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Innovation meets Influence

Before Silicon Valley was duly named, its history as the hotbed of innovation was well noted. Our catchy moniker reflects the giants of technology who line the corridors of Cupertino, Mountain View, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and Sunnyvale, the wave of progressive firms that have shaped electronics, e-commerce and social interaction all call this place home.

In its truest form, innovation knows no boundaries. It isn’t contained by market or economic trends. Silicon Valley is where everyone gathers at the water cooler of progress, questioning why can’t things be better.

It’s from that fountain that the founders of Intero drank.

It was 2002. Silicon Valley was mired in the dot-com bust affecting all corners of the technology sector. As a result the local real estate market grinded to a halt. In true Silicon Valley spirit, that was the exact, perfect moment to launch a startup real estate brokerage.

Intero’s desire wasn’t to be like all other brokerages. Not only were we committed to providing our residents and neighbors a service that heralded the very nature of where we live, we owed it to our new neighbors, recruited from all over the world to come and work for many of the most creative, progressive companies on the planet.

Powered by an entirely new technology platform, backed by a solid investment, lead by a team of real estate veterans who were all born, raised and weaned right here in the Silicon Valley, Intero Real Estate Services was born.

While the dot-com bust remedied, in 2007, the real estate bubble burst and its subsequent effects on the market and economy we’re well documented. For us, this singled a moment in time to do what we do best - invest in our company and innovate further.

Over the past seven years, against the pressures of a challenging market, we continued to advance our training programs, update all of our technology, grow our brand into other markets and build a luxury division. The best is yet to come!


Recommendations (1071)

5 hours ago

Mike Rodriguez recommends David Azimi

Chief Design Officer

David really is as great as it gets. He is friendly, savvy & knowledgeable. He found us a great new home so fast that we went into escrow, while still needing to sell our previous home. He handled this tight timeline magnificently. He is an absolutely wonderful professional to work with.
Nov 15, 2017

Timothy Madrid recommends Michelle Lee

Retired science teacher

As my realtor, Michelle Lee has been there for me every step of the way. I had complete faith on how she handled the sale of my house. She has been diligent in providing me with boxes in which to pack my belongings, and instrumental in providing the best scenarios to help sell my house. Her guidance in setting up my garage sale was important to me. In negotiation with possible buyers, she has had my best interests at heart, and has negotiated a price for my house that I thought was in time to the housing market. My house sold in 5 days to a couple that literally feel in love with my house and for them i am grateful.
I would recommend Michelle as a realtor to anyone, as she has done a magnificent job of selling my house.

Tim Madrid
Nov 14, 2017

young bai chun recommends Pia De Castro

We tried to sell our house two years ago but was unable to. We decided to try to sell the house again and used Pia as our agent and she was able to sell our home! She works hard for her clients. We appreciated all the work she did to sell our home.
Nov 14, 2017

Jehannah Hakim recommends Marlen Padilla


Marlen is a very reliable individual, always responsible and dependable. She is the definition of reliable, always following through on any commitments she makes. She has a very enthusiastic and social personality. She's someone I can trust and someone who will assess any situation and find ways to make the situation less stressful.
Nov 14, 2017

My Dutchover recommends Pia De Castro


Pia did a great job helping us negotiating the price. She is responsive, efficient, and very helpful during the process. Thanks to Pia for helping us getting our dream house.
Nov 13, 2017

Sushama Kalidindi recommends Gowthami Chinnam

Gowthami and Lakshman helped us buy our first home recently and did a fabulous job. As a first time home buyers we know very little about the home buying process. Lakshman and gowthami did a great job educating us around the various nitty-gritties and was also extremely patient in answering all our questions. Without them we wouldn't have got the home. We had a great experience with them. We highly recommend them for our friends and family.
Nov 13, 2017

Victoria D. Acle-Lampe recommends Luz Gavino


I met Luz through Frances her Tandem at the height of my grieving time. As a newly widowed woman there's so many important decisions to make. Selling my house is one of them for the emotional and so many memories attached to it.
Luz brings not only her knowledge in the profession she is in, but compassion and practicality too. Luz is very detailed and so thorough in explaining the what and how of Selling your house, do it one on one for a better understanding and your comfort zone. She brings calm to my stressed World and even considered her as "My Dear Luz". Luz is Trustworthy. I am recommending Luz not five (5) but ten (10). Thank you Luz for a job well done and for being there in all my moments . I found a new friend in you and again Thank You.
Nov 10, 2017

Sreeni Jaladanki recommends Kim Deol


Buying a house for the first time can be a daunting and intimidating process. Kim's experience, patience and knowledge helped keep us at ease the entire time. In addition, her high attention to detail ensured that all pieces of the buying process came together to not only ensure we attained our home, but also had a smooth first home buying experience.

She also helped us bidding 9k below the asking price and made sure we get it. Her outstanding help doesn't limit to buying process, it's more of a bonding and trust and you can reach to her for any issues be it home security/gardener.

I will definitely recommend her. You could estimate her experience by the fact that we put the offer on 20th July and got our keys on 14th August. She has pretty good team of loan broker/ inspection/ Documentation/Escrow. We highly recommend her.
Nov 10, 2017

Mitesh Dattani recommends Kim Deol

IT Sales

Kim helped us list our Home, She did a pretty good job in staging. The Open house process went very well, and we received multiple offers within 1 week.
The closing process went very well as well.

Overall we are very happy with the services provided by Kim, and would definitely recommend her to others!!!
Nov 10, 2017

B. Sanghera recommends Kim Deol

Lead for a Team

We have moved several times and have to say Kim Deol is the most efficient real estate professional we have encountered. Kim was referred to us by a friend who recently used her services. She represented us as a seller and a buyer. She was on top of the process every step of the way. Kim has a team of associates assembled to help service all your real estate needs. She is clear and direct in her communication, sets expectations and always follows up.
I would recommend "Kim Deol" to anyone who is buying or selling real estate. Kim is the BEST!
Nov 9, 2017

Rishi Bakshi recommends David Azimi

Broker & General Manager

David Azimi is an amazing asset to have working on your side! He's a team player, enthusiastic, and pays attention to the details. Furthermore, he has tremendous knowledge and expertise and is always looking for ways to improve to better serve his clients. David and his team have a proven record of success and are absolutely committed to helping their clients achieve their real estate goals. I am grateful to have David working with us at Intero Real Estate Services. Keep up the great work, David!!!
Nov 9, 2017

Lerma de jesus recommends Pia De Castro

That was an awesome job you did for us Pia! Unequaled customer service. Even your after sales service is great. You did me excellent service 2x already. First in 2009 when I bought my condo, and now 2017 with the new house in Hayward. You are a realtor par excellence! Thank you!
Nov 7, 2017

David Azimi recommends Rishi Bakshi


Rishi is a great leader and has a outstanding vision for his team !
Nov 7, 2017

Lily Wanardi recommends Alfredo Ledesma


Alfredo is incredibly generous with his time and expertise. It should go without saying that he is a remarkable marketing talent. I have a personal and professional respect for Alfredo.
Nov 5, 2017

santosh Balmatti recommends Gowthami Chinnam

Software Engineer

We worked with Gowthami and Lakshman to buy our first house, they immediately understood our requirements and made sure we understand each and every step of the home buying process. It was a 2 month process for us, starting from house hunt till owning the house and am pretty sure we would not have done it without there guidance. We would highly recommend Gowthami and Lakshman and would rely on there real estate knowledge.
Nov 5, 2017

Ravi Voleti, Sai Maddu recommends Gowthami Chinnam

Application Engineer

We had a nice experience buying a home through this couple. Laxman is very committed person and well understood our requirements. They are very knowledgeable and helped through out the process. They are always ready to share the tips for home improvements.

Ravi & Sai
Nov 3, 2017

Al Pascual recommends Luz Gavino

Property Owner

Luz handled the real estate sale in a very professional way. Glad she was able to help us sell our property.
Nov 2, 2017

Bernadette Vergara recommends Pia De Castro

Very Satisfied Client

Pia and Mohammad were both very hardworking and made us feel that they were with us all through out the homebuying process. I was always anxious and I cannot forget what Pia said, " Let us turn that anxiety into excitement." She is always positive and reassuring. Mohammad on the other hand is very detailed and makes sure that everything will be smooth flowing. He always say, " We can do our best but it is always according to HIS will." We are very happy and satisfied to have worked with this great tandem. I am highly recommending them to anybody who needs to fulfill their dream of owning a house.
Nov 1, 2017

Manuel Fernandez recommends Luz Gavino

Board of Director, Union Sanitary District

I have known Luz for decades including the years when I was a councilmember of Union City. From the vantaqe point of view of an elected official and as a recent client, I find Luz to be a highly ethical and knowledgeable professional. She is not only good at what she does but she does it with charm and ease. If I have any need for Real Estate dealings, I have no hesitation to have Luz as my broker.

Nov 1, 2017

Sarah Perkins recommends David Azimi

Human Resource Specialist

My husband and I needed a realtor to help us find and purchase our first home. We heard of David through different friends and family members, who all highly recommended him. Now we see why! He is very thorough, patient, and wants to make sure his clients are comfortable throughout the whole home buying process. With his many years of experience, we knew that we were in good hands. With his help, we are now proud homeowners.
Oct 30, 2017

Lily Wanardi recommends Alfredo Ledesma


I have yet to work under the wing of a person who is more a mentor than a boss. Working with Alfredo has been pure pleasure and I have learn all that I know about real estate from him, he is incredibly generous with his time and expertise.

I have known him for a little over a year, he is solely responsible for the number of agents that have join the company, not to mention increase in sales of the homes.

Being one of the greatest motivators I have met, he is the go to person when conflicts arise! He looks out for his team but is not one to draw attention to himself deliberately-his work does that for him. He has built a reputation as someone who has a broad vision and this vision is what will take a company places.

Oct 29, 2017

Julie McGinnis recommends David Azimi


David did a great job helping us find a home. He was very patient with us as first-time homebuyers and was easy to get a hold of. He is very easy to talk to, and was very proactive making sure he was helping us find just what we were looking for. I highly recommend David Azimi!
Oct 26, 2017

Prem Lakhanpal recommends Alfredo Ledesma

Real Estate Salesperson

Highly knowledgable, intelligent, professional, sincere, ridiculously efficient, and yet very humble and flexible—these are but a few traits that distinguish Alfredo Ladesma as a Realtor and a Manager! Ever since associating with Intero Real Estate Services, Pleasanton about six months back, I have been working under his able guidance and mentorship, which certainly is a rare opportunity. Alfredo is blessed with a charismatic and awe-inspiring personality that impresses and attracts anyone who comes into his contact. With his amazing communication skills, he can handle even the toughest situations and clients—effortlessly. While dealing with Agents and Staff of Pleasanton office, Alfredo acts less as Manager and more as a friend and a collaborator and respects his colleagues, which makes him very popular and successful.
As for his clients, Alfredo is a very sincere, knowledgable and dedicated Real Estate Broker who empathizes with his Sellers and Buyers and always keeps their interest above any other consideration. Being a local resident, he knows the real estate market of Bay Area fully well and sees to it that the transactions close smoothly. Thus, Alfredo helps his clients realize their dream of owning a beautiful home without any stress.
I wish him all the very best!!
Oct 26, 2017

Anil recommends Lavanya Duvvi

We got to know Lavanya through her advertisement at 92.3 FM. We invited her for a consultation. On our first meeting she impressed us with her Knowledge, Enthusiasm and open communication.Lavanya not only helped us sell a unique home in a unique area in South San jose but also sold for the highest price in the whole zip code . There were no surprises and she made the process so easy. She was always there for any questions or concerns we had. She also helped us connect with pest control agencies and contractors to remodel the home . She will go the extra mile to ensure you are getting TOP DOLLAR for your home and is very responsive . Her knowledge and caring is very valuable Will not hesitate to use Lavanya Duvvi again and we are in process of buying a home with her now .
Oct 24, 2017

Julie McGinnis recommends David Azimi

Vice President

David is amazing. I highly recommend him if you want to find the perfect house in Castro Valley. His knowledge of the area, patience in walking me through the buying process, and overall advice were top notch. He truly listened to what I was looking for and didn't stop until the exact right house was found. A solid five stars!