Gene Huang

Sr. Loan Officer, NMLS #334719 Guaranteed Rate Affinity
Gene Huang is a true seasoned professional with over 30 years experience in the mortgage industry. Having spent the entirety of his career in the Pasadena area, Gene understands the needs of his local clientele, and consistently stays abreast of changes affecting the mortgage market.

Whether his clients are looking for a high-end estate loan or a special first time buyer program, Gene is able to offer a variety of loan products to fit their particular financial needs. Not only is Gene very knowledgeable on mortgage matters, but he is also extremely committed to providing top of class customer service as is evidenced by his many President’s Club awards.

Gene holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biological Sciences from U.C. Irvine, and has lived in Altadena for over 25 years. In his spare time, Gene enjoys being outdoors, cycling, golfing, playing tennis and trail running.

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Sep 14, 2017
Director, Product Management
Gene made an arduous process simpler and streamlined, offering guidance every step of the way. We had an aggressive closing schedule and he supported us throughout, knowing that every day was critical: he always responded to my questions, even in the evenings or on weekends. He was professional, and he knew exactly what needed to be done, and what he needed from me. And on top of it all, he was always friendly, personable, and cheerful. I highly recommend Gene to anyone purchasing a new home!
Sep 13, 2017
University Controller
I had a great experience working with Gene on the purchase of my new home. He is extremely responsive, and getting us a very good rate on the mortgage loan. I'm highly recommend his services to anyone interested on refinance or purchase a new property.
May 29, 2017
CG Artist
Gene was recommended by a trusted adviser and proved a great choice for our refinance needs. We appreciated both his willingness to meet up at his office, and promptness in responding to emails and texts. He even offered to drop by our house to pick up documents on a busy weekday. It was great working with Gene on our refinance and we would do it again in the future without hesitation.
May 15, 2017
Education Credential Analyst
Gene worked tirelessly to help us buy our first home. He is extremely responsive, patient, and does not mind pushing the envelope to get his clients the very best deal. When our first loan was denied, Gene acted quickly to push our application through First Capital's in-house loan process. He monitored our application every step of the way and provided us with prompt updates. If it were not for his tenacity, I do not believe that we would own the beautiful home that we have today. We are so grateful to Gene for his unparalleled customer service as well as the constant reassurance that we had we had an advocate in a very daunting and bureaucratic home-buying market.
Apr 28, 2017
Managing Editor
I had a great experience with Gene and First Capital. Gene worked with me to help me stretch my limited budget; he put together a personalized loan package that met my needs and situation. He is incredibly knowledgeable and was very responsive to all my questions. Gene is able to move very quickly, which was super important in the market where I was looking for a house (Pasadena area). Plus, Gene is very personable and nice to work with. I will definitely use Gene in the future for refinancing or for another real estate purchase if I am ever in the market again. I give Gene my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation!
Apr 19, 2017
Gene was one of the most responsive and courteous professionals I have dealt with. I felt he was truly "on my team" throughout the entire process of trying to secure a loan. He was forthright and made me feel confident that his experience and integrity would get me the best rate and loan structure. In the end, I was extremely satisfied in every respect. I would send anyone seeking a loan or to refinance to Gene first. I give him my highest recommendation.
Jan 9, 2017
Storyboard Artist
Working with Gene was great! He responds extremely quickly to any questions and keeps you fully updated on every situation. He's a great communicator! Thanks for everything, Gene!
Nov 1, 2016
Senior Software Developer
Gene is a pleasure to work with. He is very familiar with non-standard, yet regular, contract-based income and was able to help me get a great loan. Document requests were clear and were kept well-organized and through the entire process, which did have a few difficult and complex twists, he maintained a professional calm and ease, proving his expertise and phenomenal character.
Oct 4, 2016
Homeowner :)
In my experience working with Gene, he was responsive to my inquiries, proactive in identifying potential issueswith the loan process, and most important he handle himself very professionally. Our loan had a very fast closing schedule as part of our purchase agreement. Gene was instrumental in expediting the process and ensuring we were able to meet our comitments. Thanks Gene!
Oct 4, 2016
He did a lot helps us to abtain the house we really into. Since my credit two years ago because of Edison mistake drop off some scale, I can't apply the mortgage myself, but my husband work in China and have not immigrant yet, Gene responded the first time to help us change mortgage title for my husband name and help us collective all the information from China without any complain. During the whole process I was been drained out but Gene give me hope and comfort, makes me still stick on the goal and at the end successfully applied mortgage and have our beautiful house right now. Great thanks to Gene, and really appreciate his integrity noble service.
Oct 3, 2016
It was a pleasure to work with Gene. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and experienced, he's also a friendly and caring person. When I met Gene, I had already had been pre-approved by my bank. My realtor suggested that I meet with him since he has a track record of closing on time. After meeting with him, I decided to switch and I am very happy that I did! Throughout the whole process, Gene was responsive to all my questions and needs. provided competitive rates, and provided excellent service.
Aug 4, 2016
Assistant Director of Operations Support
I was referred to Gene by my brother's neighbor whom is a Coldewell Bank realtor. With my very first meeting with Gene, he was extremely professional and outlined all the requirements to start my loan. My case was a little complicated; however, Gene guided me through the process flawlessly. Within a short timeframe, we were able to close my loan.

This is my second loan experience and I have to say this is one that I truly can say that my loan agent/officer had my "best interest at heart." Gene was in consistent communication with me through the entire process - weekdays, weekends, days and nights. Gene is not just good at what he does but I feel like I found a new friend. He is sincere and genuine. I am blessed to have had crossed path with Gene and will always remember all his great work!
Jun 28, 2016
Gene went out of his way many times to deliver prompt and thorough answers. Although we were 2nd time home buyers, the process was still daunting with many questions. Gene was always responsive, even during the weekends. We didn't start off with Gene as our loan officer, but I'm glad our paths crossed and we had an opportunity to work with him

I would not hesitate to recommend Gene to anyway looking to purchase a home

Jun 7, 2016
Marketing Manager
I can't say enough great things about Gene. From the beginning, he was so helpul in communicating everything we needed to get our loan approval. He even gave us a heads up on things that were going to be due so we could get a head start. He was so easy to reach too. He was available via text, email and phone. I loved having that flexible open communication, day or night. Although these were stressful times, Gene's upbeat and positive demeanor really helped us get through it. The process would not have been the same without him.
May 13, 2016
Gene is very professional and considerate. He works very hard and pays a lot of attention to the details. My loan amount is quite a lot and at one point I wanted to give up and he encouraged me to proceed. If I will do any loan in future, I will still ask Gene to be my agent.
May 9, 2016
Corporate Marketing Manager
Gene did a great job managing our loan from initial consultation through closing. He got us a better loan than we had hoped for with a better rate and saved us additional money applying his vast knowledge and experience to our needs. He went beyond expectatations in ways that enabled us to close on time. I reccommnd him to anyone, and especially to those unfamiliar with today's fast-paced real estate market and digital loan processing.
Thanks for getting us into this lovely new home, Gene!
Apr 23, 2016
Satisfied Customer
I would 100% recommend Gene and First Capital to anyone who is the market to finance their loan. From day 1 till closing, Gene and his team was with us. I felt it was personal every step of the way. Gene made us feel comfortable and we trusted him. Our questions were answered immediately and professionally. It was one of the easiest loan processes we experienced. Even when things were not right, Gene found a way to make it correct. Our loan was approved in one day and we cannot be any happier. Great communication, great service, great company!
Apr 19, 2016
Assoc Manager
Gene was professional, consistent and thorough throughout the process. He helped me reduce my overall mortgage a considerable amount. He was also kind. Please call Gene if you need help in any financing.

Apr 17, 2016
We had a very difficult escrow with many complications. I really appreciate how Gene Huang took care of all the details and kept us in the loop of everything that was going on. He was very responsive to me, the escrow company, the lender and both selling and buying agents. I highly recommend Gene and would contact him again for all my lending needs. He has an excellent work ethic, is reliable and always comes through. Thank you Gene.
Feb 8, 2016
I would recommend without any hesitation Gene Huang as a loan officer.He is a complete professional with great communication skills and unbelievable work ethic. Gene can get you to your dream house with integrity and total information.
Jan 3, 2016
Gene helped us to buy our first home. He is easy to communicate with, professional and hard working. He helped us fund as quickly as possible so we could have our house before the Thanksgiving holiday. We would highly recommend Gene to other home buyers!
Jan 1, 2016
I was pleased with the performance of Gene when he handled my loan process.
Gene Hung was very effective and thorough to close the loan in a reasonable time.
As we all know there are a lot of requirements that the bank need to approve any loan, with Gene efforts in handling the paperswork, he made it easy and
Did the closing on time.
Dec 22, 2015
Gene saved my husband and I from losing our new home. We were in escrow with a larger bank and through some minor miscommunication on behalf of that loan officer, the loan was heading south. That's when we met Gene. His hard work ethic and professionalism secured our loan and allowed my husband and I to continue with the purchase. Gene is awesome! He is readily available, even on weekends. I highly recommend him for any mortgage related work.
Aug 25, 2015
…Leslie and I are very grateful for all your help during this difficult loan process. Thank you for being knowledgeable and quick to answer our questions. We appreciate that you were so courteous and extremely helpful. Thanks again for all your help. All the best,
Aug 25, 2015
After the people at another institution dropped the ball hard during our home loan process, we were forced to find another loan broker late in the escrow process. People in the real estate business aware of our time table told us that the loan could not be possibly be funded in time. Enter Gene Huang, who inherited a mess just before the stroke of midnight with impossible deadlines to meet, including getting an expedited appraisal. Gene worked diligently, tirelessly, and with excellence providing regular up-to-the-minute progress reports and resolving problems almost instantaneously during the process. His hustle, round-the-clock availability, and attention to detail resulted in the funding of the loan for our purchase without an extension of escrow. I can't imagine someone doing a better job.

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