Steve Pitts

Sales Executive Chicago Title Tulare Kings County


Steve has done a great job at keeping me informed of what Chicago Title has to offer and to provide me with helpful tools. He is an asset to our industry and am glad to know him!
Administrative HR Manager
Steve Pitts is a wonderful motivator. He is always willing to roll up his sleeves and help out in any manner needed. He's enthusiastic and thrives on team work! He gets the job done and does so with a smile! Steve is a positive influence and an all around great person to work with. I can always count on Steve!
Receptionist--Chicago Title In Tulare
Steve Pitts has done a wonderful job here at our Tulare Chicago Title and I highly recommend him to do the same for any other office! We love seeing him come and brighten our days!


Margarita Cabrea
Steve does a great job at sales and is always ready to help and provide good information and service. He does this always with that great smile of his.
Chicago Title Receptionist and Escrow Support
Steve's enthusiasm is uplifting and contagious!! He is always a very positive influence where ever he goes, and he is always willing to jump in and help all of us with whatever we need. One thing I specifically appreciate about Steve is his integrity and follow through. He never does anything half-way. He has been a true asset to our company, and I am proud to have him represent us as a Sales Agent!
Escrow Manager
Love working with Steve Pitts. He is energetic, works well with the staff, He gets the job done and I so appreciate the opportunity to work with Steve.
Escrow Ast./Realtor
Steve is the best, always willing to Help where he can. He always has a positive outlook and does his best to create that atmosphere for everyone. I highly recommend won't be sorry.
Escrow Officer
Love having Steve as part of our Chicago Title team. He is always upbeat and willing to help out wherever he can.

Thank you Steve for always having a smile on your face.
Escrow Officer
Steve Pitts is a great asset to Chicago Title. Always there to lend a helping hand when asked and with a smile. Steve's energy can be contagious!
Sales Manager
Steve's customers are his number one priority. His expertise in the industry and knowledge of the tools and services available through Chicago Title have enabled him to help hundreds of customers increase their business while saving them valuable time and money!
Sales Executive
Steve is so passionate about title/escrow and Chicago Title. He enjoys all contact with his peers and his clients. Steve will always go the extra mile, no matter what it takes!

Steve is a fellow sales executive and a joy to work with! He is a man I can always count on for support and back-up!!
Escrow Officer
I have worked in the industry for over 30 years and have worked with many sales reps. Steven Pitts has to be one of the most energetic reps I have ever worked with. He is a motivator for us and always goes around the office with a smile and checks on how we are doing. Every customer I work with loves talking and joking with him. He has been a great asset to Chicago Title and I hope he will stay around for a very long time.
Cicago Title, County Manager
Steve's title is Sales Executive. When translated that means that he is a "business partner" for his customers. Steve does an excellent job working with his customers to make sure that they are up to speed on the many tools that Chicago Title has to offer and is a source of information for all of the latest news and details especially as they relate to the upcoming changes that are a result of the new CFPB requirements. Would I recommend Steve Pitts as a business partner to those in the Real Estate field? Definitely!
Ecsrow Officer
I have had the good fortune of working with Steve for the past 2 years. Steve has been a great asset to Chicago Title Company. He is a professional in his business. Steve is very caring about his clients and co-workers. The best thing I like about Steve is his enthusiasm. He is a great cheerleader and always brightens up our day in escrow.
Steve is very helpful. Always responsive whenever we have questions or need assistance.
Customer Service Representative
Where shall I begin. Steve is one of the most polite and outgoing super friendly
sales Rep I have ever met and worked with. Every day he comes to work with
a smile on his face. He is never in a bad mood and makes everybody feel
important. I have seen him talk to complete strangers and he makes them feel
like they are his best friends. He is such a likeable guy and you can tell he loves
his job. He is always helpful when somebody is in need. He is not scared to work
maybe it's because he loves work so much.

He is a great coworker and I am glad I get to work with him.
Chicago Title can be proud to him on their team.

With best regards
Marion Dunlap
Escrow Officer
I am so happy that Steve Pitts works for our office. I love his smarts and enthusiasm in helping us, in the escrow department, and our clients anyway he can in getting the best job done. Thanks Steve......

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