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Grand Canyon Title Agency’s Commercial and Residential Divisions have the expertise, experience and client base that have enabled our success for almost 30 years. We are staffed with seasoned professionals that will assist you and your clients before, during and after closing. Your questions and settlement issues will be addressed quickly and efficiently as we strive to maintain a high level of excellence. Please do not hesitate to call us at any time with any question. We are here to serve you.


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Sep 16, 2018

Brian North recommends Ben Ashley


I have utilized the professional service of GCTA for the past 7 years. I run a high powered, fast paced real estate team and require all parts of our process to be the industries best in order to best serve our clients. The experience at GCTA from the receptionist to the office President is second to none. The efficiency, communication, and customer service have everybody feeling like "white glove".
Sep 14, 2018

Jonel Kern Renne recommends Laura Dillion


Laura is just phenomenal at everything she does. She has amazing communication skills and just her all around helpful attitude! She has great contacts if you ever need a referral and always partners with amazing vendors. I know I can always count on Laura, and she truly cares about not just my business but me. Truly a “partner” in business!
Sep 11, 2018

Adele J Kinney recommends Faye Berumen

She is great
Sep 10, 2018

Lisa Crown recommends Ben Ashley

VP of Sales Development

Ben is a rock star sales manger. Not only is he passionate about what he does but he puts his sales force first! He goes to bat for them on a daily basis. He has been a loyal, supportive sale manager with the Elite Sales Coaching Program. Always investing into his sales team to be the best they can be. He is smart, funny and a whole lot of fun to be around. Thank you for being awesome Ben and keep up the great work. HIGH FIVE!!!!!!!!!
Sep 10, 2018

Heather Darin recommends Laura Dillion

Account Executive

Laura is amazing! She’s creative, thoughtful and has an incredible work ethic. She’s very well connected because she is diligent in follow up, she stays in touch and she produces results. Laura lifts up other professionals and she’s collaborative. It’s an honor and privilege to work closely with her!
Sep 8, 2018

Robin Orscheln recommends Tina Rynhard

Ben and Amy go above and beyond before, during and after the sale of a property. They both have an acute awareness of the Real Estate industry and exhibit exceptional relationship skills. I highly recommend working with these two ..... they are amazing at their jobs and unbelievable human beings!
Sep 6, 2018

Cristen Kulis recommends Jacque Olson

Working with Jacque and her team is always a pleasure! Highly recommended!
Sep 5, 2018

Marc Nassos recommends Ben Ashley

Business Development

Ben Ashley and the Grand Canyon team have been on top of every need for my transactions. They are quick to respond and provide thorough communication throughout the process. They value each and every client and handle them with the proper care they need. Ben has personally gone above and beyond to ensure the level of service from Grand Canyon is above the rest.
Sep 1, 2018

Charles Kurutza recommends Kathy Muro

I fight for my clients to get your office as the title company because I know that I will be kept updated and my clients will leave happy.
Sep 1, 2018

Tony Vehon recommends Kathy Muro

Kathy Muro did an excellent job insuring that this was a smooth closing and was great working with my clients.
Aug 31, 2018

Jennifer Leibowitz recommends Amy LaDow


Amy is a GEM! In this competitive industry, it’s a gift to have a true partner and confidant I can rely on. Her collaboration and guidance is a reflection of her work ethic and character. She is solutions-driven and pro-active; she brings a vast and well-rounded knowledge of the market to the table. Her personality is bright, her mindset is determined and she is always 100-percent enagaged. She’s creative and realistic; and she is a straight shooter, who doesn’t compromise on integrity or authenticity.
Aug 31, 2018

Rachel Saxelby recommends Rebecca Damian


Rebecca Damian is a pleasure to work with. She is extremely proactive and always knows where in the process all of her transactions are. She is thorough and diligent. You can't go wrong by allowing Rebecca to handle your commercial transactions!
Aug 30, 2018

Melissa Twitchell recommends Laura Dillion


Laura is a fabulous resource to have on your side. She is very personable, kind and knowledgeable. She takes great concern if there is an issue and ensures a speedy resolution to any problem. She has an amazing, fun and professional personality which makes working with her a pleasure. I highly recommend Laura Dillion.
Aug 30, 2018

Kathy Waymack recommends Lupe Soto

Lupe Soto was not even my listers choice, but gave them great service. She went out of her way to make sure the signing went off without a hitch, even though there were extenuating circumstances. Lupe kept everyone informed and current on the progress and documentation involved with the transaction. I will use Gran Canyon Title again.
Aug 30, 2018

Lisa Murray recommends Kerri Coveney

Kerri Coveney and her staff go above and beyond to ensure a smooth transaction. They are experienced, knowledgeable and always available to answer any question that myself or my client may have. They are ALL 10+'s!!
Aug 30, 2018

Tessi Phillips recommends Ben Ashley

Sales Executive

Ben has been an incredible mentor. I have had the pleasure of being a part of his team for over 2 years and consider myself very blessed to have his guidance and support. I know the support, encouragement and creative ideas he contributes to his team he also contributes to his clients. His passion for this industry and those around him is heartfelt and genuine. His leadership skills and positive influence is uplifting. He keeps our team strong and unstoppable. Best Boss Man of the year award goes to you Ben!
Aug 29, 2018

Dan Casey recommends Rebecca Damian

Associate Broker

Rebecca did a great job throughout the last escrow process we had. She was able to get everything ready for closing with only a few days unexpected notice. Great Job!
Aug 29, 2018

Mark DiSabato recommends Rebecca Damian


Rebecca, as always, delivers best in class service. We just completed a transaction with her that had a several challenges. Rebecca was always quick to respond and deliver results in a timely manner. I find it extremely important to resolve client questions right away on the same day if possible. I can always count on Rebecca to deliver! We will use her again in our next transaction.
Aug 29, 2018

Holly Bennet recommends Lupe Soto

She was amazing!!!
Aug 28, 2018

Laura Butcher recommends Kathy Muro

I am so pleased with the handling of my transactions. Kathy is amazing and goes the 2nd mile to place her clients.
Aug 28, 2018

Nathan Brown recommends Cecilia Fernandez

Cecilia Fernandez was a great escrow officer and handled my unique transaction very professionally. My out of state seller/client had a great experience, which makes me happy as a realtor!
Aug 27, 2018

Ted Bland recommends Cecilia Fernandez

It is a pleasure working with Cecilia Fernandez! I recommend her and Grand Canyon Title Agency to my clients, while also using Cecilia and GCTA for my own person title work (i.e. refinancing, etc). Cecilia and the staff at GCTA are highly professional, communicative, and reliable. As a Realtor, I have to work with a lot of title agencies around the valley--Cecilia and GCTA is always a preferred choice!
Aug 27, 2018

Lauren Allen recommends Rebecca Damian

Senior Administrator

Rebecca was very helpful in our sales transaction. She provided prompt responses to my inquiries, and documentation when I requested. She did a great job! I hope I get the opportunity to work with her again on future transactions!
Aug 24, 2018

Chrissy May recommends Amy LaDow

Luxury Real Estate Specialist

My life became that much richer after meeting Amy LaDow! From day one, she impressed me with her incredible work ethic, creativity, amazing sense of humor and eagerness to collaborate and build.
Many years later, I’m now most impressed with her loyalty and unwavering support.
It’s no surprise that I refer her to all of my clients and colleagues, because I can guarantee they are in the best of hands!
Aug 22, 2018

Tristan Faust recommends Kathy Muro

I highly recommend Grand Canyon Title/ Lupe Soto for all your escrow needs.

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