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Recommendations (314)

Dec 11, 2017

Shows and Close Realty recommends The Jacobus Team


We exclusively use the Jacobus Team for title and have since the beginning of time! We consider them our family and friends and love working with them and having them in our corner. Can't say enough good about them!
Dec 8, 2017

Tami Fuller recommends The Jacobus Team

Ascent Real Estate

The Jacobus team is very in-tune with the Point Loma & Ocean Beach area. The tools they create are unique to my territory and very helpful to my business. They are always thinking of new ways to assist me in my business. There isn't a title questions that they can't answer. I highly recommend them.
Dec 8, 2017

Cord Bailey recommends Reema Ouro

Chief Operating Officer

Reema has an intuitive understanding of the real estate market and a keen awareness of marketing strategies that produce results. I have been fortunate in that I have been able to work with Reema and as a result have benefited immensely from her knowledge and tutelage. I highly recommend Reema to any individual or company in need of Title support and/or peripheral marketing strategies and techniques for real estate.
Dec 4, 2017

Clifford Arellano recommends Reema Ouro

Real Estate Broker

I have a had working relationship with Reema since 2012 as my short sale negotiator. She never cease to amaze me with her ability to solve problems and be able to spot potential problems before they happened. She has now moved on to tackling title issues and continued customer support.

If your not working with Reema, why not? We owe it to our clients to refer the best to our clients. Reema and her team are top notch, give them a try. You will happy you did.

Thank you for you continued support Reema.
Dec 4, 2017

Heather B recommends Reema Ouro


Reema always goes above and beyond! She has helped me with marketing information and products.
Nov 29, 2017

June Naemi Perez recommends Reema Ouro


Reema has been very helpful and is amazingly knowledgeable! I appreciate that she steps in to assist and directs me when I feel lost.
Nov 29, 2017

Sheila Dadashzadeh recommends Reema Ouro


Reema is amazing!! She's helped me grow my business and is always available for me. She always has great marketing ideas and tools to help me continue to grow. I highly recommend her and Fidelity!
Nov 13, 2017

Tami B recommends Nancy Luna


For over twenty years I have used Nancy's escrow services exclusively for all of my real estate transactions. She is the most knowledgeable escrow officer for all types of real estate transactions. This combined with her professional, kind and approachable personality has made my experiences with her successful, worry free and amazing! I recommend Nancy and her outstanding team to anyone that needs a great escrow officer for their real estate transactions!
Nov 10, 2017

John Wall recommends Nancy Luna

Account Manager

Nancy Luna is truly a top flight officer. I must admit I work with Nancy, but she is the consumate professional that handles a staggering number of escrows and treats each as if its her only one. I get many compliments on Nancy's communication skills and problem solving from our mutual customers, which go along with her many awards and commendations from inside our company for high production and revenue generation. I highly recommend Nancy for your next escrow!
Nov 10, 2017

Sean T Gresik recommends Nancy Luna

Mortgage Broker

15+ years of professional service from Nancy. She's the best at what she does and I value our working relationship that will continue for the foreseeable future!
Nov 10, 2017

Christopher Livitski recommends Nancy Luna

Real Estate Agent / Mortgage broker

Nancy has been handling my escrows for almost 15 years. I have changed companies and still retained her services as she it profession and efficient at every aspect of her job. Nancy exemplifies superb customer service to myself and my clients and is always a pleasure to work with.
Nov 3, 2017

Anonymous recommends Garrett Perry

100 satifaccion bery work hart I very happy tanks
Oct 15, 2017

Elena Yu recommends Shawn Harris and Alix Kammeyer

Broker Sales Associate

Fidelity National Title was the first title company that reached out to me when I started to work as a REALTOR(R) just when the real estate market hit bottom. Later on I met Alix Kammeyer and Shawn Harris. They are great to work with. What sets them apart from other title reps is their super-quick response. It does not matter what time of day or what day of the week, they respond to my questions when I needed them to be resolved quickly. I also appreciate very much that they are honest. Only once in so many years of working together did a mistake occur and they tell me like it is. No games, no blaming others, no excuses. I appreciate them more as a result. Thank you, Alix and Shawn, for being always there to assist me and my clients.
Oct 6, 2017

Sisters Sell San Diego recommends The Jacobus Team


The Jacobus Team is by far the best in the business! Not only are they professional and conduct business with the utmost integrity, but they also bring years and years of knowledge & expertise to each transaction. We cannot thank them enough for all of their hard work & dedication & look forward to working with them for many years to come!
Sep 28, 2017

Trish De La Rosa recommends Ryan Petaishiski


Once again, Ryan delivers! I had a listing in another county and Ryan said "no problem!" And sure enough, there were no problems! Ryan is the best title rep because he isn't just selling the company he works for, he provides great service from opening to closing escrow! Good job Ryan and thank you!!!!
Sep 11, 2017

The Clements Group recommends The Jacobus Team


We have relied on the expertise the Jacobus Team has for many years. We know that when we reach out to them, not only will we receive a timely response, but the information provided will be complete and many times beyond our expectations. We also appreciate that they think ahead and many times provide information that we have yet to request. That type of service helps us provide the level of professionalism and knowledge our clients expect.
Sep 7, 2017

Teresa McNally Seymour recommends The Jacobus Team

Escrow Officer/Manager

The Jacobus Team have always been helpful, informative and willing to go the extra mile when needed! I never hesitate to call and/or ask questions when seeking clarity regarding a title issue and often refer clients as well. Kathy, Jake and Katie never fail to ask, if there is anything they can do to help, which is very much appreciated!! Outstanding customer service and with a cheerful attitude - you can't go wrong!
Sep 7, 2017

Mercedes Estrada recommends The Jacobus Team


Kathy Jacobus and her team by far are the most knowledgeable in their field.
They answer questions and help through difficult transactions patiently and professionally. I do my best to always use them on all my transactions.
Sep 6, 2017

Joe Foty recommends The Jacobus Team


I work with The Jacobus Team at every opportunity, as they always manage to hit the ball out of the park. They provide amazing support which makes my job so much easier. Kathy, Jake and Katie all manage to make my transactions flow perfectly, which makes the experience so much better for my clients! I cannot thank them enough for everything they do! They have the resources and knowledge to make it happen!

Also, huge thanks to Leah, who is always on top of things and gets me the data and labels I need for my farms in an instant!

I could not recommend The Jacobus Team more!
Sep 6, 2017

Sarah Engel recommends The Jacobus Team


I've been working with Kathy Jacobus and her Team (Leah, Jake & Katie) for about 10+ years. Her knowledge, professionalism, and eagerness to help always puts me at ease. They are efficient and dedicated to giving exceptional service. I'm so lucky to have them as part of my real estate team. Thanks for all that you do!
Sep 5, 2017

Gregory R Scott recommends The Jacobus Team


The Jacobus Team! Always professional and responsive. Great attitudes. Timely. Super resourceful and creative. The very best Title team I've ever experienced!!
Sep 5, 2017

Hillary Austin recommends The Jacobus Team


I have worked with Kathy and the Jacobus team for over a decade now. Every member of the team is super helpful. I have called on Kathy many times to help resolve title issues, and she always comes through. Jake and Katie are also very responsive and resourceful. Leah is always there when I need info and is right on top of all of my questions. I could not imagine working with another title team and I feel confident to have them on my side.
Sep 5, 2017

Sue FitzGerald recommends The Jacobus Team


Where to start?
How lucky we are to have such a dedicated team answer our title questions.
It starts with a call to the wonderful Leah , who is quick to determine how she can help and gets things back to you in no time.
Then the "family" take over. They are up-beat , knowledgeable and always ready to help. If they don't know the answer they will make sure they get the question handled by someone who does
Super team and fabulous service! The BEST!!
Sep 5, 2017

Erick Sevilla recommends The Jacobus Team


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kathy for some time now and I couldn’t ask for a better title rep on my team. Kathy’s unique marketing had caught my attention but her knowledge and experience are what sold me after meeting her. Service is everything in our industry and with the additions of Jake, Katie, and Leah, I have full confidence the Jacobus Team has me covered.
Sep 3, 2017

Kirby J . Scofield recommends The Jacobus Team


Talk about hitting the grand slam! I was lucky enough to have a work friend refer Jake as he played softball with her. Within 1 meeting I knew we had a winner, and then to top it, you get the whole family of top caliber talent. With Kathy as the long standing Vet and Katie and Jake the new blood taking on the competition! Work with the Jacobus team and your guaranteed Victory!

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