Grand Canyon Title Agency

On January 1, 2015, Grand Canyon Title Agency, Inc. was acquired by Fidelity National Title and became Grand Canyon Title Agency, A division of FNTA. Prior to the acquisition, the company operated as an independent agent for its three national underwriters:

Founded in 1982, then locally owned, Grand Canyon Title Agency, Inc. has been providing Residential and Commercial Escrow Services, Title Insurance, Lender Services, Account Servicing, Trustee Sale Guarantee, Ownership & Real Estate Data Research in Arizona for 35 years.

Now a wholly owned subsidiary of a Fortune 500 Company, Grand Canyon Title Agency, A division of FNTA is extremely proud to be a member of the FNF family of companies. Combined with state of the art technology and unprecedented financial strength, Grand Canyon Title Agency will continue to offer the highest levels of customer service to the real estate and lender community.


Recommendations (433)

Jun 13, 2019

Derek Sivley recommends Tina Rynhard

Tina Rynhard went above and beyond for us during a severely time constrained deal. Finding quality people who excel in their field is a rarity. Tina was extremely communicative during every step of the process and utilized her staff to make certain there were no delays, gaps in communication or last minute issues. I would be happy to use Tina and her staff again as the opportunity arises. Well done Tina and thank you for the Herculean effort to make sure our clients never saw us sweat this one out.
Jun 7, 2019

Cameron Vignati recommends Rebecca Damian

Credit Coordinator

Rebecca was consistent and professional throughout the entire transaction. If questions arose she was quick to answer. Will gladly work with her again.

Jun 3, 2019

Brad Leach recommends Rebecca Damian


Rebecca was amazing. Fastest response time in the business. Always on top of everything down to the smallest detail. I would give her 5 stars all day. Thank you for all your help!
Jun 3, 2019

Michelle Cordes recommends Lupe Soto

I have been in the business for years and worked with many title companies, GCT has been one of the best I have worked with. Their staff is very knowledgeable and always willing to answer any question you might have. They treat everyone with the same level of service and respect. They seemed to be always be a step ahead of the deal and anticipate every question you might have. It was very nice working with a title company that is dedicate to providing great service.
May 30, 2019

Khara Erickson recommends Kathy Muro

Kathy is always a pleasure to work with! She is upbeat, knowledgeable, accommodating and always has a smile on her face. From the moment you walk in the Mesa office they make sure you and most importantly your clients are taken care of. Kathy is on the ball getting documents back to the lender so it can be funded and recorded in a timely manner.
May 28, 2019

Melissa Wise recommends Faye Berumen

Faye Berumen is an awesome Escrow Officer! She's that person that goes the extra mile to make sure that all involved in a transaction are 100% satisfied. She and Amber have worked on countless transactions for myself & Curt McCormick and we've been more than satisfied with every single one. Thank you for being that AMAZING ESCROW OFFICER we always appreciate!!
May 24, 2019

Daniel Contreras recommends Rebecca Damian

Executive Vice President Office Admin

I highly recommend Rebecca to handle to handle important acquisitions. Rebecca has always been extremely thorough and able to efficiently expedite what many would consider to be complicated. You won't be disappointed.


Daniel Contreras
VP Office Administration
RG3 Two, LLC

May 21, 2019

Jenifer Taylor recommends Laura Dillion


Laura did a fantastic job running the home tours. Not only was the trip informative but she’s a hoot! Grand Canyon is lucky to have her and have since earned my business by maintaining superior customer service!
May 20, 2019

Daniel Griego recommends Rebecca Damian


To Whom it may concern,

Rebecca is very professional and efficient. She is an effective communicator and congruent; as she has kept all her commitments to both seller and buyer.

I would have no reservations recommending her for any escrow proceeding.

Daniel Griego
May 10, 2019

Jean Ney recommends Amy LaDow

Realtor, North&CO

Amy LaDow embodies unsurpassed business support, infusing humor and vast knowledge to bridge relationships. When I need solutions, Amy's experience is my first stop. I am grateful for you!
May 1, 2019

Eric Williamson recommends Michelle Eyman

Michelle Eyman and the team @ GTA did a great job getting our file closed!
Apr 30, 2019

Fred Lien recommends Stephanie R. Carter

Stephanie Carter is one of the best escrow officer in the business
Apr 30, 2019

Scott Saults recommends Lupe Soto

Lupe does a great job communicating with clients and real estate agents throughout the transaction. She is personable and professional!
Apr 29, 2019

Chris Ordway recommends Rebecca Damian

Financial advisor

Rebecca Damian was great! Loan process didn’t go smoothly yet Rebecca was a rock in the process and helped get the transaction done. Very professional, worked well with all parties with a great attitude the whole way. Thanks Rebecca!!
Apr 29, 2019

Eric Hunter recommends Tina Rynhard

Tina is amazing. I've had hundreds of other EO's, but I keep going back to Tina because of her responsiveness, communication and how great she is with my Clients. Thank you Tina!
Apr 26, 2019

Stuart Shoen recommends Rebecca Damian


Working with Rebecca has been the best experience with a title company that I have ever had. Definitely recommend.
Apr 20, 2019

Ashley Rubio recommends Laura Dillion


Laura is a true master of her craft! She is always willing to help agents grow their business and offers amazing support in any way that she can. Her true goal is to create lasting relationships with her agents and help them succeed in this business.
Apr 19, 2019

Diane Miller recommends Laura Dillion

Associate Broker

Laura is a mover and shaker! I was thrilled to see her come on board to Grand Canyon Title! If you need help with title/escrow, tour or even marketing a property reach out to Laura...she is awesome!
Apr 17, 2019

April Lee Audiss recommends Laura Dillion

Listing Agent

Upon request to have one of my listings included in one of her home tours; Laura immediately responded and accommodated us in such short notice. She was an amazing host and I truly enjoyed being a part of it. My listing also won BEST HOME on tour and she so graciously went out of her way to drive out a week later to take a picture of us for social media purposes. Because of all of this, coupled with her evident knowledge of the industry, I will most definitely be sending as much business I can to GC Title!! Thanks Laura!!
Apr 15, 2019

David D. Jeffs recommends Rebecca Damian


Rebecca handled the closing of a complicated 1031 exchange involving multiple parties very professionally and efficiently. She quickly understood the issues and complicating factors and helped to work through them so that the closing was completed in a prompt and timely fashion. She was readily accessible for questions or to address concerns and her turnaround time on any documentation was great.
Apr 12, 2019

Bernadette Barba recommends Laura Dillion

Realtor Consultant

Laura has been a gem to work with. Every time we meet she gives me a gold nugget to use in my business. She means what she says and says what she means - EVERYTIME. She has transformed my business in so many ways. Where do I begin? She has aligned me and my growing team with the strategic puzzle pieces to bring it all together. I am forever grateful.

In the short amount of time we have worked together, I feel like an elevated Realtor Consultant. She holds herself to a higher standard and works hard for her clients. I am very honored to have her on my escrow team. You are doing a disservice to your business by not having a cup of coffee with her. Her team and her expertise are second to NONE.
Apr 12, 2019

Geoffry G Gunsalus recommends Rebecca Damian

Commercial Real Estate Broker

She was on top of all the details throughout the entire process and made the transaction go smoothly!
Apr 9, 2019

Jeffrey A. Ferenz recommends Rebecca Damian


Rebecca is a "Combat Veteran" of the commercial real estate industry!! She is a great coordinator and anticpates challenges during the escrow time period which makes for a smooth closing!! A real PRO!!!
Apr 9, 2019

B. Kim Heaton recommends Rebecca Damian

Owner Burkton Real Estate

Rebecca just closed a transaction for us. The service and performance was excellent. We intend to use her exclusively in the future for all our title work.
Apr 8, 2019

Ginger Orsi recommends Rebecca Damian


Rebecca is always professional and reliable.

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