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Recommendations (21)

Dec 22, 2017

Bill Spurgin recommends Kim Meidinger


When it comes to different Title Companies Fidelity National Title has earned my loyalty and friendship! Kim Meidinger and staff  (Alysia; Erika; Shelby) have gone above and beyond to make our escrow as seamless as possible. Communication is key to all transactions and even when leaving a message they get back to you! I highly recommend Kim and her staff for all our escrow, title and lender experience.
Oct 19, 2017

vicky Nichole Ark recommends Kim Meidinger


Recommend Kim as highly professional and doing an awesome job as closing title agent!!!
Jul 21, 2017

Colin Roe recommends Jennifer Vicari-Cox

Sales Manager

Jen is truly one of a kind. For her going the extra mile with her business partners and escrow teams is a standard that she has set throughout her career. She is the consummate professional listing to her clients needs and delivering for them with her expertise in the market and knowledge of our title and escrow tools designed to simplify tasks and enhance business. If you are a real estate or mortgage professional in Jen's marketplace I highly recommend meeting with her about her concierge service and what she delivers day in and day out. I am very proud to be a part of the Fidelity Family with her.
May 24, 2017

Colin Roe recommends Kim Meidinger

Sales Manager

Kim is truly one of the best in the business! Her knowledge & expertise in escrow is second to none. She prides herself on not only giving the highest level of service to her business partners, but to the their clients as well. I am very proud to be on the same team as Kim. If you choose her and her team as your escrow partner you'll appreciate the difference with their 10+ service each and every time.
Feb 25, 2016

John Tiner recommends Jennifer Vicari-Cox

Realtor / CEO

Jennifer Vicari-Cox has been my go to Title and Escrow Rep for many years. She is extremely helpful and positive. When Fidelity has had transitions in personnel (not often), Jennifer has always personally come to my office to explain and work out a plan moving forward - her communication skills are excellent. Jennifer has helped my team and resolved our challenges - always with a smile and a "can-do" attitude. I highly recommend Jennifer without any reservations.
Aug 4, 2015

Jayson Thompson recommends Jennifer Vicari-Cox

County Manager

Jennifer is truly one of a kind. She finds a way to bring value each and everyday to your business. Her professionalism is very apparent from the moment you meet her and she does not waver from delivering superior service. She surrounds herself with the best and the brightest tools, resources and solutions to enable you to be your best!
Jan 28, 2015

Hiroko Bowlin recommends Kim Meidinger

Mortgage Consultant

I have been using Kim's service for last several years. Each time, I open an escrow with her, she will send me the confirmation email for the receipt of my request and always follows up to see what else I need. When I was super busy in 2012 and 2013, Kim was a great helper for my customers. Kim always accommodates our needs and does not mind staying late to receive docs if it is the last day to sign for my refinance customers. Kim is very efficient and competent as she is capable to answer most of my questions and our processors are very happy to work with Kim. I can rely on Kim for closing support and accuracy. When she goes on vacation, she usually notifies me and informs me who can cover her desk while she is gone, so our closing will never be interrupted. Kim is not only a great escrow officer, but also a great person/friend who is always in a good mood and never shows her stress. I will recommend Kim to any loan officers who are looking for a reliable, efficient and knowledgeable escrow officer.
Jan 27, 2015

Kathy Ford recommends Kim Meidinger

Realtor, The Advantage Group

Kim has been my title/escrow officer for years, and she continues to demonstrate her high level of knowledge and professionalism on every transaction. She goes the extra distance to find answers. She is respectful and friendly, even with difficult clients or situations. Kim's efficiency and attention to detail is one of the best assets an agent can have. She's always a quick phone call or email away and she manages to make everyone feel like they are her first priority!
Jan 9, 2015

Kelley Andrade recommends Jennifer Vicari-Cox

Loan Officer at Guild Mortgage

Jennifer is absolutely fabulous and has a wonderful team she works with! I have been 100% satisfied with every transaction and greatly appreciate all that Jennifer does to go above and beyond!
Jan 8, 2015

Ryan Montelius recommends Kim Meidinger


Kim and her team is excellent at what they do. Great customer service. They are efficient and timely. I highly recommend Kim's services.
Jan 7, 2015

Glenn Fantazia recommends Jennifer Vicari-Cox

Broker - Associate

Jennifer is an excellent Rep. She is smart, responsive to requests and gets things done on a timely basis. She serves Fidelity clients very well!
Jan 7, 2015

Steve Germoles recommends Kim Meidinger

Comstock Mortgage

Kim is knowledgeable, calm, proficient, and structured. You know what her team is capable of and they never drop the ball. Highly recommend their team for any purchase or refinance.
Jan 7, 2015

Rita E. Delgado recommends Jennifer Vicari-Cox

Lyon Real Estate Agent

I have known Jennifer Vicari-Cox for almost 10 years. She has been a dedicated Title Representative for Fidelity National Title Company. She is a professional, reliable, responsive type person that anyone would love to have on their team. She has always provided first class service when ever requested. I would highly recommend Jennifer to be your title representative if you want the best!!!!
Jan 7, 2015

Joan Dunn recommends Jennifer Vicari-Cox


Jennifer is a great asset to my overall business goals. She is professional, business savvy, and very customer focused. I highly recommend anyone in real estate to utilize Jennifer's skills and expertise.
Jan 6, 2015

Doug Reynolds recommends Jennifer Vicari-Cox


Jennifer Vicari is a wonderful rep to work with. She is always available to provide assistance and service whenever i need it. She is very responsive and always in a great mood. Jennifer and Fidelity provide a great combination of results and service, always willing to go the extra mile to take care of me or my clients. I love doing business with Jen.
Jan 5, 2015

Olivia Darzell recommends Jennifer Vicari-Cox


I trust Jen Vicari-Cox tremendously. Her warm personality combined with her experience in title and escrow as well as her strong determination to get things completed quickly and with the utmost in customer service make her an outstanding ally in real estate. I'm thrilled to consider her a part of my team, and think of Jen as a reliable cornerstone to my professional career.
Jan 5, 2015

Lee Proctor recommends Jennifer Vicari-Cox

Broker Associate

I have been in the real estate industry for more than 20 years and have worked with many title company reps during that time. Jennifer is one of the few outstanding individuals in that capacity. She is always quick to respond, is willing to spend time when necessary and her follow up is beyond compare.

I extol Fidelity National Title to my sellers and buyer and ask that they use the company in almost every escrow. I know I will get excellent service on every level from the company
Mar 6, 2013

Doug Hallstrom recommends Jennifer Vicari-Cox

Certified Mortgage Planner

If you want the best in customer service Jennifer delivers it. I have been working with Jennifer for over 15 years and she has consistently provided exceptional service for all my title and escrow needs. She is a team member with a friendly can do attitude!
Mar 5, 2013

Brad Wiese recommends Jennifer Vicari-Cox

Sr. Loan Officer; Comstock Mortgage

You can count on Jennifer!

I've worked with Jennifer Vicari-Cox since her introduction into the title/escrow business some 15 plus years ago.

I can say to anyone that may be reading this that Jennifer's attention to detail and most importantly, her level of customer service, is only surpassed by her knowledge of the industry and her willingness to go "above and beyond".

Jennifer represents Fidelity National Title, and herself, with a unique style while demonstrating an acumen to resolve situations timely and favorably for all parties concerned.

I whole heartedly recommend that you engage Jennifer to work for I have…
Mar 5, 2013

Debbie Bair recommends Jennifer Vicari-Cox


I have worked with Jennifer at Fidelity National Title Company for a while now and I LOVE her. Because I work in Yolo Country I have some challenges getting property characteristics for my listings. I like to get the characteristics before I go on a listing apt and sometimes the time frame is tight between the phone call to list a house and when the appointment is set. I have called Jennifer on the way to a listing apt and by the time I get to the apt, I have the characteristics on my phone. She works above and beyond to get me what I need, especially in a time crunch situation.

I have high expectations in regards to customer service issues and Jennifer has not only fulfilled my expectations, she goes beyond. I have recommended her to other agents in my office and they love her as well.
Mar 5, 2013

Gayle Welsh recommends Jennifer Vicari-Cox

Broker Associate

I have chosen to work only with Jennifer and Fidelity since I began my real estate career. Jennifer is extremely knowledgable about all aspects of the real estate market and always goes beyond expectations should my client or I need anything she can provide.

Jennifer is a powerhouse of information and she and the Fidelity team are always just a phone call or email away!

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