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Fidelity National Title provides title insurance, escrow/closing services and related real estate services to homeowners and real estate professionals. For assistance with your real estate transaction or for more information contact your local sales representative or title agent. Remember to request Fidelity National Title for your next transaction.


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May 15, 2018

Dan Dang recommends Renee Lo


Thank you so much Renee for all your fantastic work in coordinating an excellent and smooth closing of escrow!
May 14, 2018

Althea Kippes recommends Desiree Baker

Real Estate Broker

Desiree has been in the business for many years, and as a result she has knowledge and expertise that other people simply do not have. She knows everything related to title and escrow matters, and can help identify issues before they become problems. Her customer service skills are outstanding, and she always responds immediately. She returns calls when she says she will, and does what she says she will do. It is rare to find people like this, and I am lucky to be able to work with her.
May 4, 2018

Frank Linane recommends Bridget Harrigan


I was having trouble with a contract holder, Sunrun solar, and Bridget, cut to the chase and got things wrapped up. Thank Your Bridget
May 1, 2018

Robert Gregory recommends Annie Tyler

Owner/Operator - No Problem Movers

Annie is a Rock Star with Fidelity National Title and one of my favorite networking partners. I've relied on Annie's experience, professionalism, and enthusiasm for her customer's success is what sets her apart. Her keen business sense and extensive professional network have been vital in helping me in the Almaden Valley.
Apr 30, 2018

Sophie B recommends Annie Tyler

Co-Owner of So Gold Marketing LLC

Annie was easy to work with, is very organized and timely. You're in great hands should you choose to work with her!

The thing I appreciate the most about Annie is that she works hard for her clients and is always trying to help them the best she can.

Apr 26, 2018

Sharon Nguyen recommends Annie Tyler

Loan Consultant

Annie is such a valuable addition to Fidelity National Title. She goes above and beyond and making sure everyone is satisfied during the process. She has a wealth of knowledge along with a pocket full of relationships for your referral needs. I can't recommend her enough and will continue to work with her since she's amazing at her job and strive to make things happen.
Apr 24, 2018

Robin Brown recommends Tania Cheater

Real Estate Appraiser

I have known Tania Cheater and her office staff for three years now. They are the most welcoming and professional title company I have ever had the chance to work with. Tania and her team go above and beyond in service of the Bay Area. Tania is one of the most profound connectors in networking that I have ever met. She devotes every minute of her day to be of service to her clients and to connect people and professionals to ensure their success is stronger. If you haven't had the chance to meet Tania and work with her, then now is the time to set your calendar and reach out.
Apr 6, 2018

James Endo recommends Teri Larkin

I am always grateful for your business insights, and tools you share. Thanks for helping me with my recent challenges and your suggestions helped! I just got a listing signed that will gross 5X my investment and have am also working on another property. The total gross sales for the two sales is $2.5 million and most appreciated. Thanks for your valuable services and support and I am a raving fan!
Apr 6, 2018

James Endo recommends Teri Larkin

Broker Associate

Hi Teri Larkin,
James Endo just left you a new recommendation!
"I am always grateful for your business insights, and tools you share. Thanks for helping me with my recent challenges and your suggestions helped! I just got a listing signed that will gross 5X my investment and have am also working on another property. The total gross sales for the two sales is $2.5 million and most appreciated. Thanks for your valuable services and support and I am a raving fan! "
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The Reach150 Team

Apr 3, 2018

John Pavlovich and Diane VanDenBosch recommends The Marie/Claudia Team

Broker and Realtor family partner of PAVLOVICH RESIDENTIAL RE

Stupendous!! Phenomenal!! Big kudos!! ! The Marie and Claudia team provide the service of highly skilled escrow officers and make every move seem effortless. From excellent communications to flawless balancing details; they have our complete confidence to provide amazing customer service to our most complex clients. Being an Independent RE family owned company, PAVLOVICH RESIDENTIAL RE, our standards of customer service have always been old fashioned: to treat our clients with the utmost care, highest respect and diligence.. unparalleled service. Marie and Claudia have our votes many times over!
Mar 20, 2018

Frank Liu recommends Bryan Cano


Bryan is one of the most consistent, reliable and resourceful sales executives I have ever met! He has always been responsive and updates us with essential info we need.
I highly recommend him and his team!
Way to go, Bryan!
Mar 19, 2018

Victor Culatta recommends Annie Tyler


Annie Tyler is an amazing sales executive. She possesses the skills, knowledge and ability to successfully connect clients with the right people and resources needed to successfully execute their transactions. Annie invests her time and talent with internal and external stakeholders to create exceptional relationships. She is the consummate networker who is known to ignite positive synergy.
Mar 13, 2018

Shanna McClearn recommends Annie Tyler

Business Development Manager

I truly enjoy working with Annie! She's so happy, genuine, and helpful. Annie has introduced me to some great partners within her network. She really wants to ensure success and satisfaction for her clients through great customer service, responsiveness, and professionalism.
Mar 13, 2018

Shanne Carvalho recommends Frank DeBernardo


Frank not only is a great resource in his field because of his many years of experience but also passionate about the business which reflects in his exceptional customer service. Frank has stepped into situations to make sure we receive the proper help even when realistically he could just stand on the sidelines. I trust his expertise and am impressed with the team he has assembled behind him to handle all our needs!
Mar 7, 2018

Katie Galli Ketelsen recommends Annie Tyler

Broker Associate

If you get the opportunity to work with Annie, take it! She is professional, knowledgable, and has an outstanding personality. Annie always puts the needs of her clients first and exceeds expectations. She builds lasting relationships and is someone you will want to work with long term.
Feb 28, 2018

Ramin Ekhtiar recommends Tania Cheater

I have to say Tania and team are 120% the best team I have ever worked with in a real estate transaction. Tania is always engaged and so responsive to ANY need. She was on top of our refinance the entire time - monitoring emails from her team, responding and engaging every step of the way.

I will recommend her to my neighbors and to anyone engaging in any real estate transaction. Thank you Tania!!
Feb 22, 2018

Thiro Lim recommends Mai Huynh

Insurance Broker

I have known Mai for many years both at a professional and personal level. I highly trust and admire Mai for her hard work and her good ethic.

If you are looking for a competent, caring, and trustworthy escrow officer, I highly recommend my friend and colleague Mai Huynh.
Feb 21, 2018

Lana Kwok Nguyen recommends Mai Huynh

Mai is exceptional and go beyond her duty calls. She answers all my emails and texts! I highly recommend her. She’s the one to go to with all your Escrow’s!!!
Feb 20, 2018

Sissy Nichols recommends Bryan Cano


Thank you Bryan you are a rock star I’m so glad we got together. We will all make a great team!

Feb 17, 2018

Teresa Nora Trobbe recommends Tania Cheater

Owner and photographer for FotosbyT

In this world where there are so many choices and "TO DO's", I want to choose someone who has so much expereince and buisness connections.
Tania Cheator is the choice. She multitask's like nobody else taking so much off your plate and freeing up your time to relax or go do more.
Feb 16, 2018

Mark Thomas recommends Tania Cheater

Realtor®, Sereno Group

Tania is a wealth of knowledge, experience, and energy. I greatly appreciate her assistance and guidance. Thanks Tania!
Feb 7, 2018

Steve Caroompass recommends Renee Lo


Thank you so much Renee!!! You take pride in your work- that's for sure.
Feb 2, 2018

Kitty Mora recommends Tania Cheater


Tania is genuine and passionate about her work and helping others. It's important and appreciated to work with such a detailed, goal-oriented professional who provides such sincere communication and effort. Thank you Tania!
Jan 23, 2018

Deborah Finkel recommends Tania Cheater

Realtor, G.R.I. at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Tania is superb in every way! She has a extensive knowledge and expertise in her field of title and escrow services, plus a fantastic team of escrow officers and staff to support her and provide top level service to her clients. Tania is the supreme networker and has been instrumental in connecting me to a wide variety of people and resources to assist me in every aspect of the real estate industry. She is smart, dedicated, conscientious, and generous. Tania is just the best!
Jan 16, 2018

Elva Acevedo recommends Annie Tyler


Annie Tyler is amazing. She has been a great resource. Yes, she does it all. Annie has spent some very valuable time alongside me. Her skills are amazing, she is truly a well-rounded person and I will always recommend her.

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