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Jun 5, 2019

Gloria Beaird recommends Lynn North


Finding Lynn to arrange for the remodeling and sale of my condo felt like a God-send. She was amazing thorough the entire process. She had her team of professionals ready to jump in with all of the needed updates to the landscaping, painting, carpentry, etc. within days of signing the contract. As I was moving out of the area, Lynn managed all of the day to day details of keeping the work moving forward at record speed. The property was on the market within weeks of getting started and updated to such an extremely high level of polish that I was able to get a top dollar return on my investment.

Lynn's sales strategy was spot on. I was nervous about listing at the price she suggested, but she proved to absolutely correct in how to market the property for the best possible result. She earned my trust completely

Lynn was able to calm my nerves at every turn about the numerous details that come up during the sale of a property. Her photo says it all; you get that caring, sunny, and reassuring attention with every interaction. She is the consummate professional. You truly can not make a better choice than hiring Lynn to assist with all of your realty needs.
Jun 1, 2019

Aref & Charlie recommend Carolyn Botts

Carolyn was a wonderful agent. She demonstrated her knowledge, reliability, and subject matter expertise in many different ways through the homebuying experience. Importantly, she was an excellent advocate when it came to contract negotiations. As a first time home buyer, I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Carolyn; we ended up in a wonderful place that simply would not have been possible without her. I look forward to working with her again in the future and would recommend her as an agent to anyone!
May 31, 2019

Mike and Vicki McElroy recommend Lynn North

We love Lynn North! After 2 years of searching we found the ideal new home out-of-area, but we had to move very quickly to make an offer and to sell our existing home. Simultaneously buying, selling and moving would have been too overwhelming had it not been for Lynn North’s incredible capabilities. Lynn handled our sale, provided a detailed schedule up front, synchronized our sale with the new home purchase, pulled strings to get us a mover on short notice, provided sound advice all along the way and then pulled off what we consider to be a “miracle.” She mobilized an incredible team of professionals to prepare our house for sale and it was staged, put on the market, and sold according to her original schedule. All along, Lynn was a steady partner as well as therapist, cheerleader, interior designer, landscaper, and more. We were freed up to focus on our move, and cannot imagine this major life change being possible without Lynn.
Apr 26, 2019

Jim Yeh recommends Susan Sims


Susan is very diligent and dependable in helping us to find our new home. She is very responsive to our needs and always manages to answer our questions and to provide us with whatever information we needed. Communication was excellent, not just between us and Susan, but also between Susan and the selling agent. Susan went above and beyond, personally delivering our offer to the buyer and reading our letter aloud to the sellers themselves. Her hard work and experience helped us to land the hone of our dreams and we will gladly work with her again in our future hone endevours. Susan, thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts. Jim & Joyce.
Apr 16, 2019

Vidya Nagarajan recommends Erika Ameri

Erika has been our realtor for the last 10 years. She is a trusted partner and has gone above and beyond in helping us with our portfolio. I cant recommend Erika, highly enough. Thank you Erika for all that you do for us !
Apr 9, 2019

Howard Hartenbaum recommends Susan Sims


I've been working with Susan since I moved to the Los Altos area 15 years ago. She helped me buy three and sell two properties thus far. She is patient, professional and even keeled during the stressful process of dealing with multi million dollar transactions. In each case she helped me get a fair deal that I felt confident in and there have never been any surprises. Her advice has always proven to be on the mark, such as holding out for a higher offer when selling. If I do another real estate transaction, I absolutely will ask Susan for her assistance again.
Apr 5, 2019

Jan Cummins recommends Erika Ameri

Attorney at Law

I have worked with Erika several times now for home sales for clients and rentals for myself. She has consistently been efficient and savvy about facts and figures as well as intuitive intangibles. She is always well prepared and ready to help with whatever needs to be done. Above all, she is fun to work with. She has a great sense of humor!

I highly recommend Erika, and plan to use her many more times in the future.
Mar 5, 2019

Holte family recommends Lynn North

When we moved our buying location from San Mateo county to Santa Clara county Lynn was recommended to us. As expected, she is extremely well versed in the area. It was our second attempt to purchase a home in a competitive area, first attempt with Lynn as our realtor. She was aware of every house for sale in the area, what has sold, at what price, the value of the land, and what might be coming for sale in the near future.

When we met with Lynn and saw the house we were able to have a candid discussion about the value of the home, as well as when we expected it to sell (i.e. quickly). She was already familiar with details about the seller. We used her recommended mortgage lender, which, in her words, "made our pre-approval/underwriting as good as cash." As a first time home buyer, I'm not even sure I know what this means, but I know this market is competitive. We had our offer in the weekend after the first showing.

Lynn worked with us throughout escrow to see the house again and assist with what needed fixing. She has contacts for everything. The things we asked her about included: fumigation, foundation repair, hardwood floor refinishing, roof repair, landscaping, painting, tree removal, and solar. Not only did she have contacts in each industry, their quotes were extremely favorable and the work was excellent. Lynn's contacts are fabulous.

I can't recommend Lynn enough.
Mar 2, 2019

Vicki recommends Lynn North

We never knew the value of a great realtor until Lynn North. In only 4 weeks, she transformed our tired 1950s rental house into the most sought-after property in the neighborhood. She coordinated dozens of people from contractors to inspectors to stagers, and then strategically managed the sale such that we received 21% over asking price. On top of that, she simultaneously orchestrated a complex transfer of funds from this sale toward the purchase of a separate home, managing other realtors, bank representatives, and three separate title companies. Throughout the process, we never felt overwhelmed or pressured. She was there for us every step of the way -- always accessible and genuinely caring -- providing insight, and guiding us through complications we didn’t even know we had. What more could you ask for?
Feb 25, 2019

Uche & Anamika M recommend Dorothy Liu

Stanford Dr. & SJ Librarian

My husband and I were looking to buy our first house. We did a lot of research prior to going to open houses. But after meeting with Dorothy Liu, we realized that we were missing many important information typical to the Bay Area.

Dorothy is very energetic, strategic, and organized in her approach to helping home buyers. We have two little kids and a very busy work life. Dorothy was very understanding and flexible. Dorothy is a skilled market researcher. If you are a first-time buyer, you want someone like Dorothy. She is patient, honest, and genuinely cares about the buyers' needs. She guides her clients every step of the way.

We strongly recommend her for your real estate needs.
Feb 10, 2019

Shiva Lim recommends Erika Ameri

We are so thankful to have found such a wonderful agent! Erika was extremely professional, meticulous and skillful throughout the whole process! She has great attention to detail and made a seeming difficult process seamless and simple! She worked diligently to answer all of our questions and was very accessible for any questions or concerns we had. It was a multiple offer situation and she presented our offer in person and worked with the selling agent until we got the property! We highly recommend Erika. She was kind, professional, funny and an overall delight to work with!
Feb 10, 2019

Shiva Lim recommends Erika Ameri

We are so thankful to have found such a wonderful agent! Erika was extremely professional, meticulous and skillful throughout the whole process! She has great attention to detail and made a seeming difficult process seamless and simple! She worked diligently to answer all of our questions and was very accessible for any questions or concerns we had. It was a multiple offer situation and she presented our offer in person and worked with the selling agent until we got the property! We highly recommend Erika. She was kind, professional, funny and an overall delight to work with!
Jan 6, 2019

Greg Klein recommends Lynn North

My fiancee and I went to an open house on a whim. We fell in love with the house and had to find an agent fast. We were referred to Lynn and could not have found a better agent. She worked quickly and thoroughly while simultaneously ensuring we made informed decision every step of the way. She was incredibly professional and brought an amazing amount of energy to her work. Anyone would be lucky to have her as their agent.
Jan 4, 2019

Melissa Dunagan recommends Carolyn Botts

We LOVE Carolyn Botts and recommend her highly to all of our friends. We have put her in two nearly impossible situations- first, trying to buy a family home in a good school district, with limited financial resources, and second, trying to simultaneously buy and sell a home in a very short time period. In both cases, Carolyn was amazing.

With our first purchase, she helped with really creative strategies to get us into a house that fit our needs.

With our second transaction, she really worked a miracle. We had a very tight timeline to prepare and sell our house. AND we needed to sell it for a high enough price to be able to complete the purchase of our new home. Carolyn had multiple teams of people to our house (handyman, appraisers, stagers, cleaners, photographers, plumbers, etc) within days and helped us complete sale of our house in under 2 weeks.

While we were full of angst and worry at the uncertainty and the process in general, Carolyn remained confident and calm throughout. She helped ease our worries, addressed our concerns and made things happen that we never thought would be possible. She is efficient, professional, very detail oriented and has a wealth of experience making things happen in this intense Bay Area market.

Thank you Carolyn for all of your help through the years and for keeping in touch with us and understanding our needs. We really feel our family would not be the same without you and your help in getting us where we are. We trust you and your judgement completely and give you our absolute highest recommendation.

Dec 31, 2018

Lisa and Steve Horowitz recommend Susan Sims

Susan Sims did an excellent job from start to finish. She is highly skilled, knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. Her warmth and professionalism inspired our confidence and dispelled any anxiety we had about selling our Los Altos house while living in the Los Angeles area. Working with a team of skilled and dependable people, Susan managed the many details and issues involved with our sale calmly and efficiently, while keeping us well advised and promptly addressing any questions or concerns we had along the way. Susan is the best. We highly recommend her.
Oct 23, 2018

Micki Klearman recommends Jim & Jimmy Nappo


Jim and Jimmy Nappo were a pure delight to work with. We decided to rent our home in Los Altos and solicited their help in finding a renter and managing the process. They met with us to understand our wishes, promptly listed the property, and quickly found us an absolutely perfect tenant. Jim and Jimmy are professional, efficient, and attentive -- the best there is!
Oct 23, 2018

Dr. Benjamin Fahimian recommends Jim & Jimmy Nappo


Jimmy Nappo was outstanding - knowledgeable, responsive, professional, and caring. He help manage the purchase through the Stanford University benefits program, which can be complicated - a procedure not many agents have expertise in. Would not have been able to get such a property in this difficult market without his help. Highly recommend JM and team.
Oct 23, 2018

Manpreet Singh recommends Jim & Jimmy Nappo


We really liked the Los Altos and Los Altos Hills area but did not know a lot about the place. Jim and Jimmy Nappo really went above and beyond in showing us different kinds of houses and lots that were on the market, while carefully noting down what we liked and didn't like. In the process they helped us clarify what we wanted and guided us at the same time. After only a few months of searching with them, we found a place that we really liked and bought. Their expertise of the area and knowledge was evident. Even after the purchase, they have been helping us with various things related to the house. Besides, they have a great cheerful attitude which made the process of house hunting pleasant!
Oct 23, 2018

Katherine Glassy recommends Jim & Jimmy Nappo


Jimmy was a delight to work with as I shopped for homes in the area. He was honest, straightforward and extremely responsive. I particularly appreciated his knowledge of the area, of homes that were coming on the market and his guidance on what was "reasonable".
Oct 23, 2018

Sean Lindo recommends Jim & Jimmy Nappo


If there's one downside to having found a home we'll love and enjoy for many years, it's that we no longer get to spend part of our weekends checking out houses with two people as sincere, friendly, knowledgable and fun to be around as Jim and Jimmy Nappo. I would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone I know and I already know that I'd want their help when it comes time to sell our house and find another. One of my good friends referred us to the Nappos, and from our first meeting with them, I knew they were the right choice. As first-time home buyers, the thought of navigating the hyper-competitive Silicon Valley market was daunting. But you're in great hands with the Nappos - they've been serving this area for decades, and it shows in their knowledge of the market, the good and close relationships they have with just about every agent in the area (and good relationships w/ other agents matter a ton, I've come to realize!), their practical advice, professionalism, constant follow up and communication, availing themselves for questions any time, patience, a network of people they know who can help you fix or maintain things for the house if necessary...I really could go on. But what strikes me even more is how much they simplify what truly is a complex process. They think many steps ahead, and have the perfect balance of (as any good realtor should) letting you call the shots, while knowing when to step in and bring up important questions you should consider at just the right time, without overstepping and steering you a direction you don't want to go. They're like a friend that's looking out for your best interests, who also happen to be one of the area's best realty teams and can make the right deal happen. Jimmy said something on one of our weekend house tours that nicely sums up why I would recommend the Nappos to anyone I know with full confidence: "I don't just want to get you a great deal - I want to get you a great house." And that says so many things - they're not purely interested in doing a deal just to do one and get a commission on it. Nor are they purely interested in getting you into the most expensive house you can afford because it would benefit them. They do it the right way - they really help you find something that'll be a fair deal and also be a house that truly reflects what you set out to find. They take the time to get to know you, they pick up right away on what you value, and they work hard to find that for you. Even in instances where we were stressed and seemed to settle for some aspect we weren't quite happy with, they'd keep us honest and remind us of what we set out to find. At the end of the day, they treat you how anyone would want to be treated. They look out for you and they know that if they do things the right way and do right by you, you'll be a repeat customer. And we will be.
Oct 23, 2018

Dick Kulle recommends Jim & Jimmy Nappo


This Father - Son Combo is certainly a very knowledgable, professional, capable, trustworthy, honest, responsive, talented and resourceful team of human resources. Our family needed to sell one of our homes this year and could never have reached a successful solution without the " NAPPO " strengths and unique value-added relationships to support us well beyond the normal duties / responsibilities of real estate personnel. We feel deeply appreciative and indebted to both. We will continue to connect / use them again as our needs require / dictate and recommend their services to our friends, colleagues and acquaintances.
Oct 23, 2018

Lakshmi Murthy recommends Jim & Jimmy Nappo


the team is awesome I worked with the younger nappo. will use him again if I have to with no thought. they are very good. got me everything I needed. I moved from chicago. He helped me even get all the utilities ph# etc and all other required contacts. Great team to have on your side. Don't hesitate for a moment to use them. You won't be disappointed.
Oct 23, 2018

Teri Zingale recommends Jim & Jimmy Nappo


Jim Nappo has been my real estate agent for over 20 years now so when I was ready to sell the family home of 17 years I called him first. Now that him and his son Jimmy are partners it was double the pleasure of working with them. I had a lot of concerns of how the sale should go and not only did they meet and accept every concern with a smile they delivered. Great team to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone trying to sell or planning to buy a home.
Oct 23, 2018

Tom Fenstermacher recommends Jim & Jimmy Nappo


Jim and Jimmy were incredibly helpful in our house selling process. We had already moved out of the area, so they were our local proxy for everything from getting the house ready for sale to closing.
Oct 23, 2018

Kana Jeyarasasingam recommends Jim & Jimmy Nappo


With over 40 years in Los Altos, the father-son realtors at Alain Pinel know exactly what sells fast for the best price. We found them so trustworthy that we moved to Easy Coast after handing the house keys to them. They handled everything from transforming the house to suit the market, selecting and managing more than 10 vendors, marketing and closing the deal. They also helped us to manage our cash flow using creative methods until close of escrow. They consulted us for all major decisions while handling all the tedious details. Best of all, the house sold within a week of open house for more than $200K over the list price. Could not have found a better team

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