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2 hours ago

Chris Shockowitz recommends Al Moridi


I trusted Al with the sale of my property in Santa Clara, CA after interviewing three other realtors and meeting with one of them.
Al has the best local area knowledge, a seasoned team, and excellent people skills.
Al's partnership approach made me feel like I was part of the process where I needed to be and I trusted him to handle the rest.
This was particularly important since I like near Sacramento and cannot drive to Santa Clara at the drop of a hat. In fact, I never had to go to Santa Clara for the entire transaction.
If you want to partner with a real professional, pick Al Moridi.
Sep 14, 2018

Howard Miller recommends Michael Borbet


Michael Borbet was active and instrumental in the sale of our home.
In that process, we encounter several considerable problems that had to be resolved.
Michael was focused, deliberate and creative in resolving those problems.
Without Michael’s quick thinking, closing escrow would have certainly been in serious jeopardy.
I would strongly recommend Michael to represent any clients wishing to sell their house and would call him to represent me for my future realtor needs.
Sep 13, 2018

Gena Nahm recommends Michael Borbet

Previous Owner for 120 Burlwood Drive Scotts Valley CA

I highly recommend Michael Borbet as your real estate agent. Michael is professional, courteous and displays great attention to detail. We were able to sale our home in one week and found great buyers for our home. We are very grateful for his time and efforts. Michael is easy to talk to and met all of our needs to be able to pursue our needs for the future. We can't thank him enough!

Job well done!

Sep 1, 2018

Baek soo Kwak recommends Sung Chun

Leader in solutions

Buying & selling house is not a simple process. I appreciate her way of working that she made my family always feel comfortable whatever something happened. I am so happy to have my current house by help of Mrs. Chun. Thanks.
Aug 31, 2018

Fu Tai Liou recommends Annie Liou


Diligent,hard working,and high quality service!
Aug 26, 2018

Elaine Seidel recommends Al Moridi


We had the pleasure of working with Al Moridi and his team when we were selling our rental home in Santa Clara. He is knowledgeable, professional and the process went smoothly and easily. He advised us as to timing of the listing and we were able to sell the home very quickly and for a good price. Al knows the market and knows how to market properties and we benefited greatly from his amazing negotiating skills. Choosing Al, with his high level of honesty and integrity, was the best decision we made. We would highly recommend him to anyone for any real estate transaction. Elaine Seidel and Lynn Boyer
Aug 24, 2018

Rick Broughman recommends Al Moridi


We were fortunate to have chosen Al Moridi as our Listing Real Estate Agent. He made the entire transaction stress free especially for me since I reside 2400 miles away from the listing!
Al was at all times, courteous, truthful and extremely knowledgeable of the real estate business and market. The end result, by far exceeded my family’s expectations.
If you are in need of an honest, sincere hard working real estate agent I suggest you employ Al Moridi. You can’t go wrong.
Rick Broughman.........Madison WI
Aug 23, 2018

Dave Vernon recommends Al Moridi

IT Desktop Technician

We initially had interviewed a couple agents before meeting Al. Though impressed with the other candidates, Al won us over. His personality and extensive experience in the South Bay really resonated with us. He was genuinely interested in our story and we felt a great connection. He helped us every step of the way. Al made himself(or his staff)available for all our questions and concerns with patience and professionalism. Al and team were also very understanding and flexible during a family emergency as we were getting ready to put our house on the market. We were also very impressed with the advertising and material that his team put together. The open house proved very successful and brought us many offers. Al walked us through all of them personally and helped us to pick the one right for us. We have been so pleased with our experience with Al Moridi that we would highly recommend him to anyone who thinking or ready to sell their home.
Aug 23, 2018

chundong recommends Linda Aryani


In short, Linda is responsible, helpful, nice to work with! Highly recommend.

Linda is always there when we have questions when buying the house. She helped us analysis the advantages and disadvantage of each house we are interested in. She is very professional.
Aug 22, 2018

ernie moyano recommends Al Moridi

very hard working team,great job.
Aug 22, 2018

Chen Lu recommends Susan Hu

Susan is friendly, helpful and professional. Her hard work made our selling process very smooth. I would definitely recommend her and her team to all my friends and people in my network.
Aug 14, 2018

Yilin recommends Qinjiang Jane Beal


She was absolutely brilliant, more than we ever expected in fact. We would 100% recommend Jane Beal and the service that she provides and now we've had such an easy ride of buying a house. We will certainly be back to use her services again some day.
Aug 14, 2018

Yilin Wang recommends Qinjiang Jane Beal


She was absolutely brilliant, more than we ever expected in fact. So a big thank you to you Julie from the bottom of our hearts- we are so very greatful!!!

We would 100% recommend Jane and the service that she provides and now we've had such an easy ride of buying a house. We will certainly be back to use her services again some day.
Aug 13, 2018

Noah Manor recommends Miri Bialik


After 3 years of renting my wife & I decided few months ago to buy a house. On a friend recommendations we chose to work with the realtor Miri Bialik.
Miri accompanied us through all the buying process; from the stage of searching a place until the completion of the purchasing transaction. She continues to support us in the renovation we are conducting with advice, explanations and contractor recomendation.
The process of buying a home in the U.S is completely different than what we were familiar with in Israel. The purchasing process seems strange at first. It is long and tedious and involves many documents that are necessary to understand and sign. There are quite a few terms that we did not understand as the construction here is of wood and dry walls which is completely different from what we knew. Another issue is that the houses are very old, mostly from the 1960s. An example for the difference (one of many) is that there is no direct connection between the buyer and the seller and all the communication is handled by the agents of the 2 sides.
Miri Bialik accompanied us with an infinite patience. She gave us many explanations, and all our questions were answered with very high availability. Her vast experience was demonstrated particularly during the negotiations. She answered all to our questions explaining what was acceptable and what was not. She also gave us overview regarding the different areas where we looked for a house.
I have to say that Miri guided us all the time and did not try to influence us in any way. She answered our questions professionally and made sure we would not make mistakes.
The decisions were always ours. Everything was done with no pressure or intervention on her part. She stressed that before taking an action we should make sure that we would be happy with the outcome otherwise not do it.
For anyone planning to buy a home, I warmly recommend Miri. I have no doubt that if I had gone through the process once more, I would have chosen Miri Bialik again.
Noah Manor
Aug 8, 2018

Mona S recommends Al Moridi

My Review is mainly regarding the crazy market of Bay Area - if you have been a buyer here, you understand that pain. We had been looking for months, worked with NUMEROUS other agents and wasted months due to 5 lost offers. This was 2017 and prices climbed by at least 200k within a few months and we were on the verge of getting priced out. We approached JP Moridi because he was recommended by two completely independent unrelated people - so we thought, he may have done something right! And we are extremely glad we did! We won our VERY FIRST BID with him and that too very well below the market price! Everyone was surprised at the price we got the house - and so much so that the seller tried to back out (after being under contract with us) thinking he undersold us the house!!! (And JP stuck with us even in that messy situation, and we finally got the house!) That is the magic of JP and the AL Moridi team - He will get you the house, end of story.

We worked with so many agents before him who were generous with their time (because of how little deals they do - no surprise there), who would do all the spoon feeding and hand holding we wanted and desired, going to each and every open house with us, talking for hours about the processes etc... but when it came to the ruthless bidding wars, those agents would turn out to be totally worthless! JP has done so much business in this area and so many people know him that it is extremely simpler for him to close the deal than it is for an inexperienced agent. He is the Harvey Specter of real estate - no drama, just close the deal. He won't babysit you - but he will get you the house and save you thousands of dollars that you will otherwise lose due to the delay and increasing prices!

JP is also one of the most kind hearted, selfless people I have met and I have become a close friend of his after our house deal closed. We are extremely thankful to our stars that we met JP - because if it weren't for him and the Al Moridi team, we wouldn't have been able to fulfill our dream of being a homeowner. Period.

If you want a house in the bay area - look no further, this is where your search ends.
Aug 6, 2018

Anonymous recommends Al Moridi

Wonderful! Excellent, flawless!

When the time came for us to sell our family home we had been given specific instructions to use the the al Moridi team by our family member who had been in contact with mr. moridi team over the years. Despite the fact that we live 3000 miles away the process was seamless, we always knew what the next step was and always knew our property was in good hands. Some examples of problems that we didn’t have to worry about were

Mr Moridi and his team worked with us all along the way:
1. When we asked for a delay in listing he graciously awaited our approval to start the sale process.
2. When we needed help arranging for contents of the home to be donated to charity, he graciously oversaw the pickup of items on our behalf in our absence.
3. When we couldn’t find a key for the garage door he quickly arranged for a locksmith.
4. The title company he used was also wonderful
5. The advice he gave us in preparing the home for sale was spot on.

The whole process included almost daily email/phone contact with us to let us know where we were in the process. When I contacted him we heard back almost immediately and we always received prompt and honest answers to our inquiries.

In a nutshell, mr Moridi and his team turned an emotional decision into a painless, and at times, exciting process. We can’t thank the al Moridi team and highly recommend others to use this real estate team.

Jul 30, 2018

Charles S. recommends Nima Moridi


Nima Is The Greatest Helper And Enthusiast You Can Ever Meet! He Honestly Knows How To Communicate And Be Honest About What He Feels, Ya See He Is True And Will Absolutely Not Let Anything Get In The Way Of Achieving Anything There Is. He Is Naturally Honest And Supervising. He Is Great To Have Around, He Is Very Cultural And Enjoys Day To Day Values.
Jul 26, 2018

Eddie Leone recommends Qinjiang Jane Beal


Jane has always been the most knowledgeable, professional and kindest agent I’ve ever known. On top of her superior sales skills she really treats you like a friend you’ve known all your life. She was able to find me a house and loan in some very tough times for buyers. I will only recommend and utilize her for all of my real estate needs in the future and present.
Jul 16, 2018

Ravi Palakodety recommends Betty Leung

Over past 6 years, we've worked with Betty to buy two houses, and sell one. Betty has been an outstanding realtor for us. When we were looking to buy a house, Betty would do a lot of research on our behalf to make sure that home we would put an offer on would be best for our family. Multiple times, she uncovered some non-obvious flaws, that made us grateful that we had passed on a home. Eventually, we found exactly the home that we wanted, and have been very happy with the process.

While selling our home, Betty handled every aspect of the the remodeling that we did to prepare the house for sale (working with the contractor, picking out the materials that would yield a good sale). We were happy that the home was sold quickly after going on the market with a good price.
Jul 14, 2018

Frederick Prudencio recommends Johnny Raniel


I am writing to express my pleasure and appreciation with real estate broker Johnny Raniel, who represented me in a recent sale of a 2-story townhome property in Santa Clara.

Johnny guided me through the entire process, from quickly preparing the townhome property for sale and closing the deal in a timely manner. I credit Johnny with a smooth, stress-free home-selling experience.

I am nothing but pleased with Johnny Raniel and his expertise and I would recommend him to everyone. Thanks Johnny!

Jul 12, 2018

Nicole Gribstad recommends Al Moridi

House hunting in the Silicon Valley these days is such a daunting thought and seemingly so unreachable! But God had hand picked Bobby to help us buy our dream house that we have been praying, hoping and saving for since many years ago! Our home search dragged on until Bobby entered the scene! That's when things truly picked up speed! With the experienced and sound counsel of both Al Moridi and Bobby, we were able to keep our townhouse as a rental, as well as, purchase our new home! Something we didn't think possible! With Bobby, it will always be fun! He is the embodiment of professionalism, positive energy and authenticity! His laughter is also so contagious! So don't pick him if you're not the happy, laughing type! :) He kept us on track and was firm to never let us stray from our original vision! He was also looking out for our kids' best interest in each house considered! Love, love! If you are looking for someone you can trust to meet your real estate goals, then don't hesitate to reach out to Bobby Ohadi and his team! They will take great care of you! They will treat you like family like they do us! The best part of this partnership was making lifetime friends! My personal favorite! Feeling very blessed! Thanks Bobby! Love, Nicole :)
Jul 2, 2018

Prathap Dadi recommends Sharad Gupta

Home Seller Evergreen

Sharad helped us sell our condo in evergreen. The process was very smooth. We got our home sold in 15 days and got $20k above asking. He is great at finding buyers.
Jul 2, 2018

rogern9 recommends Sharad Gupta

Home Buyer Morgan Hill

We met Sharad Gupta in one of the open houses He offered to help if we needed any. We ended up buying a home that we were renting and didn't use an agent since the seller didn't want to work with an agent. Still Sharad helped us with the process answering questions and providing us with helpful materials. He went beyond his call of duty. He is very friendly and knows the area. We will definitely recommend Sharad.
Jul 2, 2018

ilihdian recommends Sharad Gupta

Home Buyer South Bay

Sharad was a great help in showing me around homes that matched closely what I had in mind. He goes out of his way to provide the best service and was relentless in providing me something within my expectations. I cannot recommend him any more
Jun 26, 2018

Murali Kuchibhotla recommends Surjit Kaur-Grewal

First time home buyer

This review is lengthy but one word less will be a unjust for the dedication and services Surjit provides to her clients.

Home buying in Bay Area is the most stressful experience for the whole family, having a caring and experienced agent like Surjit is the key to transform the stress to a pleasurable experience.  We found Surjit a charm, lucky to have her as our agent. We would call her a family more than a realtor. 

First impression is the best impression:
My friend referred us to Surjit and after getting so many positive references about her, we decided to meet her and discuss what we are looking for and where we stand. One could easily gauge the expertise in the field from the questions your realtor would ask in the first meeting. It is very common for realtors to pump you up on your capabilities and they offer transaction credits or kick backs. Surjit is contrary to that, very straight forward, keeps you glued to the ground, doesn’t allow you to stretch beyond the limits. My wife and I felt much lighter and confident at the end of the meeting. Surjit channeled us to the right box while we were wandering in our thoughts and doubts till then.

Home Shopping experience:
Having known our priorities, Surjit recommended us only the specific houses and areas, ones that would be a perfect match. She does not waste your time showing the properties you have no interest or fit. Surjit thinks like a family member than a realtor, She forwarded only those listings that would fit our budget, specifications, school needs and most of all if the neighborhood suits each and every member of the family. She has solid knowledge of the neighborhoods, and presents excellent options. She would rightly recommend which ones to visit and which ones to avoid. Puts attention to all the details such as quality of houses, the crowd, traffic and even to the extent on how much it can appreciate anytime you want to put it back into the market.

Decision Making:
She pulled us back on some of the very good houses, falling under the school proximity and budget of our choice, due to optional school zone that would not guarantee the same high school for the sibling down the years.
We had put an offer for a smaller lot than desired for all other parameters, Surjit recommended a price and asked us not to feel tempted any further as it was not worth a penny more. She declined to put a counter offer after listing Agent’s claim that they had 90k more. We have later realized the sale price to be just over 10k on what we offered.

Glad Surjit didn’t leave us to fall prey to these kind of properties. She got us our dream home below the list price “No exaggeration, everyone including us could not still believe how she won such a bargain in this bay area market. Well all I can say is “the experience , knowledge and skills topped with her strong negotiation and communication skills” overpowers any bids. Here is the icing on the top, “she also got us seller credits”.

As stressful it is to win a bid for the dream home, it is, to close the process smoothly. Here is where she is loaded with expertise in closing, documentation and racing against the time. Surjit made this a cake walk for us, she is proactive in following up with loan officer, title company for closing at the earliest. Made our job very easy. She will not leave any stone unturned, managed to get all the credits, even those beyond closing cost. Surjit could have easily pushed us for higher bids and close a sale sooner, but she chose to sell us a dream home than just any house. She is never in a hurry to get her transaction fee and brush-off.
There times when we were ready to buy a house just for the schools, she discouraged us to proceed because of surrounding factors effecting the location or condition of the property.

For Surjit closing doesn’t end after signing the contract or signing the papers at the title company. She helped us with contractors for the improvements to personalize the home, negotiated the prices with them and provided valuable inputs in home improvement. I have never seen such a dedicated realtor who works tirelessly.

We will always recommend her to our friends, family, neighbors who are in the market to buy or sell real Real Estate because of her selfless and amazing level of service.

Our Team