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Hybrid Brokers Realty is a local real estate services company with eco-friendly principles. We are located right here in the Emerald Valley (Sacramento, California). We are a complete Real Estate Services Company. We have a team of agents who service all of the areas of Sacramento along with all of the surrounding areas.


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Mar 5, 2018

Keith Simmons recommends Michelle Twitchel

Michelle was extremely professional, friendly and competent throughout the process of selling our home. She went out of her way to accommodate us while were were traveling during the sales process, collected important mail for us and let us know when an important piece of mail was received.

Overall I would rate Michelle at the highest levels for her work ethic, attitude and friendliness. More importantly she and her colleague Angela Jones successfully sold our home significantly over market. We are very pleased with their performance and highly recommend them to other home sellers.
Feb 19, 2018

Sharon Stillman recommends Michelle Twitchel

Realtor Associate, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

I cannot even begin to tell you how incredible Michelle was as my agent in an area I was retiring to. Even though I could have represented myself, when I met Michelle I felt I had found someone who was beyond knowledgeable and ethical. It was not an easy task to find me the perfect home for my retirement years but she managed to do just that! She knew the area, the correct way to go about lining up properties, looking into additional ways to find houses in a market low on inventory and how to handle the entire process professionally and without any problems. And I am looking forward to having her as a friend as well now and will definitely refer her to friends and neighbors. Accolades above and beyond!!
Feb 18, 2018

Anonymous recommends Michelle Twitchel

Michelle did an outstanding job selling our home for us. Michelle has all of the qualities one looks for:

- unquestionable ethics and integrity
- extremely hard working, tenacious and will go the extra mile
- excellent listener
- communicates well and often
- thoughtful, considerate and a pleasure to work with
- knows the business
- works hard to overcome obstacles and make deals work

Michelle is a great choice for anyone looking for a top notch Realtor!
Dec 2, 2017

Mike & Cathy Meadows recommends Michelle Twitchel

Home Owners

We attended several neighborhood open houses to "audition" local realtors. How a realtor markets someone else's house is a very good indication of how they would market yours. We met Michelle Twitchel and Angela Jones at two of these open houses and were very comfortable with their style and confident they knew the local market. The results were a quick sale and no headaches. We especially appreciate their recommendations on maximizing the potential of our home. Friendly, competent, and easy to work with makes a great combination.
Nov 17, 2017

Lee Isaac recommends Ray Henson

Math Teacher

Ray Henson represented our interests in the sale of our home with highest integrity, professionalism, and care. He made each step of selling our home easy and with no complications or worry. It was such a pleasure working with Ray. His positive attitude and humble nature is extremely unique. So, much so, that I didn't hesitate to refer his expertise to several of my family members.
Oct 30, 2017

Kenneth Golder recommends Karen Funk


Well I must say, Karen Funk is a delightful engaging and exceptional individual that eludes professionalism throughout our dealings. I find your to a person that goes beyond her calling in her line of work to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients. She is a tenacious, savvy and i must say "full of energy" fully charged young woman. (I thought i was a person more full of energy.than anyone..but she undoubtly beat me hands down).
I was first introduce (or referred) to Karen by a friend of mine that also utilized Karen's services in searching for a home. Upon her testimony of the realtor she had mentioned that Karen was a outstanding sales agent that would go the extra mile in finding a home that suits your needs. That is, she was relentless in the pursuit in finding the home for my friend. Upon that process my friend was absolutely overjoyed and elated of the outcome of your journey with Karen, the realtor- not only impeccably talented and wise, but persistence in the long term, which paid off. handsomely.
Therefore i must say without doubt, i too, am overjoyed and elated of the outcome of my experience with Karen. And i'm very glad (and fortunate) to have met this fine realtor to say the least. Not only is she outgoing, has an upbeat personality compassionate and really loves this job--her occupation which is reflective in the way she relates to here clients. Very attentive, answers questions concisely. And lastly, a great sense of humor--comedian at heart if you will, She makes one's business relations with her turn into a social outing---very comfortable and accommodating in being around.
So in closing, would i recommend her? Absolutely without hesitation. If anyone has the previlge of working with this fine young lady they would soon see she a "cut above" the rest in your field ---a true gem!
In closing. as one of her colleagues (selling agent, of the home i'd purchased) had said to her in an email " tell your buyer [me] that you [Karen] had done a "fantastic job" for him in securing the home he desired."
I think that truly sums it all up, Karen! Therefore thank you again for your hard work, dedication and perseverance. You are good in what you have a compassion for. Best wishes....Oh by the way, when i sale can i hire you as my "selling agent"? I know the answer to that already!

Oct 19, 2017

Mr. Wilbert Jackson recommends Celeste Bosley

Retired Public Transit Employee

To Whom it may concern,

Ms. Bosley is an experienced expert in the field of Real Estate. Her intellect and passion for getting the deal done is bar none, no matter what obstacles present themselves to her or her clients. She is most gracious and professional in her work, and works with the best team of experts. I am especially grateful to have had her represent me as an agent because she was real and forthcoming with all aspects of my home purchase. I highly recommend her to anyone or business involving Real Estate because of her extraordinary knowledge and professionalism.

Mr. Wilbert Jackson
Oct 6, 2017

Brett Sargent recommends Angela Jones

Angela is a consummate professional with the added benefit of her stellar interpersonal skills. She helped me buy a house that was actually not even on the market at the time. She contacted the realtor that was representing a client who had taken the house off the market and brokered a deal that made everyone happy! If I am ever in the market to buy another house or to sell my house I would not use anyone other than Angela to make the transaction! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking into real estate.
Oct 6, 2017

Bill Brockfield recommends Michelle Twitchel

Senior Analyst

Michelle did a tremendous job helping us buy our condo. She has the experience and temperament to navigate through the process, but more importantly she conducts all her work with a friendly and personable attitude. I would recommend her to both buyers and sellers. Thanks Michelle!
Sep 27, 2017

Scott Brown recommends Angela Jones

Business owner

After going through about five Realtors I had almost given up finding the house that I was looking for. Then I met Angela and everything fell into place . she listened to what I had to say and didn't waste my time sending me to houses that didn't meet my criteria. Within a short period of time she found the perfect house, in the perfect location, for the perfect price. Angela is a go-getter full of energy, she listens and does her best to find you the house you want to buy not just the one she wants to sell. She is honest and fun to be around. I wouldn't use anyone else.
Sep 19, 2017

Kyle Monson recommends Karen Funk


Karen did an outstanding job selling my late mother-in-law's house. She took care of all the details with skill, sensitivity and professionalism during a very difficult period for our family. I was impressed with her knowledge and tenacity in seeing the effort through to a successful conclusion. I strongly recommend that you contact Karen when you have a home to sell.
Sep 11, 2017

Tamara Sells recommends Celeste Bosley

Investment Officer

Celeste was nothing short of amazing in helping us secure our first home. Celeste was attentive, answered all of our questions and stayed on top of all of the details. We appreciate all of Celeste's guidance throughout the process. I would definitely recommend her services.
Sep 11, 2017

Randy recommends LaWanna Taylor

LaWanna did an amazing job helping us sell our house. She knew the local market very well and recommended that we raise our sales price. We were so happy to have her on our side.

Sep 11, 2017

Debra Archie recommends Celeste Bosley

We started off slowly, just getting a fill of what I like and didn't. She took time to listen and came up suggestions and different scenarios for me to choose from. When it came to negotiating and talking to the seller, she was on top of her game. After the sale she was still there when some issues came up, and for that I thank her very much.
Aug 17, 2017

Ashley recommends Ray Henson


Ray is one of the most honest and hardworking people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. As a young person shopping for their first home there were a lot of people that doubted my husband and I, ray never did that! He is knowledgeable and honest, when he takes you to see a home he knows everything there is to know about it and if there is something he doesn't he will go out of his way to find the answer! Hands down ray is the best realtor I've ever met, I can't wait until we buy our next home so we can utilize his skills again!
Aug 17, 2017

Pascale Thomas recommends Ray Henson


Ray did an outstanding job as our realtor!!!! He responded to all emails, phone calls and texts within hours...if not less than an hour - so communication was smooth and easy and fast!!!! Then his attention to detail made everything go very well, without any hiccups!!! We got the house of our dreams and we could not be happier!!! I highly recommend Ray!!!!!
Aug 15, 2017

Sally Lauten recommends Michelle Twitchel

From the moment I met Michelle and her partner, Angela, I knew I found the perfect people to handle the sale of my father's town home. All the stress of facing a sale from a distance melted away, as I felt they would treat this project as if it were their dad's--and they did--shouldering the burden of tasks I couldn't get there in time to perform, always with a smile.

Michelle's intelligence, professionalism, and depth of expertise was reflected in her dedication to pulling out all the stops to make this a successful sale. Her keen eye for making his home sparkle in ways that would appeal to potential buyers was impressive. I truly appreciated her invaluable advice and teamwork attitude.

I absolutely adored working with Michelle because of her sincere kindness, positive and boundless energy, and dependable responsiveness.

Michelle, I can't thank you enough. It was truly a joy!

Aug 1, 2017

Terry Coyne recommends Michelle Twitchel

MIchelle Twitchel and her partner Angela Jones did a great job serving as our listing agents in the sale of our home. They know the Gold River market. They gave sound advice to ready our home for sale and determine the value. They held Open Houses on a holiday weekend and worked several evenings to accommodate my husband's work schedule. Throughout the escrow they stayed on top of every detail and moved the process along in a timely manner.

Michelle is delightful and has a very professional demeanor. Angela is fun as well as compassionate. Together they have negotiation skills and provide great client service. When one is unavailable, the other steps in. Truly a dynamic duo!
Jul 26, 2017

Christine Love recommends LaWanna Taylor

Pharmacy Technician

LaWanna is awesome. We have been in the buying market for the last few years and finally settled down to buy a house. LaWanna was with us every step of the way through every trial and tribulation and she made sure the process was understood. I will continue to recommend LaWanna.
Jul 17, 2017

Julie Snider recommends Angela Jones


Angela, along with partner Michelle Twitchel, did an amazing job selling us a beautiful home in Gold River. From the very first time my wife and I met her, we felt comfortable and knew that she would be able to assist us in finding the home that fit our needs. In all of our meetings, phone calls, texts, and emails, she patiently walked us through what can be a difficult process for any buyer. Angela calmly, professionally, and gracefully handled each and every step and now we are absolutely thrilled with the result. We are very grateful and strongly recommend Angela for any real estate needs people may have!
Jul 17, 2017

Myrna Urmanita recommends Michelle Twitchel

Designer, Artist, Stylist

When Michelle and her business partner Angela first came to meet up with me and my siblings to sell our mom's house, we didn't know them from Adam! Professionally, they had their pitch down perfect and impressed us with their strategic marketing plan on how they would reach targets of buyers. We were sold!

What sold us even more later were the countless number of service professionals who gave us unsolicited praises about Michelle and Angela's professionalism, integrity, industry knowlege, and past successes! All in all, the one common thought that seemed to come through about Michelle was her sincere care and consideration for her clients.

Selling our mom's house was not so cut and dry. Our first buyer backed out due to terminal illness; immediately another buyer was lined up, but he too had a medical issue that caused him to back out. Again, without losing a beat, Michelle popped up with another potential buyer....three was the magic charm. We closed immediately without a glitch! The wonderful thing through all this was mom's house didn't get a chance to collect dust...one after the other, Michelle came through with a potential buyer and interested parties!

She was there to support me and my siblings all the way every step, emotionally, mentally, spirtitually, and physically! Would I recommend Michelle? Without a doubt!!! Michelle knows her stuff, can get you the best price, and you walk away not just adding her to your database of realtors you know, but you will be adding her as your new best friend !
Jul 14, 2017

Julie Snider recommends Michelle Twitchel


We could not be happier with the great job Michelle did as our realtor. Throughout the process of finding the right home, submitting our offer, and the many other steps which followed as we approached final closing of escrow, Michelle listened to our needs and was absolutely the steady hand that we needed. Her many years of experience and her natural people skills combined to make for a wonderful buying experience. You will not find a kinder and mire professional agent than Michelle Twitchel.
Jul 14, 2017

lisa meschi recommends Michelle Twitchel

I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking for a realtor. She was very professional and helped us through all aspects of listing our house and working through all the details of the sale, and escrow. She was always available to us to answer questions and helped us negotiate a great price.
Jul 7, 2017

Terry Coyne recommends Angela Jones

Angela Jones and her partner Michelle Twitchel did a great job serving as our listing agents in the sale of our home. They know the Gold River market. They gave sound advice to ready our home for sale and determine the value. They held Open Houses on a holiday weekend and worked several evenings to accommodate my husband's work schedule. Throughout the process they stayed on top of every detail and moved the process along in a timely manner. Angela (Angie) is fun and compassionate but can also negotiate on behalf of her client. Michelle is delightful and has a very professional demeanor. When one is unavailable, the other steps in. Truly a dynamic duo!
Jun 13, 2017

Mario Melo recommends Angela Jones

Thank you for making my sale of Carmen house easy and fast.

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