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The Fidelity National Title Group, with over 160 years’ experience, has built a reputation for understanding the needs of the real estate community. As the largest title insurance group in the world, we provide real estate transaction services to all residential and commercial customers.

Fidelity National Title’s superior financial strength and technical capabilities combined with the Fidelity Boise’s team approach to delivering title and escrow services does capably guide the parties to a successfully completed transaction. Chose to work with FNT Boise and you will be glad you did.


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Sep 25, 2017

Shelly Pereira recommends Darrin Lyle

AVP/Title Production Manager/Title Officer

I have worked with Darrin for over 5 years and he has always gone above and beyond and provided exceptional service for our clients. He is superb in his field and is extremely positive to work with. Darrin is a stellar example for our company and would not hesitate to recommend him.
Sep 12, 2017

Erik Helgeson recommends Darrin Lyle

VP/Treasure Valley Manager

Darrin always goes above and beyond for his clients by being an incredible resource of ideas and tools that always lead to results. That is why he is a Top Performer for Fidelity National Title nationwide. For the last two years he has been recognized by FNTG as a member of the Top 10% of all Sales Executives in the company. You can't go wrong working with Darrin.
Aug 28, 2017

Kristina Hoitt recommends J.B. Downie

AVP/ FNTG Connect Team

I have had the privilege of working with JB over the last year. JB is well respected & highly trusted by his colleagues and clients for a number of reasons and far too many to mention here. He goes above and beyond the call of duty and truly believes in the success of his fellow business partners. JB offers countless solutions, cutting edge tools and he always continues to be an incredible resource everyday. JB is the definition of a true business partner that shows the highest level of integrity while bringing humor and fun into all of our offices! You don't want to miss out on working with JB & having him around!
Apr 30, 2017

Kathy Vaughan recommends Phil Archer


Thank you for the extra effort taken to care for our client
Apr 27, 2017

Erin Vilay recommends Fidelity National Title & Escrow Idaho


Gerin made my closing process seamless. She is very professional and a great communicator. She is the best at what she does!
Feb 27, 2017

Eric Martinez recommends Heather Williams

I cannot say enough great things about Heather Williams. When it comes to the real estate industry, she is a specialist recognizing agent's needs and understanding current market conditions and trends. She has many years in the industry and understands it. She always responds promptly and takes an innovative approach to the presented task. With all else aside, she is a great asset for the team and always brings good energy which will inspire.
Jan 26, 2017

Tessa McCollum recommends Kimberly Yelm


My firm works in commercial real estate development, and Kim Yelm has been our preferred escrow officer for several years. We choose Kim because we know that she is thorough and detail oriented in her work, always prompt and professional in responding to calls or email, and she gets the job done right and on time. Kim consistently goes above and beyond her duties to ensure that our projects close without any hassles or delays - she is truly a superstar in the commercial escrow arena!
Jan 26, 2017

Jeffrey Hall recommends Kimberly Yelm

Principle, Northwest Commercial Advisors LLC

Northwest Commercial Advisors is pleased to have Kim on our team. As a preferred Commercial Escrow Officer, Kim brings her experience to a level our local and national clients seldom see in the industry. Some of Kim's strengths include monitoring every step of the transaction from the moment she accepts the order until after the closing, by expediting information requests and by building trust and confidence with our valued clients. We would highly recommend Kim for any type of transaction large or small, she knows how to make transactions painless for our team and most importantly, our clients.
Jan 24, 2017

Cory Jakobson recommends Kimberly Yelm

Vice President

Kim Yelm has consistently provided customer service that is above and beyond for years. I really appreciate her attention to detail and willingness to get the job done.
Jan 11, 2017

Matt Hidalgo recommends Heather Williams

VP/FNTG ITS Business Solutions

I had the privilege of working with Heather Williams in Portland Oregon for a few years prior to her relocating out of the area. Heather is well respected by her colleagues and clients for a number of reasons and far too many to mention here. She is driven and always has a positive “can do” attitude. Heather has a passion for problem solving, overcoming challenges and most importantly, helping people succeed. You can’t help but get caught up in her energy, excitement and enthusiasm. Heather and I kept in touch after she left Portland and I always made it a point “not” to talk to her on a Friday, because inevitably she would share an idea or strategy that would get me all fired up and I would have to wait until Monday to share or implement it. So, if you’re looking to grow, or take your business to the next level, I suggest you talk to Heather Williams…but maybe not on a Friday. ;)
Jan 4, 2017

sidney vogt recommends Mike Marks

Mortgage Banker

Mike does a good job addressing lenders needs and items that are important. He is very personable, professional and a good resource.
Dec 27, 2016

Phil Archer recommends Darrin Lyle

AVP/Senior Escrow officer

I have worked with Darrin as a sale rep for the past 15 years. Darrin works extremely hard not only in thought and ideas, but in action. He’ll roll up his sleeves and dig into any situation that needs his attention. He is an incredible team player and helps those around him rise to their potential. He is trustworthy, reliable and reasonable – three of the most important traits of a leader.
In working with Darrin over the years he brings those leadership qualities to work with him everyday. In his position he is a mentor, trainer and the glue that can make or break a successful sales team and their relationship with their internal and external customers. With his professionalism and knowledge he continually seeks to make those around him more successful in their careers. He is an amazing team player, always willing to help and work hard. He has incredible ideas and he knows how to make a plan and execute it. His innovation and understanding of technology helped to grow many escrow teams to their current level of success.
Dec 21, 2016

Paul Anderson recommends Darrin Lyle

Loan Officer

Darrin always takes great care of his clients and delivers incredible service. He is wonderful to work with and is a tremendous asset and resource.
Dec 12, 2016

Justin C. Page recommends Mike Marks

Internal Mortgage Loan Officer

If you need stuff done and closed right the first time Mike has that network of people. When you need the best of the best 3 states away for one of those interesting files, Mikes the first person I call. Not only will he get you the contact info you need but the person he directs you too responds in 10 mins not 4 days. People come and go all the time but Mikes been the consistent reliable source for a network of great people wherever he works....
Dec 8, 2016

Katie Reiners recommends Heather Williams

When I joined the company I had the privilege of working and training with Heather Williams. She has a contagious enthusiasm, is a wealth of knowledge, a creative marketing resource, and one of the hardest workers I know. The foundation she laid for me absolutely helped propel my success. My only disappointment is that she moved away from Oregon! Heather Williams is a rock star!!
Dec 2, 2016

Benjamin Ficker recommends Heather Williams

Multi-Family Broker

I have worked with Heather for years. I can say, with out a doubt, her influence and ability to connect you with the right person for your business, was a huge reason for my success. Having worked with many of the top brokers in the country, she has seen it all and can get you the resources you need to take your business to the next level. I cannot recommend her enough. She needs to be a part of your business team!
Nov 18, 2016

Kelli Hall recommends Mike Marks

Real Estate Professional

I have worked with Mike Marks for several years. He is a Joy to work with and is always there to assist in all my needs.
I look forward to many years of working together!
Nov 16, 2016

Michael Shelton recommends Darrin Lyle

Real Estate Professional

Darrin has been helping me for the last two years. His professionalism and great attitude has always delivered the best knowledge and support to help better me as a professional. Working with Darrin has allowed me to grow a team I trust and can depend on in this industry.
Nov 13, 2016

Natalie Elliott recommends Darrin Lyle

Real estate professional

Darrin is the best in the business. He is prompt, courteous, professional, and has the most knowledge of title and escrow of anyone in this area. If you are considering any information needed in the title industry, please contact Darrin, he is the best.
Sep 6, 2016

Mike Moir recommends Fidelity National Title & Escrow Idaho

Mike Moir Real Estate at Woodhouse group

Gerin is a true professional. She easily guided us through our transactions both simple and complicated. She has met tight timelines, communicated properly and insured a seamless closings. I look forward to doing business with her as much as possible in he future. I highly recommend Gerin and her Team at Fidelity.
Sep 6, 2016

Wendy Carver-Herbert recommends Fidelity National Title & Escrow Idaho

As the buyer, our agent had most of the direct contact with Gerin, but she seemed efficient and responsive and was very friendly and professional at closing.
Aug 30, 2016

Roz McDonald recommends Fidelity National Title & Escrow Idaho

Loan Officer

Gerin, what a great closign we had. I know we had a difficult divorce situation and you handled it with grace and professionally. These are alwasy tough closings. Thank you and looking forward to the next transaction.
Aug 19, 2016

Marinell Beeks recommends Fidelity National Title & Escrow Idaho

Gerin Powell is an outstanding communicator. She listens carefully, asks perceptive questions and is careful to keep others informed in timely manner. She always ensures that the appropriate people are included in the decision making process. Gerin easily balances competing demands on her time and adjust her style of work to fit most situations. She earns the respect and trust from her colleagues dues to her hard committed, hard work and uncompromising fairness and decency.
Aug 16, 2016

Brooke Brennan recommends Fidelity National Title & Escrow Idaho

Canyon County Operations Manager

Gerin is an outstanding escrow officer who's specialty is going above and beyond to ensure a positive escrow closing experience. She is very professional and always eager to help her clients and team succeed!
Aug 15, 2016

Shianne Gammon recommends Fidelity National Title & Escrow Idaho

Former Escrow Assistant

Gerin is fantastic to work for AND with. She is a hard worker and very knowledgeable. She makes every transaction a smooth and easy process. I would highly recommend using her. She will get the job done every time.

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