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Keller Williams Realty Silicon Valley is located in Campbell right next to San Jose, CA. We serve the South Bay Area and is part of the largest real estate franchise in the United States, with approximately 700 offices and 80,000 associates around the world. The company has grown exponentially since the opening of the first Keller Williams Realty office in 1983, and continues to cultivate an agent-centric, education-based, technology-driven culture that rewards associates as stakeholders. The company also provides specialized agents in luxury homes and commercial real estate properties.


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Aug 29, 2017

Tera Mendonca recommends Dave Keefe - The Dave Keefe Real Estate Team

Creative Director

Dave Keefe and his team are stellar! They helped us through the difficult process of prepping, showing and selling our home. The results were amazing and completely hassle-free. His team extremely knowledgable and efficient, and a delight to work with. Jennifer was totally on point, and sent us detailed updates throughout the process. Dave takes care of every aspect of the sale, and had my total confidence from our initial meeting to closing the deal. We were very happy with the whole experience and felt we got the best possible result with Dave and team.
Aug 1, 2017

Estelle Basor recommends Dave Keefe - The Dave Keefe Real Estate Team

Deputy Director, American Institute of Mathematics

We sold a condo and purchased a new one with the Dave Keefe Team. Every aspect of the sale and purchase was done in the mot professional way possible. They guided us through the purchase (which was done first) to help find financing, and to make a good reasonable offer. Dave helped us find a great designer and contractor (Lillo Construction) to renovate the new purchase. They then helped us all with all the details of selling our condo, including, staging, cleaning, and moving. Dave, Jennifer, and all of the team were pleasant and easy to work with. We always felt that Dave had our best interests in mind. We highly recommend this team.
Jul 25, 2017

Stephanie Estice recommends Dave Keefe - The Dave Keefe Real Estate Team


All I can do is add to the high praise for Dave and his team. As a former real estate agent, I know that there are many types of Realtors, and I know that there are, sadly, many I would rather not spend my time with or entrust with the purchase or sale of a property. When I was left in charge of the sale of a condo in Sunnyvale, I knew I wanted to work with the best. I am so incredibly grateful that The Dave Keefe Real Estate Team was referred to us. From our very first meeting, I could tell we were in good hands. Dave and his team were very clear about what they would do to help us prepare, market and sell our property, and they followed through on their promises. As an out-of-town Seller, we needed some extra help in preparation to go on the market. Dave and his team were able to hone in on what was most important in our situation to best take advantage of the market. When offers came in (and what great offers they were!), the team's professionalism shown, once again, as we were told of what we received and what Dave's recommendation was. And when a challenge arose in our transaction, as often happens in real estate, Dave and his team went over and above to make sure that we moved towards closing/escrow with ease, and that all parties were satisfied. The Dave Keefe Real Estate Team is, in my experience, rare in the world of Real Estate - they maintain a high standard. If I ever need to buy or sell in the area, again, I will absolutely contact them.
Jul 3, 2017

Dan OLeary recommends Dave Keefe - The Dave Keefe Real Estate Team

New home owner in Willow Glen

Ben Dodge is the reason that my wife and I were able to achieve our dream of buying a home together. We actually met Ben through a referral and were impressed with his experience, demeanor and knowledge of the market. Our process ended up taking longer than expected and we went through a few close calls before finally finding our home. Ben was with us every step of the way from helping us find places to touring homes and working very closely with our lender to ensure a smooth transaction. He and the Dave Keefe team are full service and really made the experience as easy as possible. If you are a first time home buyer and are tired of checking websites trying to find a place, give Ben a call and see if he can help you the way he helped us. Even after the close, Ben and the team have been great resources to help us get settled and start work on some home improvements.
Jun 30, 2017

Melody Hooper recommends Debra Schwartz

I enlisted Debra to sell my mother's home after she passed away. It was one of the best decisions I made during the process of settling my mother's estate. Three weeks after I signed an agreement with Debra, she had the house painted, repaired, cleaned, staged, and on the market. Two weeks later she presented us with five fine offers. It was probably more complicated than some sales because the house was in probate and I live out of state, but Debra coordinated everything that needed doing without missing a beat. She is friendly, reliable, and a great communicator. There is nothing she could have done better to assure me I was in good hands from start to finish. I highly recommend Debra to anyone looking for a real estate agent in the San Jose/Campbell area.
Jun 5, 2017

Jon Alexander recommends Melissa Haugh

Melissa was referred to me by a friend who does a lot of RE transactions in the area, so she came with a very strong recommendation. I called her to help me transform my rental for sale and maximize profit. It became clear from day one that she was absolutely passionate about her work and 110% committed to do an excellent job for me. Her extensive experience working with both homeowners and investors has given her a 360degree understanding of how to cost effectively prepare a house for sale while delivering a high quality living space that would make people proud to call their new home. She provided great ideas all along the way from paint colors to lighting styles and was truly available 24/7. She has an eagle eye for details, and not a single paint chip or ding in the door casing would pass her inspection.

The end result? We sold the house in 3 days with multiple offers way above asking and achieved the highest $/sqft in a 6 block radius. I will be calling Melissa for all my future RE transactions.
May 10, 2017

Joseph & Vanessa recommends Melissa Haugh

Engineer & Housewife

Before we met Melissa Haugh, we were shopping for a realtor to sell our home in Campbell. We wanted to find someone who was familiar with this area where we lived for about 10 years. Surprisingly we found this task more challenging than what we initially thought it would be. Many of the realtors we talked to were cold and the brief experience gave us the impression that we needed their service more than they need us.
Fortunately, my sister’s fiance overheard that we were looking for a realtor and referred us to Melissa. We quickly knew that we had found the right person after we spoke with her over the phone. She seemed genuinely down to earth and we felt like she’s the person we could easily trust. Melissa meticulously went through the entire process with us in person and made sure any questions we had were answered. More importantly, she sold us on her game plan and how she will succeed for us on selling our home. I remembered one conversation I had with Melissa where I asked her what was the longest period she had experienced before selling a home. She answered, ‘two months.’ I then asked her, ‘what happens if you can’t sell our home within that time frame?’ She answered, ‘it’ll never happen.’ I asked again, ‘just what if..’ Melissa confidently said, ‘it never happens. I will quit my job if it does!’ The confidence I saw in her that day was very powerful and honestly this is the kind of person I want on my side fighting for me!
Melissa was our quarterback and we followed her lead without hesitation! She gave us a list of chores to do to make our home more appealing to prospective buyers, like adding mulch to the front, removing the screen door and pressure washing the pavers in the back. She also suggested we should paint the exterior of house and referred us to a reliable handyman that could do the job at a very reasonable price. Melissa saw that we had our hands full with newborn infants (twin girls) and went out of her way to accommodate our schedule. She made sure we were aware of all the inspections needed and kept us in the loop with weekly updates. Prior to the Open House, the home was stragetically staged with small eligant furniture to give the appearance of a more open layout plan. We trusted Melissa to provide our home with the maximum exposure necessary to sell.
The Open House showing was extremely successful with up to 70 groups in one day. Over the weekend, we received six strong bids with the highest bid well over $300K of the listing price!
We are extremely grateful to have met Melissa. She has far exceeded our expectations. Her recommendations were spot on! Melissa predicted Spring would be the best time to put our home on the market and scheduled all inspections early to make this happen. She also provided a recommendation on what the reasonable price should be to list the home at as well as when to accept bid offers. We felt the entire process went through flawlessly from beginning to end, according to Melissa’s game plan. The experience was very enjoyable and we would definitely recommend her service to any of our family and friends! Thank you!

Joe and Vanessa

Apr 18, 2017

Patrick VanMunn recommends Dave Keefe - The Dave Keefe Real Estate Team


OMG pretty much sums it up. Dave and team was able to max out the selling price at what I thought was impossible. As a former builder he has a depth of experience that few others have. Easy to work with and a great team you are in good hands to max your investment or make one! He is my real estate person for life!!
Jan 17, 2017

Ruben Valencia recommends Dave Keefe - The Dave Keefe Real Estate Team

Director of Operations

Buying a house is a huge commitment to undertake. As this is the second home we have purchased, we have already dealt with a pretty fair amount of realtors. It is sad to see that there are a lot of realtors out there that are just trying to make a quick sale.

Ben Dodge, Dave Keefe, The Dave Keefe real Estate Network, and Keller Williams are not those types of realtors. From the beginning, Ben started our conversation by sitting down and hashing out exactly what it was that we were looking for, what was our expectation of them, and how it is that they work as an agency. The transparency in their business practices is commendable to say the least. You can tell that Dave, Ben and their team want to create customer relationships for life. They are very interested in setting their customers up for a successful transaction of many to come. This is by far the best experience I have had from a group of realtors. I did not only buy a house from them, but I am also selling my old house through them as well, as they are very good at what they do. Dave and Ben’s team have their customers’ well being as their first priority and it really shows in the way they deal with any transaction from start to finish.

Please do contract Dave and Ben for your next real estate transaction!
Nov 17, 2016

Michael Johnson recommends Debra Schwartz

Director of Finance

From start to finish, Debra was exceptional. She listened to all of our needs and help us put together the very best offer. We were confident that Debra researched the comparative market pricing. Debra provided the best service after the offer was accepted by ensuring that every step was covered. We closed our home in less than 30 days. Thanks Debra!
Nov 17, 2016

Lindsey Morgan recommends Chris Luu

Transaction Coordinator

I have worked with Chris for a couple years now as his transaction coordinator. Chris is probably one of the hardest working realtors out there. He's in the office early every day, on the phones, working his social media pages, door knocking and meeting with clients on the regular.... plus so much more! He does it all! You can't go wrong with Chris as your realtor.
Nov 14, 2016

Home Buyer recommends Chris Luu


I was impressed with Chris’s expertise as a real estate agent. Chris was well prepared in sending me documentations to review for a Condo that I recently purchased. He guided me through the entire process, from referring me to a loan agent to making the offer and closing. He constantly updates you on how the close process was going and made sure if you had any questions along the way. I would recommend Chris to anyone who wants a smooth, stress free home buying experience.
Oct 28, 2016

Michael Aning recommends Chris Luu

Branch Manager

I have worked on the real estate business for almost two decades and one thing I've learned is that all real estate agents are not the same. A self proclaimed "Hustler" (Which is a good thing) I believe Chris's success is based on his drive, integrity and true passion for his clients. Keep it going Chris.
Oct 28, 2016

Deanna recommends Chris Luu

Home Seller

I highly recommend Chris Luu as a realtor. We met a year before I was ready to sell my home. He was managing a nearby open house in a highly desirable location. I was introduced to various agents at multiple showings throughout the year but remained most impressed by Chris. He is very driven, passionate, and responsive. Chris knows the community and neighborhoods well. His background in Finance was also key in my selling process. Escrow was challenging due to an unforeseen obstacle but Chris made it look simple. He is upbeat with a "can do" philosophy who made magic happen. Chris Luu, thank you!
Oct 10, 2016

Jennifer DeLuca recommends Melissa Haugh

Home buyer/seller

Melissa helped us buy two homes and sell one over the last 6 years. She's extremely organized and accessible. She does her best to minimize stress for her clients and always acts with the highest integrity.
Jun 29, 2016

Jennifer Ortega recommends Chris Luu

Fine Paper Merchandiser/Senior Buyer

We first met Chris as our neighbor in a brand new condo complex near Japan town just about 10 years ago. In fact, he lived in our exact same model and when we decided to sell, our first thought was who better to list our house than our neighbor who knows the neighborhood, complex and footprint of the home. Chris was dedicated to selling our home for top dollar and as quickly as possible. Due to Chris' commitment, he was able to sell our house in under two weeks for the price we had in mind. Chris was very gracious and walked us through every step of the selling and buying process. He was able to help us purchase our new home and move out of our old home concurrently, a very tall order for anyone! He met all of our demands and we continue to stay in contact with Chris today. We truly appreciate his patience, his help, his dedication and his friendship. I fully admit that I can be demanding, but Chris was patient and met each demand with ease and honesty. Selling and buying a home can be the most stressful process one can burden, but Chris did everything he could to go above and beyond the call of duty and shoulder the stress with us. We truly thank Chris for his excellent service.
May 23, 2016

Joel Sandi recommends Chris Luu

Knowledge Base Manager

Chris and his drive and energy were exactly what we wanted in guiding our home search. He listened closely to what we wanted, understood what we needed, and help set the right expectations for our first foray into home purchasing. He was tireless, selfless and limitless in his desire to succeed for us and ensure we were not only well-prepared, but but well represented and fully protected. He helped us take strategic, calculated risks that ultimately led to us achieving our dream of moving into our own house and providing an ideal space for our baby daughter to grow up in. We immigrated from Japan about 3 years ago, and thanks to Chris, we feel like we have finally "arrived" as San Jose residents. We are almost sad that he helped us get things done so quickly since it means we are no longer enjoying the energy of collaborating with him.
May 18, 2016

Carla Loughlin recommends Dave Keefe - The Dave Keefe Real Estate Team


Dave and his team delivered as promised. They are great at the real estate game. Would highly recommend and use again.
May 7, 2016

Jeff Morgan & Lydia Morgan-Herman recommends Debra Schwartz

Commercial Truck Driver; County Records Clerk

My sister and I could not be any more pleased with the service Debra Schwartz provided in selling our family home. Our father had passed away and we needed a real-estate agent familiar with the intricacies of the probate process from a real-estate perspective, and also an agent who would provide trustworthy guidance through our difficult time.
After interviewing several agents, (including the seasoned veteran agent of our neighborhood), my sister and I asked Debra Schwartz to be our agent. Debra’s professionalism; genuine caring nature; connections and extensive knowledge (particularly with finance and the probate process) impressed us. Debra’s virtuous and honest advice saved my sister and I from making the costly time consuming remodeling plans we intended. Instead Debra provided invaluable counsel as to what repairs and upgrades were actually necessary in marketing our home. The result was 14 offers to buy in 1 weekend, with the highest and best offer being $70k more than me and my sister’s most optimistic price expectation.
If you are considering listing or buying a home, I would HIGHLY recommend Debra. It’s doubtful you’d find a better partner.
May 2, 2016

Magdalena Evans recommends Melissa Haugh

Having Melissa as our listing and selling agent was nothing short of wonderful. Her years of experience, meticulous attention to detail and vast knowledge of Silicon Valley let us sell our starter home and move into our dream home with absolute ease.

We knew a few years ago we were going to reach out to Melissa to be our agent when we saw how amazing she made our friend's home look. From the beautiful staging, to the packed open house and the quick sale of the home, we knew we had found our realtor.

When we met with Melissa, right off the bat she had very quick and affordable suggestions to highlight some of the features of our house to stand out to potential buyers. Throughout the selling process, she made sure to constantly check in with us, made sure we had all of the pertinent information regarding our house listed so that there was no question unanswered about the home and made us feel very secure about the whole process. Melissa was always a text, phone call or email away...and she was quick!

At the same time, Melissa was also doing an awesome job at getting us into the house we were so excited to live in. At her suggestion we had requested numerous inspections. Once we received them, she made sure to review everything with us and pointed out items on the report we may have glossed over. This I am so thankful for. It gave us total peace of mind knowing we were moving into a wonderful, well-cared for home and not a money pit!

I cannot thank Melissa enough for her hard work, but I'm happy to recommend her to whoever is listening!

Apr 25, 2016

Jonathan Kokka recommends Chris Luu

Operations Professional, Semiconductors

Chris was extremely helpful in every aspect of my home purchase. Being a first time home buyer, it can be very confusing and frustrating. However Chris made the whole experience very smooth and easy to understand. He went above and beyond his expected duties, ensuring each responsible party (including myself) closed on each step along the way.
I couldn't be happier with his service, and would definitely recommend him to any new or repeat home buyer.
Apr 25, 2016

Muralidhar Rao Penumarthy recommends Chris Luu


Chris did a wonderful job as a negotiating partner between me as a seller and his buyer. I will recommend Chris Luu whole heartedly for any interested buyer or seller. He truly works hard and keeps the best interests of both parties. He tries to expedite the closing process as well. Thanks
Apr 17, 2016

Teresa B recommends Debra Schwartz

Director of Research

It was very important to me to help my Dad sell his home from out of state, yet at the same time I have a lot of demands for my time between my job and my own family. Being able to work with Debra enabled me to help my Dad and keep my attention on things in my own home. She handled so much, and also kept us informed of everything. I'm incredibly grateful that we were able to work with Debra--we couldn't have done it without her!
Apr 13, 2016

Lilia & Sergey R. recommends Olga Golovko

My husband and I were looking for a good investment property.
Olga provided us with all information needed: e.g. current market situation, financial aspects.
Based on her consultation, we were able to define criteria for the property we are willing to buy. As we never had an investment property before Olga provided us with guidance on rental income and based on her suggestions we were able to define what price we can really pay to get our investment property working for us.
I should mention that we were ‘remote’ buyers: there were a lot of phone calls and emails. Olga was always ready to answer any of our questions at any time of the day.
We are really impressed with Olga’s deep knowledge of the subject: she was able to guide us between multiple properties and multiple offers and close our deal with no issues.
We will recommend Olga as Realtor to all our friends as we strongly believe: she knows what she is doing and she uses her knowledge to find THE BEST deal for her clients!
Sergey and Lilia
Apr 11, 2016

Fremont Alla recommends Olga Golovko


Olga Golovko is the best realtor a person could ask for. She is incredible! If you're looking for someone who's is going to work hard and get all your needs in order, she's definitely the person you're looking for. She made me feel extremely comfortable with her upbeat personality and knowledge of the real estate in Bay Area. You can ask her anything and get answers. Olga always replied back to my phone calls and emails in a timely manner. She's super-fast in responding and we had a very efficient tour of places. It was such a pleasure to work with her. I highly recommend her.

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