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At Lawyers Title Insurance Company we work with the simplest residential closing to the most complex commercial real estate transactions, We are committed to providing top notch expertise and exceptional customer support.

Lawyers Title is committed to help lenders, builders, developers, attorneys and real estate professionals grow and succeed. In addition to title insurance, escrow and closing services, we provide an array of title-related services and specialty finance solutions.

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Recommendations (87)

May 17, 2018

Ani Adaimy recommends Kari Macias

Sales Rep.

Kari is amazing & always welcomes you with a smile & makes you feel at ease when you walk in to her office. She's my life line and go to person when I have questions about any of our sales products and procedures. She's a great asset to our company. Luv u mean it.
May 7, 2018

Mark Quandt recommends Kari Macias

Vice President

Kari is a very valuable asset to our team at Lawyers Title. Kari consistently performs at a very high level in her position while maintaining a great attitude and relationship with everyone. We are lucky to have her on our team!
May 7, 2018

Michele Weill recommends Kari Macias

Vice President LA County Sales Manager

Kari is a tremendous asset to the Lawyers Title team. She approaches every project and task with a professional and courteous attitude. Kari is technically strong and understands the Title, Escrow and Real Estate Industry. Kari is my right arm at work and she is a huge part of the success of the team.
May 2, 2018

Mike Genest recommends Kari Macias

Sales Manager

Kari is a pleasure to work with in a multitude of ways. She always brings a positive attitude and is known for getting things done quickly and, more importantly, correctly.
She would be a significant asset to any team she works on. I highly recommend her!
May 1, 2018

Karen Sanchez recommends Kari Macias

AVP, HR Coordinator/Administrative Assistant

Kari is Amazing! She is very knowledgeable on all of our marketing tools and I can always count on her for a quick and informative response. She has a great attitude and always with a smile!
May 1, 2018

John Arnold recommends Kari Macias

Vice President, County Manager

Kari is an invaluable asset to Lawyers Title, possessing a rare combination of technical know how and common sense business acumen. Kari is professional, organized, efficient, customer friendly and just a down right wonderful person. You can always count on Kari for flawless execution with a smile. We are blessed to have her on our team.
Apr 29, 2018

Steve deLaveaga recommends Kari Macias

SVP National Sales Manager FNTG

Kari, is one of my favorite people, her passion for the business and her clients is first class in every way. I am so proud to have her on our sales team and her growth both as a person and a sales executive is exciting to watch! Congrats and look forward to many more years of partnership with you :-)!
Apr 27, 2018

Macs Lucero recommends Kari Macias

Senior Vice President, County Manager

I am so impressed with Kari Macias’ enthusiasm, communication skills and commitment to the team at Lawyers Title. She is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. She consistently exceeds expectations with professionalism and follow-through, and she is a great asset to our company.
Apr 27, 2018

Michele Weill recommends Carlos Garcia

VP LA County Sales Manager

Carlos has become a top producing Title Professional because of his commitment to his clients and closing their transactions. Carlos is dedicated to finding solutions that helps agents close deals and grow their business. Carlos is committed to bring new ideas and innovative technology to his business partners.
Apr 27, 2018

Jacqui Tavis recommends Kari Macias

AVP - Marketing

Kari Macias is a highly respected and trusted colleague of mine. She is the go-to person in Los Angeles, and can get things done. Kari is known for being very responsive, knowledgeable, and always a step ahead. It has been my absolute pleasure and privilege to work with Kari over the years.
Apr 25, 2018

James Andrade recommends Kevin Sayles

Attorney, The Burbank Firm

Kevin's knowledge and experience are extremely valuable to our firm. He is a great resource and has helped with many transactions and title clearing issues. We look to Kevin first when there are potential issues with title on our real estate transactions.
Apr 23, 2018

Steve deLaveaga recommends Carlos Garcia

National Sales FNF

Carlos has a great passion to assist his customers his ability to help them grow their business, save time and always be using the best tools and programs in America to help his Customers stay ahead of the curve. Really excited about watching Carlos growth in our company over the next 5 to 10 years. Thank you
Apr 20, 2018

Daniel Merlo recommends Kevin Sayles

Loan Officer, Alterra Home Loans

Kevin, I simply wanted to say thank you for taking care of the title issue. You and your team are excellent and I couldn't have asked for more. You are the reason I use your title company.
Apr 20, 2018

Kevin Sayles recommends Carlos Garcia

AVP, Lawyers Title

Carlos is an awesome Title Professional! I often call him for his innovative ideas, perfect solutions to problems and skill in the real estate business. Any real estate agent, loan officer or escrow officer would be delighted and fortunate to work with him. He will definitely add to your business!
Apr 19, 2018

PILA GRAY JESSIE recommends Kevin Sayles


Kevin is amazing. He is always accessible, very knowledgeable and is great at resolving complex situations. He also gives great training on title and escrow. I am happy to have him as part of my team!
Apr 9, 2018

Michele Weill recommends Kevin Sayles

Vice President Lawyers Title

Kevin has set himself apart from the competition as a Probate Specialist. Kevin's extensive title knowledge and professionalism allows him to work with a range of clients, making him one of the top Sales Representatives in Los Angeles County.
Apr 6, 2018

Michelle Sferrino recommends Kevin Sayles

Real Estate Agent, Keller Williams Beach Cities

"You're the best!" You have been so helpful on my difficult transaction. Thank you for always answering my questions and being so knowledgeable. You are helping me look good to my client and the attorney involved.
Apr 2, 2018

Steve de Laveaga recommends Nancy Chan

SVP National Sales Manager FNTG

Nancy is not only one of my favorite people but someone who is always learning and looking to assist her clients to achieve that next level of Business. Nancy's ability to be a Supreme Problem Solver, as well as superb work ethic make her an easy choice as one of our Top Sales Executives in all of the Western US. I could not recommend Nancy highly enough!
Mar 26, 2018

Bonnie Mulholland recommends Mark Stipkovich

Real Estate Agent

Mark, Thank you so much!!!! You are the absolute best!!!
Mar 21, 2018

Mark Quandt recommends Kevin Sayles

Vice President Lawyers Title

Kevin Sayles has distinguished himself as one of the most knowledgeable Title Executives in our industry. Kevin's understanding of everything from the Probate process to his extensive comprehension of title allow him to be uniquely qualified to solve problems and assist his clients in closing their transactions.
Mar 20, 2018

GINA MENAS recommends Ani Bedrosian Adaimy


Ani jan, You are always so helpful on any need I have with all my title issues. Picking up your phone everytime I call and give me the chance to here your worm and sweet voice. I enjoy working wih you guys so much.

Thank you
Mar 19, 2018

Jassen Sanchez recommends Kevin Sayles

Fortress Capital Partners

I have known Kevin for the last 10 years. Kevin is very knowledgeable in this field, highly respected, and most importantly, very reliable! He is an important part of my business.
Mar 19, 2018

Dino Buiatti recommends Kevin Sayles

Agent/Owner Nationwide Real Estate Executives, Mid-City

I cannot tell you how much Kevin has done for my business! We are lucky to have you Kevin and we are glad to have you as a partner.
Mar 19, 2018

Carlos Garcia recommends Kevin Sayles

AVP/Account Executive

Kevin Sayles is the Probate Doctor! He will help you close your transactions fast and easy. He has trained a lot of my agents and they are having great success.
Mar 19, 2018

Sheila Hedden recommends Kevin Sayles

Jam Properties

Kevin, you do such a great job helping on my transactions. I am able to do more business because of you. I just talked to my real estate attorney and my CPA and you know more about the real estate business than anyone!

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