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<p>Our Cupertino office serves as our company headquarters and touts over 200 agents. Located across the street from the Apple campus, on the corner of De Anza and Lazaneo Dr, our easily accessible location has served Cupertino for close to 15 years.</p>


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3 days ago

Phil Kuhn recommends Al Moridi

President Harlick Skating Boots

First off I want to thank Al for his professional approach and his expert advise he provided from the very beginning. Starting with the first visit he listened to what we wanted and hoped for. He took everything in. Asked us questions and then after he had all the information he began laying out a plan and told us what we had to do and how to do it. By the end of the evening we had our game plan laid out. It took a week to get the house ready and then he took over. He and his assistants prepared a beautiful flyer for the visitors to see. During the open house he and his team showed all of the shoppers around and answered their questions. When the offers started coming in he helped us review them and what the best option would be. During the process whenever we had a question he would answer them. In the end we were very happy with the results. Al was wonderful to work with and I highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a professional realtor to represent them when selling their home. Thanks Al for all you did for us. It is greatly appreciated.
Apr 15, 2019

Kevin Combs recommends Elaine Lam


First, a bit of explanation behind our situation and how Elaine played a big roll. The property that we contracted for Elaine to sell was my parents home for 45 years. My father recently passed away and our family needed to sell his home and all family members did not reside in the area. Elaine was highly recommend by my father's estate planner because she had successfully handled home sales within estates for his clients in the past. Elaine took charge of seeking out furniture resellers, handymen, cleaning crews, etc. so that we did not need to be present in order to keep the process moving forward. What our family did not want from the estate and could not liquidate or donate, Elaine was able to handle and ready the house for sale. She contracted with painters, carpet cleaners, furniture stagers and others on our behalf to present the property in its best saleable position. Furthermore, she provided excellent advice regarding each offer that was presented allowing us to make the best possible decision regarding the sale of the home. I highly recommend Elaine to sell anyone's home under any situation. She always has her clients' best interest in mind.
Apr 13, 2019

Diana Wendell recommends Al Moridi


Al Moridi and his team are fantastic. They worked with us to meet our needs for selling and buying. We were able to sell our house quickly and get our dream house and we are grateful for his team’s “go get it” attitude.

Al’s passion for realty and helping his clients is evident in every interaction. Al made selling very low stress and easy, and for that we are grateful!
Mar 31, 2019

Sean Eric Fagan recommends Michael Borbet

I used to buy cars from Michael. Even then he was patient, and prompt with answers. When he went into real estate, we decided to go with him to sell our house as we moved out of the state.

He was far better organized than we were, and dealt with the annoying problems involved with cleaning, remodeling, and prepping a house for sale. He got an offer at or above our preferred asking price within a week of the house going on market, and was helpful in guiding us through the process afterwards.

I cannot recommend him enough.
Mar 28, 2019

Liad Ben Yehuda recommends Miri Bialik

Software Engineer

Miri is an excellent excellent agent! She’s got an answer to every question and in the rare case she’s not sure she’ll have an expert friend weigh in on the subject. She’s ALWAYS reachable and works tirelessly to get you what you want. Her digital tools make it very easy to review and sign documents. She makes an effort to make a personal connection with her clients. She helped me and my parents purchase our homes and I’ll definitely recommend her to anyone who asks.
Mar 19, 2019

Lori Campbell recommends Olga Mintz

Regional Sales Associate

Olga is....

-An exceptional realtor

-Very thorough and knowledgeable in understanding the market

-Answered all questions that I, had to my satisfaction.

-Consistently followed up, and made sure that she was here for me.

Olga exceeded my expectations of what I thought a realtor would be, and would highly recommend her!

Mar 17, 2019

Charles Kim recommends Sharmin Lopes


Sharmin is genuine, hones, and caring agent. I have purchased many investment properties in my career and worked with many agents, and Sharmin is one of the top agent that I ever worked with in many ways. Very helpful and always in communication with prompt response!
Mar 5, 2019

Sean Tavakoli recommends Sam Golkar


Sam is a great guy. He took the time to find the house my wife and I were looking for...
He is very nice, patient and knowledgeable.
I highly recommend Sam if you are in the market looking for your new home!
Mar 4, 2019

Ryan Uyehara recommends Linda Aryani

Department Manager, Non-Profit

We couldn't imagine what the process would have been like without Linda's help. She helped us navigate all the complexities of the real estate world, and probably veered us away from the pitfalls. I only say probably because she steered us away from them so we don't know of any. But if you ask her about them she can definitely tell you about them. We started with the simple plan of get a house and get a dog. Thanks to Linda we now have both. We will be disappointed if we can't go to her in the future if/when we need to buy another house.
Feb 15, 2019

Eka Lianawati recommends Linda Aryani

Preschool Teacher

We are a first time home buyer and Linda patiently guided us step by step about all home buying stuffs. She is always reachable and ready to answer any question we have. We had a little bit problem with our previous lender (bank) and Linda recommended us to another bank and worked dilligently to make sure everything goes smooth. Even after we’re don with our home purchase, when we have questions about property tax or anything related to property, she’s always be there for us. We are so grateful to have her as our realtor.
Feb 6, 2019

Carmen C. recommends Betty Leung

Betty is an agent who cares. She listens to your needs but doesn’t shy away from voicing important factors a buyer should consider. Betty is very thorough in going over details and disclosures. Our home-buying process was smooth and painless. My husband and I now have a home and a new dear friend.
Feb 6, 2019

Roman Gusarov recommends Olga Mintz

Software Engineer

Olga is a very talented realtor! We were lucky to find her and to go trough the process of buying of our home. She really helped us to find the home we wanted and eventually to make a good deal with sellers. I would recommend her to everybody who wants to buy a home!
Jan 21, 2019

Ajay Rangaswamy Devaraj recommends Hanisha Jagtiani

We were first time home buyers and Hanisha did a great job! She helped us a lot in setting up search listings based on our preference, helped us in going through the various documents such as disclosure, HOA policy, Inspection documents etc. Since it was our first time buying a house, she really helped us by going through the documents herself and explaining to us on what to look for. She guided us clearly on what areas to avoid and also the type of house we should look for in order to help with the resale prospects. Overall it was a smooth and hassle free buy with Hanisha!
Jan 21, 2019

Neet Morish recommends Grace Hanamoto

"Grace was an amazing partner to work with. She is very knowledgeable, honest and super responsive. I interviewed a few agents before I decided to work with Grace. It was one of the best decisions I made in the home buying process. It wasn’t a straightforward contract and we had to go through multiple iteration before aligning on all the requirements from my and buyers perspective. Grace was always there to guide us and helped us to take out emotions and focus on fact based decision making. I’ve already recommended her to few of my my friends and will continue to do so. Thanks Grace for being so awesome!
Jan 19, 2019

Vivek Walvekar recommends Guru Toor

Product management

I was pleasure working with Guru. He is a thourough professional who makes home buying experience less stressful, bit a fun and engaging. He would ask you questions that may make you uncomfortable but those questions help you discover what your needs are as buyer. If you have kids, he going above and beyond to engage them so that you and your spouse can take deep look at your probable future home. Guru is an optimistic agent with payience. His follow-up and support is amazing. Will recommend him to my friends and family.
Jan 18, 2019

Mehran recommends Ali Nikfarjam


It was a pleasure working with Ali. He is very organized and hard working. He was also open to attend with us to open houses in different cities on the same day as we were considering a couple different locations to purchase property. I look forward to working with Ali again.
Jan 18, 2019

Max Z. recommends Linda Aryani

First-time homebuyer

Linda is absolutely amazing!

We got connected to Linda via our friends, whom she helped buy their house 6 years ago - they strongly recommended her.

As first time homebuyers, we were the absolute rookies. Linda was very patient explaining the intricacies of the process to us, carefully reviewed the reports of every house that we have liked and provided guidance on what are the reasons for buying vs not buying, rationalized the fair market value of the property etc. She has also connected us to a great lending specialist, who helped us a lot throughout the process and gave a great rate. One thing we appreciated a lot is that Linda was not pushy, was not trying to lead us to a particular decision but rather provided her expertise to help us make the decisions ourselves.

Once we have narrowed down the choices, Linda took on and conducted the negotiations with the owners in a very professional, respectful and rational manner and helped bring the price down significantly.

Throughout the shopping, negotiations and closing stages, Linda was extremely meticulous and thorough, taking care and verifying every minuscule detail to make sure al the loose ends are tied up and we have as smooth of a process as possible.

All of that with the positive attitude and a genuine smile.

After the closing, Linda connected us to the right contractors to perform the necessary repair and remodeling.

Overall, we could not have been happier with her - she definitely works to provide the best experience and build long-term relationships with her clients, rather than closing the deal, collecting the check and moving on.
Jan 18, 2019

Meisam Mehravaran recommends Bobby Ohadi


Bobby was the best , very friendly and flexible . Although I have a very busy work schedule , I could buy a good property in a short amount of time , for a great price ofc
Jan 18, 2019

Meisam Mehravaran recommends Al Moridi


Al us a great guy, he found me a nice condo short short time , he is the best
Jan 18, 2019

Greg Swyt recommends Mark Gissler


Mark has helped our company prepare and sell two company owned properties. He took charge of preparing and staging the properties and when it came time to close the arrangement it was a very simple and transparent process.

Jan 17, 2019

Won Lee recommends Sylvia Lee

It was enjoyable working with Sylvia Lee on the purchase of my new home, and I'd like to express my appreciation for all her efforts. Sylvia, we wanted to thank you for your assistance in finding our new home. You were very accessible, confident, and knowledgeable throughout the process. We would recommend your services to anyone. Thank you.
Jan 17, 2019

Menachem Lidor recommends Miri Bialik


Miri did a wonderful job, including decorating the apartment, with her very nice personality got co-operation from the apartment tenants. She did all the negotaiation very elegant with both parties.
Miri can be a symbol for a very good and very honest!
Thanks Miri
Jan 14, 2019

Jatinder grewal recommends Jide Ogunbiyi

Owner oprator

Jide very helpful honest & export person. I don’t have any word how can I explain about him ,
Jan 14, 2019

Yiming Zang recommends Kelly Qin

Software Engginer

Kelly is the best agent I have ever met and worked with. Kelly has helped me a lot in finding the best home that fits my expectations and requirements. She is very experienced and the service she provides is excellent and professional. To me she's not only a great real estate consultant, but also a true friend. Kelly always provides useful advices and she always thinks from customer's perspective first.

Buying a home is an extremely heavy and time consuming work, but I think with her help, I was able to save tons of time in the home buying process and it finally turns out to be a very successfully and happy experience.

I really enjoyed working with Kelly a lot, definitely recommend Kelly if you are in the home purchasing market.
Jan 10, 2019

Ali Gharani recommends Sheva Neinavaie

she bought for us two house and in my opinion she is one of the best realtor in this area. thank you so much Sheva.

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