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Coldwell Banker® affiliated agents understand that home is far more than a location. Home is inextricably tied to family, to memories, to hope and to love. Each and every day, it’s a dream that we help make into reality for thousands.

At Coldwell Banker Premier Realty® we are guides, mentors, educators, friends and confidants. But most of all, we are believers in all that home stands for. As brokers and agents of the most significant transactions in our clients’ lives, we approach our profession with the love and appreciation that only home can create.


Recommendations (105)

Mar 14, 2019

Ed Detwiler recommends Ownership Support

Executive Vice President Coldwell Banker Premier Realty

I was originally licensed in California in 1985. I moved to Las Vegas in in 1990, and since 1991 I have plied my craft at Coldwell Banker Premier Realty. The main reason, originally, was the quality and market perception of Coldwell Banker as a brand. Over the years, the quality of the brand remains stellar, but more importantly, the ownership of Coldwell Banker Premier is top-drawer! Bob & Molly Hamrick are terrific owners who constantly work to make their agents the most well-trained, knowledgeable, professional Realtors in the market place. Honestly, I could work at just about any Real Estate Brokerage in the city. Notice, however, I have been at the same one since 1991. Bob & Molly Hamrick have everything to do with making my choice a simple one: The Best, work for the Best!
Mar 12, 2019

Raquel Rigg recommends Accounting Services


Coldwell Banker Premier Realty Accounting Services has created a new industry standard!

Thank you for making every transaction pleasurable! Your Fan, Raquel
Mar 11, 2019

Julia Lairmore recommends Accounting Services

VP to Jacki Evans

Our accounting team is simply incredible! They are quick to respond to any of our immediate billing needs, helps resolve account questions without a doubt and are so pleasant to work with! I confide in Marizel & Colleen & Ricky to help me handle all of my manager's needs any day! This team rocks ~ great job guys! ~Julia
Feb 25, 2019

Cheryl L. O'Brien recommends Accounting Services


Great team to work with and always ready to respond to any questions!!
Feb 22, 2019

Sheldon Weller recommends Property Management Services


Coldwell Banker property management service has done a exceptional job for me going on six years now. As a group they work tirelessly to ensure that thier customers needs are met to their satisfaction. I highly recommend this group to anyone interested in hiring a property management company.
Feb 22, 2019

Christine Phillipp recommends Accounting Services

Director of Marketing

This accounting office is amazing! All very knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. :)
Feb 13, 2019

Anonymous recommends Accounting Services

I’ve always found the Accounting Department to be efficiency! They are definitely customer service oriented!
Feb 13, 2019

Stephanie Bullock recommends Marketing and Branding Services


Tamara and her team always do such a wonderful job branding and marketing 👌🏼
Feb 13, 2019

Michael Oliver recommends Accounting Services

Sales Manager / Realtor

This team is always on top of everything! they always respond to any request in a timely manner.
Feb 12, 2019

Carmine M Ferrara recommends Accounting Services


Marizel is always quick to help with any questions or documents needed. She is a pleasure to work with.
Feb 5, 2019

Britney Gaitan recommends Transaction Coordination Services


Thanks to James, Bae and Arik I have had my best year in Real Estate. Having these great people on my team has allowed us to do what we do best...Sell homes!
Jan 30, 2019

Diane Varney recommends Accounting Services


Our on-site accounting department is spontaneous and helpful in supporting the needs of our agents!
Jan 28, 2019

Nanette Verdin recommends Accounting Services

Sales Associate

I love being able to jump in IQ office and obtain my financials/1099 at MY convenience !!! Thanks so much!!!
Jan 25, 2019

Vickey England recommends Accounting Services

Broker Sales Associate.

Consistent character. Has a sense of humor. He is strong with integrity.
Jan 25, 2019

Raquel A, Rigg recommends Green Valley Campus


Coldwell Banker Premier Realty (Green Valley Campus) has been extremely instrumental in my growth as a new agent due to the tremendous support that we ALL receive from our Management Team, Support staff and the Broker, Bob Hamrick.

CBPR offers on-going agent training classes that hold each agent accountable for the goals that the agent sets for themselves to achieve. In addition, we are scheduled for script practice, objection handling, and one-on-one meetings to review weekly goals/outcome.

Choosing CBPR (Green Valley) has definitely exceeded my expectations and I'm grateful that I embraced this dynamic brokerage to build my real estate career with.
Jan 25, 2019

Alan Sheleheda recommends Transaction Coordination Services

Sales Manager and Active Real Estate Agent

The team at Transaction Coordination is amazing. James and his team have taken over all my files. They treat my files as their own and have been a tremendous help to my business. I have been able to increase my business and help more clients reach their goals of home ownership. Don't bog yourself down with the avalanche of documents and follow up. Honestly, they do a better job of it for me, than I was able to do myself.
Jan 25, 2019

Jodi Tyra recommends Accounting Services


Wow! So easy! I printed in less than 15 seconds! Thank you to the entire Accounting Team! Love you Ricky! :O)
Jan 25, 2019

Audra Damore recommends Accounting Services

Your Realtor

Thank you for making it so quick an easy to get and print my 1099..
Jan 25, 2019

Susan Dean recommends Accounting Services

Broker Salesperson

Love the new email and printable 1099! Thanks for always taking care of us.
Jan 24, 2019

Rowena Miguel recommends Transaction Coordination Services


Excellent job with all our files. They are always there to assist us in anyway they can. They are a big part of our business.
Jan 24, 2019

German Tirado recommends Transaction Coordination Services

Realtor at Coldwell Banker Premier Realty

I was always the type of person that when assigned a group project in school I would always do everyone else's work because I could not trust anyone to do the job the same as I could, so I did it myself. In real estate, at first, I was hesitant to allow anyone to touch my work, then I met James and his team. While speaking to James he exuded confidence and professionalism, and it was those two character traits that inspired enough confidence in me to take that leap of faith and hire someone assist me with my transactions; I'm so glad I did. There are lot of steps to a real estate transaction and every step needs to be followed meticulously in order to ensure the best care for you clients, and that's why I was hesitant to involve anyone else. Whether you are handling one transaction or several you want to make sure that every step in the process is completed with the utmost care so that your client is receiving the best service possible. James, Bei, and Aric have always gone above and beyond to make sure that their role in the transaction is completed with the utmost care and professionalism and I have grown to love having them as part of my team as my transaction coordinators. The peace of mind of knowing that the same level of care as I would give to a client's transaction is delivered by this powerful team of experts in reassuring and worth its weight in gold. The quality of their work has surpassed my expectations and I highly recommend their services to any realtor, even to those with the strictest criteria for quality of care. If I could give them more stars I would because they certainly deserve it. Thanks James, Bei, and Aric!
Jan 18, 2019

Rick Aco recommends Information Technologies


So thankful that I get to work in an office that has two amazing young men who will help me with any tech problems that I encounter. They are always super busy but will take time to help me, thats customer service! Thank you for your help and patience!
Jan 18, 2019

Lavert Benefield recommends Facilities Services

Sales Person

Annie & Shawn do an excellent job maintaining the look and condition of our buildings. This is allows us to be very proud meeting our clients in a professional environment. Whether we need temperature changed our something taken care of in our office they are always on top of every request. It is good to know that the Concierge Services have vetted repair companies, handymen etc. so that we are confident when recommending someone to our clients. Thank you for your care.
Jan 17, 2019

Diane Varney recommends Research and Analytics


There is only one John McClelland. He is the most talented analyst in the industry today. His ability to provide and predict analytics has been a measurable component of my real estate success. The reports he provides for our Coldwell Banker clients supports and sustains their loyalty. John is an integral part of our brand, and we are very fortunate to have him.
Jan 17, 2019

Gary Egelin recommends Concierge Services


Great Concierge Services at Coldwell Banker! They ensure we have amazing facilities to work in and provide great business partners to work with!