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<p>Our Cupertino office serves as our company headquarters and touts over 200 agents. Located across the street from the Apple campus, on the corner of De Anza and Lazaneo Dr, our easily accessible location has served Cupertino for close to 15 years.</p>


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Mar 8, 2018

Sharon M recommends Miri Bialik


Miri Bialik is an exceptional broker.

Miri's multi year experience, work ethic, wisdom and extensive knowledge of the marketplace make her services extremely valuable.

I highly recommend Miri Bialik.
Mar 6, 2018

Randy Mickelson recommends Michael Borbet

OSHPD Healthcare Superintendent

Michael was instrumental in providing me with the level of service that this particular transaction required. The area that I was searching at the time was El Dorado County, which is where I ended up buying. Michael was ready and willing to drive two hours, one way, in order to provide me with access to multiple locations of interest. Further and moreover, Michael was always available to guide me through the more complicated issues that presented themselves along the way. Michael proved to be an invaluable asset during the negotiation process, as his specific knowledge of the property, and understanding of the market, greatly helped to facilitate the deal that I wanted. I am absolutely thrilled with the property that I purchased, as well as truly grateful to have had Michael Borbet representing me and my interests. Thank you Michael.
Mar 6, 2018

Leslie Puppo recommends Mark Gissler

When I decided to sell my parents' house I contacted Mark. My father always had great things to say about him, so I decided it was a good place to start. I live on the East Coast and Mark was beyond wonderful to work with. He listened to what my goals and needs were and discussed his recommendations. He took care of everything. I don't think I could have asked for anything more. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a property in the Bay Area. I have already recommended him to several of my family members.
Mar 4, 2018

Lillian Kellogg recommends Al Moridi

Senior Vice President

Simply stated, Al delivers on every one of his commitments! He has an amazing team of professionals and together, they take care of every detail and work to make sure they meet and exceed your expectations. I can highly recommend him - you will not be disappointed!
Mar 3, 2018

Rachel Mann recommends Surjit Kaur-Grewal


Buying a home or selling one is a tedious process, not to mention the emotions that are attached to these. We were so anxious to sell our home and buy a new one in bay area. As residents of bay area, we knew the market is going to be in our favor but we had no idea where to begin! We came across Surjit through a friend's housewarming and with our friend's referral decided to meet Surjit.
From the get go she gave us all kinds of information that we need to think about when buying a house. We started the journey and before we knew it, it all came together. She would send us listings after visiting the properties and ask us to go there and see if we like them. Based on our criteria decided in first meeting, she would go herself to filter out homes, then send us list of homes that were worth going to. She would educate us on what are pros and cons of the property and even help us to think about how the property may appreciate in the coming years! We could have never imagined that we would meet such a hardworking and dedicated realtor. She treated us like her family and would always tell us I can never sell you a house where I wouldn't want my family to live. So if you are ready for a house hunting adventure, work with Surjit and remember bring a notepad and take notes! You are bound to a learning experience! We are so happy and satisfied with our purchase. We hope you have the same experience.
Feb 24, 2018

Zhenchao Li recommends Ingrid Jiang

We recently bought our home in Fremont with Ingrid's help. Being first time buyer, we were initially unsure what our dream home was going to look like.

Ingrid spent countless hours showing us homes and combed through properties available on market based on our budget and needs. With her skills, connections and years of experience in housing market, she handled all aspects of the home buying experience very well!

We eventually bought our dream home and are very happy to be able to do that in such a competitive market. Thank you Ingrid!
Feb 19, 2018

Yen Truong recommends Miri Bialik


Miri has helped us to sell our house innSunnyvale and to buy a beautiful house in Morgenhill.
She is a very good agent, she is always on our site.
We are very happy with Miri.
I strongly recommend Miri to all of my friends.
Feb 15, 2018

Chu recommends Tramy Vo

She work hard and respond fast to get the disclosure for the house that we are interest.
Feb 6, 2018

Mak Ajanovic recommends Tramy Vo

Software Engineer

My experience with Tramy was excellent. She was proactive in scouring the area for available homes in my price range and her wisdom was really helpful when assessing the quality of the homes I looked at. When I decided on the home I wanted, the offer process was as smooth as possible. As a first time home buyer, I was fearful of the process. Tramy helped ease all of my concerns and provided valuable advice. When it came to do the paperwork, she was quick and ensured there were no delays when working with the lender. The whole closing process was smooth and completed in around 21 days.
Thanks Tramy!
Feb 4, 2018

Angelo P. Demma recommends Jimmy Oyenuga

Small Pack Feeder Tranportation Specialist

Jimmy is the one realtor you want. He works tirelessly for his clients, I know this because he achieved more then my expectation when working with me on a 1031 exchange. It’s a sellers market and you can’t afford lazy when working with an agent. Jimmy is a go getter, a fighter and an honest agent... Highly recommended!!!
Jan 30, 2018

Larry Sherman recommends Michael Borbet

Director of Parts Operations

Honesty, Integrity, Dignity and Respect. The core 4 qualities I look for in a business partner. Michael Borbet far exceeds my expectations in each category. From the very first meeting with Michael to just talk about the "what if's" on selling my home. He listened to my ideas and dreams. He shared my dreams and passion about my future. Michael developed a strategic plan and executed it to perfection. Not only did he sell my house in 5 days for well above asking price, he negotiated the purchase of the home of my dreams. He knew exactly what I wanted and delivered on my dreams. There is nobody I would trust more than Michael Borbet for your Real Estate needs.
Jan 29, 2018

Joanna H. recommends Ingrid Jiang

Ingrid helped us purchase a single house in West San Jose. Ingrid was very responsive, she always answer her phone and reply e-mail quick.
During our counter offer stage, Ingrid worked closely with our loan agent to protect us on negotiating loan contingency removal date with listing agent. She really stand on our side to negotiate price and terms with seller's agent.
I would highly recommend Ingrid if you want to buy or sell home.
Jan 29, 2018

Wuyi Liu recommends Ingrid Jiang

Ingrid is a very thoughtful agent standing in our shoes and gave us so much useful suggestions to narrow down our selection. She helped us to reduce our cost on purchasing. She took an important role as a bridge among seller, bank and me. Also she followed up so well even after the deal had been closed. I highly recommend her.
Jan 29, 2018

Saloni Swetambra recommends Sharmin Lopes

We had a amazing experience with Sharmin! She not only showed highest level of professionalism but also was involved in every tiny bit through the process of the purchase of our house. Her honestly and transparency in providing guidance was clearly visible. She was always there to extend help and would walk extra mile to make things easier for us. She is an extremely friendly and warm person, which made our whole experience great!
Jan 24, 2018

Fred recommends Sam Golkar


Sam is an excellent agent. He is patient, calm, very friendly. He got us the first house when we were nervous and having doubts but he made us very comfortable and helped us buy our house and we couldn’t be more excited and we have never been more happy. After couple of years we decided to buy another home, and we started talking to other agents that came out our way and all of them were dishonest, liars and wanted to play games and gain money by being deceivers. So we got tired of these so called agents and decided to go back to our former agent Sam. He insured us that he will handle everything and would find us a house that we liked not a house he would gain more money from. We finally found a house and at first we wanted to buy the house by putting a huge number and that would’ve gained him more commission but Sam isn’t about making commission and fooling the buyer. He asked us to put a lower offer than what we proposed and got us the house. He doesn’t just show you the house and tell you the house is beautiful to just sell it to you. He points out the problems of the House or the neighborhood so that you understand everything. I have never seen an agent who would do that. He tells the truth. He is honest and wants to make sure you buy a house that you will love not regret
Jan 24, 2018

Kunal Vikram Singh recommends Guru Toor

Someone who knows the game and is always on top of the things
Guru has helped me in getting my home. He was there with me from the begining to the end. Working with him has been a real pleasure and really great experience.
He was never in a rush to sell me just anything that I may be interested in but always guided me through the things I should be looking at and what are the things that will make me feel comfortable in a longer run too.
He worked with me to understand my needs and also helped me with conversations so I can also realize what my needs were. Will highly recommend Guru to people looking for buying / selling. I am definitely going with Guru for any of my future real estate needs.
Thanks Guru
Jan 22, 2018

William Wong recommends Ingrid Jiang

I bought two houses recently through Ingrid. Ingrid is very knowledgable on the local real estate and rental market. She gave me good suggestions on where to buy and refer me to good price quality contractor on fixing up rental property. She gave me updates frequently, made sure buying process is smooth and helping me negotiating with seller on sharing repair cost. I'm impressed with her hardworking, quick response and detail. I would recommend her to my friends who are looking to buy.
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Jan 19, 2018

John Martin recommends Mark Gissler

I needed to sell a property, but I lived 400 miles away. Through a web site I found some recommended agents in the Bay Area. Mark called and from the beginning he sounded professional, straight forward and very positive! I was taken aback by his assessment of the market. He claimed we would have multiple offers above the asking price within sounded too good to be true. Well, it happened exactly as Mark had said! The deal is done and I would highly recommend Mark Gissler to everyone seeking to buy or sell real estate in the Bay Area! He is a straight shooter!
Jan 16, 2018

Sankalp Singh recommends Surjit Kaur-Grewal

We had an amazing experience buying our first home with Surjit. We were lucky to be referred to her by close friends, who had also had a great experience purchasing their home with Surjit. The housing market in the Bay Area, esp. South Bay (Santa Clara county) is extremely competitive, with houses staying on the market for a matter of days or weeks.

Surjit took time to understand our priorities and tirelessly combed through upcoming listings, visited and vetted them in advance, and then scheduled visits for us for the ones she determined matched our criteria. On each visit, she highlighted the pros and the cons, including any repair work that would be required, both short and medium term. She has an amazing eye for those details, and her decades of experience in this area gives her a great sense of the quality of the neighborhood, construction, or maintenance costs/burden. Being first time buyers, we tended to be dazzled by apparently nicer looking homes, but Surjit did a great job of pulling the facade off some of those, as well as informing us that some of the not so immediately nice looking homes could be improved with relatively low effort.

Surjit was a constant advocate for us, and we never felt that she did not have our best interests at heart -- always prioritizing the quality of life we would have in the new home over the time and effort it took for her in our continued search. She was never in a hurry to close and move on to another client.

Surjit was also very helpful in putting us in touch with our loan officer, and then did a great job writing our offers even if it required working late into the night. She is a very good negotiator. She estimated the expected winning bid accurately, and our accepted offer was only a percent or so above the list price. Surjit was with us every step of the way until closing and after, and we are confident to say, we have found a life-long friend in her. We would highly recommend Surjit.
Jan 12, 2018

Lynn Greiner recommends Su-Lan Wang

Systems Engineer

Having Sulan as our agent was truly an opportunity. She is a pleasure to work with, listens and adapts to what you are looking for, and knows how to close the deal in this changing and extremely competitive Bay Area market.

In the beginning of our house hunting, we worked with a few different agents we found on our own, but were not satisfied with them. Then a close friend of ours who just closed on a home referred us to Sulan. In a very short amount of time, we were able to narrow down our search and focus. In the end, we found our dream home because of Sulan's extreme diligence and speed. Her experience is invaluable, very responsive at any time, truly protected us as the buyers, and not only walked us through a great strategy when putting the offer, but also keeps guiding us with her honest recommendations and great network.
Jan 12, 2018

Akram B. recommends Bobby Ohadi

I’m very pleased to experience my first home buying process with Bobby.
I found him very helpful, responsive, friendly, attentive and patient. As a Bay Area native he’s definitely an expert in this field and knows the area very well. He acts smart and fast in this competitive Bay Area market. He closed a very good deal for me within my budget and without sacrificing on standards.
He also helped with some remodeling after the deal closed.
I would definitely consider him for all my real state needs and highly recommend him as he makes the stressful home buying/selling process very smooth and enjoyable for you.
Jan 12, 2018

Lauren Droira-Chavez recommends Sandra Clow

Registered Nurse

If I could give her 10 stars, I would! Sandra did a fantastic job at helping us land our dream home! With her utmost patience, superb knowledge of the housing market, and her genuine care for our needs/interests, I always felt like I was in excellent hands. In addition, her ability to negotiate in such a competitive housing market is stellar. I was quite impressed! Her kind, caring nature and her professionalism were beyond wonderful. I feel like we've gained a genuinely beautiful friend. I am so happy to have met Sandy and highly recommend her. I can't say it enough, thank you, Sandy! My kids say thank you, too! They remember you fondly.
Jan 12, 2018

Hans Chuang recommends Allen Chang

It has been a pleasure to work with Allen. He has been very thorough and caring every step of the way. From we started the process until we closed on a property, he has probably shown us close to 100 properties over the weekends, he's always been patient, non-pushy, and letting us see the pros and cons of each property.

He also does his homework on the regulations and rules of each county so we understand what we need to look out for to be compliant with the county. His detailed oriented approach was very helpful at close escrow, when he pointed out elements of the contract that we need to be aware of, and each item of the closing statement was explained. I highly recommend him.
Jan 12, 2018

wendy wang recommends Jimmy Oyenuga


Jimmy helped us bought a nice home in a very tough market recently. He is patient and knows lot of neighborhood which gave us good advice in house seeking. We very appreciate his expertise and dedication.
Jan 9, 2018

Neeharika Vinod recommends Manish Dawar

Director, Market Assessment

Manish was always by my side during my condo search and closing period. He continues to assist with my move into the new home. Given I am new to the Bay Area, it quickly got difficult to sort through options and find a place within budget. Being in a sellers' market didn't make things easy. We got a great deal in my neighborhood of choice but with a tenant in place. Manish quickly sorted through all complexities and took center stage with all negotiations. He also worked closely to set expectations with sellers' agent, leasing officer and title company. I would love to work with Manish again.

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