 15 years. A company that has provided me with the support to service the greatest friends, associates, colleagues and clients. Some, who have supported me for well over a decade and have been through some amazing times..... And some, who I’ve only worked with as of recent, and I cannot wait to share a decade together with.
Thank you for your support, faith and confidence. It is because of you, I wake up each and every day excited to come to work and strive to do my very best.


Feb 8, 2018
I've worked with Dawn over the years and she is consistently responsive and a huge asset to my business. I will never leave chicago title
Dec 4, 2014
Dawn is the best in the business. SHe is knowledgable and always willing to help. SHe knows everything, she is an excellent resource.
Feb 13, 2014
"Dawn is very professional and passionate in her job. I highly recommend her."

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Feb 11, 2014
Real Estate Agent
I am Byron Harkey at Coldwell Banker in Saratoga. I have been dealing exclusively with Dawn Hunter at Chicago title company for the last 18 years. Again and again, I have trusted her with my escrows and her entire staff is there to support her and her clients. She is the consummate professional who is only to happy to help in any way possible:whether it be labels, information, a tight sign off, a mobile notary who has lost her way or any event that happens out of the ordinary.With her knowledge of the market place and suggestions on this or that, Dawn brings so much value added ideas to the table for her clients like myself who appretiate a team player on their side.
Chicago title, the little office in Saratoga who is big on business and first on service!
Feb 4, 2014
In the Industry, there is no one who represents professionalism and integrity like Dawn. She is a beautiful person with her Customer's best interest in mind. I have worked with her now for over 6 years and she and i have developed a business relationship that her Customer's benefit from continuously. She is trustworthy and thorough. She also works with a Super team of Escrow Officers as well. I would asked that you keep her in mind the next time you have a transaction on the market.
Oct 4, 2013
Realtor (Century 21 M&M and Assocaites)
Dawn is one of the most cheerful persons I have ever met!
She makes you feel you are most important client and will help you with anything.
Her personable attitude is clearly infectious and I am delighted to be in her company whenever the opportunity provided itself.
May 7, 2013
Sr Realtor
I started working with Sharon Hunter until she told me her was going to retire and introduced me to Dawn. They both are very professional hard working able to get escrow closed on the fly. After all, they are mom and daughter. I can not think of any moment Dawn was feeling the stress. She was able to anticipate issues. Some of these short sales are really complicated and nasty. Liens, bail out bonds, property taxes, lawyers, government taxes. That did not deter Dawn to go extra step to get the escrow closed in time almost flawlessly.

15 years passed on her already? Dawn must be 15 when she started the business. Hee Hee. The next 15 years she will be just as patient and cheerful as previous years. I highly recommend Dawn and her team. They have won the respect from many professionals. Thank you!

Sam Shueh
Sr Realtor
Jan 28, 2013
Dawn Hunter is professional, experienced and committed to provide excellent service in areas of real estate and title.Highly recommended to real estate brokers/friends.
Nov 27, 2012
Dawn Hunter is the very best Title Person that I have ever dealt with, and also she is Vice President of Chicago Title in Saratoga. She is very responsive and her information is very accurate.
Nov 26, 2012
Real Estate Broker
Dawn Hunter is absolutely the very best title company representative I have ever had in 45 years in the business!.
Earl Williams
Alain Pinel Realtors
Nov 16, 2012
Real Estate Agent
I found Dawn Hunter to be an outstanding help in getting me property information on many residential properties. Also, the quality of the information on the residential homes was very detailed. Also, the presentation of the information made it easy for the user.
Oct 3, 2012
President & CEO
Dawn is the most pleasant, friendly and competent person. She is very helpful.
Jul 18, 2012
Realtor, Century 21
Dawn is an amazing Rep! I have worked with Dawn for approximately 9 years, and she has always gone above and beyond. She is incredeibly competent, and fabulous to work with. I would highly recommend Dawn to any client!
Jun 26, 2012
Loan Officer
Quite simply put: Dawn is the Best! She is the ultimate team player and goes way beyond the level of "good" to perform on the level of "great"! I add her name when discussing my "team" of players that are helping me process my transactions with tender loving care. She has simply out-performed every other Title Rep in the industry. What she really does is: make me look good to my clients. She is a valued "team member" and I could not do my job without Dawn's assistance. She is simply the Best!
May 22, 2012
Ray, We just finished escrow closure on our home in Los Altos. We have bought and sold, and refinanced numerous times over the past twenty years. It seems that every closing is part goat rodeo and mafia drama. In several of the closings, Dawn Hunter has played an important operational role. In fact, we used CTT for this transaction because of our past experiences with Dawn.

As I assume you know, Dawn is bright, capable, and posses a positive attitude. She is clearly focused on setting and meeting client expectations. Signing and closing dates had to be moved and relocated from one office to another. Dawn actually saved the day by suggesting she come to our home and coordinated the original signing with us and the buyer.

I have already recommended Dawn to my neighbor who has just listed his home, as a go-to "escrow lady" who can make it happen. It is easy to pass along an "atagirl" to such a capable person. Regards, Jim
Jan 31, 2012
Loan Officer
Dawn and her team are AWESOME to work with! Dawn answers her phone & responds to emails very quickly, even into the evening!
Jan 26, 2012
Dawn is always on top of things. Always there when we need some information or someone to pull through for us!! :)

Would highly recommend her.
Jan 19, 2012
Realtors - Alain Pinel Realtors, Saratoga
Dawn Hunter is the greatest! She is so professional and enthusiastic with everything she does. Dawn has stepped up and gone beyond the call of duty for us many times. When you Google "Fantastic" you see Dawn Hunter's photo.
Jan 19, 2012
Realtor at C21MM
When it comes to my business there is no one that I trust more than Dawn Hunter. I have worked at Century 21 for over 8 years and from day one Dawn has always been there to help anyone in our office. Dawn possesses my favorite qualities, consistent and dependable, that makes my job so much easier. Dawn is the best!
Jan 15, 2012
Loan Officer
I have worked with Dawn at chicago Title for almost 15 years now. SHe has always been responsive, always willing to help. She is assessible even after 5:00 (which is rare these days)
Dawn is enthusiastic about her job and seems to love what she does. I have referred many consumers as well as fellow colleagues to her over the years, and it has always been a stellar experience.
If you are looking for a title company that will stand behind you and your customer, as well as excellent customer service and products ...Chicago Title and Dawn is where you shoudl be !!!
Jan 4, 2012
Realtor - Intero Real Estate
I cannot begin to find the words to tell you how amazing Dawn Hunter is. No matter what the need is, when I phone Dawn to help, she is always there -- cheery and asking what she can do to help. When I think about looking up the definition of the word "service" I believe that Dawn Hunter's name would be right there. She believes in quality and loves what she does. Her work ethic and value is second to none. She supports her colleagues at Chicago Title and is always look out for her clients too. Wow -- she's all that and a ray of sunshine each time aI see her. Simply the Best -- Dawn Hunter -- Chicago Title -- you rock!
Jan 3, 2012
Broker Associate, Coldwell Banker
I have worked with Dawn for many, many years. The reason I give her all of my business is because she is very proactive in getting back to me with my requests and always does it in such a warm, professional way. I know that once she is on to something, I can expect it to be handled immediately. She is very professional and friendly at the same time--an unusual combination.
Dec 29, 2011
Agent, Century 21 M&M, Cupertino
Dawn is fabulous. When I have a question she is on it so fast, it's amazing. I don't know how she finds the time to tend to all of us, but she does. She's a wealth of information and a bubbling fountain of enthusiasm.
Dec 27, 2011
President, Village Square Realty, Inc
For over 15 years Village Square Realty, Inc and myself, Lawrence Baldasano, Broker have had customer service provided by Dawn. She was always there, before hours and after hours to meet the client, run the papers, clarify programs and filings. She is a true asset for Chicago title and has made my work immeasurably easier due to her hard work. She comes very, very, highly recommended. She is the very best in her position at any of the title companies.
Dec 21, 2011
Dawn has done a fantastic job for me. She is efficient, enthusiastic and always a pleasure to deal with. She has great ideas and I have learned so much about what excellent sales and support is by just watching how wonderfully she services my account.

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