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Fidelity National Title Company of Oregon takes pride in title insurance and escrow services that meet customer demands for efficient and timely processing and quality products. Through its nationwide network of direct operations and agents, FNTCO provides title insurance, underwriting, escrow and closing services to residential, commercial and industrial clients, lenders, developers, attorneys, real estate professionals and consumers.


Recommendations (235)

Feb 6, 2018

Monica M. Dorris recommends Cinda Brundidge

Principal Broker

Cinda truly knows her stuff! She is efficient, informative and effective. Our Broker's time is well spent on a class with Cinda!
Jan 29, 2018

Bill Nyara recommends Donna Robinson


Donna was great to work with. She is very professional, communicative and timely. I would definitely recommend Donna and her staff.
Jan 24, 2018

Timothy Schamber recommends Donna Robinson

Donna was extremely efficient , knowledgeable , and professional though out the process of selling our home. We especially appreciate her keeping us informed of updates through out the process. We never had to contact her for information as it was always forthcoming.
We would highly recommend Donna Robinson and her team for any title and escrow services.
Thank you so much
Tim Schamber
Jan 24, 2018

Mitch Raymond recommends Donna Robinson

Benefits Consultant

I would recommend Donna Robinson and her staff to handle all of your legal title matters when buying property.
They are efficient, courteous and professional in manner.
I had never met Donna before our transaction and their company was mentioned to us by our realtors as being reliable and so I contacted to meet and discuss our upcoming purchase. My wife and I are glad we did.
Natalie and Donna both are knowledgeable, thorough and helpful. I would certainly do business with them again.
Oct 17, 2017

Donna Chase recommends Donna Robinson


Donna was calm and accommodating during, what I consider, a somewhat strained transaction with timing issues....
I appreciate her so much!
Aug 22, 2017

Lori Loen recommends Donna Robinson

Principal Real Estate Broker

Working with Donna Robinson for the first time was simply a pleasure. I was so thankful she was responsive to my calls, questions and emails in a very timely manner. We worked with a cash buyer and I was concerned about this client having insurance in place before recording and she followed up on this many times before closing. My concerns became her concerns and it was a pleasure to work together. I look forward to our next closing and highly recommend you give her a try.
Jul 27, 2017

Maggie Smith recommends Cinda Brundidge


Cinda is AMAZING! Her incredibly fun energy is backed by years of knowledge and experience. Every time I meet with her, I have a blast and get inspired to put to work the tools and tips she gives me. Cinda always offers something to learn from which is why I highly recommend her to both new agents and agents with years of experience.
Jul 11, 2017

Eric Larson recommends Donna Robinson

Owner HomeStar brokers

Donna Robinson is the best Escrow Officer I have ever used in 28 years as a Broker.
Jul 10, 2017

Carl Bengtson recommends Donna Robinson

Carl Bengtson

Donna kept me abreast of every detail right up to the time of signing.
I had full confidence in her ability and professional skill
Jul 10, 2017

colene macklin recommends Donna Robinson


Donna Robinson closed a transaction for me a week or so ago , in the Albany Fidelity office..Donna was doing this as a courtesy signing, which is much harder. not having dealt with the file beforehand... There were 5 sellers. one of whom had to be signed in Astoria and the other four came into the office... I was so impressed with Donnas professionalism, when things got noisy with chatter, because, we were having a good time...... It would have been difficult... She kept her focus and was very kind and thoughtful in the process....she does a great job!!! Colene Macklin. Aladdin Lamp Realty
May 31, 2017

Brandon Lohse recommends Cinda Brundidge


Cinda has been fantastic to work with. She will take the time to personalize her services to your needs as an agent. Thanks a lot Cinda!
May 25, 2017

Pat Olmstead recommends Kimberly Zentmire

principal broker

Kimberly was on top of everything that was needed during my transaction with Fidelity. She was always prepared with answers to any of my clients questions and the closing process was very smooth.
May 19, 2017

Erin Garibay recommends Cinda Brundidge

Real Estate Broker

Cinda is very knowledgeable and kind. She is willing to help and is easy to talk to! I love working with Cinda!
May 10, 2017

Ron Liedkie recommends Cinda Brundidge


Cinda Brundidge has a great deal of energy and knowledge and is willing to work with you on the business of real estate.
May 10, 2017

Brian Bemis recommends Kelli Terjeson


Kelli Terjeson is always there to help me with any of my title and escrow needs. She has helped me tremendously by giving me the resources and knowledge I need. Her professionalism, quick response and positive attitude will always keep me coming back to Fidelity National Title.
May 10, 2017

Kim McBryde recommends Randy Leeper

Senior Escrow Closer

I am delighted to recommend working for Randy Leeper and Fidelity National Title. I've been working in Escrow for more than 25 years and the last 4 for Fidelity National Title. When I needed to relocate from Eugene to Albany/Corvallis area, the management teams worked very hard to make that happen. As it turned out, the timing was 100% perfect. I moved from Eugene to Corvallis over the weekend and started in Albany the following Monday. So I've been working in the Albany office for a little less than a year and I can say, without one hesitation, this is the BEST OFFICE AND OPERATION that I've had the opportunity to work in. The benefits with Fidelity National Title are amazing and my daughter is one of the recipients of the college scholarships the Fidelity sponsors. She is currently enrolled at Oregon State University studying Cultural Anthropology and Sustainability.
Randy made me feel very welcome and was very proactive with IT and the transfer.
Randy is genuinely a nice person, cares about his staff, very knowledgeable and supportive in all aspects.
May 8, 2017

Randy Leeper recommends Fidelity National Title Mid-Willamette Valley

County Manager

Michelle is a great part of our sales team. Her background in Real Estate, Lending and Technology is what sets her apart. She has the experience to help her clients through all of their title and escrow needs.
May 4, 2017

Gina Nonemaker recommends Randy Leeper

Escrow Assistant

Randy has been instrumental in making me feel like a welcome new team member with Fidelity National Title in the Albany office. When I was first hired this last month, Randy made sure to send me all the information he knew I would need to get off to a great start, introduced me to key team members and has always quickly responded to any of my questions or concerns. I appreciate his positive and professional demeanor.
May 4, 2017

Shelby Nicole Keys recommends Randy Leeper

Escrow Officer

Randy joined our operation as County Manager exactly one year ago. The positive changes in our operation were almost immediate and things have continued in the same direction. Randy is a trustworthy, approachable leader. His knowledge and passion for our customers and industry are unparalleled. Working for a customer focused company like Fidelity National Title is rewarding; add a manager like Randy and there is no better place to be.
May 3, 2017

Dave Pautsch recommends Fidelity National Title Mid-Willamette Valley


Professional,Smart and very knowledgeable. Michelle is great to work with
May 3, 2017

Heidi Junge recommends Randy Leeper

Sales Executive & Small Business Development Specialist

Randy is a responsive and thoughtful manager who has demonstrated consistent and valuable leadership skills since he embarked on his journey with us. I believe that he has given me a platform to improve my skills and value as a sales executive by being willing, available and resourceful. His follow up with me, my clients and my escrow team is timely and greatly appreciated. I feel completely comfortable approaching him with questions, concerns or just to share a tidbit of my hilarious sense of humor.
May 3, 2017

Cinda Brundidge recommends Randy Leeper

VP, Sales Executive

As I go in to my 18th year with Fidelity, I can honestly say this is an amazing company full of incredible people and opportunity.
When Randy joined our team as County Manager last year, we were all anxious to get to know him and see what kind of manager he is.
I'm so happy to say that not only is he fair, honest, intelligent, and hard working... he is kind.
Most definitely the type of manager that is humble and giving (the best kind!).
He's quick to help in any situation I have and with a smile.
I highly recommend Randy Leeper and Fidelity National Title.
May 3, 2017

Stacey L. Smith recommends Randy Leeper

Escrow Assistant

Fidelity's loyalty, support and awesome co-workers makes it easy to be a 21 year employee!!
May 3, 2017

Kelli Terjeson recommends Randy Leeper

Sales Manager

Randy is a great problem solver, encourager and leader at Fidelity National Title. He is always looking for the best solutions for our team while providing support, guidance and resolution. I truly enjoy working with him!
Apr 20, 2017

Tracey Sherrell recommends Randy Leeper

Sales Executive

Working at Fidelity is the BEST! We have the most supportive team that cares about our personal lives along with the support it takes to be the best in the industry. When Randy joined our team it was a blessing!

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