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A mission. A promise. A formula for success since 1926.

The Keyes “family” is a powerful network of people, knowledge & services that work together to influence Florida real estate and attract business from around the world.

We’ve created a unique balance of autonomy and support that fosters the best talent and ensures each member of our family the greatest opportunity for success.

Our individual real estate model allows Keyes leadership, managers and Associates to feel as if they are part of something greater.
The Keyes "family" is an active network made of individual experts who bring a unique approach, with unique insights, ideas and
relationships. With the access to indepth collective knowledge and international exposure; The Keyes Company members work together towards the common goal of providing the best opportunities for success.

The Keyes Company offers world-class education, training and career opportunities. In addition, we support our Realtor-Associates with exceptional lead generation resources, marketing tools, and technology driven productivity tools.

Celebrating Collective Independence


Recommendations (1413)

Lisette Thomas recommends Cecelia Besu

Sales Associate

Though I am a new Sales Associate with Keyes, and haven't known Ceil for that long, she is certainly one of the reasons why I decided to work with Keyes. Ceil is a real estate guru and the passion she demonstrates in her role is contagious! She inspired me as the intelligent, dynamic, and vivacious lady that she is to trust my own instincts with starting a new chapter in my life in the real estate world. Ceil is a true asset to Keyes. I look forward to a long and flourishing working relationship with her for years to come!

Lorraine Coletti recommends Mark Noviello


It's important as a realtor to be able to reach my manager when I have a question or problem that needs immediate attention. Mark is always there to provide that help. He is an asset to the Keyes Company, particularly to Keyes Company West.
Kudos to you Mark!

Alex Kushel recommends Mark Noviello


Mark is a great manager. He really helps everyone at the office with any questions or concerns. His experience is valuable and he is a great resource with real estate needs. He is friendly and very supportive.

Angelique Madnick recommends Mark Noviello

Broker Associate / Realtor

I have known and worked with Mark for over 7 yrs. Mark is a true example of commitment, determination, and hard work. He had a goal and he worked tirelessly towards that goal and have succeeded in accomplishing it. It is truly a pleasure to be working with you Mark!

Susan L Rogers recommends Mark Noviello

Broker Associate

Mark is a dedicated professional that will always help his agents succeed. He is loyal and has a great upbeat personality. I would recommend Mark to anyone looking for a better career in real estate. The ongoing extensive training module that the company provides is the best program available in the industry today.

Karen Kerpa Wertman recommends Mark Noviello

Real Estate Salesperson

Mark is a wonderful manager, always willing to help with a smile. Very approachable and informative. He is a great fit for our office.

Anonymous recommends Mark Noviello

Being part of the Keyes Company team means that you are constantly trained and updated with the latest technology and cutting edge tools to help you succeed in real estate. What impresses me the most about the Keyes Company from the very top of the company to our office manager Mark Noviello is how positive, helpful, approachable and how genuine they are with the end goal of helping their agents succeed. It makes for a very professional and team-like atmosphere which makes working at Keyes second to none. Thank you Mark. Donna Artes

Ileane Greenfader recommends Mark Noviello

Realtor Associate

Mark is kind, caring and considerate. His door is always open and is a great listener . I enjoy being part of his team

Glenda Masso recommends Mark Noviello


Mark is the best! Always attentive to everyone's needs, so easy to speak to and takes his work seriously.Looking forward to another great year!

Belinda Bowers recommends Mark Noviello


Working with/for Mark Noviello is amazing!!! He is such a positive, inspiring easy to get along with type of guy. He is always willing to answer any questions and advise when needed. He always makes time for "his people"! I wouldn't work anywhere else.

Rosalie Klein recommends Mark Noviello


I have to say working at the Keyes Company is a great experience. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. They have an awesome training program and many strategy meetings to help grow your business. I would highly recommended The Keyes Company...

Debra Simon recommends Mark Noviello

Broker Associate

Mark is an upbeat, positive and responsive manager that is always willing to help. He is very approachable and it’s a pleasure to work with him.

Thomas Hillman recommends JoAnn Mazzeo

Realtor Associate

The Keyes Company is a great environment that will help you succeed. Keyes gives you the tools necessary to meet and exceed your career goals. The training is second to none! The entire staff from our Sale Manager JoAnn, administrative assistants to fellow Associates are top notch. I am extremely happy I chose The Keyes Company as a place to hang my license!

Leigh Mattern recommends Joan Richardson

Realtor at Keyes

I have known Joanie for 12 years. She is extremely hard working and the consummate professional. If it can be done, she will find a way to do it. She is very knowledgeable and all who work with her learn from her. She is quick to offer help and advice. You cannot go wrong if you work with Joanie!

Federico Rochwerger recommends Joan Richardson

Commercial Realtor

I've known Joan for at over 10 years and during that time frame, she not only has demonstrated the wealth of real estate knowledge, the experience she has and how an asset she is to anyone who wants to succeed in real estate, but also -and perhaps more importantly- her leadership capacity. I'm grateful for having been associated with her and look forward to continuing working alongside her. If you are reading this because you are either considering a real estate career or taking it to the next level by joining her team, don't search anymore, you are in the right place.

Susan Lee, P.A. recommends Joan Richardson


Joanie is a fabulous manager. Prior to her promotion, she was one of my trainers when I joined Keyes and she definitely set me up for success. She has a wealth of knowledge, is incredibly accessible and creates a real family environment at Keyes Boca. We are truly blessed to have her as our district sales manager!

Evelina Georg recommends Mark Sadek

Real Estate Agent

Mark Sadek is the BEST Leader and Manager in the business! His energy, professionalism and intense knowledge of Real Estate are really an example of how you need to conduct your business.
All the resources, marketing, trainings, support and opportunity to succeed is part of The Keyes Company practice but the Coral Springs team is more than that we are a wonderful group lead by our excellent leader Mark.
The Keys Coral Springs team is for sure the best office team to be a part of.

Doug Wolfe recommends Mark Sadek


I have had the pleasure of working with Mark for almost 3 years. During that time he has been professional, supportive and a true leader. I have learned so much about the real estate industry from Mark.

Hap Pomerantz recommends Mark Sadek

Broker Vice Presindent

Not only is Mark a top tier manager at the Keyes Company, he is one of the finest Managers in the Real Estate Industry period! I am proud to be associated with Mark and am thankful to interact with him on a daily basis. Truly he is on top of his game and a stellar example of a true professional. His knowledge, expertise, guidance and humor touches everyone around him and his is a credit to our Profession.

Vicki Allen recommends Mark Sadek


Mark is a great leader and truly makes our office the best in Coral Springs! I continue to learn and grow in my career as a result of his excellent mentorship.

Alfredo Villa recommends Mark Sadek

Real Estate Professional

I met Mark through one of his office associates on a previous deal while I was at a previous company. She told me, "You've GOT to meet this guy!" Well, I met him, interviewed and moved to this office because of him.

I'm very proud to say I work alongside Mark and am inspired by his leadership and can-do attitude on a constant basis. He's always available, has a charming personality and is eager to raise associates up to their fullest potential. How he find's enough hours in the day to do everything he does is beyond me, but I'm glad Mark's at the helm and am proud to be part of his team.

Desiree Aponte recommends Mark Sadek


Mark is a truly dedicated Broker and office Manager. Always professional with an incredible amount of knowledge and love for the business and his team.
Wishing him many more great years at Keyes.
Desiree Aponte

Magali Cabrera recommends Alex Ruiz

I wish to thank Mr. Ruiz for helping us sell our house in less than 30 days and for far more than we were expecting, his professionalism, his demeanor, made us feel so secured, I wholeheartedly recommend him to our friends and to any person selling orbuying their home.
I also want to thank Maria Rivas who is also Keyes agent and was there for us in every visit, every inspection, reassuring and advising us, also recommend her for her professionalism and her caring.

Karen Cossio recommends Eli Santurio

Sales Associate

I have been working with The Keyes Company for the last 14 years as a full time job. Eli is a excellent Broker manager, leader, Very motivated person and always able to help the associates and clients. Besides that she is great human being. Love working for this great team.

Othniel Sculley recommends Bonnie Josefski


I appreciate my Sales Manager, she has a very welcoming personality which is not very common. Bonnie is a professional not only by her verbal exposure but in and around her personal space that makes one wonder how she manages to maintain herself with all the areas of responsibilities that bombard her.
Ms. Josefski is very open and never express to know everything even though many expects her to, she is instead very open and willing to apply herself to new ideas and subject matters that will enhance her professional status. I personally is very proud to have her as my senior and look forward for our long and lasting professional relationship. my nickname for her is "Ma-bonnie"

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