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Recommendations (566)

2 days ago

Ron McLean recommends Renee Cornelius


Very professional
3 days ago

Ericka Tatum recommends Shannel LaDue


Shannel worked really hard to make our deals close simultaneously, I'm very grateful for all of her hard work.
3 days ago

Michael HEEDE recommends Natalie Brumley


Sacramento expert and guru. Natalie's skills surpass our industry standards. Energetic and on time always. Call her today 916 201 6204.
3 days ago

Gail Robards recommends Shannel LaDue


Shannel is a terrific escrow officer and is a great addition to the Fidelity Midtown office. She is a great communicatior, keeping you abreast of what is happening in your transactions. At the closing table, she is a calm presence who guides your clients through the documents with great ease. I'd highly recommend Shannel to anyone who has a title or escrow need, she'll be a great addition to your team!
Jun 20, 2016

Kathleen Biondo recommends Colin Roe

Real Estate Agent

Colin is professional and hard working. He goes out of his way to assist with my real estate needs. He is always available and in touch via phone calls and emails. Truly a great real estate partner and a pleasure to work with!
Jun 18, 2016

Oksana Tsvyk recommends Shannel LaDue


Working as a Realtor in todays fast moving business of selling Real Estate, my experience of working with Shannel LaDue allows me the assurance of meeting my clients needs from the first contact to the final escrow signing with Shannel. She truly is one of the BEST escrow officer's I've had the privilege of working with.
Jun 15, 2016

Gaylon Thompson recommends Dawn Vargas

Realtor REMAX Gold

There has never been an instance when I have called Dawn to help me out with some Title involved issue where she hasn't had time for me. She always makes time and usually, it is right away. She knows what she is doing and she does it with gusto. She is a very appreciated and valued member of my business team. She is the best!
Jun 14, 2016

Joe Waldherr recommends Shannel LaDue

Loan Officer

I recently had the experience of working with Shannel. Title is an often overlooked part of the home buying process. What the clients don't see we do. Shannel offered exactly what we needed a positive attitude and more importantly fast response times. Furthermore she was never hesitant to do what is becoming rare....simply picking up the phone and calling or reaching out whenever something needed to be handled. I highly recommend her services for whatever your title needs may be.
Jun 13, 2016

Mel Ewing recommends Natalie Brumley

Top Producer of Sales - Arrow Realty

Love working with Natalie at Fidelity National Title.
Whenever I need to open an escrow or just need detail on a file/escrow, I know I can reach her and get what I need to keep my business running and keep my clients updated.
Thank you Natalie, keep up the good work.
Jun 8, 2016

Eduardo Ortega recommends Colin Roe

Branch manager

he is an awesome guy with a lot of energy and utilizes his relationship to maximize the exchange of ideas amongst us in our local markets
Jun 7, 2016

Dan Wojan recommends Pete Dawson

Mortgage Advisor

I highly recommend Pete Dawson for your escrow needs. He is always very responsive and an all-around good guy. He will make sure he pairs you with one of his many very capable escrow officers.
May 31, 2016

Ron Diedrich recommends Shannel LaDue

Shannel was both professional and pleasant to work with I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a highly capable escrow officer.
May 26, 2016

Leif bierer recommends Liz Tholen


Liz does an excellent job, above and beyond her job description!
May 24, 2016

FERA MCNEIL recommends Colin Roe

Real Estate Agent

As agents we all get busy and overwhelmed at times with title companies contacting us. Trust me, every minute you spend with Collin is worth it! He shared such valuable information. Often you hear valuable info but how often is it easy to implement immediately? Right after our meeting Collin emailed me everything he said he would. Go figure he actually did what he said he's was going to do.
May 23, 2016

Viola Jewel Mitchell recommends Shannel LaDue


Shannel LaDue recently handled the escrow for my client and me and an unexpected problem arose that made me glad she was "on the job." The tenacity needed, along with true concern and caring was applied to the process to remove the hindrance and successfully close the escrow. Also, of great value to me, was the kindness and patience shown toward the seller, a gentleman 93 years of age and his daughter who assisted her father. I do highly recommend Shannel. She's not just a professional, she's a trooper!
May 23, 2016

Curt & Marilyn Tucker recommends Pina McDermot

Real Estate Broker

I have been in the real estate business for over 15 years and have dealt with a lot of escrow officers and let me tell you if you want a Good escrow officer who takes care of every little detail then Pina is the one you'll want to deal with. I highly recommend her and Fidelity Title for all your escrow needs.
May 19, 2016

Renee Waters recommends Liz Tholen

Vice President/Village Land co., LLC

Liz is such a credit to your company. Any transaction that I bring to her is always letter perfect. Of all the Title Companies I have to deal with, when it is Liz, it is a pleasure. Not so with others.
May 18, 2016

Albert Thomas recommends Liz Tholen


Liz Tholen did a great Job for me on the very first Escrow. Al
May 16, 2016

Pete Dawson recommends Renee Cornelius

Sales Executive

I have worked with Renee for several years. She is a great escrow officer that will go the extra mile! I highly recommend Renee!
May 16, 2016

Pete Dawson recommends Renee Cornelius

Sales Executive

I have worked with Renee for several years. She is a great escrow officer that will go the extra mile! I highly recommend Renee!
May 12, 2016

Dolores C. Soso recommends Pina McDermot


Pina has been so friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I can highly recommend her to anyone wanting to do an escrow. We had her do six different escrows for us -- even involving exchanges. She was great!
May 12, 2016

Liza Seipel-Bueb recommends Pete Dawson

Real Estate Agent with The Marc Palos Real Estate Team at Village Financial Group

Pete is always friendly and quick to help when needed and I appreciate all the information you send my way. It's great to have another go to person at FNT who really comes thru whenever you need him. Thanks! :-)
May 12, 2016

Liza Seipel-Bueb recommends Pina McDermot

Real Estate Agent The Marc Palos Real Estate Team Village Financial Group

Pina is a pleasure to work with during the detailed escrow process. Glad to know my clients are in good hands with a knowledgeable, dependable and responsive Escrow Officer at Fidelity National Title in El Dorado Hills. Thank you! :-)
May 11, 2016

Don Young recommends Shannel LaDue


I was very pleased to have had Shannel work with my transaction as the Escrow Officer. She was polite.positive and very responsive to help resolve any issue when it was necessary, I will not hesitate to work with her again. GOOD JOB SHANNEL!
May 11, 2016

Brenda Pieper recommends Dawn Vargas


Dawn is a hands on Sales Executive and is available any time you need her! She is knowledgeable and is willing to spend the time needed in my office to make sure we are using all of the resources she has available. Dawn is supportive and helps out whenever she can. I wouldn't use anyone else!

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