Chuck Chrobak

Loan Officer HomeStreet Mill Creek Home Loan Center NMLS: 342850

Helping Homeowners with their financing needs since 2003. You can count on my team to help you understand the loan process from start to finish. We can also help you close quickly.


Jul 10, 2018
Account Manager
Well for starters, Chuck is a down to earth kinda guy. Friendly, supportive and always available. He broke down all the required information and the layout of how things were going to be as the process went on. I am going to highly recommend any of my friends and family to Chuck for all their mortgage needs. I just hope he gets the recommendations and credit he deserves for the exceptional job he does! Great job and keep up the good work Chuck!!!
Jul 7, 2018
We used Chuck's services for the last decade, for purchasing and refinancing the mortgage on our previous home, doing a cash-out refi for a remodel, obtaining a HELOC for purchasing land, and most recently, purchasing a new home, was a fairly complicated transaction, given our situation. Chuck is an excellent communicator and always has time to answer our questions in detail. He's proactive at reaching out to the other parties involved to get things done as smoothly and timely as possible. Not least, Chuck is excellent at coming up with options we wouldn't have thought of to get the best deal. We highly recommend Chuck, without reservation.
Jun 29, 2018
Just finished the purchase of our dream home. Can't say enough great things about Chuck. I would recommend him to anyone.
Jun 6, 2018
Chuck cares a lot about his clients and ensuring that they have their needs met. Chuck was available for our loan transaction as needed on weekends and evenings, making sure our file was in order during critical periods. I consider Chuck not only a service provider, but a friend that wants to make sure everything comes together within the tight home closing deadlines. He works well within the challenges of this loan process, utilizing established relationships he has internally at Homestreet, drawing upon lots of relevant industry experience and managing client expectations that ensured a positive experience for us. He strikes a great balance of not under committing or over committing, but always coming through with what he has promised or even better results. Chuck is my go-to loan officer and I will continue to go to him for future transactions. Thank you Chuck for all your hard work!!
Jun 3, 2018
Chuck has helped us buy 3 homes and we just finished refinancing one of our homes. We trust Chucks opinion and would recommend him to anybody wanting to buy or refinance. He is extremely thorough and always responsive and a pleasure to work with.
Jan 23, 2018
Words can't express how wonderful Chuck helped me and my family getting a loan. Chuck and his staff is extremely helpful and made our journey of buying our new home seamless and enjoyable.
Jan 13, 2018
Let me start by saying it's impossible to top Chuck's service. From the start to the end he is been amazingly helpful and attentive. Being the first home buyer and lack of knowledge of the process makes it harder for me and Chuck held my hand every step of the process. He went above and beyond and answered calls,emails and text messages even out of office hours. If you are a overseas buyer and looking for a property with limited resources, look no further!. Without Chuck non of this possible for me and his professional, friendly dedicated service really made it happen.
Jan 8, 2018
Recently we had the pleasure of working with Chuck from Homestreet Bank to purchase a new house .this was our third time working with him and as always it was fantastic! Chuck is the most professional,efficient ,fast ,reliable ,honest Loan officer you can ever ask for .We feel very lucky to get to know him and are highly recommending him to everyone who is looking for a loan.
Jan 3, 2018
I would recommend chuck from home street bank to anyone who are interested for getting mortgage/refinance/HELCO loan. He is very knowledgeable and supportive in helping you in getting loan approved on time.
Dec 6, 2017
I recommend Chuck to anyone seeking financing for a home. My wife and I were first-time home buyers, and he came through where others had failed. He was thorough, informative, clear, and answered any of our questions without making us feel embarrassed about things we didn't fully understand. He's friendly and always on top of even the smallest details. He knows his stuff front and back. Highly recommend!
Apr 30, 2017
I was recommended by a colleague to Chuck. The first time I spoke to Chuck, he was very welcoming and non-condescending understanding that I generally didn't really know what I was doing. I asked him TONS of questions, and called him TONS of times. Each and every time he conversed with a welcoming voice and walked me through all my insecurities about my first home purchase. He even went to bat for me with the sellers agents during my bids to ask what he could do to strengthen my offer without increasing my bid. He was able to get me multiple quotes and rates throughout the process and was extremely competitive with other lenders. What was also refreshing was that annoyance or anger never entered his mind when I let him know that I was shopping for other rates. He had confidence in himself to win my business and never pressured me to do what was right for him, but what was right for me. In the current Seattle housing market, time is of the essence and after getting outbid multiple times, my offer was accepted. Chuck was able to close WITHIN 18 DAYS. My offer was accepted on the 3rd and I got my keys on the 21st. The process was as smooth as possible on his end and I would HIGHLY recommend Chuck to ANYONE looking for someone who is honest, responsive, and willing to do what it takes to earn your business. I will be recommending Chuck to my colleagues at Microsoft who are looking for great service. Thanks a lot Chuck!
Feb 8, 2017
Getting a loan done can be super stressful but working with Chuck on my Bellevue purchase was great. His whole team communicated often; I was given clear instruction on what to do and when to get things back to him. We were ahead of schedule and got everything done flawlessly.
Aug 28, 2015
Chuck is honest, won't over promise and under deliver. He is always available, works hard and takes his job seriously. He is friendly and positive and will do what he can to take care of his customers.
Jul 24, 2015
Overall, we give Chuck Chrobak and his team at Home Street bank was a perfect 10 when it comes to customer service and guiding us through the whole home buying experience! From the start, Chuck was very personable and professional. We were not first time buyers, but still nervous due to past experience and Chuck was fantastic in communicating the process, he explained everything with patience and confidence. After going over our situation, he was able to formulate multiple plans for achieving our goal of home ownership and wanted us to have multi options so we felt comfortable with the transaction. During our purchase, Chuck and Krista Gustelius (mortgage loan assistant) were proactive when working with us and that made us feel valued. We appreciate how smooth and easy the home purchase went with no surprise. We loved how Chuck and his team consistently did temperature checks before and after closing to ask if we had questions in effort to make us feel confidant and comfortable. Chuck was so flexible in working with our crazy schedules. He offered to meet us in person at a place of our choice or have phone conversations late in the evening.Chuck and his team made this a very pleasant experience and they are the only place we will do business with for any future real estate needs. Once you work with best, there is no need to deal with the rest. My family and I are grateful and thankful.
Dec 30, 2014
Everyone seems to know someone in mortgage (or real estate). There is no better in the business than Chuck. His professionalism, knowledge, care and follow through are extremely rare in his business. Plenty of others claim to offer those qualities. Most do not yet they're innate in Chuck. I have bought two homes with Chuck and would never recommend or work with anyone else. I feel safe with him on my side and look forward to working with him again any chance I get.
Dec 16, 2014
If you're looking for someone knowledgeable, quick to respond, and easy to get along with - Chuck is your guy! Being a first time homebuyer AND purchasing an REO home I knew that I wouldn't be the easiest to deal with. There were a lot of questions I had about the whole process and Chuck helped guide me through everything. In addition, he helped find a loan that was perfect for my needs. After reading all the first time home-buyer nightmares people post online, I'm glad to say that with the help of Chuck, this has definitely been a breeze.
Jul 1, 2014
Chuck was very knowledgeable and customized our needs in many different scenarios. He is always very prompt in his response. He has tremendously helped us in many ways, and we are very happy with his service.
Jun 30, 2014
Chuck is the ultimate professional. He and his team are very responsive and and true joy to work with! He makes the process very seamless for his clients just the way it should be.
Mar 28, 2014
Anyone who values prompt and predictive closing times could not go wrong working with Chuck and his team. Chuck exceeded my expectations with promptness and professionalism. His knowledge of the loan process including all the new requirements helped me to be proactive and ensure a speedy closing. Chuck was extremely accessible and does not mind spending the extra time to explain alternative options and strategies to ensure I had the exact loan package for my needs. His transparency in the rate quoting process and alternative costing structures gave me confidence that I was not paying a penny more than necessary for the quality of service provided. And the service was excellent!!! If you are buying a house in a competitive seller's market it is crucial to realize how much advantage you as a buyer have in presenting an offer that utilizes a local bank that does its own local underwriting. This ensures any last minute changes or signoffs (and they always happen) are dealt with in hours rather than days. Chuck and team took this a step further by proactively anticipating issues before they arise to ensure I was informed and able to make quick decisions I could be happy with. My closing hit its target deadline even with a very aggressive schedule. I honestly don't think I would have been able to get the house if it wasn't for Chuck and team's efforts. I certainly would have had to pay more in my bid price if I didn't have the quick closing promise in my offer. Some examples of the value Chuck provided:+ Knowing jumbo rates were competitive with conventional helped to make the critical decision to escalate beyond the conventional rate limit cutoff without having to incur a steep interest rate penalty. Without this, my offer most likely would not have been chosen. + Recommendation when to lock based on trends in the markets ended up saving me an additional $1200 in closing costs. + A last minute negotiation with the seller to drop purchase price made it through underwriting in less than 24 hours thanks in great part to Chuck staying on top of the issues. For my home buying experience, there was a synergy between agents, loan officer, escrow and title companies that really made the whole process as smooth and stress free as possible. Going with a non-local bank or loan officer would not have provided the same results. I am extremely happy I was referred to Chuck and would make the same strong recommendation to anyone trying to purchase a home in a competitive market.
Mar 20, 2014
THE BEST!!! It's hard for me to write this review as it is so important to me. We have all worked with bank, we have all worked with loan officers and most of us have had a home loan or two in the past but Chuck is in a league of his own! Before I go into a big, wordy story, let me just tell you the grand finally; We are in the home of our dreams and it is ALL because of Chuck and his almost freakish work ethic and follow through. If I had called another bank or Googled another name, we would not be here and that is for sure. We are business owners and we kept out old house and rented it out....those are some pretty big challenges in today's house buying world but Chuck didn't stop until we got our deal. Real Estate these days can be long and stressful but working with him was a joy. He's honest and upfront with you on every level and didn't mind going back and forth on my behalf to the very end! Stop reading this and start calling Chuck! Maybe this time next year you will be in your dream home too thanks to him!
Jan 16, 2014
From start to finish, Chuck proved resourceful, creative and attentive. I was very impressed by his willing attitude, which ultimately produced a loan option I was pleased with, through all the almost, close and no ways! In my experience, when it comes to sharing your hopes and dreams with someone, and having the faith that they will make it happen, only the best is worth the time! Thanks, Chuck.
Sep 18, 2013
Chuck knows his stuff! He's very creative when presenting different programs to clients that cater to their needs. If he can't beat somebody else's quote, he will be honest and will tell you upfront that he can't give you a better deal. On top of that, he is very personable and knows how to handle any type of clients. I believe that it matters who you work with!
Dec 23, 2010
Chuck Chrobak throughout the loan processes was top-notch. Not only did we get a great mortgage, but he was able to look and this financing within our overall finanical plan. We were able to get the correct loan for our future and also a great rate! I would recommend Chuck to any of my freinds and family members.
Nov 18, 2010
Simple straight forward process ... met all my financial goals. Chuck was a pleasure to work with.
Oct 22, 2010
We have gone through several home purchase and refinance processes before. Working with Chuck was, by far, the easiest. The whole process went so smoothly and quickly that my wife and I were wondering if it was really happening! The best part of the process was Chuck's availability and eagerness to help. He quickly presented us with a few different options regarding our refi and gave us a nice, detailed Good Faith Estimate. He was also really good at communicating with us and keeping us posted on the loan's progress. We contacted Chuck on September 27 and we just signed all the refi documents today (October 22). Before I forget, I travel a LOT for work and Chuck was quick to catch on to this detail that most other people I do business with forget. He knew that I wouldn't be available on short notice and did his best to work around my travel schedule. He made sure that the documents were ready for us to sign based on my schedule. That is HUGE in my book, as our previous lender had all these pre-set dates that did not always coincide with me being home. Chuck and his team do a great job and I highly recommend him as a lender. We're looking forward to working with Chuck in our future home loans.