Kristina Hoitt

Assistant Vice President FNTG Connect Team
Kristina Hoitt has been in the title and escrow industry since 2014 when she joined Fidelity National Title. Her goal has always been to provide exceptional customer service to each of her clients while providing marketing strategies to help grow their respective businesses.
In 2017, Kristina transitioned from her former sales position at FNT Idaho to the Fidelity National Title Group Connect Team and now holds the position of AVP covering the Pacific Northwest.

“My focus is always on providing outstanding service and growing relationships built on trust, loyalty and the highest level of service."


Feb 21, 2018
Sales Executive
Kristina was instrumental in helping me prepare for a large presentation with one of the top 5 largest Real Estate teams in my market. I could not have impressed them without her!!
Jan 26, 2018
Marketing & Education Director / Sales Support Manager
It is such a JOY to work with Kristina! She is SO helpful, responsive and pleasant to work with! She makes it SO EASY to get things done and keep things moving for our employees and their clients. I LOVE having her as a Partner on OUR Team! :)
Jan 16, 2018
VP | County Manager, Chicago Title Company, Billings, MT
Kristina is extremely professional and knowledgeable about all of the products and services FNTG Connect has to offer to our customers. She is very willing to promptly assist us when we have questions and she always does with a smile on her face. Kristina is top notch at what she does!
Jan 10, 2018
Sales Executive
Kristina is wonderful to work with. I love her upbeat personality and eagerness to help. She is great at what she does!
Oct 9, 2017
VP, Sales- Major Accounts/Builder Services
Kristina is just terrific!
Sep 29, 2017
Property Research Specialist & Sales Executive Assistant
Kristina was so great to work with.. Since I'm new to assisting in Sales, Kristina took the time to help walk me through some of the tools that will make each day a little easier. She's quick to follow up and so friendly to work with over the phone. I look forward to working with her further as I continue my journey into Sales. Thank you Kristina for all you do. I appreciate you!
Sep 29, 2017
Kristina is wonderful to work with. She is responsive, friendly and diligent. I thoroughly enjoy when I get the opportunity to work with her!
Aug 4, 2017
President of Built Again and Mikell Real Estate
Kristina has been so amazing to work with! She has the greatest personality and really listens when you are speaking with her. She responds right away when you reach out to her and if she can't help right then she follows up asap. I have really enjoyed working with her and definitely will again!
Aug 1, 2017
Kristina goes above and beyond helping me with any time I have a question or need to have something done with Title. She gets back to me quickly anytime I call, text, or email. She has a great attitude and is a joy to work with. Thanks for helping make my job easier.
Aug 1, 2017
What I appreciate the most about Kristina other than her wonderful personality and her great follow-up, is the fact that I don't feel like I'm alone in business. She is always right there too help me find and use resources. On top of that, she is a great person to be around with her enthusiasm and positive attitude.
Aug 1, 2017
Partner/Realtor at Accel Realty Partners 5 hours ago
Kristina has always been very attentive. She goes above what is expected every time and offers solutions to issues so they don't become one. She knows what she is doing and I am happy to say that I get to work with her.
Aug 1, 2017
Kristina is an amazing representative. She is always looking for new ways to help. She truly wants to see me succeed.
Aug 1, 2017
Associate Broker, Partner, Coach & Mentor-ACCEL REALTY PARTNERS/Associate Brokers Group
Kristina Hoitt is amazing! Very attentive to the needs of her clients both agents and our clients. Top notch service and goes out of her way to be sure that she can help us be the best agents. I am so happy to be able to refer her to my peers---especially new agents who need someone who is there to help them every step of the way. YES-absolutely, I would recommend Kristina!
Aug 1, 2017
Kristina is great! Always on top of things and a pleasure to work with.
Jul 26, 2017
Kristina is a pleasure! Always on top of things and always smiling! Couldn't ask for more.
Jul 25, 2017
Kristina always is a ray of sunshine when she comes into our office. She is a true professional and I am so glad our paths have crossed.

Thank you, Kristina!
Jul 25, 2017
Loan Originator
Kristina goes above & beyond! She is always looking for ways to help. She also looks for ways to allow "like-minded people" to network and makes those introductions when able.
Jul 25, 2017
Associate Broker at Accel Realty Partners
Kristina is always so helpful and an incredible resource of information. She has made recommendations & helped me through the tools and technology that Fidelity National Title & Escrow provides. I always appreciate her warm, welcoming and beautiful smile. She can make any day brighter.
Jul 25, 2017
Kristina was extremely helpful and knowledgeable! Thank you Kristina!
Jul 25, 2017
Kristina is energetic and always willing to make sure all details are taken care of. She goes above and beyond what is required at the time.
Jul 24, 2017
Associate Broker
Kristina does a great job for FIdelity and for us. The mobile app is amazing and Kristina supports that and will come out to train agents in it's use. She's a great resource for anything Title and Escrow related.
Jul 24, 2017
I was introduced to Kristina and the Fidelity team through a lender who I partner with quite often. Kristina has been such a wonderful asset to my team and growing real estate business. I am a Marine and I appreciate people who are quick to respond and follow through with their promises. She has been patient with all my questions in learning how to utilize the tools Fidelity provides to Agents & Clients. I really appreciate her tenacity and work ethic.
Jul 24, 2017
Kristina is amazing! She is so in tune with the tools that we need in the industry to be relevant and successful. She is extremely knowledgeable about the market and the services that her company can offer to help you grow as a professional.
Dec 28, 2016
I had great experience with Kristina!! I've been in the Sales and Customer Service industry for over 25 years and she is not only professional, she is charismatic, deliver her promises, follow up on her goals, creates a friendly environment, which is all I need for my customers and myself!

Thank you Kristina!!
Dec 22, 2016
Realtor/Assoc. Broker
Kristina is so enthusiastic and helpful. I have greatly appreciated her tenacity and follow through. She explained the tools available through Fidelity National Title and I really appreciate her "can do" attitude.

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