Dottie Agueda

Sales Executive Chicago Title Tulare Kings County
Hi my name is Dottie Agueda. I am the Sales Executive for Chicago Title Kings County. I have been in the title industry for over 20 years.

Chicago Title is # 1 in Market Share for Kings/Tulare County, we are able to do this by having superior customer service and having the most professional and proactive escrow officers in the industry. You can be sure when you use Chicago Title for your transactions we will do our best to provide you with a worry and stress free experience for you and your clients.

I can provide you Value with our products and services to help increase your business.
May 1, 2015
Loan Officer
I enjoy working with Dottie very much I always know that if I need her assistance she is available and always glad to help. Thank you Dottie for being a great customer service rep for the Hanford Chicago Title.
Apr 28, 2015
Branch Manager
Dottie is an outstanding title rep and has been doing great work for me. I highly recommend Dottie and look forward to continue working with her.
Apr 28, 2015
Dear Dottie, Thank you for being my "go to" person at Chicago Title. I really appreciate the fact whatever I need, whenever I need it, you are always there to help me out and do your best to get it done. I love your cheerful attitude! Thanks again for all you do for me. Rene Carson. London Properties
Apr 28, 2015
Dottie is always a Ray of Sunshine where ever she is. No request is ever denied, If I need a tidbit of information for a property to list or to do mailings, she is always there to send what I need.
Apr 27, 2015
Business Center Administrator
I strongly recommend Dottie Agueda. I have worked at London Properties and most currently Keller Williams and Dottie has exceptional customer service. She is always putting the agents first and listens to them. It's hard pleasing everybody and Dottie goes beyond to make the agent happy so that their client can be happy. Whenever I need her I can call upon her and she shows up in a timely manner. She is always helpful and considerate of all the agents. She knows that sometimes they take her frustrations out on her and she handles it with great professionalism. Thanks to Dottie who makes my job easier by bringing closing packets to me so that together we make the agents happy so in the future they will be confident using Chicago Title. I know for a fact that agents use Chicago Title because of the great service Dottie provides.
Apr 22, 2015
Hi Dottie,
We have known you for years and totally appreciate you.
Thank you for your assistance in helping us resolve any problem we have regarding our escrows. You are always there with the answer. Your EXPERIENCE is so helpful when we need you. You seem to be able to get the job done to CLOSE the escrows. You are "ONE OF A KIND" and we are so greatful for assisting us with EVERYTHING EVERYTIME we call upon you. Keep up the EXCELLENT work !!!

Apr 22, 2015
Realtor Keller Williams Realty
Anytime I call on Dottie to expedite escrow processes or to put out potential fires, she has come to my clients aid. I appreciate how she displays her excellent work ethic with diligence. This in turn shows Chicago Titles mutual respect and gratitude for all of our respective clients.
Apr 22, 2015
Real Estate Broker
Dottie is a hard worker and a great Marketing Representative for Chicago Title. She goes out of her way to make the impossible, possible. She always exceeds my expectations and I highly recommend her for any position she may obtain as she always reflects professionalism, hard work, honesty and integrity.

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