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I don’t envy a real estate professional in today’s marketplace. Think about it for a moment. Your clients' general expectation, because you are a Real Estate Professional, is that you know everything about Real Estate. That's a pretty tall order because there is a lot of information you NEED to know. That is where I come in. Over the course of my 20 plus year career I have committed to learning the business. I have trained and helped many agents that have gone on to represent the top 6% in the nation. Bottom Line…I keep track of the things that can affect YOUR business.

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Feb 5, 2018


"Straight roads do not make skillful drivers"
REALTOR, Century21 M&M Tracy
Our industry is lucky to have someone such as yourself with all your expertise!! I used the new program tonight... It was a hit!!! I will be calling you again... Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!
Thank you, Jeff! Your new motto: "I have come to save the day...." (I think Superman said this) (:

Your number "HELP" is no joke!
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Thank you for all your help today. You're truly the best and quickest. This is why I send my escrows to Chicago :)
UOP Real Estate Law Professor
On behalf of the Eberhardt School of Business and the University of the Pacific, I would like to thank you for taking the time to meet with my real estate law class. Your comments were right on point and added to my students' understanding of the world of real estate in general and the role of title insurance and escrow services in particular. The "real world" experience of professionals is an extremely important part of the learning experience for my students. In addition, the commitment of time by members of the professional community to our students is an extraordinarily valuable part of the course of study at the Eberhardt School of Business. We are thankful to have many members of the community, including yourself, committed to the furtherance of our educational goals.
Again, thank you for your commitment to the educational process at the Eberhardt School of Business. Best wishes for your continued success.
REALTOR, Altera Tracy
Thank YOU for the opportunity to meet with you this morning and for sharing with me your program and new ideas!!!!
Your presentation was excellent. I loved the visuals! I know you wanted to be able to hook up to a monitor but, for me, to actually see you swipe through your iPad was more effective.
Escrow Officer
Jeff Lee is the bomb diggity!! He always comes through for his escrow ladies even when the request seems unattainable. We appreciate you!
Jan 22, 2018


Big Opportunity
REALTOR, KW Walnut Creek
Thank you so much for taking the time and doing that title research for my friend's family. I really appreciate it. I passed on the information to her and let her know what an expert you are! And if she needed any other help to contact you and forwarded all your information. Thank you again.
Jan 9, 2018


Going the EXTRA MILE
Jeff is a TEAM Player! He ALWAYS takes the time to help his fellow Sales Reps!! I appreciate his knowledge and helpfulness!!
Jan 1, 2018


Marketing Manager, Chicago Title, San Joaquin County, CA
Jeff has a vast array of knowledge and expertise he brings to the table, not only to our sales team but with every client that has the opportunity to work with him. He has an amazing ability to translate the title language for all to understand and is wonderful at guiding clients through how to use Chicago tools to streamline their process and produce more closed transactions. He is always fast to respond and there to help. I highly recommend him, and am grateful to work along side him.
Jeff did an incredible job for me!

He's very knowledgeable and got the information I needed right away. He shows great customer service. I highly recommend!
Business Development
Jeff Lee is an outstanding person to work with. I can always count on him to provide valuable information and appreciate his prompt follow up. I highly recommend working with him!
Real estate agent at pmz
I love the way Jeff works!!!! He is super fast at response!!! His knowledge shows well thru is thorough presentation! I thank him for all the info he has provided me!!! Knowing there's more to learn and that he's willing to share! The more he teaches me to spread my wings, the more I appreciate him and will send my clients back to him! ...they always say "What goes around comes around!!!" Thanks so much again Jeff! "Give and you shall recieve!" are awesome!! I highly recommend Jeff!!!
I must take this opportunity to acknowledge Mr. Jeff Lee as being the "Great" Professional I have known him to be through out my 18 year career as a Realtor... Jeff has helped me to do "more" business, and "better" business. What more could one ask for in a "Real Estate Professional"...
Thank you for your prompt responses, as well as for providing this Chicago Agent Pro tool. It is an excellent tool time when my clients are hesitant to offer a little more, they always want to know how offering less or more will affect their monthly payments. Thanks Jeff.
Chicago Title - AVP Lodi Branch Manager
Love you Jeff , you're the best and smartest rep out there, I'm so glad to work with the best😘
REALTOR, Retired Teacher
It is my pleasure to write this recommendation for Jeff Lee. I have always found Jeff to be reliable, dependable, committed to his work and above all he has a great sense of humor. He is quick to respond with an answer or to help me with any problem I may encounter. He gives of his time freely helping agents succeed, which is greatly appreciated. It is important to me to know that Jeff is in my corner and I highly recommend him to anyone in the business of Real Estate.
Sales Manager, Century 21 M&M - Lodi
Jeff does a great job in presenting various title related topics at our sales meetings. He is always enthusiastic and knowledgeable.
Loan Officer
I have worked with Jell Lee in our indusrty for over 10 years and he has been a valuable asset to me the whole time. His knowledge is unsurpassed and he is always willing to help with our transactions in order to expedite closings. I lean on Jeff for his knowledge that is a tremendous asset to me.

I would recommend working with Jeff to anyone in our indusrty and count him as a trusted partner in the future.
Jeff at Chicago Title is so amazing he brings with him always a great personality and always anxious to share what's new in the inspirational agent's world from farming to expertise using their very user friendly Chicago App for quick figures. A phone call away that is Jeff Lee, very inspirational and motivating. I feel very blessed to have him in my corner and there for me always over the years. He is truly the Best !
Realtor, Keller WIlliams
Jeff is very helpful and great source of information. Jeff has a wealth of knowledge. Jeff is always willing to help and is a very intelligent individual with a great sense of humor! I would absolutely recommend Jeff for all your title and escrow needs. He's very prompt to respond and will take care of business.
Real Estate Agent
Jeff is exceptional when it comes to service. He is always there to answer any questions. By phone or e-mail. Jeff also showed me ChicagoAGENT, which is a very useful tool. Thank you!

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