Kaytee Ferry

Escrow Officer Chicago Title Tulare Kings County
Kaytee started in the Title industry in 1982. She started as a delivery person and moved up to proofing prelims and polices for typing errors. She then moved her way over to escrow assisting escrow units. She has been known as the jack of all trades, but the master of none, until now. Kaytee has built her knowledge in the escrow and title business from the ground up. This has given her a vast knowledge in all aspects of the industry.

Kaytee is ready to solve any issues that may arise to insure her customers experience is a smooth one. Kaytee especially enjoys working with first time homebuyers and helping them obtain the American Dream of home ownership. Her customers love her positive attitude and attention to detail.

Kaytee is ready to handle your next transaction! Contact her today!
Dec 2, 2017
Real estate agent
Star # 1- She was very welcoming, informative and very pleasant.
Star # 2- She answered any and all questions I had.
Star # 3- She acquired the information, to process the transaction, and immediately was on board, AS A TEAM PLAYER.
Star #4- She made the necessary phone calls, to process the transaction, up and beyond, her duty.
Star #5- She did this all with a SMILE

Nov 17, 2017
Real Estate Agent
This lady is always cheerful. Recognizes my voice the minute she hears it. Lol Quite flattering!! But came through with problems we were having on a shortsale and was calling the back repeatedly even if they told her they had time frames to return documents. Never dropped the ball.
Will certainly use her again whenever possible.
Sep 14, 2017
Clinical psychologist
Kaytee. Thank you so much for your highly competent professionalism and tenacious problem-solving in the closing of my rather convoluted escrow process. Please let your boss know you have received accolades from a very satisfied client. Thanks, Tom Bishop

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Sep 12, 2017
I recently had the pleasure of working with Kaytee on a transaction with multiple parties, moving parts, and complications. Kaytee was incredibly diligent and thorough in her work, and always courteous. I highly recommend her.
Mar 31, 2017
Realtor- London Properties-Sanger Office
It was a pleasure working with Kaytee throughout the transaction. Thank you for your professionalism and quick response, but most of all thank you for the communication and for making this process so much smoother!
Mar 2, 2017
Kaytee, is effective and efficient. Anytime I or our mutual client had any questions she answered them on a time fashion. My clients always are very pleased with her professionalism, courtesy and knowledge. I highly recommend Kaytee for closing any deals smoothly.
Feb 13, 2017
Kaytee made the process easy. She informed me every step. I appreciate all her help. Thank you.
Nov 4, 2016
Loan officer Assistant

Responds quickly and goes over and beyond getting the job done. She will work hard for you with a smile!
Nov 4, 2016
Kaytee Ferry was on top of everything. She handled the entire escrow process in a professional manner. I look forward to future transactions with Kaytee.
Belinda Warwick
Avedian-Heaton Properties
Oct 31, 2016
Loan Officer
Kaytee came through in the clutch to help a veteran reach his financial goals. This veteran was getting the run around and being forced to jump through so many unnecessary hoops that he finally decided to shop. Kaytee got the job done in record time and in the utmost professional manner. She made my job easier and gave peace of mind to our veteran.
Oct 25, 2016
Loan Officer
I've worked with Kaytee Ferry since she was a Escrow Officer Assistant to a competing escrow company. As an Assistant, Kaytee was responsible for a lot of the work. Kaytee has the experience and the work ethic. Kaytee Ferry is an excellent Escrow Officer and I highly recommend her services.
Oct 25, 2016
Loan Processor
Kaytee is an exceptional person to have worked with for all these years. She is knowledgeable, fast and efficient. She is also very funny and helps take off some of the stress that is in the everyday life associated with this field. Kaytee is a great person, all around!
Oct 25, 2016
Lupita Ruiz
Kaytee is an amazing person, she is on top of everything, very helpful person.

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