Sandy Black

Escrow Officer Grand Canyon Title Agency
In this ever-changing fast paced tech world, and escrow officers job remains a people skills driven job!

With that said, Sandy exceeds in her profession.
• Sandy expels a high level of talent with people skills.
• Sandy communicates with empathy, understanding, care and concern for others.
• Sandy effectively collaborates with clients and agents problem-solving and teaching
• Sandy Adapts to clients times frames, to get the deal closed.

People skills are what keep the people coming back year after year. Sandy is the right choice to serve you with your next escrow transaction.
Mar 8, 2019
Sandy was professional and knowledgeable. She answered my many questions and was very timely.
Feb 1, 2019
I am very pleased with how you handled every problem this transaction had. Stay the way you are with a great attitude and very easy to get a hold of. those 2 things made this transaction a lot smoother for me even though it was a tough one.
Feb 1, 2019
I highly recommend Sandy Black! She is such a pleasure to work with at all levels of the transaction!
Jan 15, 2019
I have worked with many different title companies over the past few years and Sandy Black at Grand Canyon Title is very Knowledgeable, professional and keep the transaction on track with no hiccups. Highly recommend Sandy and her team.
Dec 11, 2018
Sandy Black is not only the most efficient escrow agent in the business but she takes problems in stride and will research a way to get it solved. Nothing rattlers her, she's seen it all which is so refreshing. She's the only one in the Valley I trust. What more can you say about an escrow officer who emails you at 10:15 at night to let you know she found the answer to a condition that seems impossible. She's the greatest. Karen Hewitt - Broker/Owner of Home Trend Realty and a realtor for 36 years.
Nov 3, 2018
In my 30 plus years in Real Estate, there is no other Escrow Officer I would rather do a transaction with than Sandy Black. She is always so helpful and responsive. I would do every transaction with her if I could.
Oct 17, 2018
Sandy Black explains the escrow process to my clients and even though they were out of state she was there for them every step of the way. She really know her stuff and makes a transaction so smooth that you would never know issues existed!(if they ever came up)
Sep 29, 2018
Sandy Black is an outstanding escrow officer. From opening to closing she was in communication with me and was proactive in handling issues that could have delayed our closing on time. She has a sense of humor that helps with a stressful transaction. Most importantly she is experienced and very knowledgeable. She is my go-to escrow partner in the future!
Jul 14, 2018
Sandy Black is a fantastic escrow officer. She has a great attitude and is easy to communicate with and always seems to know what is going on with the transaction. Love her and would definitely recommend her.
Jul 10, 2018
Sandy provided timely, friendly and efficient communication throughout the entire process. This was a contingent, 3 deep transaction and Sandy handled it with ease.
Jul 3, 2018
Very professional and spot on for communication. Happy client and real estate agent!
Jun 30, 2018
Sandy is the nicest and most efficient escrow officer I have ever used. Highly recommend.
Jun 29, 2018
Sandy Black is amazing. She always keeps the transaction in a calm space. My clients are always confident and comfortable during their transactions.
Apr 19, 2018
Sandy Black is my go to escrow officer when seeking efficiency, and professionalism. She is always patient and accommodating to all my clients, and gives me confidence in the transaction completing smoothly.
Apr 18, 2018
Branch Manager
I've known Sandy for about 4 years and she is always a pleasure to work with and takes good care of our mutual clients.
Mar 28, 2018
Sandy is the best Escrow Officer I have ever worked with. I have been a Realtor for 14 years and have worked with Sandy for about 9 years, I fight to have her on everyone of my transactions. She works hard to make sure ever transaction is smooth and closes on time, her knowledge is superior, and her communication skills are the best. She always makes time to answer the agent and clients questions, and if there is ever a issue she handles it like a true professional. I would highly recommend Sandy to anyone, and I have.
Mar 28, 2018
Year after year, from the smallest to the largest escrows Sandy comes through!
Her consistent performance is amazing!!
She is ALWAYS my first choice for escrow and Title.
Mar 28, 2018
Loan Officer
We had a deal with Grand Canyon Title. The original escrow officer was unable to complete the file half way thru. Sandy picked up the file without missing a beat. She communicated with all parties involved and closed the file on time! So grateful to have an escrow officer like Sandy!
Mar 28, 2018
I have worked with Sandy Black for many years. She is very professional and has extensive knowledge in the title industry. She is dedicated to her work and works hard to make sure each party in a transaction is taken care of. I recommend her highly as a great escrow officer!
Mar 28, 2018
Designated Broker, AZ Home Seekers
Sandy is awesome. In 20 years of real estate I have not seen another escrow officer with level of communication. Sandy is on top of everything and one step ahead. I have never had a problem with any transaction that crossed her desk. I would absolutely tell anyone considering using her services that she is a great choice. Thank you Sandy Black for your professional efforts over the years that help us stay successful
Mar 28, 2018
Director of Operations Results Real Estate Team & MREI Homes
Sandy is one the most knowledgeable escrow officers in the business. I love to bring her the most complicated escrows, as I know she'll have the answers. She is always patient and has a heart of a teacher. I love working with Sandy!
Mar 26, 2018
The Butterfly Realtor
Sandy is always wonderful to work with, anytime you need anything she is there and is on top of things during an escrow. I recommend her if you want someone who knows her stuff, works hard, and is willing to go the extra mile!
Jan 30, 2018
I am happy to recommend Sandy Black as a great escrow officer. She is so professional and always so responsive. She is so patient in explaining anything I ask. Sandy makes my clients comfortable and is always willing to take whatever time they need. She is my favorite.

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