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Our Cupertino office serves as our company headquarters and touts over 200 agents. Located across the street from the Apple campus, on the corner of De Anza and Lazaneo Dr, our easily accessible location has served Cupertino for close to 15 years.


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Oct 7, 2017

Florita Stamatelaky recommends Mark Gissler

Florita Stamatelaky

We will definitely recommend Mark. He listens to what we need, to what we want, and advise us accordingly. From the first day we have met until present, if we have some questions or needed advice, he is there to help. We sold our property according to plan and in a timely manner. We could have not done it without Mark. Thanks Mark!

Florita and Ferdinand
Oct 6, 2017

Xi recommends Qinjiang Jane Beal

Jane helped us buy our second house. I think we got a pretty good deal with her strategy. She also provided lots of info during the negotiation that is of great help. I would definitely recommend Jane to my friends who are looking for new home in the Bay Area.
Oct 6, 2017

Lei Gao recommends Madeline Tsai

Madeline helped me and my husband finding our first home. We feel so lucky and satisfied to have Madeline as our realtor when we were knowing nothing.

She knows the market in the region very well. Her experience, depth of the knowledge and diligent research helped us to propose a strong and competitive offer with a reasonable price in a timely manner. Our offer was finally accepted and preempting later competing offers. We really appreciate her valued experience and expertise in this market.

In addition, Madeline is always patient and careful to help us understand the disclosures and inspect the property. Before we proposed the offer, she was guiding us the property in field and explained every single item in the disclosure. She was also trying to talk with neighbors to know more details about the community. She did all the possibilities to help us know better about the property.

Madeline is also a very efficient realtor. She managed to get all paper works processed smoothly in a timely manner. For each concern that we addressed, Madeline always response promptly and explained them clearly, which makes us feel safe and confident on every single step moving forward.

We won't hesitate to recommend Madeline to our friends to help them get the best they want to get!
Oct 6, 2017

Jessica Jan recommends Madeline Tsai

We are investors from California and looking for rental properties with high CAP rate. Our friend recommended Madeline. She used to live in Atlanta so she is very familiar with the area. She also has extensive experience helping her client searching for investment properties and managing them. After working with her, we also saw her tough negotiation skills. She helped us negotiated almost 20% off the listing price! She also shared her connections and experiences in remodeling and property managing. I highly recommend her. I will use her for my next investment deal for sure
Oct 6, 2017

Yang Jiao recommends Madeline Tsai

I might have struggled much longer in this super-hot housing market to find my home, without Madeline's help.

I've talked deeply with many realtors and even worked with 1 of them before. Only Madeline wins my 100% trust. She is frank and honest. She impressed me with her expertise and sincerity. She never pushed me to overbid too much over my capability. When I felt frustrated, she always calm down and gave me wise suggestion.

Like fellow soldiers, we fought in this war together. Great thanks for Madeline, taking her suggestion, I bought my dream home in 2nd try.

Will I come to Madeline again when I try to buy or sell house? Of course! Will I recommend her to my friends when they need
professional help, and a trustable friend, rather than a short-sighted and 1-time-business driven realtor? Of course!
Oct 6, 2017

Kirti Rathi recommends Madeline Tsai

It was a great pleasure working with Madeline. Being first time home buyers, we wanted to explore and see different homes and different neighborhoods to be confident about what we wanted in our dream home. Madeline was extremely patient with us, which I think is rare and exceptional to find in an agent. She would take us to every open listing we wanted to visit and was extremely accommodating to our schedules. She was always on or before time for any property visiting appointments and would carefully look through the home with us, which was extremely helpful. She never pushed us and made sure we were comfortable and really liked the home before making an offer. She was always available when we needed her and made time to answer any questions or inquires we may have. I was extremely impressed with her dedication and sincerity. She made honest and good suggestions to us and we found a trust able friend in her. Madeline went beyond in helping us through the closing process after our offer was accepted. She patiently addressed and explained all our concerns. I would highly recommend Madeline.
Oct 6, 2017

Nitesh Bhatter recommends Madeline Tsai

It was a pleasure working with Madeline. She went beyond in helping us to browse properties in Sunnyvale/Santa Clara area. Not only is she very patient but she was very accommodating to all our needs which helped us tremendously throughout the process. I highly recommend Madeline to anyone looking for an agent
Oct 4, 2017

Kristina Bouatavanh recommends Anne Reyes


Anne did a great job representing me. She was very professional and was highly recommended by a friend. She got our house sold very quickly and above asking. I would highly recommend her.
Oct 3, 2017

Adam recommends Matt Taylor

Matt is great! He's very knowledgeable and great strategist with an eye for value. Great at taking the time to educate you through the process.
Oct 3, 2017

Adam recommends Jillian Couture

Jillian is great! She has great people skills, is responsive, and attentive. Highly recommended!
Oct 3, 2017

Young C. Choi recommends James Hyun

Director, Engineering

Mr&Mrs. Hyun are the best friends for our family as well as best realtors now. I want to strongly recommend them as your faithful realtors.
We had worked with them for more than 1year to look for our first home and now we are living in our first home they helped us to purchase in Santa Clara. It was always not easy for us to find out good candidates of our home, to write an offer and to endure the bitterness of failures. However we could go through these processes over and over because Mr&Mrs.Hyun kept encouraging us and giving us good information and resources continuously.
We are very thankful of their patience and thoughtfulness to encourage us to complete our long journey to have our sweet home. We love our home very much and this is the best home we can dream about.
Mr&Mrs.Hyun are very thoughtful, resourceful and patient realtors and they will walk with you just like good friends until you find out your very best home!
Oct 3, 2017

Anonymous recommends Soo Kong Lim

Soo, is the best. She is professional and very friendly. Very easy to communicate with her and she makes it sure the deal is done.
Oct 3, 2017

Madhu C recommends Kumar Talluri

Distinguished Architect, Intuit

Kumar helped us buy our house in the Bay Area. He is very knowledgable about the area, schools, facilities, commute etc.,. He was able to quickly figure out what we liked and disliked about every house that we saw and was able to customize the search process so that we were not spending all our time looking at houses. He also has a lot of contacts and experience in the Bay Area that allowed us to put in good offers. Finally I really appreciate his patience with us as we located our house. I would highly recommend Kumar with any real estate needs.
Oct 3, 2017

Julie Benedetti recommends Matt Taylor

Staff Accountant

Matt, Jillian and Rob, Amazing people to work with! I had never sold a home before and they made my life a dream. 1 Open House and it was sold. They loved my home as much as I and it showed. They accented the beauty of an older home. They took care of everything, even the fire alarms! I really didn't need to do anything! And they got me way, way over asking price! What a gift to have these amazing, trustworthy, Realtors create and achieve such an amazing experience!
Honolulu Hawaii!
Oct 3, 2017

Akos Szoboszlay recommends Rob Faris

Seller of home

I was impressed with how quickly Rob Faris got the contractors for the home upgrade, and how quickly they accomplished the task (about a week), and they performed quality work (carpet, plumbing, yard, property inspection, cleaning). He had a tight schedule that worked. He made good recommendations that increased value, such as paint the balcony floor. He conducted a well-run open house. I was also impressed how he handled the negotiations with buyer's agent.
Oct 3, 2017

Don Wang recommends Susan Hu


Susan worked diligently in helping me to find my dream town home and demonstrated supreme negotiation skills and acute judgment.
Oct 3, 2017

Phani Kommana recommends Kumar Talluri

QA Manager at Lending club

We bought our first home this year and it was a amazing feeling and thanks to Kumar for making our dream a reality. Our friends referred us to Kumar for his excellent experience and he did an amazing job in understanding our criteria and help us searching properties which meet our needs. He gave honest feedback and helped us find the right property in the right location. He always gave all the input data points that helped us make the right choice. He has strong real estate experience and a market expert in the bay area. Thanks Kumar for your patience and keeping us honest and giving us the right home. I highly recommend Kumar for his excellent work.
Oct 3, 2017

Aarthi G recommends Guru Toor

Guru was excellent and was a huge help throughout the buying process.
Especially in the crazy bay area, his insights into properties, neighbourhoods and trends was very useful and more often than not, he was accurate.
Another thing about Guru, is that he went above and beyond by assisting us even after the home buying process completed. Always available and helpful.
Oct 3, 2017

Robin Kleiner recommends Kristine Meyer

D.C. Alaska Airlines

My wife Jackie and I have enjoyed working with Kristine. Her knowledge of the industry, and professionalism show constantly. Kristine had always put our best interests first; while guiding us through the intricate partnership of selling our home.

If you are considering Realtors, Kristine would be an excellent choice...she ROCKS!

-Robin Kleiner
Oct 3, 2017

Joyce Chau recommends Soo Kong Lim


Not only wash she exceptionally professional and responsible during the entire process. But she gave excellent recommendations to help me move forward as a new owner.....
Oct 3, 2017

Stefan Najmi recommends Bobby Ohadi

Home owner

Energized, Knowledgeable,Reliable
Oct 2, 2017

Grace Kim recommends Sylvia Lee

Sylvia Lee was a great help to my family. She went above and beyond to help my family. She went out of her way to help us sell our home. I would recommend Sylvia Lee to everyone. I would definitely ask for Sylvia's help again in the future.
Oct 2, 2017

Chao Li recommends Su-Lan Wang

I just finished the transaction on my first home in San Jose with the help of Su-Lan. She is very professional and kind. I am strongly recommending the ones who are seeking for their dream home in the south bay area to ask Su-Lan for advice and help.

I myself is working in the high-tech industry and I was believing in data to assist me buy my house. As a result, data helps but it is way too limited. We won the bid among more than 5 competitors and our price is obviously not the highest, not because we analyzed the data very well and regression to the expected price, we talked to the listing agent and seller with personality, and show our strong interest, besides we show their our strong background with evidence.

Communication with Su-Lan is more like chatting with an elder friend. The relationship is not simply as client and agent. We get much more help besides the transaction itself. After the transaction has been closed, Su-Lan is still calling for any concerns from us and gave us many advice on many details which could possibly be ignored by a first time house owner. It cannot be so easy for us to buy and get used to living in this house without the help of Su-Lan.
Oct 1, 2017

Duane Vazquez recommends Alana Lam

Alana was simply fantastic from beginning to end.
She kept us informed every step of the way and always made sure we knew what we needed to know and we were comfortable with each step in the process. She knows her craft real well and has a wide professional network that enhances the ability of the sale. We felt like she genuinely cared for our well being and trying to get the absolute best real estate transaction possible.

Absolutely great experience working with her - I would not hesitate to have her as our realtor again or recommend her to anyone. It was the best realty experience we've ever had. Thank you again, Alana.
Oct 1, 2017

Anonymous recommends Bobby Ohadi

We completed our transaction, but I felt the commitment from Bobby was half-hearted. He constantly pushed back against what we wanted to close as quick as possible, so it seemed his primary motivation was the commission, and not us.

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