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Grand Canyon Title Agency’s Commercial and Residential Divisions have the expertise, experience and client base that have enabled our success for almost 30 years. We are staffed with seasoned professionals that will assist you and your clients before, during and after closing. Your questions and settlement issues will be addressed quickly and efficiently as we strive to maintain a high level of excellence. Please do not hesitate to call us at any time with any question. We are here to serve you.


Recommendations (357)


Sherry de Jonge recommends Lupe Soto

Transaction Coordinator/Realtor, GRI, PSA

Lupe did a fantastic job for my broker's buyer! She was prompt and responsive to all communications, quickly worked through our file and was ready for close before we were! Always friendly and always helpful. Certainly will be recommending her to my buyers too!

Aimee Lewis-Balog recommends Stephanie R. Carter

Loan Specialist III

Stephanie is always helpful and responsive but her knowledge and patience is what keeps us coming back to Grand Canyon!
3 days ago

Brad Pickering recommends Stephanie R. Carter

Senior Vice President

Stephanie's attention to detail, no matter how large or small the transaction is a true testament to her work ethic and dedication to helping the client/customer. She truly knows the details of the title business and is right on target with the timing in the transaction process. I will continue to use Stephanie in my transactions and recommend her to others.
3 days ago

Robin recommends Amy LaDow

CEO RO Luxury Group

Amy Ladow is simply one of a kind. She exudes a highly authentic and a collaborative business style which makes working together an absolute joy. In a world filled with high demands and instant gratification, Amy has the the ability to problem solve on the fly. She is a client centric, connection focused and results oriented kind of teammate. It is with great pleasure that I whole heartedly recommend Amy Ladow for your business needs.
Nov 6, 2018

Erik Jensen recommends Amy LaDow

REALTOR® - The Caniglia Group with Realty Executives

Amy has become a vital part of my business and I heavily rely upon her. Her expertise is crucial. She always brings a positive attitude no matter the obstacle. I highly recommend her.
Nov 6, 2018

Bill Borders recommends Rebecca Damian


I have been working with escrow officers for 25 years and my first choice is always Rebecca Damien. Her experience, Professionalism and politeness are simply unmatched here in the valley.
Nov 5, 2018

Tom Ross recommends Amy LaDow

Senior Loan Officer

Amy is an extraordinary partner. She is one of the most integrity forward, supportive and dedicated professionals I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Amy is who you want on your team. She is always looking for ways to make her partners shine and she has made an extraordinary impact in my business over the years.
Nov 5, 2018

Cathleen Daly recommends Amy LaDow

Marketing & Communications Manager at North&Co.

SUPER reliable, on-point communicator, creative, strategic , and the person I like to refer to as " always in the know", Amy Ladow is a DREAM to work with! Amy is the person to call, she gets its done + you'll have so much fun working with her!
Nov 5, 2018

Rick Courtin recommends Rebecca Damian

designated broker

Rebecca did a great job, as usual.
Nov 2, 2018

Ann E. Riley recommends Rebecca Damian

Commercial Real Estate Consultant- Principal

Rebecca was thorough and responsive and guided our commercial building sale through close as scheduled. She kept us updated throughout on title commitment changes/completions and was clear in her communications resulting in a seamless process. Thank you Rebecca!
Nov 2, 2018

Steve Parsons recommends Rebecca Damian


Rebecca was a pleasure to work with and was instrumental to the parties to clear title issues with governmental agencies and close our transaction on short notice. We are already using Rebecca on our next escrow and will be recommending her to our clients needing a referral in the future.
Oct 26, 2018

Amy Gurtler recommends Jacque Olson

Jacque and Rosa are absolutely fabulous! I know that I can trust this duo to get things done thoroughly and efficiently. They give me peace of mind, which allows me to focus on other aspects of the transaction. Thank you for all of your hard work!
Oct 20, 2018

Stacy Fitzgerald recommends Rebecca Damian

Commercial Associate

Rebecca was incredibly responsive and thorough. She was a pleasure to work with.
Oct 19, 2018

Beth Jo Zeitzer recommends Rebecca Damian


Rebecca always does a wonderful job working through difficult deals and bringing them to a successful conclusion/close of escrow.

Thank you, Rebecca!!
Oct 17, 2018

Jennie Hallock recommends Sandy Black

Sandy Black explains the escrow process to my clients and even though they were out of state she was there for them every step of the way. She really know her stuff and makes a transaction so smooth that you would never know issues existed!(if they ever came up)
Oct 16, 2018

Ken Mackey recommends Laura Dillion

Branch Manager

Laura has always been a favorite of ours. She has our best interest in mind and works to support us. She communicates well and goes above and beyond. It's always nice to have someone that wants to see you succeed and Laura is relentless when she puts her mind to something. Always recommended. KM
Oct 16, 2018

Erik Miller recommends Laura Dillion

Loan Officer

There is no doubt that Laura is a difference maker. She is an excellent business development representative with creative ideas and tremendous execution. On every level, she will get it done. If you have an opportunity to work with her, it is highly recommended.
Oct 12, 2018

Adele Kinney recommends Faye Berumen

Faye has done several transactions with me and she is fantastic. Clients always complement her to me.
Oct 11, 2018

Sam Thiara recommends Rebecca Damian


Rebecca was great to work with. Her communication and sense of urgency kept us in the loop, on time and worry free. This allowed in an extremely smooth process and stress free. I will definitely be using there services again.
Oct 11, 2018

Todd Hamilton recommends Rebecca Damian

Very professional to all parties. She went the extra mile!
Oct 10, 2018

Paul Crumbie recommends Kerri Coveney

Kerri and her team is just great. They are always available to me and my clients. Communication (even outside of normal business hours) and support, consistently exceeds expectations. During my most recent closing, my clients was very surprised and thankful that Kerri took the time to review each document with them as this was not done with their last 3 transactions with other "nationally known" title companies.
Oct 8, 2018

Melinda J Stanton recommends Kerri Coveney

The Fountain Hills office of Grand Canyon Title has without a doubt the best escrow officers in the business. I've been selling real estate for 38 years and these professionals know their stuff!! I will always use GCTA while Kerri , Becky, Crystal, Denise and Lorrie are there!
Oct 6, 2018

Heather Wilson recommends Tina Rynhard

Tina is dedicated to every detail of the escrow process & remains the most accessible escrow officer. When challenges arise, she leads the team to success. I know my clients are consistently in the best hands with Tina Rynhard.
Oct 2, 2018

Jeff Hallberg recommends Rebecca Damian


She did a phenomenal job!
Sep 29, 2018

Marian Nelson recommends Sandy Black

Sandy Black is an outstanding escrow officer. From opening to closing she was in communication with me and was proactive in handling issues that could have delayed our closing on time. She has a sense of humor that helps with a stressful transaction. Most importantly she is experienced and very knowledgeable. She is my go-to escrow partner in the future!

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