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I don’t envy a real estate professional in today’s marketplace. Think about it for a moment. Your clients' general expectation, because you are a Real Estate Professional, is that you know everything about Real Estate. That's a pretty tall order because there is a lot of information you NEED to know. That is where I come in. Over the course of my 25 plus year career I have committed to learning the business. I have trained and helped many agents that have gone on to represent the top 6% in the nation. Bottom Line…I keep track of the things that can affect YOUR business.

Cell Phone 209-915-4357 (HELP)


Century21 Agent
If you have not used Jeff for escrow services you are missing out the best escrow services in the central valley. He is definitely punctual and efficient. Mucho gracias Jeff
property owner
You are the bomb Jeff! So thorough and most definitely helpful! You seriously are the most reliable. I really appreciate your HELP!!! Thank you for responding.
Coldwell Banker Mendo Realty, Ukiah CA
Much Thanks for all your help. I know it took time away from other fires that were burning.
Thanks Again, and All The Best
JD, Central Valley Regional Director, Pacific Realty Partners
Truth! You have been my 911 call on more than one occasion! Smarty pants for sure!!
Chicago Title ROCKS!!! Jeff is amazing! He's personable, funny, and very knowledgeable. He is flexible and never hesitates to help out when needed. I feel confident in knowing that he's just a phone call or text away. Thank you Jeff!!!
Real Estate Agent
If you consult an encyclopedia you find lots of information, if you consult Jeff Lee, then you find lots of encyclopedias! Friendly, Professional and always there for you!
Thank you Jeff.
Realtor at Keller Williams Realty
He is always ready to help, full of knowledge and enthusiasm.
Great service!
Broker Associate, GRUPE Real Estate
Thank you Jeff Lee, as always you rock! Do not know what I would do without you
Thank you Jeff for speaking yesterday. Learned a lot. So much great information that makes it really easy for the agents. Thank you for coming to the boot camp and showing helpful information. Have a wonderful week ahead. Thank you.
Jeff has been a lot of help with all the marketing tools that he offers to me as a Realtor. Contact Jeff and he’ll help take your business to the next level.
Jeff Lee is the kind of person who can inform deeply while staying hilariously entertaining. If you want help that is engaging, organized, and professional, get in touch with Jeff. He has access to many online tools and apps and is just generally supremely knowledgeable in this market. He has many connections and is an excellent resource. As mentioned by others, he's also quite the comedian, so don't be surprised if you leave the meeting with sore abs from laughing so hard. He is 100% memorable, and you're likely to use the information he provides on the same day he shares it with you.
If Jeff were on Yelp, I'd give him five stars. You'll have to see for yourself; set up a meeting with him.
Mar 14, 2018


Jeff always comes "to the rescue"! He make himself available at all times to assist clients in their title and escrow needs and makes you feel like you are the only client he has. He just helped me ID the owner of a property who is liable for damages to a neighbor. Bless him for all his help...
Realtor, PMZ Real Estate
Jeff, you're getting it done, with humor and speed. You make yourself available and answer some my most ridiculous questions, with the ease that comes from KNOWING your industry. Thank you.
With his quick wit and no-nonsense delivery, Jeff fields questions and offers advice that only experience and skill can account for. Jeff can turn a conversation about title into a fun and efficient process. Thank you for the help Jeff.
Mar 7, 2018


“DISCIPLINE is the bridge between goals and accomplishment"
Real Estate Agent
It was truly a pleasure to have had the opportunity to meet with you today. You are a great source for for any new agent. I appreciate your taking time out to share your knowledge and valuable resources. I still believe that you were a comedian in your other life

Once again, Thank you Jeff
Feb 19, 2018


"HELP people reach their full potential"
Feb 5, 2018


"Straight roads do not make skillful drivers"
REALTOR, Century21 M&M Tracy
Our industry is lucky to have someone such as yourself with all your expertise!! I used the new program tonight... It was a hit!!! I will be calling you again... Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!
Thank you, Jeff! Your new motto: "I have come to save the day...." (I think Superman said this) (:

Your number "HELP" is no joke!
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Thank you for all your help today. You're truly the best and quickest. This is why I send my escrows to Chicago :)
UOP Real Estate Law Professor
On behalf of the Eberhardt School of Business and the University of the Pacific, I would like to thank you for taking the time to meet with my real estate law class. Your comments were right on point and added to my students' understanding of the world of real estate in general and the role of title insurance and escrow services in particular. The "real world" experience of professionals is an extremely important part of the learning experience for my students. In addition, the commitment of time by members of the professional community to our students is an extraordinarily valuable part of the course of study at the Eberhardt School of Business. We are thankful to have many members of the community, including yourself, committed to the furtherance of our educational goals.
Again, thank you for your commitment to the educational process at the Eberhardt School of Business. Best wishes for your continued success.
REALTOR, Altera Tracy
Thank YOU for the opportunity to meet with you this morning and for sharing with me your program and new ideas!!!!
Your presentation was excellent. I loved the visuals! I know you wanted to be able to hook up to a monitor but, for me, to actually see you swipe through your iPad was more effective.
Escrow Officer
Jeff Lee is the bomb diggity!! He always comes through for his escrow ladies even when the request seems unattainable. We appreciate you!

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