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At Lawyers Title Insurance Company we work with the simplest residential closing to the most complex commercial real estate transactions, We are committed to providing top notch expertise and exceptional customer support.

Lawyers Title is committed to help lenders, builders, developers, attorneys and real estate professionals grow and succeed. In addition to title insurance, escrow and closing services, we provide an array of title-related services and specialty finance solutions.

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39 Recommendations

Kennedy O'Regan recommends Danielle France
Mortage Broker
Jun 1, 2015
You rock, Ms. France. Thanks to you and your team, you saved me about $1200 in interest. I was going to reimburse the borrower for the full month of June interest they would have had to pay, had the payoff funds not been sent until Monday.
Robert B Emerson recommends Danielle France
Commercial Real Estate Broker
Apr 30, 2015
In my 30 years of real estate Practice, I have never worked with a more competent person then Danielle. She will always deliver the information and documents I need in a very timely manner. She has never let me down and I very much appreciate her service and dedication . She is a 5 Star Lady!.
Maggie Oreck recommends Sharon Roose
Realtor - RE/MAX Showcase
Nov 20, 2014
I have been working with Sharon for over a decade and my experience has been the best. She has a lot of knowledge and experience and she is always willing to help.
Her service level is second to none. I highly recommend her services!
Leila Vaziri recommends Sharon Roose
Loan Officer
Jun 2, 2014
It is always a pleasure working with Sharon and her team at Lawyers Title. She is always professional and goes above and beyond to make a deal happen. She actively communicates with our office and provides exceptional service. We have worked with her over 15 years and couldn't be happier.
Lorin Ruttenberg recommends Kevin Sayles
Apr 1, 2014
I've been selling real estate for 14 years. I only met Kevin a few months ago, but in that short time he has done more for me than any other title rep I've ever known. He's a creative thinker and a great guy!
Larry Bovshow recommends Kevin Sayles
Broker Associate at Remax Olson Estates
Mar 11, 2014
Excellent work. Kevin Sayles goes the extra mile and has my highest recommendation.
Angelica Lassiter recommends Kevin Sayles
Private Mortgage Banker NMLSR ID 448054, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Mar 5, 2014

“Kevin is a very knowledgeable Title Rep. He always has the answers that I need. He’s also very consistent and brings a fresh, positive view on real estate. I think that sets him apart.”

Fran kHung recommends Sharon Roose
Mar 4, 2014
To Whom It may concern:
I am the owner/broker of American Home Realty & Mortgage in Winnetka,California 91306.
I have known Sharon Roose for over 30 years since she was with Fidelity National Title. I
found Sharon is very knowlegible and eager to help either personally and business wise.
She has integrity and trust worthy, you will be happy to associate with her. truly yours, I
can b reached by phone (818)-340-7387 or e-mail:
Frank Hung
Frank Lopez recommends Kevin Sayles
Feb 21, 2014
"Just wanted to thank you again for all your help on the Pineville transaction. I chose to work with you a while back because no one knows their way around a probate transaction better than you. But I really didn’t know how great you were until we all got put to the test on that Pineville transaction We literally had to close that deal from one day to the next, That property really should have gone into foreclosure. But because you were fast, efficient, and organized, it didn’t. And you were there every time I called you to strategize. Please thank your staff for me. You guys are awesome! It’s great to know that when I have a tough transaction that I have you in my corner."
Debra Abeyesinhe recommends Sharon Roose
Feb 20, 2014
I have known and used Sharon for my title needs for about 20 years. She has always been there for me if my client has had a problem. She goes above and beyond what she should. If it was not for her I would not have been able to close a couple of transactions. She is the best!! She has even gone to the recorders office so I could close two short sales on time. If she had not of gone then I would have had to restart the short sale process as the bank would no longer extend the date of closing.
Beverly Tagger recommends Kevin Sayles
Real Estate Agent, Century 21 Universal
Feb 18, 2014
“Kevin has been a ‘life saver’ for me and my business so many things that I don’t know where to start. No matter what I need, Kevin has been able to answer the questions for me or he knows where to go to get the answer. I have always felt that he is not only a professional but extremely knowledgeable in real estate matters and the related industries. I feel confident in referring Kevin to anyone that has any type of real estate needs.
Michael Williams recommends Kevin Sayles
Real Estate Broker
Feb 14, 2014
Having more than 14 years experience in real estate sales and finance, I have come across many title representatives from various companies. I repeatedly use and refer Kevin Sayles from Lawyers Title, because I am continuously impressed with his level of professionalism, product and industry knowledge, as well as his phenomenal quality of service. He never fails to deliver and is always just a phone call away.
Lawrence Elkins recommends Kevin Sayles
Senior Research Analyst Sands & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation
Feb 14, 2014
…the kind and courteous professionalism you have extended to me and the party this firm represents. I am particularly mindful that you chose not to exploit the urgency of my request... Your gesture conveys an understanding of the value of relationships and speaks volumes.
Eric Robbins recommends Kevin Sayles
Broker, RC Commercial
Feb 14, 2014
Hi Kevin- Thank you so much. That was fantastic! You are a hero. It could not have gone any better without your assistance. Thanks so much. The sellers asked me to tell you how thankful they are as well.
Maria Solis recommends Kevin Sayles
Branch Manager, U.S. Bank
Feb 14, 2014
We have increased our volume in production with Kevin's fast and efficient service. Kevin is very dedicated to his work and making sure that every client is fully satisfied.
Krystal Adams recommends Kevin Sayles
Broker/CEO, K.S. Real Estate
Feb 14, 2014
Its hard to single out one incident, there have been so many occasions where thanks to Kevin’s quick thinking and vast experience he has handled the problem head on.
We have had occasions where Kevin has hand delivered results. Here at KS Real Estate we have built a team and Kevin is definitely part of that team.
Marty Yeghishian recommends Kevin Sayles
Option One Properties, Option One Lending
Feb 14, 2014
Kevin was able to retrieve the correct information for us and save us time … Kevin has increased our business…which obviously has impacted our overall income…
I would recommend Kevin Sayles to any of my friends and realtors because truly Kevin is a great partner to have in our business and you really can’t get better service and support with anyone else.
Jesus Yinh recommends Kevin Sayles
Managing Partner, Capital Redevelopment Group
Feb 4, 2014
“I’ve been working with Kevin for a few years and it’s great to have someone that is so knowledgeable about many aspects of the real estate business and at the same time provides amazing and fast service.“
Charles Heppner recommends Kevin Sayles
C2 Financial Corporation
Feb 4, 2014
“Working with Kevin Sayles has helped me close faster. Kevin is always available to help, and his turns times are superb. I recently had a complex title condition pop up… Kevin got me what I needed within the hour to satisfy the lender condition and close the loan. It is so great to work with Kevin Sayles. The absolute best title service around!“
Terriel Charlebois recommends Kevin Sayles
Owner/President Coast West Properties
Jan 30, 2014
“Thanks for all of your help and support Kevin, I really enjoy working with you. From probate to creative deal structuring your knowledge, experience and professionalism make you my GO TO guy on every real estate transaction! I would highly recommend your service to anyone seeking only the best.”
Kahlil J. McAlpin recommends Kevin Sayles
Esq. – Real Estate Attorney Law Offices of Kahlil J. McAlpin
Jan 30, 2014
“Kevin has been instrumental in my real estate law practice. In each and every case where I’ve called on Kevin to help get the dispute cleared, Kevin has been successful in doing so. There is no better person for title service than Kevin.”
Caren Jefferson recommends Kevin Sayles
Escrow Officer, AP Escrow
Jan 30, 2014
“Kevin has enlightened me to many areas of title that I have passed on to my clients, and Kevin has made me more knowledgeable and therefore I look good to my clients because of him. Kevin goes beyond the call of duty; he stays with a project to the end. He has great follow through and follow-up. He’s very knowledgeable of title matters, and he makes you feel safe and comfortable to hand deals too!”
Erin Evans recommends Kevin Sayles
Operations Manager Loan Science
Jan 30, 2014
“A file was recording and the payoff needed to be received the same day so the borrower would not be late. Kevin made sure that his payoff department sent the funds out prior to the cut off time. Kevin is always there when you need him. He has excellent follow through and does what he says! Kevin is the best!”
Ben Lee recommends Kevin Sayles
Broker, Ben Lee Properties Coldwell Banker
Jan 30, 2014
“Kevin Sayles is the most inspirational Title Rep I have ever met!”
Einat Sadot recommends Kevin Sayles
Branch Manager, Loan Science
Jan 30, 2014
“He saved the deal !!! I had a transaction that because of time restraints required title and escrow same day. Kevin called his office and got me a title report and escrow instructions in less than 2 hours. I have the peace of mind knowing that even if I run into title issues Kevin will do everything possible to save the deal. I don’t worry about title anymore.
Kevin is hands down the best title AE I have ever worked with. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, his service level is outstanding!
Frances M. Young recommends Kevin Sayles
Broker, Real Estate Concierge
Jan 30, 2014
“Most of my transactions need special attention. From probate issues to vesting problems and Kevin Sayles is always available to put my fires out. Kevin Sayles is who you would call ‘Kevin on the spot’.”
Real Estate Concierge
Justin Aldi recommends Kevin Sayles
CEO, First Security Lending
Jan 30, 2014
“Over the course of the last 10 years Kevin has helped out on too many files to even keep count of. When issues have arose regarding recording, legal uses, and special needs, Kevin has put his knowledge and hard work into action, to complete deals in a timely manner.
Kevin has been our preferred title rep for all these years due to philosophy of business and his willingness to get deals done."
CEO, First Security Lending
Angela Allen recommends Yvonne Zeballos
Realtor at Keller Williams Realty AV
Aug 10, 2013
Yvonne is a Great Rep and is always available to answer questions. She has come through for me very quickly on numerous occasions and has impeccable customer service.
Dene Molina recommends Lawyers Title Burbank
Real Estate Broker
Aug 6, 2013
Rafael has provided us with outstanding service. When I encounter any problems with a transaction I get an immediate response and solution to the problem. I am contacted via telephone and Rafael has also responded in person. He is easily accessible and if he is not available when I need him he responds shortly after. He is great about getting information for me and any farming materials that I may need. He is pleasant to work with and has great follow up. I highly recommend him!
Joanne Arana recommends Lawyers Title Burbank
Loan Officer
Aug 5, 2013
I had a great experience with both my Title Rep (Rafael Flores) and Lawyers Title. We had a few items we needed on our order and our Rep was able to get all the items we needed promptly. I'm truly happy with Rafale Flores/Lawyers Title and will continue to use their title services for my business.

Karen Goddard recommends Yvonne Zeballos
Broker Associate
Jul 11, 2013
I recently closed a home with Yvonne as the Title rep. No issues at all. Items brought to escrow attention by title shortly after receiving the title report and the snags were corrected prior to it being a hold up on the closing. It was a great relief not having issues at the end. Thank you Yvonne and staff. I will continue to use Yvonne and Lawyers Title for all my transactions as you can't get better service than this team! Yvonne is a great person and I'm happy to have her expertise as part of the services I can offer to my clients.
Berenice Lopez recommends Danielle France
Loan Originator
Jul 8, 2013
I had the pleasure to work with Dannielle, she is very professional and knowledgeable. She is always ready to help you in every way; one thing that I really like about her is she goes far and beyond her duties to provide you with the best service. Her team is easy to work with, from Title Officers to customer service, I HIGHLY recommend her as your Lawyers Title Rep. she’s awesome!

Thank you Danni for all your help and ideas you have provided me. :)
Kristine recommends Yvonne Zeballos
Jul 4, 2013
She is a very hard working title rep. I enjoy working with such enthusiastic person who is also very responsible and professional. Great job Yvonne. You are in my team :)
Kathy Terry recommends Yvonne Zeballos
40+ years in Real Estate & Related Businesses
Jul 4, 2013

Lawyers Title

OMG I jumped at the chance to write a letter of recommendation for your sales person Yvonne Zeballos.

I have worked with Yvonne for years when she was with another type of service business. She has always provided to both myself and my clients over the top service. She is always eager, prompt and efficient when it came to handling my clients issues for me, not to mention extremely patient.

She has clearly made the transition into working for Lawyers Title with great ease and has not missed a beat in her knowledge and professionalism with this new endeavor. I am so very pleased with her service and ability that asking other agents to use her in an escrow has been a pleasure. And truth be told I can actually “fight” for title now and mean it.

You can rest assured that your choice in hiring this great individual for your title company was a big step in the right direction of success.

I have transitioned nicely into working with Yvonne and have even challenged escrow persons that tend to open the orders where they see fit and not “as per the contract”. More agents need to follow up and get this accomplished for their title reps.

Thanks for the opportunity to write a glowing recommendation for your employee Yvonne Zeballos.

I will continue to promote her within my office and so thrilled to recommend her and Lawyers Title in the future.

Renee Mattox recommends Yvonne Zeballos
Jul 3, 2013
Yvonne is really on the ball and was able to get some very important information to me quickly. My client was making an offer on a short sale and thanks to Yvonne and her team, we found a tax lien that had not been resolved.
I will use her on upcoming transactions and I will also be ordering a farm package from her.
Aaron E. Haith II recommends Danielle France
Jul 1, 2013
Ms. France is very professional and very organized in getting things done in a timely fashion. Danny is the only title professional I will use along with her company Lawyers Title. My favorite thing is that she always keeps her word.
Tony Collins M. recommends Danielle France
Jul 1, 2013
Danielle is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she's very helpful, resourceful, attentive and totally there for you when you need her.
Christie Asselin recommends Danielle France
Jul 1, 2013
Danielle is reliable, dedicated, attention-detailed and has a great attitude. I recommend her with true enthusiasm! I have worked with many people over the lifetime of my career and Danielle is really a gem!
Bob Tuler recommends Greg Knowles
Principal, Radius Commerical Real Estate
Jun 29, 2013
Greg Knowles has provided outstanding leadship and continuous lead a team of great escrow and title professions at both Equity Title and at Lawyers title. His "can do" approach on effectivly solving any problems in the complex field of Real Estate was was both profession and solution oriented. His management style and personality made him a leader in his industry in Santa Barbara.
AVP/Account Executive
Sales Executive
Sales Executive
Account Executive