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I don’t envy a real estate professional in today’s marketplace. Think about it for a moment. Your clients' general expectation, because you are a Real Estate Professional, is that you know everything about Real Estate. That's a pretty tall order because there is a lot of information you NEED to know. That is where I come in. Over the course of my 25 plus year career I have committed to learning the business. I have trained and helped many agents that have gone on to represent the top 6% in the nation. Bottom Line…I keep track of the things that can affect YOUR business.

Cell Phone 209-915-4357 (HELP)
Jeff is Amazing! He has the knowledge, enthusiasm, mirth and warmth to guide you along the way. I highly recommend him.
Jeff is great! He is very knowledgable, willing to help and very prompt in responding to questions. Jeff is my "go to guy" for brainstorming title challenges that periodically come up. I am better able to serve my client's because of the level of service he provides to me. I frequently refer new agents to him because he's great at educating those who are new in the business. An added bonus is Jeff has a very witty a fun sense of humor!
House Seller
A great and highly esteemed professional who is extremely knowledgeable in all matters of real estate . I'm grateful for his support throughout so many years. I highly recommend Jeff to all Brokers and agents.
Realtor At Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Drysdale Properties, Stockton CA
Jeff was recommended to me by a colleague of mine and immediately got back to me with all of the information I had inquired.
Not only was Jeff extremely professional, very astute in all areas of Real Estate, but best of all he was down to earth and willing to help assist me and my future client at a moments notice. I’m really looking forward to building a working relationship with him and would recommend any other agent to do the same.
You are the best, thanks for all that you do.
AVP Sales Manager Chicago Title
I am proud to have Jeff associated with our Sales Team. Jeff's knowledge of our Industry brings a unique opportunity to his clients. For assistance in growing your business and learning about Useful tools in our industry reach out to 915Help. Jeff will work hard to bring new ideas to your business. Proud to have Jeff as part of our Chicago Title Family.
Broker of kit larson real estate,inc.
Jeff is awesome, efficient, and cares so much for his clients! you won't be disappointed! kit larson
Oct 23, 2018


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Jeff is always right on top of customer service and a joy to work with. His efforts and follow up are awesome. Jeff is essential to the Chicago Title team.
REALTOR, Realty1Team
Thank you Jeff for the great class on the new Chicago Title app. As always, you did a great job and always make learning fun!! Great seeing you and thank you much.
Realtor at PMZ Real Estate
I have known Jeff Lee for 21 years. His service & sense of humor are exceptional in this industry. His knowledge of all aspects of Real Estate are unmatched.

Jeff I truly appreciate you for always being there for me.
Sales Executive
Jeff has helped me grow my business by looking at real estate solutions from a different perspective. Jeff doesn't see a tool for just what it is. He uses a creative approach that resonates with real life scenarios that enables you to turn a simple App into a lead generation tool. I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn tips, growth strategies, and techniques from Jeff. I would highly recommend spending time with him to see how you can maximize and succeed in your business.
Account Executive
WOW where to even begin. I can't say enough for the amount of time and dedication you put into our call. It's rare to have someone so willing to share their "recipe for success" and genuinely want to help someone else grow their business. I can say that you lite a fire and excitement in my business. You've changed the way I think around our Chicago ONE.

Again I can't say thank you enough and how GRATEFUL I am for your time!
Bramch Manager Bay Equity Home loans
I have known Jeff Lee and worked with him for 18 years now and his service is at a level unparalleled by any other in his industry! i always look forward to working with Chicago title as i know Jeff is always in the background if there is anything special needed. Thank You Jeff Lee,
Chicago Title Regional Sales
Jeff, is a great counter part. He is a person with strong ownership and driven for results. He sees and can address everything from the big picture to the details. He's creative, energetic, solutions oriented and highly motivated with great communication skills. Jeff is a great asset to our company.
Loan officer
Jeff went above and beyond the call of duty to assist my borrowers! They really enjoyed his jokes and humor. He's definitely not short on laughs!!
Property owner
Jeff went above and beyond for us during a last minute change before close. He made it possible for us to still close on time and had us laughing during such a stressful moment in the process. Super grateful to him and his service!
Administer for Law office
I highly recommend JEFF LEE.
A true professional who goes above and beyond.
Two thumbs up.
Thank you for your great service.
Escrow Officer
I don’t know what we would do without Jeff Lee!! He always finds a way to get it done!
Loan officer
Jeff is always ready to assist. He answers calls, returns calls promptly. He offers suggestions and most of all he is passionate about helping anyone that reaches out to him. I always recommend Jeff because he truly cares about his clients and making the home buying process as stress free as possible. Jeff is the best and it’s truly a joy to know him and work with him and his office. ALWAYS #1
Sales Executive
Jeff is beyond helpful! (and funny) I chose to interview him for my coaching program and WOW!! He was so generous with his advice and time for that matter. He took the time out of his busy day to help out the new girl on the block and I am so grateful! THANK YOU!!! He's got all the answers...
Support for A.S.P.
I am absolutely amazed that Jeff Lee gave such impeccable service.
Jeff went above and beyond to provide service AFTER HOURS when the normal Customer service rep. had already gone for the day.
This is exceptional and unfortunately a rarity these days.

Thanks again,

Barry Neal
I can always count on Jeff with whatever I need in my business. He is available at all times I call or email him, and the knowledge he has in this business is unbelievable. He's got answers in everything. Chicago is very lucky to have him and that is why Chicago is my fave! Thank you Jeff.
Century21 Agent
If you have not used Jeff for escrow services you are missing out the best escrow services in the central valley. He is definitely punctual and efficient. Mucho gracias Jeff
property owner
You are the bomb Jeff! So thorough and most definitely helpful! You seriously are the most reliable. I really appreciate your HELP!!! Thank you for responding.

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