Denise King

Sales Executive Fidelity National Title Tucson


Apr 2, 2018
Sales Coordinator
Denise is a pleasure to work with and be around, she is always willing to help others and is very tech savvy. She has an intimate knowledge of our products and services and will readily share her expertise. I enjoy working with Denise especially when we have projects, classes and events we are planning she has great ideas.
Mar 29, 2018
Vice President, Fidelity
Denise King is special. She is always in sales mode and is one of the best in the business. When I was considering a career with Fidelity, Denise was key in showing me how great of an organization Fidelity is and what is has to offer its clients. One of the reasons Fidelity is a cut above the test is people like Denise. If you can get Denise involved in your business, you won’t regret it.
Mar 15, 2016
Marketing Coordinator
I have worked with Denise in various occasions. She is very passionate about her job. Always has a great smile and personality. Goes above and beyond for her clients.
Feb 26, 2016
Loan Officer, V.I.P. Mortgage
If I were sum up Denise in three words, I would need to include the words energy, enthusiasm and helpful. I am very appreciative of what Denise does by delivering continuous quality service. I highly recommend working with Denise when you get the chance.
Feb 22, 2016

Gold Circle Award

Hard work pays off!! Thank you everyone who helped to make this possible!!
Jan 25, 2016
Realtor, Team Leader, Roberts Team
Denise does such an amazing job of following up and staying on top of her clients needs! I always can count on her to assist in what my team needs and to be a partner in our teams continued success.
Jan 21, 2016
Real Estate owner of Thomas J Krieger PLC
Denise has been such a breath of fresh air when it comes to service in the title and escrow arena. After 30 years in the real estate industry I have come across many escrow and title representatives that fall short of good service provided to their clients and customers. I can say that has never been the experience with Denise and Fidelity National Title. I will continue to use and refer them in the future. Thank you Denise for your professionalism.

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