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The Keyes “family” is a powerful network of people, knowledge & services that work together to influence Florida real estate and attract business from around the world.

We’ve created a unique balance of autonomy and support that fosters the best talent and ensures each member of our family the greatest opportunity for success.

Our individual real estate model allows Keyes leadership, managers and Associates to feel as if they are part of something greater.
The Keyes "family" is an active network made of individual experts who bring a unique approach, with unique insights, ideas and
relationships. With the access to indepth collective knowledge and international exposure; The Keyes Company members work together towards the common goal of providing the best opportunities for success.

The Keyes Company offers world-class education, training and career opportunities. In addition, we support our Realtor-Associates with exceptional lead generation resources, marketing tools, and technology driven productivity tools.

Celebrating Collective Independence


Recommendations (1366)

Dec 11, 2017

David Lopez recommends Steven Reibel

Realty Elite, Wellington

Steve, Let me say that I had met with other firms to discuss acquisition, mergers and or the sale of my company, Realty Elite. After our first meeting, I felt that you had the most integrity, honesty and transparency of any Business Development and or executive in the real estate business that I have met in years.

What I appreciate the most in this transaction was that from the date we signed our confidentiality agreement and you provided me with a letter of intent, we were able to close within 30 days. I also appreciate how smooth the closing took place. You kept all your promises.

With regards to why I decided to go with The Keyes Company that’s easy, you had the best reputation, over 90 years in business, professional upscale offices, friendly and attentive management staff that is committed to serve the agents and an overall great culture and environment.

My Agents are enjoying their experience at Keyes and are very happy with your training and marketing material and the plethora of technology and agent productivity tools.

Finally, I would like to close this letter by saying that any other brokerage firm that’s considering selling and or merging must meet with Keyes, because once they meet with Keyes there will be no other reason to meet with any other real estate firm. Steven both you and The Keyes Company are
the best.
Nov 3, 2017

Nitza Rozenfeld recommends Sherry Clodgo


I enjoy working under Sherry management, I found her to be very knowledgeable,
experienced, Great coach, and great person above all...
She is very supportive... graceful....and helpful....
Thank you Sherry....Looking forward for prosper future..........:-)
Oct 21, 2017

Carlos Morales recommends Bill Richardson


Bill did a great job showing us the tools available to us at Keyes and how to use those tools.

I thank you for taking the time to help us all understand what it takes to be the one that leaves the listing appointment with the listing in these very competitive times.

Carlos Morales
Oct 11, 2017

YENY CARRUITERO recommends Sherry Clodgo

Real Estate Agent

Sherry is an awesome person, we are really lucky to have her. She is always here for us. Thank you Sherry.
Sep 28, 2017

Alex recommends Alex Ruiz


We would like to formally anounce to all of our clients and friends that Marie Sotero Rebull and Nick Rebull have joined The Keyes Company in Miami Lakes. The Rebull Group is a family of Realtors that have been serving you and your family in all of your Real Estate needs since 1989.

"If we are not your Realtors, we should be"

Mandy Rebull 305.308.2901
Marie Sotero Rebull 954.551.7879
Nick Rebull 786.457.5295
Sep 22, 2017

Chip Armstrong recommends Barb Kozlow

Director of Commercial Sales

Twelve years ago I decided to get my real estate license and subsequently interviewed with many real estate companies. Barb is the reason I came to the Keyes Company. I felt she would support me and help me grow my business. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. She is a hands on leader available at any time to help me be a success. I am one of the top producers at the company today because of Barb's help, guidance, support and leadership.
Aug 29, 2017

Vicki Allen recommends Mark Sadek


Mark is great mentor and inspiring leader. I have learned a lot in my time at Keyes Coral Springs and feel honored to have Mark as my manager. I highly recommend any agent, new or seasoned to join Mark's team.
Aug 25, 2017

Steve Lourim recommends Mark Sadek


Mark is always there for you. He is fair, always has a smile for you.
Aug 25, 2017

Esther Stafford recommends Mark Sadek

Esther Stafford

Mark is a ray of SUNSHINE AND EXCITEMENT MOTIVATING US WITH HIS WINNING PERSONALITY AND CHARM! He has an Open Door Policy and that says a lot about him, always willing to help as he gives good advice right on the target! He is so kind and understanding and is a wealth of KNOWLEDGE with experience. He is truly a shining Manager of our District. Our Office is always happy because of him! He welcomes new people and makes them feel at home and he always takes time to help us! He is really great, and funny, too, yet serious when he gets down to business at hand. I nominate Mark Sadek for an Award, he is the BEST MANAGER!
Aug 25, 2017

Mary kay Phelan recommends Mark Sadek


Very inspiring leader!
Aug 25, 2017

Mark Milone recommends Mark Sadek


Mark has been great to work with over these past years. He always has a constructive suggestion to help get the deal done. His guidance and sound judgment help us all.
Aug 25, 2017

Tim Halbert recommends Mark Sadek

Sales Associate

Mark is one of those rare individuals who fully grasps the big picture of the market and yet has a meticulous eye for details. I feel enriched every time I have the opportunity to sit under his teaching. As a new realtor, I feel very fortunate to have Mark as my manager.
Aug 23, 2017

Michael J Marcus recommends Steven Reibel

Towne and Country Real Estate Services, Inc.

I wanted to personally thank you for your hard work in making our merger with Keyes a huge success. When we first met two year ago I thought we never would do a deal with anyone. Our company was growing at a record pace so why would we. As we continued to grow our systems and infrastructure became taxed. Our management team realized we need to do something so we began to weigh our options.

We decided to meet with you and your team again and several other large companies such as Reology, Lang Realty, Berkshire Hathaway and a few others. We also looked at investing more into the company to create tools and systems we needed. After just a few meetings with you we realized that Keyes was our best option.

It was an easy decision to partner with Keyes. You had all the systems, tools and training we needed to continue to grow our brokerage. We did not need to invest and reinvent the wheel it was already in place. Most importantly for us is Keyes had a similar culture and the entire Management Team had the same beliefs and values as ours. It was all about helping the agents do their business and providing them the tools and training to do just that.

It was a long road to come to this decision. Two years from our first meeting but most of that time was us just needing to realize we needed help to continue to grow our business. Once we did it was just a couple of months to determine you were the best fit for us.

Your entire management team has made the process as seamless as possible. It has also been very impressive that Mike Pappas is so hands on and really listens to suggestions from the various managers. I look forward to much success with our new partnership.
Aug 23, 2017

Nina Spinner-Sands recommends Steven Reibel

Towne and Country Real Estate Services, Inc.

My business partner, Bob Houston and myself, recently were involved in a real estate sales agency merger transaction between our Company, Towne and Country Real Estate Services, Inc., which historically has operated as a Century 21 franchise in South Miami-Dade County, Florida and with The Keyes Company. Our respective companies have serviced the real estate sales needs of the South Dade marketplace for many years.

After the decision was made to merge the assets of our company into Keyes, I was pleasantly impressed that the transaction was relatively seamless. The Keyes Company and their representatives rose to meet their reputation as a professional and well-run organization. In the transition of our sales agents to Keyes, there was great focus upon training and upon their introduction into Keyes' established corporate culture. There was a great emphasis placed upon making our agents comfortable with the transition.

I was particularly impressed by my transactional involvement with Keyes representatives, Senior Vice President Steven Reibel and District Sales Manager Tony Garcia. Mr. Reibel proved himself to be the consummate and competent professional in forwarding the interests of his Company. Mr. Garcia was exceptional in his personal oversight and concern with the successful assimilation of our agents into the Keyes Organization.

The outstanding corporate culture of the Keyes Company is evidenced all of the way to the top. Company President, Michael Pappas, directed the joinder of the two companies and was extremely calming and reassuring during the transition...particularly when the announcement was made to our people.

There is an old saying, "The only person who likes a change is a newborn baby". As to this change, I believe that it was well received and accepted by all involved. As of the writing of this letter, it has been several months since the closing and I continue to become aware of positive feedback arising from this "change".
Aug 23, 2017

Chris Ellisson recommends Steven Reibel

Platinum Properties

When my company combined with Keyes, I was very hesitant and not sure if it was a good thing or if I would be leaving. Happily, I not only stayed, but I feel totally at home in the company. I know that the corporate office continuously strive to make our jobs easier and to help us make as much money as possible.

Mike Pappas and Tim Pappas are not only interested in what we bring to them in sales, but in our financial and personal health. The tools that we are given will make any Realtor who adopts them a multi-million dollar producer. I say many times, my success in real estate is my efforts and the Keyes company working as partners.
Aug 9, 2017

Francoise Knoeppel recommends Joan Richardson


Joan Has been with us for a few weeks now and she has been a great support to our office. She is very friendly , Knowledgeable and approachable. She is a very positive person as well . She strives to drives us to success . She is a great manager !!
Jul 17, 2017

Anonymous recommends Floyd Cerf

Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor—but that is the type of environment Floyd has cultivated here at the Keyes Commercial Sales office. A little over a year ago, I launched a career in Commercial Real estate. I interviewed at many CRE firms after obtaining my license, but Floyd and his team at Keyes notably offered the ONLY type of training/ mentorship program when on-boarding new sales associates. In a highly competitive, “cut throat” industry, I quickly realized how invaluable the education and insight offered through Floyd’s training program truly is; the classes, mentors, and training programs Floyd has developed at Keyes offer CRE associates, both new and seasoned veterans, the best chance for success. There is no question. I am thankful to Floyd and the rest of his team at Keyes for sharing and teaching me every day.
Jul 11, 2017

Giovy Cancino recommends Joan Richardson

Real Estate Agent Keyes

Joan Richardson is Is our new manager at Wellington office and in such a short time I am happy to say that I have been able to feel his professional support and his solidarity. She is a person who impresses energy, positivism and desire to continue every day improving. I feel very optimistic and I hope we can share many years of work together.

Giovy Cancino
Jul 7, 2017

Isabel Franco recommends Joan Richardson

Realtor Real Estate Associate

Joan Richardson is a kind and approachable Supervisor. Joan has assisted me with many questions about Real estate because she is very knowledgeable and has a lot experience
Jul 6, 2017

Bunny Smith recommends Joan Richardson


It is wonderful to welcome Joan Richardson to the Keyes Wellington Office. She has the experience and knowledge that is so vital to running a Real Estate Office. She is a tremendous asset to our office - and I look forward to working with her! In addition, she has an exuberant personality - a genuine people person - great quality for a Realtor and Office Manager! Welcome, Joan!
Jul 6, 2017

Diane Souder recommends Joan Richardson

Realtor Associate

Joan is a wonderful addition to our Wellington office. From day one she fit right in. She has great energy and is always available and ready to lend a helping hand. We are very lucky to have her.
Jul 4, 2017

Dave Leal recommends Joan Richardson

Realtor Wellington Office

Joan has transition into the Wellington Office like a true Leader would. I will use the great John C. Maxwell Quote:

"A Leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."
Jul 3, 2017

Ivan Velasquez recommends Joan Richardson


I am writing to recommend my office District Manager, I have the pleasure of working directly with Joan and her tremendous abilities amaze me. Her capabilities to understand her agents, to support us, motivated us, she always respond very fast to any of request. Great leader, always open to share her knowledge, her expertise is great. We are bless to have her as our Team Leader, Manager in our office, I always learn from her.
Jul 3, 2017



Joan Richardson recently joined our team at the Wellington office as our Sales Manager. I am pleased to say she is not only knowledgeable as a District Sales Manager, but she embodies a natural and welcoming persona; the elements befitting to our office and her title. Joan Richardson is an interactive Manager. This is a character trait that further supports her willingness to contribute to our success as individuals, and consequently the overall success of the Keyes Company.
Jul 3, 2017

Ann Angotti recommends Joan Richardson


Joan came to us after we lost our manger. How do you replace someone that is loved and highly respected. Well Joan did. We could not of asked for anyone better and we are so bless that she came to our office as our new manager. Her caring, skills and knowledge will help us all to become better realtors. Thank you Joanie for coming and being there for us.

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