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<p>With charming neighborhoods and distinguished schools, our Los Gatos office is situated on the picturesque Santa Cruz Ave.&nbsp; Over 130 agents work out of our Los Gatos location that possess a deep knowledge of the town&rsquo;s unique architecture.</p>


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Jan 14, 2018

Greg Ruml recommends Heather Crane

Director - Technical Sales

I was very impressed with Heather Crane from the first meeting. Heather is very knowledgeable about the Los Gatos area and all its selling points. She was extremely helpful in helping me get the house prepared to sell quickly, advising me of things to do (and not do) that helped me get a higher selling price.

Being I was selling the house from out of town, Heather sourced various skilled tradespeople ,(for inspections, flooring, painting, etc.,) with very good reputations, getting multiple quotes for jobs I needed done so I could make the decisions without being there. She also met the tradespeople at the home and ensured they did a high quality job.

I would absolutely would with Heather again.
Jan 10, 2018

Troy Hastings recommends Phil & Stella Ralph


What I demand from my real estate agent is professionalism, perfection, responsiveness, market awareness and mostly to be on their game and available to me at every moment of every day. I selected Phil and Stella Ralph to be my agents, because they demonstrated to me that they met my stringent qualifications. My sell/purchase decision took several months. Phil and Stella were extremely patience and helpful throughout the long process. In the end, Phil and Stella's performance far exceeded my expectation! The transaction was seamless and flawless. If you are in need of a professional real estate team, you should give Phil and Stella a call. I highly recommend them, and was thrilled at the outcome they achieved for me and my family.
Jan 8, 2018

Dale Colvis recommends Steve Guzzetti

I found Steve Guzzetti to be extremely Professional and knowledgeable in getting the primary home and Condo listed and sold in a very timely manner. The sal.e price's exceeded my expections.

I would highly recommend Steve.

Dale Colvis
Jan 8, 2018

Keith Lambert recommends Brad Bell


It's been a couple of months since we closed on our Willow Glen property but I wanted to let you know that from my point of view everything went smoothly.

Brad, thanks for doing an excellent job of marketing and selling our property. If I ever hear of anyone looking for property in that area, I'd be happy to refer them to you. Thanks Again,

Keith and Jo Lambert
Jan 8, 2018

Karen and John MacMillan recommends Janie Hanson

We met Janie and her partner Kara at an open house shortly after moving back to the area. We were immediately struck by their knowledge of the area, their professionalism, and their "go-getter" approach to real estate. Janie's incredible network of tradespeople and contractors was evidenced during our evaluation of a potential property early in our search. At our request, Janie brought an experienced landscape designer and a remodel contractor out to the house to give us an idea of what it would take to make the home suitable for our young daughter, and comfortable for our needs. After receiving their professional input and estimates, we passed on making an offer. The work that Janie put in on the front end for us kept us from getting into a "house poor" situation that we wanted to avoid, despite the home seeming like a good option on paper and at first glance. Janie works incredibly hard on behalf of her clients, and was knowledgeable about current and "coming soon" listings in the neighborhoods we were interested in. Both Janie and Kara were always attentive, responsive, and actively engaged in our home-buying efforts. We could not have asked for a better team of realtors, and while we aren't planning on moving again any time soon, we would use Janie again in a heartbeat should the need arise.
Jan 8, 2018

Karen and John MacMillan recommends Kara Murray

Kara and her partner Janie were instrumental in helping us to purchase our dream home in the Santa Cruz mountains in late 2017. After meeting Kara and Janie at an open house, we were immediately struck by how competent and knowledgeable they were, and loved their team-based, "go-getter" approach to real estate. Kara was incredibly accessible by phone, text, and e-mail when we had questions or needed clarification on finer points of real estate documents. We appreciated her frank professional assessment of the various properties we toured, and how they related to our specific needs and wants. Finally, Kara is a genuinely warm, friendly person, and helped to set our minds at ease about our decision when the time came to pull the trigger on the biggest purchase of our lives. We have nothing but good things to say about Kara, and would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a talented, hard-working realtor in the area.
Jan 7, 2018

Qiuling Zhu recommends Margaret Wang

Software Engineer

遇见Margaret并且选择她作为我们的Agent是我2017年最幸运最明智的一个选择。我在湾区买卖过3-4个房子,并且和不止一位Agent合作。通过对比才知道,不同的Agent真的差别好大 (大家千万不要太在意几千块钱的rebate,好的Agent能帮你省的绝对不止几千块!)。回头看来,Margaret是我遇到过的经验和知识最丰富,最专业,最替客户着想,最有策略和执行力,同时也是最敬业最耐心的Agent,没有之一!

Margaret在短短2-3个月时间里帮我完美的完成了两件人生大事:她首先帮我超过预期10几万卖掉了我原来的房子,然后又低于预期十几万帮我买到了理想中的学区房!先说说卖房子。那是一个有硬伤的房子,并且我当时买在了高点。而且同小区刚刚卖出了一样一摸一样户型的房子,卖得并不好。这一切让我对于卖这个房子非常没有信心。Margaret帮我仔细分析了市场和我们的优势劣势,以及如何弥补我们的劣势。我们花了很多时间讨论策略,包括如何remodel,如何staging和cleaning,以及如何选择正确的时机上市。整个过程中,我们的重点都是要节约时间,减少成本,提高效率,确保收益最大化。当时我先生不在身边,我一个女生,上班又忙很多事情力不从心,Margaret一直在我身边给我打气。更重要的是她照顾我的特殊情况,亲力亲为帮我做了很多她职责之外的事情。她帮我和各种工人沟通,监督他们的工作,她亲自无数趟去店里帮我买需要的东西,帮我收拾屋子,帮我整理车库等等。这一切让我非常感动,让我觉得她不仅是Agent,更是一个挚友,一个长辈,在尽她最大的力量帮我做好一件人生大事!结果没有让我们失望,最终我们的房子在上市一周内成功卖出,并且比同小区同户型2个月前的房子多卖了20万!而我们所有的remodel,staging和cleaning都是在半个月内完成,所有成本不超过1万!更赞的是,她帮我争取到了2个月的rent back,让我不用着急搬出去!这是远远超过我们预期!

Margaret并没有停下来。她还有更重要的任务,就是帮我在最短时间里买到理想中的学区房!在这个非常疯狂的不利于buyer的市场,这是一个更加艰巨的任务。我是一个急性子,而Margaret很稳,小心翼翼的做好每一步,并且一直鼓励我不要着急。她说的一句话让我印象非常深刻,她说“当你ready的时候,机会也会ready了”。真的是这样。最后我们真的在一个月内就买到了我们budget内能买到的最好的房子!当时那个房子因为没有做staging,也没有好好打扫收拾,在我第一次去看的时候甚至都觉得它很不起眼没有上心。Margaret眼光独特,她立马说这是一个deal,会有很多人抢。果然这个房子最后收到22个offer,我们的出价排在了第5,连我自己都不抱什么希望。然而Margaret身怀绝技,和selling agent各种明里暗里斡旋,最后鬼使神差地竟然说服对方把房子卖给了我们,连我都不知道她是怎么做到的。最后才得知,对方agent在众多offer中选择了我们,正是因为看中了她的能力和态度,有意和她合作,才特意把机会偷偷留给了我们。我们赶在了感恩节放假前一天去交了定金,这真是上天和Margaret送给我们的最好的感恩节礼物!最后的close也是异常顺利,没有半点周折!真的非常感谢她!我一定要推荐Margaret给我最好的朋友,无论是买房还是卖房,她的能力,态度,专业素养都是一流的。最重要的是,Margaret虽然会讲中文,但是和大部分中国agent不一样,她思维非常多元化,她博览群书,精通美国地理历史,并且非常擅长和外国人打交道,这让她无论是和中国人还是外国人打交道都得心应手。不仅如此,她人品和人缘都非常棒,她的老板和同事都非常喜欢她,都在关键的时刻全力帮助和支持我们。基于这一切,我真心推荐你和Margaret合作。相信我,她绝对不会让你失望的!
Jan 7, 2018

Mary teixeira recommends John Van Dyk

John van dyk did a wonderful job selling my moms property. He was professional & friendly. He is the whole pkg. you want in a realtor. Anytime you call he responds right away. Keeps you updated on everything he is doing to sell your property. He is a great guy, great realtor & very professional. I highly recommend Mr. van Dyk
Jan 6, 2018

Giovanni Paoletti recommends Mary Clark

Senior Product Manager

Working with Mary to sell my house was a pleasure. Her deep knowledge of the market, her attention to details and her professionalism made the experience as stressless as possible. I would, and will, reccomend her without esitation.
Jan 2, 2018

Mini Spalter recommends Rob Godar

Rob just helped us buy our first home!!! We could not be happier! He helped us through everything and always made sure we were happy and calm through the process, because buying a home can definitely be tough! He talked us through everything and always made sure we understood what was going on and what the next steps were. We could not be happier that our first buying experience was with Rob and Jennifer!!!
Thank you so much for everything!!!
Highly recommend!!!!!
Dec 28, 2017

Kathy James recommends Chelcy Glimski

House Manger, Cielo House, Inc.

I have been associated with Chelcy for the past two years. Chelcy is bright, energetic, and personable. She has shone outstanding qualities of integrity and high standards of business and personal values. I highly recommend Chelcy for all of your Real Estate needs.

Dec 28, 2017

Jing Li recommends Nancy Ma

Real Estate Investor

Lan Ma is a very professional Real Estate agent. She helped me purchase a property recently. She is extremely knowledgeable about different areas in San Jose and other cities in Silicon Valley. She always put her client's interest in the front. A savvy negotiator, she know how to get the deal without losing her clients' interest. She never pressured me to purchase but letting me make my own decision, while offering the guidance and support on what it will take to win ahead of others. She offered excellent support during the purchase and sale process and ensured that my transaction completed without any glitches. Overall, I highly recommend her to any buyer or seller.
Dec 27, 2017

Brett & Geigy Stringer recommends Phil & Stella Ralph

We had been in our West San Jose home for nearly 28 years before we decided to sell it. We had sold only one home before this one. We hired Phil and Stella cold, i.e. not arising from a referral. For as far back as we can remember, we would regularly get complimentary note pads left at our doorstep emblazoned with Phil & Stella’s advertising. On further research, we independently ascertained that they had cultivated an expertise in selling homes in our particular neighborhood and zip code. We were confident that they had our competitive market pegged.
We were looking for an agent that would take charge of managing the trades that needed to work on the house in order to ready it for sale. Phil and Stella’s team of painting, landscaping, flooring, and staging contractors were 100% great people to work with, very professional and customer-oriented, and delivered beautiful results. Phil and Stella successfully scheduled and coordinated all the trades, such that we experienced zero problems over the 2 weeks that the house was getting worked on. We had zero emergencies and zero stress.
We found Phil and Stella to be great collaborators. From the outset, they took nothing for granted in describing the real estate sales & marketing process to us. Constant communication made us feel that we were always on the same page. They are immensely personable and likable individuals, trustworthy in their honesty and expert abilities. Because of their help, saying goodbye to the home where we spent most of our lives raising our family became a joyful and enriching event. As we enter into retirement, as a couple we agree that hiring Phil & Stella was the best life decision we’d made, next to marrying each other.
Dec 22, 2017

Jeff Nordahl recommends Steve Guzzetti

I.T. Professional - Retired

I found Steve to be very professional from start to finish of the entire sales process.
Steve brought many great ideas to bear which we implemented and ended up getting well over asking price. I highly recommend Steve Guzzetti for any of your real estate needs.
Dec 22, 2017

Jordan Hermosillo recommends Chelcy Glimski

Workplace Operations Coordinator, Tesla

When Chelcy told me she was getting into real estate, it just made sense. Chelcy and I met in college and I have known her for about four years. I think she will do great in this industry because she is positive, communicative, and hard working. I have worked with her in very intense settings involving research and dead end's and she was dependable, chugging along with a smile or joke, always accepting how particular I am with projects-- all very essential traits for someone in this industry. I highly recommend Chelcy!
Dec 22, 2017

Michael L recommends Chelcy Glimski

Sales Operations

Chelcy is extremely professional and knowledgeable of the real estate market in the area. She is confident in what she does and it shows in her work ethic. Chelcy is driven to be the best she can be and will go above and beyond for her clients! Absolutely recommended as a realtor in the Silicon Valley Thanks Chelcy!
Dec 19, 2017

Stef Layne recommends Bernard Galvan

Buyer / Seller in Morgan Hill

Bernard is a straight-talking, honest Agent that we've had the honor of partnering with on two home sales/purchases now. He listens well (to my crazy woes) and is patient with the end-to-end process. No doubt, we would recommend him to others.
Dec 19, 2017

Rilen Luna recommends Chelcy Glimski

Assistant Store Manager

Chelcy is definitely a people’s person. With her smile and laugh being the main attraction. She is a hard working, and determined woman who has earned everything given to her. My interactions with Chelcy in a school setting have been very pleasant. She is always willing to help others in need, and if she can’t get the right answer herself she will find someone who does. Chelcy cares about others and is a dedicated friend who will be there until the end. Her superb communication and honesty are skills that will be a major factor in her success as a realtor. Chelcy is easy to Talk to and a great listener. She is patient and understanding and will do whatever it takes to get her clients the very best. I look forward to having Chelcy sell me my first home in the near future!
Dec 19, 2017

Marisa Quarrato recommends Chelcy Glimski

Marisa Quarrato

The passion that Chelcy has for real estate and helping others is incredible. She always exceeds expectations, and is never afraid of a new challenge. I would highly recommend Chelcy to my colleagues, family, and friends.
Dec 18, 2017

Nicole Oneal recommends Chelcy Glimski

Nicole Oneal

Chelcy is an outstanding person. She’s full of energy and tenacity! The knowledge she holds to give great advice and recommendations is reassuring to every extent. She is determined and committed, which gives her the ability to go above and beyond the average person.
Dec 17, 2017

George Kwan recommends Jennifer Park


Jennifer went well beyond our expectation of what a real estate agent does. She listened to our goals and provided feedback. She put in a lot of time to evaluate properties that we were interested in. She also worked with the listing agent to see what they are looking for. She presented our offer and provided a strong case for why our offer should be chosen. We could not have gotten our home without her help. She also helped in getting us settled into our home and offered to answer any questions in the future. She did such a great job in helping us though the process and getting us into our home.
Dec 17, 2017

Joshua Saavedra recommends Yvonne Villalba

Senior Maintenance Worker

In today's economy your hard earned money is just that hardly earned especially when it comes to saving for your first ever home .So when you finally achieve some financial stability and are ready to move forward in making one of the biggest investment in your life . Which to me was purchasing my first home for my family .I have no problem what's so ever in recommending Yvonne Villalba . Her vast knowledge in relastate assured us that we were in good hands. Yvonne has demonstrated the importance of finding not just a House but a home that best fits our needs. Your expertise made up for our lack knowledge with the home buying process and for that we are real greatful. I happily recommend Yvonne Villalba real estate extrodonare!
Dec 16, 2017

Jay Patyk recommends Bernard Galvan

Bernard Galvan did an excellent job selling our home. He helped guide us through every aspect of the sale, from prepping the home to dealing with all of the paperwork, and everything else in between. Bernard made the entire process virtually stress-free, and we were so thankful for that. Furthermore, his exceptional marketing and salesmanship ultimately paid huge dividends for us as our home sold in less than one week at far above our original asking price.

In sum, all of our expectations of Bernard and the sale of our home were not only met, but far, far exceeded. Thank you, Bernard! So if you are seeking the consummate professional realtor to help you sell your home, we enthusiastically recommend Bernard Galvan.
Dec 15, 2017

Christine Wheeler recommends Bernard Galvan

Real Estate Associate

Working with Bernard was a pleasure. He was thorough, accommodating and respectful of my client's wishes. I look forward to working with him again.
Dec 15, 2017

Gary Brown recommends Bernard Galvan

I have nothing but praise for Bernard. He was meticulous with every every step of the process. it was a pleasure to work with him. I highly recommend him.

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