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Recommendations (13)

Oct 8, 2018

Nate Sjoblom recommends HomeStreet Lake Union Home Loan Center

Sr. Manager,

This is my second mortgage working with David. My first time around was about as effortless as one could hope for. I thought that maybe I just got lucky. Turns out, the second time around was just as smooth. David and his team take the time to explain the process, set clear timelines, and overall make sure your lending experience is just something that happens in the background when you're buying a house. There's always a lot of stress and moving parts working with inspectors, open houses, and it can get overwhelming. However, with David and team, you can remove securing a loan from that list of overwhelming things. Thanks again, David and team!
Sep 15, 2018

Matthew DesEnfants recommends HomeStreet Lake Union Home Loan Center


We really enjoyed working with David and team. Responses were quick, paperwork was organized, and we were able to get approval on really short notice.

Thanks, David & team!
Aug 22, 2018

Geoff Wellington recommends HomeStreet Lake Union Home Loan Center

Software Engineer

David, Todd, and Allison were pleasant and easy to work with during our loan process. They worked as a single, attentive unit and were able to close as quickly as we needed for this market. David was up-front, honest, and laid back while pitching his services and made his team's strengths clear without needing an over the top sales pitch. We were happy to work with David and his team.
Aug 21, 2018

Todd Bishop recommends HomeStreet Lake Union Home Loan Center


David, Todd and Allison were helpful and responsive throughout our mortgage application process, responding to messages on the weekends and at odd hours, coming up with creative solutions, keeping us updated regularly, and taking the time to patiently walk us through the different scenarios we were considering.
Jul 31, 2018

Lachlan Mulcahy recommends HomeStreet Lake Union Home Loan Center

Infrastructure Engineer

David and his team were great to work with. The whole team was incredibly responsive, efficient and courteous through the entire process. They were able to provide us the documentation we needed on weekends and evenings at extremely short notice which allowed us to move at the speed of the housing market when making offers. Additionally, they were able to offer and actually deliver on an incredibly aggressive closing timeline. This gave us the edge in making offers as well as making the entire process quick and smooth.
Working with this Homestreet team was a breath of fresh air compared to what I am used to from banks and financial institutions. I would highly recommend them.
Jul 25, 2018

Mindy Sjoblom recommends HomeStreet Lake Union Home Loan Center

Program Manager

David and his team continue to be the best in the business to work with. Between my husband and I, this was our third time working with them and as usual, it was a seamless process. They are extremely proactive and keep you updated every step of the way. I would highly recommend!
Jul 6, 2018

Joe Gainey recommends HomeStreet Lake Union Home Loan Center

Strategic Planner

David, Todd, and Allison are amazing! We could not be more happier with this team of true professionals. We've worked with David and his team on our last three purchases and will definitely keep coming back. Courteous, reliable, timely, always reachable, and highly competent. From initial offer, to underwriting, to closing, Team Opsahl guided us through every step of the process while giving us constant feedback on our loan status and requirements for a smooth/timely closing. We highly recommend David and his team for anyone wanting to reduce the stress of buying a home or investment property.
Jul 3, 2018

Dr Frank Hewins recommends HomeStreet Lake Union Home Loan Center


David Opsahl and his team did a great job procuring our home mortgage within 30 days following the acceptance of our offer. In a very crazy market in Edmonds, the team kept us apprised of the process on a weekly basis. This is the second home mortgage that David and his team from HomeStreet have done for us over the years.
Jun 25, 2018

JOELLE HAMMERSTAD recommends HomeStreet Lake Union Home Loan Center

Sustainable Operations Manager

David and his team were amazing in helping us secure our new home. We found the home we wanted to buy before we'd finished our pre-qualified process.

David and team spring into action and got us underwritten in time to make a strong offer on the home we wanted. They prepared a simple, but detailed pre-qualified letter -- and even made a last-minute change on short notice. On top of that, David made a personal phone call to the sellers' agent on the offer-review date detailing our strengths as buyers.

After we reached a mutual agreement, David and team sprung into action again. They were incredibly responsive (even on a holiday weekend). Every time I sent an email, I knew I would get a quick response. We didn't make their jobs any easier by closing on the house 3 weeks after mutual agreement, but, of course, they worked hard. In the end, we had no trouble closing so quickly.

One of the other nice touches is that they send out a loan update every Friday so we knew exactly where we stood every step of the way.

All in all, this is a fantastic team to work with. There's no one else we'll turn to in the future for our home loan needs. Thanks, Team Opsahl!
May 23, 2018

Ken Blucker recommends HomeStreet Lake Union Home Loan Center

Grant & Contract Administrator

I have been working with David, Todd and Allison since I purchased my first home in 2013, they did such a great job then that I knew I would need them again when it came to buying a new home this year.

They did a fantastic job answering my numerous questions, talking me through complex financial issues, and always letting me know when things were due and delivering everything on time. They are always available to discuss issues and questions I might have, even if they came up on nights or weekends.

The real estate market in Seattle is extremely tough and as a homebuyer, there are a ton of issues to worry about, but I knew I could trust and rely on David and his team, their expertise and professionalism were very reassuring.
May 9, 2018

Mariesa Holm recommends HomeStreet Lake Union Home Loan Center


David, Todd & Allison made our refinance one of the smoothest transactions I have ever been a part of. They were able to refinance our home when other lenders weren't able to due to my self-employed income - a huge blessing to us. David and Todd were especially good at explaining the different loan scenarios as well as explaining the in's and out's of the terms of the loan. Allison was fantastic at following up on documentation needed and giving status updates. I am definitely recommending David's team to my clients as well as friends and family!
-Mariesa Holm
May 4, 2018

Greg Ramsey recommends HomeStreet Lake Union Home Loan Center

David and his team did a fantastic job of keeping our long process on time. David, Todd and Allison kept us informed, and worked well with our realtor as well as the title company. I will highly recommend Team Opsahl to my friends and family.
Oct 25, 2017

Brian Weaver recommends HomeStreet Lake Union Home Loan Center

Team Opsahl exceeded my expectations. They were very friendly, up front, easy to work with, and honest. I contacted them to get a last-minute pre-qualification for an offer on a home, which they provided in less than a day. After my offer was accepted, they worked with me every step of the way through the mortgage process and even closed my loan early.


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