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Our promise remains to develop a portfolio of luxury properties and offer investors and home buyers a quality of service unsurpassed by its competitors. It is this commitment to both impeccably high standards and attention to detail that is the driving force behind our success.

As an Engel & Völkers partner, we are able to offer you a world of opportunity with access to more than 700 residential property shops based in 37 countries. Whatever your requirements, whether simple or complex, here in Newport Beach, perhaps New York or maybe Europe, a member of the Newport Beach team will be able to help you.

A tribute to the love of life - and the moment you feel at home.

How and where do you want to live? This very personal story shows how the right real estate partner can take you to the destination of your dreams.


Recommendations (243)

May 20, 2019

Michele Dibella recommends Shadia Sarrafi

Sr. Mortgage Consultant

Shadia was a true professional and a caring real estate agent for her buyers. I have been a mortgage lender for over 30 years and was very impressed with her guidance and effort for her byers. This particular buyer was a foreign National which made the transaction even more challenging but she was constantly hands on and helped change the "destiny" of this family.
Engel & Volkers is an excellent Global real estate company and Shadia is an excellent part of their team.
May 15, 2019

hameed fatehi recommends Shadia Sarrafi


There are no words to describe how hard Shadia worked for us to make sure we get our dream house for the best price, she really and truly had extra attention to all the details and dark corners of the deal, to make sure protects our side and deposit beside fighting for the house we fall in love, our deal wasn’t just a deal, we as a young foreign buyer couple, with minimum deposit and very limited budget, looking for one of a kind house, knew our only chance was working with and having Shadia as our agent, she is always head of the game versus the seller agent and was prepared for their surprises, I should admit our biggest and only strength was Shadia, who bought our dream house for us at least 120k below the asking price and market value, also she help us with getting the best mortgage option and walk us through like no one else.
We can’t thank her enough for having one of a kind house in very high demand area of Orange County.
If you really wanna have any impossible to be possible just trust Shadia and let her take care of your biggest investment in your life.
Apr 3, 2019

Ryan W Torres recommends Kim Pearson

Kim is such a warm, wonderful person and right off the bat she was very helpful in assisting me on looking and comparing other condos/properties. She is also highly professional and really cares for her clients. I'm very thankful for her and If I could I would give her 10 Stars.
Mar 26, 2019

Anonymous recommends Elena Zimina

Elena is extremely thoughtful realtor who goes above and beyond to make her clients property dreams come true. She is professional and knowledgeable in real estate market.
Mar 5, 2019

John Zannella recommends Shadia Sarrafi

Founder Paramount Truck Saled

Shadia is a very hard working honest agent. I would highly recomend hiring her to handle realestate services buying or selling.
Mar 5, 2019

Gary Longobardo recommends Shadia Sarrafi

Real Estate Coach/Mentor

I would strongly recommend Shadia's real estate services to anyone contemplating buying, selling. or investing. A true professional in every sense of the word. Elegant, intelligent, and passionate about exceeding her clients goals. Her keen knowledge of the local market gives her clients a clear competitive edge. I wholeheartedly recommend her services!
Feb 27, 2019

Ben Khataee recommends Shadia Sarrafi

We bought a beautiful new construction home from a developer while Shadia was our real estate agent and helped us tremendously! First of all, we even did not know about that pre-construction opportunity until Shadia brought it to our attention!
She was thorough explaining the whole process; she helped us to choose one of the best homes with the best floor plans and finishes and a fantastic view and she negotiated with the builder and got us the best and most competitive price!
Her connection with the developer and their sales team made the process seamless and easy!
Feb 18, 2019

Ryan Mazaheri recommends Shadia Sarrafi

Business owner

I worked with Shadia a few times, I find her a genuine professional who cares about both her clients and also her colleagues and their benefits.
I can honestly say she is one of the hardest working real estate professionals I have ever met. She can handle any challenge. She always comes up with innovative solutions including marketing and selling luxury homes, for the most demanding of CEOS to being a friend to clients in need and looking after their residential or commercial requests. She has the ability to move, adjust, compete and succeed in our ever-changing business world. I highly recommend Shadia for your next real estate want or need.
Feb 12, 2019

Anonymous recommends Shadia Sarrafi

Shadia helped us to buy a condo for investment. Her honest professional advice and her knowledge about the housing market made us comfortable in making a decision. She was very quick to respond to our calls and was very accommodating to our requests. We recommend Shadia to anyone who is looking for buying or selling a property.
Feb 12, 2019

David Akhlaghi recommends Shadia Sarrafi

Great service, found what I was looking for and also, sold my home with Shadia's professional services, above asking price.
Feb 12, 2019

Catherine C, Reeves recommends Shadia Sarrafi

When it comes to real estate and the needs of both buyers and sellers, Shadia brings to the table knowledge, experience and great compassionate talent .

Her professional business acumen and sharp intellect truly stands out and sets her apart. Great Real Estate Broker without a doubt.
Feb 1, 2019

Diana Robles Nichols recommends Kim Pearson

Kim is amazing, and has such a warm nature which allowed me to feel comfortable in selling my moms home. Kim has an amazing eye in preparing the home and she adds very nice inviting things to make prospective buyers feel special. She is such a pro and sold my condo in 2 weeks!
Jan 28, 2019

Mai Le recommends Manuela Lenz


I recently met Manuela through a friend while looking for an apartment to rent. My friend said that Manuela is a great real estate agent who helped her buy a house recently. My friend was extremely happy with her experience and wanted me to reach out to Manuela. I was so lucky that she also took care of helping people like me rent an apartment.

After exchanging a few emails, I got lists of places to look at based on my budget range. Manuela looked at details of all of the listings and caught details about the apartment before I did such as private garage, what kind of stove, etc. Within days, she was able to find an amazing condo that met my criteria within my budget range in a quiet neighborhood.

We met up to go see the apartments and she gave me a sense of professionalism and friendliness that few people have. She was very knowledgeable about the area.

She was responsive to emails even late in the evening. She took care of all of the paperwork from A to Z and answered all the questions I had. She even went to get the keys from the landlord when I wasn't able to do it. She did a thorough check out and didn't miss a single detail: slightly cracked tile in front of the fireplace, small dent in the sink, etc.

I will absolutely work with Manuela when the time comes to buy a home. I highly recommend her to anyone in the market for buying a house or renting like me.
Jan 7, 2019

Paul Benson recommends Cheryl DeMarco


Cheryl is an example of the future of real estate. She regularly attends sales meetings and studies the market in multiple resort areas such as Park City, Newport Beach and Belmont Shore. She understands the lifestyle wants and needs as well as the overall market for our clients that also love this lifestyle which there are many. She is a true Professional that is extremely knowledgeable, hardworking and presents herself with total class. I highly recommend Cheryl.
Nov 23, 2018

Darlene Dunn recommends Kim Pearson

Director of Sales

Kim Pearson is the consummate professional and pure joy to work with. She was one of my best hires ever! Not only did she consistently surpass corporate objectives, she is a true pleasure to work with and unsurpassed team member. When others were struggling, she would step in to help without any prompting. When her peers were negative due to an acquisition, she would enthusiastically point out the positives thereby lifting team morale. On a personal level, she is a caring mother and dedicated wife. Kim would be an asset to any environment.
Nov 19, 2018

GLADYS BERMAN recommends Kim Pearson

Kim Pearson has an amazing positive energy. She will ALWAYS find a way to make things happen. She has the ability to connect on a personal level and provide that personal touch to her sales. Whether buying your first starter house, or your forever house, she takes the time to listen to you. She truly loves what she is doing.

G C Berman
Nov 14, 2018

Paige Wurtz recommends Kim Pearson

Real Estate Broker Indiana

My daughter and her friends were looking for a home to rent in the Hunting Beach area, as my daughter had taken a job in Irvine after college. I am a Real Estate Broker in Indiana and was very impressed with Kim's ability to locate homes, get us in on short notice to accommodate our schedule and complete the deal under pressure to find the needle in the haystack! The transaction was smooth and her ability to work with us after traveling back to Indiana was a great experience. I highly recommend her abilities! Thank you!
Nov 2, 2018

Kara Shears recommends Irene Villalobos

RDH/personal fitness instructor

Irene is a super conscientious hard worker! She is extremely dedicated to her job and her clients! She refuses to stop until her job is done and done well!! IHer attention to details of personal needs and expectations is evident in the friendships she maintains with her satisfied clients!
I highly recommend anyone to consult with Irene to evaluate the real estate market in terms of personal wants and needs!
Nov 2, 2018

Tracy Tschauner recommends Bill Forsythe

Vice President Hydraulics, Hummingbird Technologies

Bill did a tremendous job helping us purchase our yacht!
Oct 22, 2018

Martin Libich recommends Jasmine Celine

Sales Engineer

I worked with Jasmin for a two month period on a very exhaustive search of properties in the LA County area. Her enthusiasm, her dedication, and professionalism and most of all her amazing friendly and sunny personality made the task that seemed impossible fun and easy to do. I recommend anyone that wants to have a great experience in the real estate market to work with Jasmin: She is a rare gem and one of a kind!
Oct 16, 2018

Chris Oldham recommends Coleen Brennan

Marketing Director

I have worked with Coleen for sometime and find her to be a professional at all times. Coleen finds strategic and creative solutions to hurdles with success I have found most real estate professionals would avoid. I have enjoyed working with her and having her on my team and look forward to working together again in the future!
Oct 16, 2018

Herrick Andrews recommends Bill Forsythe

Bill is an amazing Yacht broker. You only need to talk to him for a few minutes to see how much passion he has for the Boating world. I can't believe what a beautiful boat he found for me after I had been looking for months with no success. And then he worked really hard to close the sale after I decided to buy it. Later, I asked him to help me sell a boat that I was having a lot of trouble selling. There really wasn't any money for him to make from selling it, but that didn't stop him from putting in 100% to get it sold, and he got it sold to a very happy, but amazingly troublesome, buyer. I don't think I will ever buy or sell another boat to any other broker, and I have bought and sold many boats in my lifetime. On top of everything else, he's a very well experienced sailor who taught me a lot even though I've been sailing/racing for over 40 years and living aboard for over 10 years. Thanks Bill!!!
Oct 11, 2018

Deborah Hendrix recommends Jasmine Celine

Debra lauren design : staging and intetior design

love working with Jasmine, very professional, always on spot getting back with you when needed! Love someone that answers there phone. We need to get things finished!! She would be a true asset to any team! Also she has a good vision for how properties should be prepared before putting on the market very important. She’s amazing, and would ring any team great value!

Oct 11, 2018

Mona M. Alcala recommends Jasmine Celine


Jasmine is a talented woman with intelligence, drive, and warmth. I’ve been lucky to know her for over 25 years. She has a solid background in business, real estate and finance. Jasmine is diligent and goes the extra mile to help clients realize their goals. Her multicultural background and fluency in several languages is a huge asset and makes her well positioned to assist a wide variety of clients.
Oct 10, 2018

Paul Benson recommends Coleen Brennan


I have known Coleen Brennan for the past 4 years. I can honestly say she is one of the hardest working agents I have ever met. Coleen can handle any challenge you give her from marketing and selling a 50 million dollar home for the most demanding of CEOS to being a friend to a client in need. What is most rare is to see her ability to adjust and compete in the ever changing market after having years of experience. That is a very rare trait. She uses the latest technology and is already looking for ways to improve. On top of all of this she is a friend who I have come to trust deeply. I highly recommend her for whatever your real estate needs.

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