Amanda Urbanski

Escrow Officer Lawyers Title Las Vegas
Amanda Urbanski’s escrow experience dates back to 2001 and she has been with Lawyers Title since 2002. Amanda takes pride in being fully responsive to her clients, and being part of the solution with a problem-solving mindset, ultimately assisting her clients in being successful.
Well respected in the industry, Amanda was the recipient of the 2013 Leadership Team Award.
Outside of work, Amanda loves spending time with her husband and two young boys. She also loves to do crafts and travel.
Dec 5, 2018
All I can say is Amanda was awesome! I will use her again!!
Dec 5, 2018
Amanda & Chelsea, who else is there!
Dec 5, 2018
Amanda is one of the BEST in the Business.
Nov 29, 2018
Amanda is amazing as always and goes above and beyond to help get the deals closed!
Nov 21, 2018
At least with Amanda Urbanski, I don't have to worry and can focus on the rest of the transaction.
Nov 19, 2018
Amanda Urbanski is awesome! Extremely easy to work with and always is on top of things. Love working with her!
Nov 13, 2018
I have used Lawyers Title multiple times. They always do a great job. I usually use Anthony Wienzetle and Chris Farnsworth for my escrow needs they are very professional and reliable. Amanda Urbanski did my most recent one and absolutely did an amazing job.
Oct 31, 2018
Speedy communications and outstanding service. I don't need to look anywhere else!
Oct 29, 2018
Amanda and Chelsea always take care of what they need too so I can take care of what I need too. That gives me more time to get us new business with the tools Natalie shares with me. I call that WIN X 3! The clients finish with a smile and will remember us. Who could ask for anything more.
Oct 1, 2018
Best of the Best
Sep 27, 2018
Amanda is always accessible and communicates on a regular basis. She goes above and beyond which is why I continue to request her and Chelsea for my escrows.
Sep 27, 2018
Amanda Urbanski, is the BEST Escrow Officer we have used and seen in 20 years. We will always use her.
Sep 26, 2018
Amanda Urbanski is one of the BEST! I am always confident in Amanda and her abilitiy to correspond with all parties involved in my transactions.
Sep 25, 2018
Amanda and her assistant Chelsea are the best, I have dealt with Amanda for 7 years and I would not change it for anything. she is on it from the start until we record.
Sep 18, 2018
I look forward to every opportunity to process a transaction through Amanda at the Green Valley Office. I know in advance it's going to be a positive and productive interaction and that any challenges which might arise during the escrow time frame, are going to be met with expertise and professionalism. As Realtors, we have enough issues to deal with even during the best of transactions so having one less thing to worry about is so welcome. With Amanda, I know my transaction is in excellent hands and I can rely on her ability to eliminate that "one less thing" to worry about. Nancy Hutchings Urban Nest Realty
Sep 14, 2018
Amanda did a great job with this file. Thank you!
Sep 11, 2018
Amanda, she is the best because she cares! Just like Chelsea!
Aug 29, 2018
When you need it done RIGHT! Amanda Urbanski is the only one!
Aug 18, 2018
You know what I am going to say. My Exceptional Experience with Lawyers Title is because of Amanda Urbanski!
Aug 17, 2018
Very professional, experienced, and knowledgeable. She always gets my escrows closed!!
Aug 11, 2018
Amanda really cares about what she does and really cares about the people she is teamed with. Who needs a second string when you have the best 1st string.
Jul 30, 2018
Amanda Urbanski, no reason to know anyone else in Escrow/Title
Jul 27, 2018
Amanda went above and beyond with speedy communication, professionalism, she fixed a last minute issue and made it a "non-issue", and she remembered that we needed a signor that spoke spanish and I probably told her that on day 1 of opening escrow. She also made us feel like nothing was a problem. Above all of that, she was super sweet and friendly to everyone involved! Five stars to Amanda!!
Jul 25, 2018
Can never say enough it seems. I call for Amanda, I get Amanda! She handles it and delivers!
Jul 14, 2018
Amanda always comes through like no others in the past.

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