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HomeLife® was founded on a unique Higher Standards® commitment to professional conduct, excellent customer service and dedication to community involvement.
HomeLife® Higher Standards® Brokers and Sales Representatives apply such standards and use distinctive marketing tools to help clients sell or purchase a home
through a foundation of ethics, knowledge and care — traits that set HomeLife® apart from the competition.


Recommendations (180)

Nov 22, 2018

SukhChain and Karmjit recommends Ravi Thakur

Dear Ravi, We cannot thank you enough for all the time invested in helping us purchase our 1st new home. We really appreciated your guidance through it all, walking us through the small details and helping in getting the mortgage financing approved in today's market, we kept our finger crossed till we got the keys of this beautiful house. We would recommend you without hesitation again to anyone we know.

- Sukhchain and Karmjit
Nov 20, 2018

Rawlins and Delores Lowndes recommends Jackie Harrison


Working with Jackie was an absolute pleasure. She is completely invested in her clients needs and goals and works hard to attain them. While working with us she did her utmost to keep the stress levels down and the results positive. If you want a real estate agent who will go above and beyond for you..then Jackie Harrison is the real estate agent you need to call.
Nov 16, 2018

Oleg Dement recommends Homelife - Higher Standards


I would strongly recommend Olga ...She is very good agent with right attitude to work and your specific needs....She always try different ways to resolve better your situation and help hers clients..
Nov 11, 2018

Serguei Rozenberg recommends Homelife - Higher Standards

It was a true pleasure to have Olga as our real estate agent when we were looking for an investment property. Olga made the task of finding the perfect real estate look easy - she had a selection of properties to look at ready for us every day, all filtered to our preferences. She kept an eye out for the fresh properties entering the market and pretty soon we were able to purchase a perfect condo on highway 7 and Leslie. The condo was exactly what we needed - within our budget and producing positing cash flow.
We found Olga reliable, punctual and professional - will definitely seek her assistance for our next house hunt!
Nov 6, 2018

Andrew Farrow recommends Homelife - Higher Standards

Retired Military

From start to finish Wendy ensured that my experience in purchasing a home was was smooth and positive. She is friendly, professional, intelligent, and client focused. I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone for their real estate needs.
Oct 18, 2018

Jennifer Sauder recommends Homelife - Higher Standards


Throughout our unique experience, Wendy kept us positive and motivated during the staging and purging process of our home. She went above and beyond with anything we needed and ultimately sold our home within a 5 day period. To date, Wendy continues to offer helpful resources to assist us during our transition to our new property.
Wendy is a people person with a vast knowledge and interest in Waterloo Region, as well as surrounding areas. During our home search, she strived to meet our out-of-town needs until an offer on the house of our dreams was accepted in Princeton. Wendy kept a consistent pace respectful to our vision. We did not feel rushed, or delayed. The entire experience has been a positive one.

Thank you, Wendy. Highly recommended!
Sep 28, 2018

Giovanni Flores recommends Mini & Rudy

Mini and Rudy were extremely knowledgeable. Always had an answer to all my questions and concerns. The level of service provided by Mini and Rudy is incomparable. Mini took care of all the finest of details every time I had a concern it was either already taken care of or it would be resolved within a matter of hours. Mini and Rudy always took the time to thoroughly explain all the details involved in every step of the process of acquiring a new property. While there were no real issues in the process of purchasing a new property, every time I had a concern Mini and Rudy were quick to provide a resolution. They certainly went above and beyond the call of duty. My experience with Mini and Rudy was extremely positive, such that I would have no problem recommending them to friends and family. Mini and Rudy did provide a full 360 service such that all I had to do was select the property I wanted and EVERYTHING else was taken care of by Mini and Rudy. The one thing I like most about my experience with Mini and Rudy is that they took care of each and every detail. They anticipated my concerns, needs and wants. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, detail oriented, and professional Realtor you should not look no further, Mini and Rudy are the Realtors you need
Sep 28, 2018

Rickey Sayers recommends Mini & Rudy

Sales Representative & Professional Athlete

Their knowledge in the real estate business is impeccable! Their professionalism is stellar! Communication level was always at 100%. If there was an issue or potential of an issue, they handled it properly and promptly. I've never experience service like this before from any realtor. They are so good, a lot of times dealing with them they had me in 'aw'; Just amazed! It's not just a sale to them, they care about you as the client and getting you into the 'right' home that best fits 'your' wants but furthermore your needs! I strongly recommend these two individuals to anyone that crosses my path and is looking for a home. Friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, church group, family circle, friend of a friend of a friend, stranger on the street; Mini & Rudy is the way to go!
Sep 26, 2018

Petil smith recommends Mini & Rudy

Personal Support worker

I could not ask for a better agent when looking for our home. Rudy worked with us day and night answering any questions we had, ensuring that we completely understood the process. He is compassionate and caring and we got into our home with no complications and we were very very happy with the service provided to our family. I would recommend Rudy 100% and thanks again for a job well done and going above and beyond for us.
Sep 21, 2018

Trisha Smith recommends Mini & Rudy

Account Manager

My first encounter with Rudy was pleasant and professional. He showed my partner and I every home we were interested in very thoroughly. He gave us his honest opinion concerning matters of Real Estate and helped us land our dream home! There were 3 other offers on the home we wanted and it was clear Rudy worked tirelessly to ensure we had a winning edge. My partner and I were extremely pleased with Rudy's professionalism, experience and his ability to be a step ahead of the game. I would recommend this fine couple to anyone who is serious about getting results. They will deliver! Thank you Rudy and Mini, for your efforts and showing passion for what you do.
Sep 12, 2018

Cathy and Tony Smith recommends Jackie Harrison

Jackie was quick to get back to us and to find answers to all our questions. We really appreciated her "plain language" approach. She is professional and yet still very down to earth.
Aug 14, 2018

Velvet Lane Cakes recommends Jason McGregor


Jason is not only very professional but also extremely helpful. He was so patient with me in the process of securing a location for my business. He is prompt and informative and those are key qualities when working with an agent. Thank you for everything Jason! You are wonderful.
Aug 14, 2018

Mohammed Masud Jamil recommends Raziul Afiz

Purchasing Agent

We recently bought a beautiful and spacious home in Oshawa with help and guidance of Mr. Raziul Afiz. He was extremely helpful and friendly. He went details about all of our needs and he answered all of our questions with patience. He shared information that we did not catch or we didn’t ask but eventually it was very helpful in selecting the right home. From the very beginning, he was not the salesperson who only wants to sell but he was always very serious to find out the perfect match for us. Through out the journey of buying a home, we never found him distracted, impatience or irritated. He gave us the feeling that we can call him any time and he has a good practice of answering the calls, even he missed one or two, you can be sure that he will call you back right way. Regarding his professional knowledge, I must say that he poses effective knowledge about the market and customer’s need. He has strong negotiation power to make a better deal. In addition to professional knowledge, I am so impressed about his service, it is excellent and we would love to work with him again. We had some problems with the sellers but professionally handled the situation and resolve it. I would highly recommend Mr. Raziul Afiz because he was better than what we could have hoped for. I wish him every success in his career.
Aug 14, 2018

Nogmaye Habiba recommends Raziul Afiz


Mr Raziul is really knowledgeable and efficient in his area of work. I am really impressed the way he provided the information about the current real estate market and helped us in making the right decision. He was thoroughly involved in the whole process and put his highest effort in order to make best deal for us. I will definitely recommend him to my friends, neighbors and colleagues.
Aug 10, 2018

Arthur Noronha recommends Cindy Wen


Agent Cindy Wen was very professional & knowledgeable and it was a great pleasure to have her as our agent. She has very good attributes like being patience, humble and kindness. Cindy Wen went above and beyond her call of duties - she hired a cleaning person and helped us in decluttering the house to make sure that it was in a presentable stage.
I would strongly recommend Cindy Wen to my family and friends.
Aug 10, 2018

michelle Pearce recommends Homelife - Higher Standards

Chad is very professional, flexible and accommodating. Approachable and quickly responds to questions/ concerns.
Aug 7, 2018

Amanda Ash recommends Homelife - Higher Standards


Chad worked tirelessly for 3 years to find us the perfect home. Even when we thought we had found our dream home Chad pulled out the ace and showed us something even better! He worked so hard through all the little bumps and just when we thought the house wouldn’t close on time he dug in one last time and got us into our home on time! Couldn’t ask for any better!!
Aug 6, 2018

Anonymous recommends Homelife - Higher Standards

Chad will listen to your needs and hunt down the property for you. 24/7 coverage from this man
Aug 1, 2018

Monica Lyskawa recommends Ravi Thakur

Monica Lyskawa

Ravi was very patient with us and did a fantastic job executing our town home purchase! We are very grateful for all his extra help ! He went above and beyond.
Jul 9, 2018

Barbara Blonska recommends Diana Cooper

Business Owner

Dedicated and highly committed to best possible service.
Personable and available at minute’s notice.
Very resourceful and very well informed, offering best and genuine advice.
Visionary and grounded - understanding your needs and making it happen.
Thank you - Diana!
You rock!
Jun 22, 2018

Marty recommends Martin Rubenstein

What a great realtor
Jun 14, 2018

Luana Dos Santos Montalvao recommends Ana Figueiredo

Satisfied with work

Ana, always atencion all the time, available for questions and fast work of the application. Organized my documents with one day having return positives. We recommendation for good work before and after rental apartment. Im happy with results.

Luana and Clóvis.
Jun 6, 2018

Mark Houghting recommends Homelife - Higher Standards


Shane acted as our buying agent on a recent purchase and was very professional and thorough in his approach and helped us a great deal with the purchase, We now live in a beautiful farmhouse on 50 gorgeous acres of mixed use land. Highly recommend Shane to anyone serious about real estate.
Jun 5, 2018

Kathi Snell recommends Jackie Harrison

Labour Relations Officer

It is SO important to have the right real estate agent, and I have to say, Jackie was definitely the right agent for us! Jackie is professional, efficient and extremely effective! She really knows the market, is honest, open and direct without being offensive or abrupt. To say she is a hard worker is a total understatement! She is busy and yet it doesn’t effect the amount of time she has to spend with her clients. She was fun and easy to deal with. It was truly a pleasure to work with Jackie, she made the most uncomfortable task of selling our home, satisfying and relatively easy. She is truly personable, warm and considerate while still being an experienced, accomplished, competent and skillful agent. I have never worked with a more capable, talented and energetic agent/broker!
Jun 1, 2018

Kirstie Ly recommends Jason McGregor

Jason helped us find an apartment when we first moved to Toronto from Australia and again a year later when we decided we wanted more space.

He is friendly, patient, informative and made finding a home for us such an easy process where we thought it'd be stressful.

There aren't many realtors that live up to the expectation that he delivers and we recommend him to anyone looking for a new home!

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