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Sarah Fields recommends Colin Roe

Regional Marketing Director, FNT

It is a great privilege to have worked with Colin for many years. Not only is he a pleasure to work with, he is skilled in his craft, knowledgeable, proactive, energetic and a true team player. He continues to inspire me through his exceptional leadership and professionalism. I am grateful to get to know him as a person and I feel fortunate to have him on our Fidelity National Title team.
3 days ago

David Chen recommends Mary Medina

Mary Medina was my escrow officer when I sold my property located at Elk Grove. Mary works in a professional way, always responses very quickly and accurately to my concerns. She is a very kind person. I am very happy to work with her.
3 days ago

Donna Delno recommends Colin Roe

Mortgage Loan Officer - Evergreen Home Loans

Colin is an excellent resource for loan officers! I had the pleasure of meeting him at our office staff meeting, and found that he was a former Loan Officer and knows the struggles and challenges we face daily. He has set me up with a great system that I am excited to start working on today! Colin is super energetic, knowledgeable and very likeable and I look forward to sending business to Fidelity National Title in the future!
Apr 15, 2019

Peggy Anderson recommends Terra Fletcher

VP Umpqua Bank

I sold a rental property last year and Terra handled the title and escrow. I was doing my taxes. Last day before the deadline, mind you! I had thrown away the paper work from the sale of my home and kept some useless paper work! A bit difficult to itemize with out the numbers! I panicked and emailed Terra on Sunday evening! I was checking email for other reasons and to my surprise, first thing, there is an email from Terra and a second with the document! Amazing service. I had filed an extension thinking it would be several weeks!!!! I will only use Terra for any future deals and spread the word to my customers and friends!
Apr 9, 2019

Eduardo Ortega recommends Colin Roe

Branch mManager

Colin did a great job informing of us of all the products offered at Fidelity National Title and he has always been very supportive of our retail presence in Roseville.
Thank you Colin
Apr 6, 2019

Kari McCoy recommends Pete Dawson

Realtor, CRS

I have known Pete Dawson for over 22 years and he is extremely professional and will always go the extra mile with a smile on his face. He is a credit to his profession. Thanks for always being there for me and my clients.
Apr 6, 2019

Kari McCoy recommends Pina McDermot

Realtor, CRS

Pina McDermot has provided me and all my clients the best service for over 17 years. However, this time she has really amazed all of us as she has had to work with obtain the seller's an appointment with the Korean Embassy to obtain the necessary paper work to close the escrow for my buyers. Pina you are the best ever! My buyers from the bay area also think you are top in their books!
Thanks for going well above the scope of your job and providing additional service for all of us.
Apr 2, 2019

Colin Roe recommends Norma Farr

Sales Manager

It is a true privileged to be on the same team as Norma. She is a consummate professional always looking to bring value to her clients on a daily basis, but to also be a great partner to her escrow teams in the office. She is a great listener, problem solver and connector levering her knowledge and resources to create win-win partnerships to all. Ever time I have a conversation with Norma I walk away with a great idea or new insight and see how much pride and care she has for what she does. If you are not currently working with Norma and her team I highly recommend meeting with her and you'll appreciate the difference she brings.
Apr 1, 2019

Jamie M Ryan recommends Colin Roe

Escrow Officer

I have been fortunate to work with Colin for about 8 years now and I know the fidelity family is lucky to have such a great asset to the company. Appreciate all your support and professionalism Colin!! You are one of a kind! Looking forward to continue to work with you and see you grow and succeed further in this industry.
Apr 1, 2019

John Doe recommends Kelly Bell

Director of Sales

Great job.
Apr 1, 2019

Philip Duncan recommends Colin Roe

Business Development Manager

Colin is a truly amazing! He and I work on two boards together that help promote the home building industry and also our mission to end homelessness. He has chaired both the NSBIA SMC and HomeAid Sacramento with great leadership! Beyond this, as lenders we do business with his company he has personally added great value through training and educating our people on how the title industry works in conjunction with lenders to provide a remarkable good experience to our mutual customers.
Apr 1, 2019

Roy Machado recommends Colin Roe

Founder | Realtor

I've been working with Colin's team for years now. Not only are the escrow officers, Jessica and Lindsey been wonderful, but Colin's has always been such a great resource and support for my business. We recently met and Colin re-introduced me to the new Fidelity app which I took for granted. Colin was able to educated me on how to properly use the app which I have told him has made my life so much easier in servicing the clients I have. The info he has shared has not only saved me time, but also gave me another level of service my clients can benefit from.
Mar 29, 2019

Georgette Limato recommends Terra Fletcher


I have know and been working with Terra with Escrow and Title for over a decade.Terra and her team always supersede any expectation of mine and or my clients. She goes far beyond expectations and finds solutions to issues others can not. It is always a pleasure and a smooth transaction for all whenever Terra is involved. Thank you for always taking such good care of my clients and myself and for always going beyond expectations
Mar 28, 2019

Craig Diez recommends Terra Fletcher

Terra and her team offer the best customer service one could ever ask for. They are always positive, polite, and on top of things. When there is an issue with the escrow, they role up their sleeves and get involved. I have never seen Terra flustered and has amazing composure. I could not be happier!
Mar 28, 2019

Jill Berni recommends Pina McDermot

I highly recommend Pina. She is organized, helpful, patient and stays in communication.
Mar 28, 2019

Jim Kilen - recommends Terra Fletcher

NV Realtor

Terra is wonderful to work with
Mar 26, 2019

Dianna Brand recommends Jamie Ryan

Jamie Ryan did an excellent job with my transaction. She was very professional and willing to help in any way she could. Her communication skills are excellent and she was very responsive to all my questions and needs. She is also vey pleasant and nice person. Thank you Jamie!
Mar 25, 2019

Jeremiah recommends Jamie Ryan


Jamie did a fantasit job, she is awesome!
Mar 22, 2019

Holly Diamond recommends Laura Peachey

See above testimonial.
Mar 22, 2019

DeeDee Riley recommends Liz Tholen

Love Fidelity Title. Love Liz and all the escrow officers there!
Mar 22, 2019

Sheryl Ravera recommends Colin Roe

Loan Processor

Colin is one of the few title reps who continues to regularly visit our office to provide personal customer service and support all of the great escrow teams that we work with at Fidelity National Title. Thank you Colin!
Mar 22, 2019

Chelsea Boone recommends Debbie Sajdak


Debbie was great! Such a wonderful resource to have. I am pretty new to real estate and was unaware of all the great tools and resources Fidelity National Title has to offer. Debbie set me up with three really good resources that I’ve already started to utilize for my business. I can’t wait to meet with her again.
Mar 20, 2019

Ian Chi recommends Terra Fletcher

Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator

Terra and her team wereabsolutely on top of the entire process from start to finish. the entire team was polite, professional and efficient. even though we had a slight delay at closing of no fault of theirs, they went above and beyond to take care of the issue... Terra also had no issues with my many emails and answered all my questions without skipping a beat. I love them and wouldn't hesitate to use them again!
Mar 19, 2019

Cynthia Kliment recommends Jamie Ryan

Jamie was wonderful to work with, very professional and very helpful through our closing.
Mar 16, 2019

Lori Ingram recommends Renee Cornelius

Renee and Sarah are exceptional! They do not miss a beat and always put there clients first. Always ready to help and communication is wonderful.

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