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The Fidelity Commitment
With origins that can be traced back 150 years, Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, through its underwriting subsidiaries, is one of the nation's premier real estate service companies, providing title insurance and other real estate-related products and services.

Fidelity employees are committed to providing our customers with a level of satisfaction that is unparalleled in the title insurance industry. Based on our experience and expertise, we are confident that you'll appreciate the Fidelity Difference.

At Fidelity, commitment is not just a word--it's a conviction. We take pride in our desire to serve our customers to the best of our ability. The quality of Fidelity's customer service and the level of employee loyalty and commitment are enhanced by our employee stock ownership. Stock ownership serves as a motivational force for Fidelity employees who recognize the Company's success is dependent upon their efforts and contributions.

Fidelity employees uphold the six corporate precepts upon which the Company was founded:

Bias For Action
Autonomy and Entrepreneurship
Employee Ownership
Minimal Bureaucracy
Close Customer Relationships
Highest Standard of Conduct


Recommendations (383)

Jan 11, 2019

Nancy Okimoto recommends Stason Barido


I highly recommend Stason as a professional and knowledgeable escrow officer. He responds promptly and clearly to questions about escrow issues. He was, for me, a bright spot in a difficult escrow close and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.
Jan 9, 2019

Alex Bell recommends Tia Tagavilla

Tia was great to work with during closing and recording of this real estate transaction and always keep me up dated during the process.
Jan 7, 2019

Bryant Sawada recommends Stason Barido

Teacher Kealakehe High School

Stason was awesome! He was very professional, extremely organized and explained every single document and what it was we were signing. Made adjustments when necessary, and everything went quickly and in a timely manner! Highly recommended! Mahalos!
Dec 28, 2018

Kaulana Padillio recommends Stason Barido


Stason is always such a pleasure to work with. He is very professional, caring, attentive, and on top of it when it comes to getting things done. I can always count on it being an enjoyable escrow when I work with Stason.
Dec 22, 2018

Reba-Mae Silva recommends Tia Tagavilla

Tia got this transaction done in less than 30 days efficient and very smoothly. She gets an at a girl award
Dec 21, 2018

Jim Sheeley recommends Tia Tagavilla

Tia and Shyla did a great job on my condo purchase. Couldn't have gone smoother. They were exceptionally responsive. Would highly recommend them.
Dec 21, 2018

Gabe Winkler recommends Irene Benz

Koa Realty

Irene is wonderful to work with. She handled a complicated escrow with ease and reacted quickly to changes in the timeline. I strongly recommend.
Dec 21, 2018

Darcy Mulligan recommends Stason Barido

Darcy Mulligan

Stason did an amazing job helping us close on our property. He explained difficult documents with clarity and professionalism. I highly recommend him to help with the sell or purchase of any property. Thank you Stason - everything went so smoothly thanks to you!
Dec 18, 2018

Karen E Bail recommends Stason Barido

Real Estate Sales and Marketing Broker

Stason does a fantastic job . His knowledge and proactive nature are skills essential to any escrow. He is instrumental by being present from the minute we open escrow to recordation. He brings to our attention within days of opening escrow to any issue Escrow sees that might impede closing; missing Divorce decree or death certificate and other potential clouds on Title. This gives us a chance to rectify the situation in a timely fashion to keep closing on schedule. He always has time to explain the escrow process to clients while answering their questions. He is one of the Rock Stars of Escrow Officers. I recommend him to everyone!
Dec 15, 2018

Ethan Olins recommends Tia Tagavilla

Tia is professional and proactive and always a pleasure to work with.
Dec 14, 2018

Mike Drutar recommends Irene Benz

Broker in Charge

Irene did a great job communicating and staying ahead of the timelines. We were able to close 2 weeks early!
Dec 14, 2018

Ethan Olins recommends Tia Tagavilla

Realtor Broker

Tia is always professional and proactive and a pleasure to work with.
Dec 12, 2018

Jamaica Canas recommends Stason Barido

Mortgage Broker

Stason is always a pleasure to work with. He is prompt and proactive and a great communicator through out the whole transaction.
Dec 6, 2018

Sue McCord recommends Stason Barido


Stason always is very prompt and thorough with all things ESCROW! Just closed 2 this month with Stason in the Waikoloa Office. So glad he is there!
Dec 5, 2018

Robert Stepi recommends Tia Tagavilla

Tia and the staff, were responsive and on time during our home buying process. Their emails and correspondences were timely, and they were free to explain or clarify any questions or inquiries we had. Thank you Tia and Fidelity National Kona.
Dec 4, 2018

reece recommends Stason Barido


Stason was very professional, very organized and explained everything well. This made the process very fast and saved a lot of time.
Dec 1, 2018

Nancy Stafford recommends Irene Benz

Irene is the best! She always provides superior customer service to all parties, even on my silly little transactions!
Dec 1, 2018

Patricia Navone recommends Stason Barido

Stason is an excellent communicator and a true professional. He did a great job for us on a refi that just closed. He stayed in touch throughout the process and was responsive to our questions. We would definitely recommend Stason and Fidelity National Title for your escrow needs.
Nov 30, 2018

Mike Barry recommends Stason Barido

Owner, Barry Homes, LLC

Stason did a great job on a somewhat complicated contingent closing involving other transactions. He communicated well and was very organized throughout the process and has a great personality that works well interacting with others - I would use him again and also recommend him to others.
Nov 29, 2018

Jim Albone recommends Tia Tagavilla

Tia has been great to work with every time I have an escrow with Fidelity
Nov 20, 2018

Lisa Barry recommends Irene Benz


Irene knocked another closed escrow out of the park for us. Seamless streamline from start to finish. Very professional and fantastic to work with! Thank you Irene!
Nov 14, 2018

Nancy Stafford recommends Irene Benz

I have completed several transactions with Irene, and she is fast to respond to questions, she is always happy to contact the buyers and sellers on my behalf, and she is an overall excellent escrow officer. As I always tell her, she rocks! Nancy J Stafford, The Land Office, LLC
Nov 14, 2018

Bryan Thrall recommends Tia Tagavilla

Happy to recommend Tia for anyone going into escrow. Closing on my property had some unique challenges that Tia seemingly handled with ease. Tia answered all my questions quickly and kept me informed and and up todate.
Nov 8, 2018

Gary Gustafson recommends Tia Tagavilla

Tia Tagavilla is a pleasure to deal with. This was our second closing using Tia’s agency and are very pleased to report that everything went extremely smoothly again. Tia is great at keeping you informed and following up if anything might be amiss. We’d happily call on Tia again if the situation arises.
Nov 8, 2018

Rosalin Been recommends Stason Barido

Stason did an amazing job for us! He was always easy to reach and very communicative about every step of the process. I loved how personable he was! I’d recommend him a million times over.

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