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Innovation meets Influence.

Before Silicon Valley was duly named, its history as the hotbed of innovation was well noted. Our catchy moniker reflects the giants of technology who line the corridors of Cupertino, Mountain View, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and Sunnyvale, the wave of progressive firms that have shaped electronics, e-commerce and social interaction all call this place home.

In its truest form, innovation knows no boundaries. It isn’t contained by market or economic trends. Silicon Valley is where everyone gathers at the water cooler of progress, questioning why can’t things be better.

It’s from that fountain that the founders of Intero drank.

It was 2002. Silicon Valley was mired in the dot-com bust affecting all corners of the technology sector. As a result the local real estate market grinded to a halt. In true Silicon Valley spirit, that was the exact, perfect moment to launch a startup real estate brokerage.

Intero’s desire wasn’t to be like all other brokerages. Not only were we committed to providing our residents and neighbors a service that heralded the very nature of where we live, we owed it to our new neighbors, recruited from all over the world to come and work for many of the most creative, progressive companies on the planet.

Powered by an entirely new technology platform, backed by a solid investment, lead by a team of real estate veterans who were all born, raised and weaned right here in the Silicon Valley, Intero Real Estate Services was born.

While the dot-com bust remedied, in 2007, the real estate bubble burst and its subsequent effects on the market and economy we’re well documented. For us, this singled a moment in time to do what we do best - invest in our company and innovate further.

Over the past seven years, against the pressures of a challenging market, we continued to advance our training programs, update all of our technology, grow our brand into other markets and build a luxury division. The best is yet to come!


Recommendations (1483)

4 hours ago

David Vetterlein recommends Pia De Castro

Consultant Biotechnology

Pia is very professional and helped us wade through the issues and challenges of selling a nicely maintained 50 year old house in the California housing market. This was my parent house and I live in Washington State. She provided excellent advice and the resources we needed to prepare the house for sale and after the sale. She is an excellent communicator and worked quickly and effectively to get the house sold—within weeks. The house was sold at way over the asking price and both the buyers and sellers were happy with the outcome. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with selling a house.

Arvind recommends Kim Deol

IT Director

Kim - was great.
She was extremely professional.
Her local real estate knowledge was second to none in my opinion.
She was very responsive, knowledgeable and gave wonderful insight into the process and how to handle various situations.
She was always available by phone, text or email whenever I had a question.
Her competent advice helped us immensely.
We were very happy with Kim as our agent and would recommend her to anyone who has a real estate need.

Preethi recommends Kim Deol

IT Professional

5 stars all the way to Kim !
We were dealing with a very tough transaction and Kim would agree that this was unlike any other she has probably worked on previously. Kudos to her for dealing this
matter with such professionalism and keeping her nerves throughout the process. She has been very helpful from the start and her advise at every step of the process and even now when we are going through a major renovation is greatly appreciated. She is extremely knowledgable and no wonder she is one of the Top real estate agent in the Bay area ! Over the course of last 5 months, we have formed a great friendship and I would like to express a huge Thanks from our family and we cant wait to move into our new house soon!

Kim, A very special thanks from my girls for making their dream come true !!!

You ROCK !
2 days ago

Karen Dinucci recommends Pia De Castro


Pia has helped my family with the sale of two homes. After the sale of our personal home, she was the first person I called when it came time to sell my parents' home. My parents are both in their 90s and she did a great job accommodating their needs. In addition to being very personable, Pia is organized, knowledgeable, and communicative throughout the entire selling process. She sold both homes for over listing price from start to close within 30 days! I highly recommend her.
3 days ago

Ashutosh Sharma recommends TJ Singh

Project Manager

Mr.TJ Singh was very professional and helpful resource through out our home buying process. He made our first time home buying process so easy and worry free. We had lot of questions at the start but he answered and explained everything in detail. He is very straight forward with his words and actions. It were lucky to have him as our realtor.
Jul 2, 2019

Terri Morris recommends Cindy O'Leary


I highly recommend Cindy O’Leary for your realtor needs. I had unknown termite damage which turned some buyers off and just delayed everything. Cindy was right there brainstorming how to get past this and solve it so everyone was satisfied and happy. She always kept me informed what was going on and was even there to help getting estimates and inspections when I wasn’t in town. I think she really went above and beyond and I really appreciated that. Plus she’s really nice.
Jul 2, 2019

Preethi sridhara recommends Kim Deol

5 stars all the way to Kim !
We were dealing with a very tough transaction and Kim would agree that this was unlike any other she has probably worked on previously. Kudos to her for dealing this
matter with such professionalism and keeping her nerves throughout the process. She has been very helpful from the start and her advise at every step of the process and even now when we are going through a major renovation is greatly appreciated. She is extremely knowledgable and no wonder she is one of the Top real estate agent in the Bay area ! Over the course of last 5 months, we have formed a great friendship and I would like to express a huge Thanks from our family and we cant wait to move into our new house soon!

Kim, A very special thanks from my girls for making their dream come true !!!

You ROCK !
Jun 29, 2019

Sirius Ha recommends Toran K. Hattori


She provides me very good advise in my search for purchase of a warehouse. Very satisfied with her service.
Jun 29, 2019

Francisco Family recommends Pia De Castro


Being a clueless first time homebuyer that we were, we had tons of questions regarding the process and how we were going to compete competitively especially in the hot market that we have here. Pia guided us all the way through, even after multiple offers and frustrating losses, she never gave up and kept our sprits high.
She promptly answered all our questions and was very professional throughout the whole deal.

We finally found a home meant for us and just can't thank her enough.
Jun 28, 2019

Pragnya D recommends TJ Singh

Home Seller

I have previously worked with bunch of agents for buying homes and every time i feel there is something or the other that never works out. To be honest, I was really unsure of getting an agent for selling home even though I had read TJ's other reviews. But after working with him for few days I relaxed completely.

TJ not only arranged the home staging and open house and all marketing on a short notice but also did multiple open houses till we got an offer that was fair. He even helped us got a much lower quote on some of the home repairs that needed to be done before closing and took the time to get them done on his own. He communicated everything in a timely manner and advised us well. Sometimes I was even surprised to see how much extra he delivered that does not count as his job. I had spoken to few other agents from more renowned real estate companies before taking up with TJ and none of them committed me on the price, the work TJ delivered.

He went above and beyond my expectation and I am really happy with his work. I would recommend him to any one buying or selling without hesitation. He made the whole process much more relaxing for us.
Jun 25, 2019

Nelli Madrid recommends Pia De Castro

Real Estate Agent

It has been a pleasure working with you on our transaction in Hayward Hills. You are such a seasoned professional who's very hardworking for your client. Your client is very lucky to have you by her side & looking after her best interest at all time. The transaction went like clock-work & our escrow closed right on time. Hopefully in the future we can work together again. Best of luck to you!
Jun 24, 2019

Ritu S recommends Prem Lakhanpal

It was a pleasure working with Prem. He is very dedicated, hard working and provides a genuine recommendation to his clients. He helped me in every step of the way from reviewing open houses, making the house selection, appraisal, inspection, all the way till the close. He is very reliable and I could count on him for following up with the sellers, escrow officers, loan officers etc making sure that it was a smooth purchase for me. He is very prompt and responsive in communication. He is passionate about his work and that makes a difference in his professional working style. I highly recommend Prem.
Jun 19, 2019

Asha Gopal recommends Kim Deol


Kim was able to understand our requirements and was able to show us a property that fit the requirements. Kim always delivered what she promised on time. Ex: returning phone calls, helping us in the Design center, negotiate with the builder, and also to keep in touch with us during the 8 to 10 month period from start to finish. Had very pleasant experience working with Kim.
Jun 19, 2019

Avtar Singh recommends Kim Deol


Excellent help in both buying new home and selling our old home. The new home was in Dublin, CA and the old home in Cupertino, CA. The sale of the old home was excellently staged and marketed.
Jun 17, 2019

Venkat Sharma Gaddala recommends Jayanta Samanta

I was introduced to Jayanta by my office colleagues , Patience and his helpful nature is the most key factor which makes him stand unqiue among others realtors, Being first time home buyer filled with lots of doubts and confusion , he walked me through the process and also stopped me from buying wrong properties and helped me choose the right one with all my preferences intact . He is a true professional with high integrity & ethics. He is very knowledgeable regarding real estate and specifically investment properties. His strategic approach helped me to win the bid . Pays beyond full attention to meet his client's needs. He is proactive in the entire process ensuring a timely closing. It's always a pleasure to work with him. I highly recommend Jayanta to all buyers and sellers.
Jun 13, 2019

Jason Nguyen recommends Sonny Duong

Sonny went above and beyond to help us purchase our first home. Not only did he make multiple trips out of town for us, but he gave us great tips and suggestions for how to fix up our home. We felt that he is very experienced in his field. He brought up points that we isn’t even think of. He is also very professional in dealing during the escrow process. He kept us informed all the way. I would definitely recommend Sonny to everyone!
Jun 13, 2019

Aparna Ganguly recommends Sonny Duong

Business Development Manager

My husband and I recently bought our first home together. Sonny came highly recommended from our close friends and helped us through the process. I cannot recommend him enough to future homeowners. He was thoroughly professional, warm, and energetic during our house hunt and even offered advice after the closing. He gets involved in the process and makes you feel secure. Our first bid was on a house that was way above the asking price, Sonny advised us not to chase it, even though he could have just pushed us for another 20 k and closed the deal. He would have had his commission faster. But he did not take the easy route. That is when we knew that he was in our corner. Our second bid (and now home) was a beautiful property, much better than the first one and he did everything he could to get us the right price. We are very happy with our overall experience and we will definitely go with him in case we want to make more real estate investment. Look no further, he is the guy for you.
Jun 10, 2019

Pranav Desai recommends David Azimi

Engineering Manager

It was pleasure working with David. He got us the first house we bid on. His team is thorough and very responsive.
I would highly recommend David.
Jun 10, 2019

Smyadam6 recommends Kim Deol


Kim Deol was very helpful in getting us a good deal and good location for our investment property in Fremont. It has been a pleasure to work with Kim through out the home buying process.
Jun 10, 2019

Jsreeni recommends Kim Deol


We worked with Kim in buying and selling (our previous home) in last 5 months. She did amazing job in educating us on process, patiently addressed our questions/concerns and was very transparent in every aspect of the process.

She even helped us find shutters company & landscaper to make our move smooth. She went above and beyond to help when we had to sell Refrigerator from old house.

We worked with her to buy two houses and sell one, she negotiated well on our behalf and also helped us adjust our expectations as we worked through the process.

If we have to buy/sell any property in future, she is our family Realtor!
Jun 10, 2019

fazalur davanagere recommends Kim Deol


Kim is the go to Realtor you need in order to get your dream home in such a competitive market. She took the time to educate us on the process as well as presented us with great options.

She made the process easy and actually fun. She managed to get us our perfect first home within budget and closed in less than 30 days. There were some issues with the issue, she was able to negotiate not only price, also got all the repairs done from seller and 15K for new roof.

She's a true professional with a ton of experience and great person to represent you. She will be our agent for life! She deserve 10 STARS!
Jun 8, 2019

Prabhat C Goyal recommends Alfredo Ledesma


Intero is one of the fastest growing real estate company in California and Alfredo is one of the pillars to build this great organization. He is Vice-President/Sales Manager in Pleasanton office.
Alfredo is a great team builder, mentor, and manager. At Intero, each realtor sets his yearly goals and Alfredo helps you by providing latest technology, on going training classes & seminars, and sharing his experience and expertise of real estate. He has open door policy and available to help you all the times.
Intero is a great company to work. Workplace environment is very good and has great agents who are always ready to help you.
Jun 7, 2019

Yasmeen Chugg recommends Alfredo Ledesma


'' I joined Intero Pleasanton office couple of months back. To find a perfect mentor
who would boost your confidence in the workplace and motivates you is very
hard. But Alfredo is a PERFECT mentor. He is always there for his team. He
motivates his team, supports his colleagues. Words can neither qualify nor
quantify how helpful your guidance and advice has been. He has an amazing
ability to bring out the best in his team. ''
Jun 6, 2019

Charles ama recommends Pia De Castro

First time home buyer

Pia is doing a great job she act fast and quick. In less than a year we found our first house. As a first time home buyer we really dont know where to start with the help of Pia she walk is thru the step by step and guide us. If you guys looking for best realtor Pia De Castro is the one!!!
Jun 6, 2019

Jas Bhangal recommends David Azimi


I have known David since 2009 and found him through one of his listings in Hayward area. After meeting him few times, I found him to be honest, sincere, courteous, factual and willing to work with the clients above and beyond his required role. I bought several investment properties through him and sold my home through him. With my rental properties, he stood by me to find potential tenants, handled major renovation of foreclosure properties and was there to assist me at all times. I recommended him to several of my friends and family and he has helped them tremendously through challenging circumstances and transactions as real transactions can often be a web of family emotions and more than just a home sale. Fact that I am writing this recommendation ten years later and still doing business with David speaks volumes about him. He strives to build relationships with clients and not just handle a real estate transaction and vanish as most agents do.
David Azimi has proven to be caring and professional real estate professional and I strongly recommend him for any advanced positions in this field. He will always serve his clients well.
Jas Bhangal