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Recommendations (77)

Oct 14, 2018

Donald Button recommends Liz Paglinawan

Research Director

It was a true pleasure to work with Escrow Officer Liz Paglinawan during the process my wife and I recently went through to buy a home in San Francisco. We very strongly recommend Liz as a knowledgeable and highly talented professional.

It’s easy for buyers in San Francisco’s tough real estate market to become discouraged by the stresses encountered during the process of buying a home. However, when you have someone like Liz Paglinawan working with you those challenges are readily managed, and, ultimately, transactions are completed safely and efficiently. Liz made an effort to meet me personally as all necessary paperwork was assembled, ensured that efficient and accurate communications with realtors and financial institutions occurred on schedule and was highly vigilant and careful to confirm safe and successful wire transfers of funds. Finally, she guided us through our document signing meeting with concise and informative input every step of the way.

In summary, Liz Paglinawan helped us immensely in our real estate transaction by demonstrating extremely effective skills in executing and communicating the many details of closing escrow. She did that with her warm and friendly good nature and her abundance of expert knowledge. The fantastic work Liz completed really helped relieve some of the pressure and stress associated with buying our home. Thanks Liz ! We can’t recommend you highly enough !
Sep 7, 2018

Shantam Sheptow recommends Liz Paglinawan


Liz helped us to complete a very difficult escrow in a very short time. She did a great job!
Aug 30, 2018

Mary Karr recommends Liz Paglinawan

Liz worked with us in selling our family home. She was fantastic. Always answered our questions and extremely knowledgeable. She was always very timely in responding to us and excited for the changes we were making. Her customer service was outstanding and went the extra mile to meet deadlines
Aug 30, 2018

Cathy Zhuang recommends Liz Paglinawan

Liz was the title officer for our first house purchase and we really lucked out having her. She is detailed oriented, thoughtful, caring, patient and so easy to work with. She goes out of her way to make sure we are comfortable with all the paper work and understand what's going on because as first time buyers, we had loads of questions. I would highly recommend Liz because of her professionalism, her work ethics and caring nature.
Aug 6, 2018

Shannon Solares-Rowbury recommends Liz Paglinawan

Professional Athlete

Liz did an excellent job! She really knows her stuff, is highly professional, and was a pleasure to work with. Her efficiency is impressive! She handled a complicated escrow with ease. My husband and I really enjoyed working with her!
Jul 31, 2018

Kitty Voigt recommends Liz Paglinawan

VP, Sr Mtg Consultant

I had a great experience working with Liz! She was highly responsive during our entire transaction! She kept me informed of status of file and looked for alternative options when necessary. Loved her positive energy and prompt attention to all our requests! I look forward to working with her again sometime!
Jul 27, 2018

Chip Isaac recommends Liz Paglinawan

Real Estate Investor

I will add to the growing accolades honoring Liz and her amazing abilities. Our close was an unusually complicated one due to a loan on the property in addition to the mortgage. Liz navigated this minefield with grace and expertise dealing with multiple challenges, many of which were above and beyond a normal closing transaction. She worked diligently with the the multiple parties on the selling side to make sure that all the i's were dotted and the t's were crossed. Being the consummate professional that she is, Liz did everything that was required to close this property and accomplished all this with a 14 day close!! Amazing work Liz.
I am sure there are a lot of wonderful escrow officers out there, but I can't imagine anyone better than Liz.
Jul 13, 2018

Mark Fuller recommends Liz Paglinawan

VP of Finance, Controller

Liz Paglinawan is an amazing professional! On average, I've moved and bought/sold houses every six years during my career. I've never worked with an escrow officer that begins to approach the skill level and efficiency of Liz. When we sold our house recently, the buyer wanted to close in week's time; a seemingly impossible task with me traveling the entire time. But nothing phases Liz, she took control, got everything prepared, and even managed to find someone to meet me on the road to sign documents! And never before did I feel as well informed regarding the status of the transaction and the process to be managed as I did with Liz. She is highly organized and tremendously efficient. I don't want to buy and sell properties more often that I already do, but if I did, I'd like Liz managing the escrow process on every one of them! She's the best!
Jul 2, 2018

Pete Zavlaris recommends Liz Paglinawan


Liz did a fabulous job with the escrow we had at 180 Saint Elmo in San Francisco. It was a tricky transaction, but she stayed right on top of every step to get it done on time. I would highly recommend using Liz for any escrow needs.
Jun 22, 2018

Mike McGlinch recommends Liz Paglinawan


Liz is just incredible! A true joy to work with and her attention to detail is second to none. We have worked with Liz on 40+ transactions thus far and each one has been handled flawlessly. She is a true professional and goes the extra mile for her clients. Highly recommended!
Jun 20, 2018

Kam Pasha recommends Liz Paglinawan

Liz gets things done professionally, diligently, and tenaciously. She is a terrific resource on our side.
Apr 29, 2018

Thomas Scot recommends Liz Paglinawan

Chief Financial Officer

I recently dealt with Liz on the purchase of a San Francisco property. She was extremely diligent and very responsive on the required information and timelines. I highly recommend her.
Apr 20, 2018

Elaine M. Falvey recommends Liz Paglinawan


Liz is an excellent escrow officer. She is not only a pleasure to work with, but is thorough and detail oriented. The paperwork to close escrow was done in a timely fashion and she is very accommodating when scheduling appointments to fit into your schedule. I highly recommend Liz as an escrow person to work with.
Oct 30, 2017

beverly recommends Liz Paglinawan

Executive Director

Liz exemplifies the true meaning of customer service. She is extremely knowledgable, and beyond that, incredibly quick to respond to all communications. I highly recommend hiring Liz and plan to work with her again in the future.

Sep 15, 2017

Rodney C Stacker recommends Liz Paglinawan

Senior Network Engineer

I very much appreciate the time and dedication Liz took to explain the ins and outs of escrow. I didn't know what to expect this being my first encounter with purchasing a house. Liz reassure me the process isn't as difficult as I has thought.
She explained each form in detail that required my signature. In laymen terms this simplified the process for me.

Liz I can't thank you enough for a job well done. I would highly recommend Liz for anyone look for an Escrow Officer.
Jul 3, 2017

Eric Banner recommends Liz Paglinawan

Regional Director

My family and I enjoyed working with Liz as she was extremely knowledgeable, patient and above all enthusiastic. While document signing can be a long and less then exciting process, Liz worked diligently through the pages pausing on the most important areas to highlight. Beyond "signing-day" Liz far exceeded our expectations. She pro-actively kept us informed and always remained enthusiastic. As an Escrow officer, Liz is uniquely positioned closest to the buyers bank with knowledge on what may be happening behind the scenes. In this way Liz kept us apprised of the transaction status and assurances of its positive outcome. I highly recommend Liz Paglinawan
May 11, 2017

Enrique J. Gutierrez recommends Liz Paglinawan

Principal Engineer - Delta Air Lines

We have become accustomed to the absence of professionalism, curtesy, kindness, and intelligence in so many aspects of today's "modern" world. I am here to tell anyone that when it comes to PEOPLE, I was taken aback by Liz Paglinawan. She is the anthesis of a world in chaos. In so far as an escrow officer, you will not find a person as knowledgeable, diligent, professional, courteous and more caring about the client than Liz. She exists for one reason to ensure you leave without one iota of doubt as to the sum of documents you have signed, She will leave you feeling at ease knowing that she has your best interest at heart. I need not find any other Escrow Officer...ever! Thank you Liz. Never change you are a Diamond serving the public.
May 10, 2017

Ana M. Araneda-Madanat recommends Liz Paglinawan


I can't say enough about Liz. She is amazing to work with. Very Knowledgeable, patient and is known to work miracles. I know that with Liz handling the closing everything will be okay.

Thank you so much Liz.
Apr 12, 2017

Adam Wiskind recommends Liz Paglinawan

M&A Advisor

We just closed escrow on our house in San Francisco. It was incredibly fast and Liz did an amazing job keeping us on task and managing the process with professionalism and kindness. She even provided us some great referrals. If we only owned another house in San Francisco we would love to work with Liz again. Thanks so much Liz, you're the best!
Apr 12, 2017

Amarjit Gill recommends Liz Paglinawan

investor, advisor & board member

it was a great pleasure to work with Liz during the escrow process . liz made the entire process so simple by facilitating signing the documents in their sataelite office in silicon valley.
Liz has the best customer service skill and she relates to people very well.
we wish her very best in her career and we are very sure she will earn many praises from potential clients.
Liz, wish you very best!
Sep 9, 2016

Elizabeth Martin recommends Liz Paglinawan

Mortgage Loan Officer

Liz went more than the extra mile to insure that we closed under a very tight contract with a buyer and seller. We could not have done it without her!!! Thanks for saving the day and saving the deal!
Sep 7, 2016

William Molarius recommends Gail Gaffney

Escrow Officer

I have worked for many managers and supervisors throughout my 20+ year career. I have never found a person who invests in their employees like Gail does. Not only does she provide the training and skills for me to succeed by keeping all employees up to date on their training but Gail also challenges her employees to find a balance between work and life. She even encourages the office to have events to help relieve the stress this industry provides. She is not my superior - she is my equal and, with that type of environment, she has been there for me as an employee when my parents passed away. She knows how to walk a line very well as she always encourages us to be successful but also to be happy. By far Gail is the best manager. She is not only concerned about the bottom line. If we have a bad month she speaks with us on how we have an opportunity next month. We have never failed with Gail, we have just not yet reached our full potential. I would recommend her to everyone and anyone. I speak about her to my colleagues and they cannot believe there is a manager like Gail.
Sep 5, 2016

Denise L recommends Liz Paglinawan


Liz provided extradianary communication during the escrow process. She was reassuring when the lender requested "more time" which delayed an already exhaustingly long sales process. Liz returned calls, answered all my questions, and followed-up after escrow closed to make sure all was well with me. I highly recommend Liz.
Aug 30, 2016

Maria M. Abbott recommends Gail Gaffney

sales associate

I met Gail in 1989 when I went to Fidelity to open my first escrow. She has been my "go to" person ever since. Her sense of responsibility, her loyalty to her clients and her dependability, are reflected in her support crew at all Fidelity offices. I always know that I can count on my title officer to alert me of any possible problems, with enough time to avert disaster. I can also count on excellent service and the utmost professionalism from her title officers. Given the choice, I always go to Fidelity. I know that Gail is behind the scenes making sure that I close my deals.
Aug 29, 2016

James Stuart recommends Gail Gaffney

Sales Representative

Gail has been a wonderful county manager to work with over the years. I find her very resourceful, creative, and helpful in her management position. She cares about her people, our customers, and the company we work for! Gail has probably one of the toughest positions in the company, wearing many hats, tackling lots of different tasks, and running our company operations day to day. I value Gail’s efforts, leadership, and thankful to be working with her!

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